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Commissioning Doc for

RBS 3922 Series.

Details of RBS 3922 Series.

Before the commissioning on 3922 series product

should have a good understanding of features of the
product below enclosed document will give a good
understanding learning 3922 series Node B.


Basic Requirements for Testing:

Test PC ( 1) with-
Window XP, 2 GB RAM ( Hardware)
Hyper terminal ( Software)
Total commander FTP client ( FTP Software)
Java application JRU 6U/5U ( Java Software)
Ericsson RBS Element Manager

CBU Serial Cable ( DB9 Cable)
CBU Ethernet Cable ( Customized cable)
Ethernet Loopback Cable (Straight RJ45 cable used
for CBU card testing)

DC Power Supply (-48 VDC) - 1

Open Hyper Terminal or Telnet on you PC to login....

Note: Here example of login through hyper has been a terminal.

Make a new connection named RBS3922 (user

Select Com Port which USB cable is connected.

Select Restore default setting for COM

Now give reload.
This command will put RBS in back up mode.

RBS3922 has predefined hard drives d and C2.

Before to commissioning of RBS we need to
format D & C2 drives.
Firstly, format the D drive by command:
formathd /D

Now, format the c2 drive of RBS by

formathd /c2
Ifconfig le0 netmask use
This command will define IP on

Give RELOAD command to execute the

previous action.
Now put Ip on Lan connection
Ip address
Subnet mask
Default gateway
Upload RBS drives with the available
database by Window Commander.

Win Commander will like open.

Now download Rbs software in win commander.

After completing the data transfer from

computer to RBS, commands reload, to execute
all the files that have been uploaded.
Now open this window login server ready.
Now we login RBS.
Hyper terminal ask for:
User Name: rbs
password: rbs

Now open Element Manager

Provide RBS IP in Address block.
Now click on Add.

NE for RBS3922 has been prepared, Click on

Element manager software will open like below:

Go to Cabinet Equipment Configuration to

upload script.
Now click on next to proceed the one by one
step to execute the windows.

Browse the available path where Cabinet

Equipment Configuration file stored.
Select the script and click on next.

Click on next
This window appears when script is run.

During this process connection with RBS lost.

Restore in some seconds.
When connection is restored then this window
Current configuration successfully loaded from
radio base station.
RBS slides Present and some next will show
you the details from recently uploaded script.

Then appears this window.

Proceed to click on next no parameter will be

Proceed to click on next no parameter will be

Window asks for an automatic restart.

Then this window appears.
Now finally cabinet equipment configuration
completed successfully.

Now Go Tools > Site Equipment to upload this

Now click on next.

Browse the path where Site Equipment

Configuration script is available.
Select the site equipment script and click on

Now click on next to proceed.

Now preparing for configuration.

Present slides some next will show you the
Pick from recently uploaded script.

Now click on next to proceed the script run.

Now click on next to proceed the script run.

Now click on next to proceed the script run.

Now click on next to proceed the script run.

Now click on next to proceed the script run.

Now click on next to window and create the

Then this window appears to finish.

Now site equipment configuration run.

Configuration successfully completed.

Give reload command the execute all the script
has be
Uploaded recently.