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Refugees entering the European Union had been a much talked about issue due to its

mammoth size and had affected several countries and also millions of people. Resettling
refugees has been a hot topic and providing them employment and educational opportunities
is also a factor that needs to be taken into account when we give them a status of asylum
seekers. Spain has been suffering from a lot of political unrest recently but is still keen to take
in more refugees. According to studies Spain is the most welcoming country for refugees
where 84% of the citizens are ready to host more refugees. Spain has its own share of
problems such as the high unemployment rate. Providing livelihood can be a tiring task for
Spain as we ourselves are working hard to provide jobs to our own youth.

21.3 million refugees fled their homes to seek asylum in other countries in 2016.Providing
employment and educational opportunities to this huge number is quite a big task to
accomplish. Ever since the refugee crisis of Europe took centre stage, Economists have been
worried and are trying to find ways to tackle the problem. Though said that helping the
innocent refugees who are affected by the war like conditions of their own countries is indeed
a humanitarian task. Well-groomed refugees can also boost a countrys workforce capability
and enhance a nations chances of becoming a global power. Providing employment to these
refugees poses a great threat to the economy of a country. Educating refugees will help us get
the refugees into the mainstream.

Spain has always been keen in welcoming refugees. According to various studies, Spain is the
most welcoming nation to the refugees where 84% of the population is in favour letting in
refugees. Spain has been suffering from a lot of political unrest recently but is still keen to
take in more refugees. Spain accepted nearly 15000 refugees in 2015. Although Spain has its
own set of problems. Spain has a sad unemployment rate of 21%. Statistics reveal that more
than half the asylum seekers in Spain are educated up to the tertiary level. On the other hand,
most of them are oblivious about the culture of Spain. Spain has been supportive of the
refugees and has always tried to help them in every manner possible.

Spain runs a resettlement programme under which Spain promises to give every accepted
asylum seeker access to social integration programmes. They are also given legal residence
and work permits. According to a scheme, locals are encouraged to provide shelter and food
to refugees in their homes. This also helps the refugees to learn about our culture and
language. Cities like Madrid have also pledged to donate 10 million Euros towards refugee
resettlement that would be spent to provide livelihood and educational opportunities to

Barcelonas mayor Ada Colau said Either we deal with a human drama using the
capacity to love that makes us human, or we will end up dehumanized.
Spain has always held a unique position regarding immigration in Europe due to its
proximity to Africa via the Straits of Gibraltar, its colonial possessions in North Africa, and
the existence of the Canary Islands off the African coast. These Spanish Islands off the
coast of Africa have made them a magnet for refugees from many West African states.

Refugees resettled to Spain will be supported by the government for a period of two
years. Like asylum seekers, they are initially accommodated for up to 6 months in
reception centres (Centros de Acogida a Refugiados). In Spain, these centres are
either directly managed by the Ministry of Labour & Social Security, or by NGOs
under contract with the Ministry. During their time in the centre, resettled refugees
are provided with integration support by the NGOs ACCEM, CEAR and Cruz Roja,
including cultural orientation, psychological support and language instruction. After
they leave the reception centre resettled refugees move to municipalities, in most
cases in the same where the reception centres are located. They will receive
financial assistance to rent their own accommodation and to support themselves.

In the present conditions, Spain is committed to help the refugees and displaced
persons to find employment and educational opportunities. Spain would urge all
other member nations to also help Spain in this humanitarian task. Spain would like
to propose a resolution in order to provide language instruction to refugees which
can enhance their chances their chances of getting a good job and also blending in
the local culture. Spain has seen only a small number of refugees till now but is sure
to witness a stark increase in numbers after certain policy changes and relaxations
given to the refugees. Spain and all its autonomous authorities are working together
to provide employment, educational opportunities, healthcare and legal aid and
other services to the refugees and displaced persons.