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Advanced Heating &

Hot Water Systems Solar Flat Plate Collectors

Laser Welded Full Sheet Absorber Plates to the easy to handle 4x6.5 residential size. Features:
HTPs one of a kind laser welding Our continuous perimeter mounting channel
technology, an exclusive procedure in the offers the most mounting flexibility in the High Performance
US, allows us to offer full sheet absorber industry for ground mount, awning mount, SRCC Certified
plates, maximizing the overall surface area flush mount and rack mount installations.
of the absorber plate in the collector box. USEC Certified by ICC
Through laser welding, it is now possible Made in America
10 Year Warranty
to join the copper riser tubes to a thick, Just like HTPs full lineup of Made in
high performing aluminum absorber sheet America solar tanks, our collectors are Made Multiple Mounting Options
making a very durable absorber plate that in America in our factory in Massachusetts.
can withstand the extreme temperature With the one and only laser welder for solar Highest Pressure Test in the
gradients and thermal expansion inside the thermal in the US, we not only have enough Industry 350 psi
collector box. Laser welding technology capacity to build collectors for ourselves,
delivers increased collector performance but we have enough capacity to offer OEM
and enhanced aesthetics. opportunities for others as well.

Improved Selective Surface Coatings Applications:

Our Full Sheet Absorber Plates offer the
highest performance of absorbtive coatings Domestic Hot Water
in the industry. While the IR reflective coat- Radiant Floor/Space Heating
ing ensures low thermal emissivity Epsilon Solar Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Heating
(), the oxidic absorption and anti-reflective
coatings ensure the maximum level of solar Residential SHW Systems
absorption alpha (). Commercial SHW Systems
Industrial SHW Systems
Multiple Collector Sizes and
Mounting Configurations Municipal SHW Systems
HTP has many sizes to meet the job from Agricultural SHW Systems
the large 4x10 commercial workhorse, down
Commercial or Residential
Solar Thermal Makes Sense Now
Residential Systems
How Can Solar Thermal Help?
Reduce your water heating bills
by 50% to 75%
Diminish harmful CO2 gasses
Increase the resale value of your
home or business Space Heating

Incentives and Rebates

Available for Solar Thermal
30 % Federal Tax Credit
Accelerated Depreciation
State Incentives
Utility Incentives
Domestic Hot Water

Commercial Systems

Water Park

Solar Skies SS-FP Series Collectors
Corner Brackets Full Sheet Factory
Architectural aluminum angles inside with special pin Aluminum Installed
grip rivets insure high stability.
Absorber Unions

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

...this facilitates long life and strength.

Aluminum Extruded Batten Absorptive
No silicon is used! Ribbed aluminum
extrusions and a smooth compressed EPDM Coating in
gasket provide water tightness. This allows the Industry
easy access to the collector for repair or Vapor Deposition
maintenance at any time or location. Coating
Glass Gasket
...a UV durable EPDM
channel with molded Copper Absorber
corners assures long Tubes
life and avoids all
water penetration. Foil-Faced
Insulation Sheathing
Universal Mounting Frame
The variable Quick Lock mounting hardware reduces mounting
Embossed Aluminum
time and makes it simple for anyone to install. Mounting Laser Welding
possibilities include: Pitched-roof, Flatroof, Ground, Balcony, Backsheet
and Facade mounting.

Laser W elding
Laser welding of the absorber
sheet to the absorber tubes
ensures a very high mechani-
cal bond to withstand the high
temperature gradients and
thermal expansion

Laser welding also provides

enhanced performance and

H d
n Amer i c

n Amer i c

HT Mad
Technical Specifications & Features

Series Specifications Performance Specifications

Flat Plate Collectors SS-40-FP
SS-40-FP-U 4' x 10' Flat plate collector - 121. 25 x 47. 25 / 153 lbs. Thousands of Btus per panel per day
SS-32-FP-U 4' x 8' Flat plate collector - 97. 25 x 47. 25 / 113 lbs. Weather- Clear Day Mildly Cloudy Cloudy Day
Category 2000 Btu/ 1500 Btu/ 1000 Btu/
SS-26-FP-U 4' x 6.5' Flat plate collector - 77. 25 x 47. 25 / 90 lbs.
ft- d
(Ti-Ta)* ft- d ft-d
Mounting Hardware for Flat Plate Panels
A (9F) 46.1 34.8 23.5
MT-TM Tilt mount set per panel (often used with rear leg 1"x1" strut)
B (9F) 44.0 32.7 21.4
MT-FM Flush mount set per panel
C (36F) 40.6 29.3 18.0
MT-RM Rack mount set per panel

Rear leg strut 1" X 1" square tube per foot (use with standard
D (90F) 34.2 23.0 11.8
EI022 mount kit) E (144F) 27.1 16.8 6.2
Solar Skies (model) - Size (ft) - FP (full plate) -U (factory installed unions): factory installed
union collectors must purchase an A505 cap, plug and union kit for each plumbing Information on Models: SS-26-FP, SS-32-FP & SS-40-FP is available on
collector array installed. An array is any number of collectors unioned together (up to 8) our website:

SS Series Mounting Hardware

MT-RM Rack Mount MT-FM Flush Mount



MT-TM Tilt Mount SS Series

(*strut not included) REAR
Tilt Mount A C
Base Dimension

Collector SS-26 SS-32 SS-40

Base Dimension 78 98 122


The variable Quick Lock mounting hardware reduces mounting time and makes it simple for anyone to install. The Quick Lock System
allows the highest flexibility in mounting and can withstand extreme conditions. Mounting possibilities include: Pitched-roof,
Flat-roof, Ground, Balcony, and Facade mounting.

272 Duchaine Blvd, New Bedford, MA 02745

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Advanced Heating and
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