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In the movie The Wilderpeople, , Ricky Baker and his foster uncle, Hec,

find the true meaning of family as they take an amazing journey through the

New Zealand bush.Rickey is someone people can look up too. Because he is

protective over his uncle and that he finds ways to express his feelings. He also

tries to to make the best out of a bad situation.

He is protective over his uncle. When ricky and hec stumble on a cabin

they go in and gather some things that would help them in their expedition after a

while the hunters show up (who were living there) and ricky accidentally makes it

seem like hec is a child molester and the hunters start wrestling him. But then

rickey picks up a gun and says get away from him, but the hunters laugh at him

because they thought he would shoot the gun but then he fires it into the air.

Rickey was protecting his uncle from the hunters by shooting in the air to warn

them to get off of hec. Another way Rickey is protective over his uncle is Rickey

started shooting at the boar to protect zag, topac, and hec (his uncle). Rickey is

protecting hec from the boar by shooting at it to make stop running towards him.

Another way rickey is someone you can look up to is that, he always finds

a way to express himself. Rickey uses haikus as a way to express his feelings

and what's going on around him. A haiku is a japanese poem used to express

yourself and your feelings. Rickey just lets everyone know how he's feeling, he's

not afraid to put what he thinks out there. And that's why people can look up to

him because he is brave enuf to let people know what's going on in his head, and

that's why you can look up to him.

He tries to make the best out of a bad situation, he shows this in the

scene when bella died and rickey tried to be nice and helpful towards hec. This is

also shown when hec is upset that everyone thinks he is a molester but rickey

pulls out the ashes of bella and they dump them in the waterfall. These 2

examples show that rickey makes good of bad because ricky is trying to make

hec deal with his problems easier.

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Introduction The essay begins The essay begins The essay begins The essay simply
Paragraph with a strong with an with an begins with only a
Your score: 2 introduction introduction introduction thesis statement
paragraph and paragraph that paragraph but is and not a fully
contains the contains the missing either the developed
following parts: required elements: attention-grabber introduction
attention-grabber, attention-grabber, or the bridge paragraph OR the
bridge, and thesis bridge, and thesis and/or the introduction
statement. The statement. attention-grabber paragraph is
thesis statement However, the is clich or the missing entirely.
appears as the attention-grabber transition does not
last sentence of may not be as actually lead into
the introduction. effective and/or the thesis
the transition may statement. The
not be as smooth. introduction
The thesis paragraph
statement appears contains a thesis
as the last statement that is
sentence of the located at the end
introduction. of the introduction

Thesis Thesis contains a Thesis contains an Thesis contains a Thesis is missing

Your score: 4 strong arguable arguable claim/interpretatio or thesis
claim/interpretatio claim/interpretatio n that cannot be statement does
n with 3 pieces of n supported by effectively argued not correspond to
evidence logical reasoning. because it is not assignments
supported by 3 pieces of thematic and/or is purpose (might be
thorough and evidence are illogical. Specific informative
logical reasoning. included but may evidence also may instead of
be more vague be missing from argumentative).
and nonspecific to the thesis
the piece of statement.

Supporting Details All supporting Supporting details One supporting Supporting details
(x2) details are logical are mostly logical detail may be may not be
Your score: 4 and connect to the but might exhibit missing and/or present or logical.
thesis . weak connectors may contain a
Supporting details to the thesis . direct quotation or Supporting details
are broad enough Supporting details specific evidence may be random or
to effectively summarize the that should appear off topic.
summarize the content of the in the body
content of the body paragraphs paragraph.
body paragraphs and do not contain Supporting details
and do not contain specific evidence. may not connect
specific evidence. to the thesis
statement or
summarize the

Transitions/Transit Transition Transition One transition Transition

ion Sentences sentences sentences sentence may be sentences may
Your score: 3 effectively summarize the missing and/or not present a
summarize the paragraph and transition logical conclusion
paragraph and rephrase the topic sentences do not for the
rephrase the topic sentence. They effectively paragraphs.
sentence. They also offer a rephrase the topic
also offer a preview of the sentence. They do Transitions/Transit
preview of the next supporting not preview the ion sentences are
next supporting detail. next supporting missing or off-
detail. detail. topic and random.
Transitions within
Transitions within the paragraph link Some transitions
the paragraph ideas. apparent/may not
effectively link be logical choice

Evidence Textual evidence Textual evidence Textual evidence Textual evidence

(x2) logically and logically supports does not support is sparse, absent,
Your score: 2.5 effectively thesis and thesis and/or or unrelated to
supports the supporting details. supporting details thesis and/or
thesis and Each body in placesmay supporting details.
supporting details. paragraph appear random in
Each body contains places. Some
paragraph approximately 2 body paragraphs
contains pieces of may not contain
approximately 2 evidence, but the 2 required
pieces of strong evidence may be pieces of evidence
evidence in presented out of
chronological chronological
order within each order within each
paragraph. paragraph.

Analysis/ Body paragraphs Body paragraphs The writer has Body paragraphs
Commentary contain effective contain included plot lack analysis and
(x2) explanation of explanation of summary in some contain mostly plot
Your score: 2.5 evidence in your evidence in your places instead of summary.
own words. Each own words, and analysis/
piece of evidence each piece of explanations, OR, There is little
is explained in at evidence is the writer has not evidence of logic
least two explained in at explained each and/or reasoning.
sentences that least two piece of evidence
analyze how the sentences. with at least two
piece of evidence However, the sentences
proves the thesis analysis may be consistently. OR,
and supporting more obvious and the writers
details Analysis lack depth, analysis/
shows depth and therefore, not fully explanations may
goes beyond the proving the claim only state the
obvious. presented in the obvious.
thesis or topic

Conclusion The essay ends The essay ends The essay ends The essay simply
Paragraph with a strong and with a conclusion with a conclusion ends with only a
Your score: 1 memorable paragraph that paragraph but is rephrased thesis
conclusion contains the missing either the statement and not
paragraph and required elements: link back to hook, a fully developed
contains the link back to hook, rephrased thesis conclusion
following parts: rephrasing of statement or the paragraph OR the
link back to thesis, thesis statement so-what statement conclusion
rephrasing of and key points, is weak paragraph is
thesis statement transition, and so- missing entirely.
and key points, what statement.
and so-what However, the so-
statement what statement
may not be as
effective or logical

Evidence of Punctuation is Punctuation is Punctuation is Little to no

Proofreading used correctly and used correctly. sometimes used punctuation and/or
Your score: 2 effectively correctly. punctuation is
Paper is double often used
Paper is double spaced- 12 point Paper is not incorrectly
spaced- 12 point Times New double spaced
Times New Roman and/or not in 12 Paper is not
Roman point Times New double spaced
Roman and not in 12 point
No evidence of Little evidence of Times New
major major Several examples Roman
spelling/grammar spelling/grammar of major
errors. errors. spelling/grammar Many examples of
errors. major

Organization Essay is Essay is mostly Essay contains Essay contains

Your score: 4 organized in an organized from organizational major
effective way from intro to conclusion errors that detract organizational
intro, body, to paragraphs and from the meaning errors OR is
conclusion. Essay within paragraphs of the essay. random at best
is also organized from topic student has not
within body sentences to outlined or
paragraphs from conclusion organized ideas
topic sentence to sentenceswith prior to writing.
conclusion only minor errors
sentence. present that do not
detract from the
overall meaning of
the essay