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Servant 1 (S1) : Jessica Orme Romeo (R): Patrick


Servant 2 (S2) : Gessellyn Baylon Juliet (J): Nyssah Hapita

Lady Capulet (LC) : Kate Contreras Paris (P) : Selwyn


J: Oh no, I dont ever want to marry Paris! I must have faith in Father Lawrence as
well as his potion.

( Lady Capulet and two servants enter)

LC: Juliet, dear, let me see you. The dress fits you perfectly. Oh! Your father and I are
( Im so excited song with 2 servants dancing at the back)

S1: Yes, I agree madam, the dress is perfect for her ladyship.

S2: Shes so beautiful. The suns brightness will surely pale in comparison to her

LC: Im sure, Paris will be very happy.

J: But mother, I dont love him! (emote)

LC: Oh do shut up, Im sure youll fall in love with him.

S1: besides, my lady what is there for you to not love him?

S2: Hes rich.

S1: Hes handsome.

LC: And he loved you for a long time.

J: But marrying the person I dont love is like being in jail!

LC: Listen, dear, marriage is a give and take relationship. You and Paris must
support and accept one
another. Who knows, maybe across the years of your marriage with him, you
might find yourself
finally in love.

S1: And for sure it will be a perfect marriage.

( Juliet will suddenly feel tired)

J: Please leave me. I want to rest.

LC: Of course. Sleep well and be ready for the wedding.

( Lady Capulet and servants exit, Juliet is finally alone in


J: I dont want to marry him! (emote)

I want Romeo! ( insert song---)

( On the other side, Paris is very excited for his incoming marriage with
Juliet )

Paris: Finally! Finally, Juliet and I will be man and wife. Im so happy. The heavens
gave me such a very
beautiful blessing. I love her more than any man has ever loved his wife.
( so excited emote )

Paris: I cant sleep! I cant wait to make Juliet my wife, the love of my life. Ill make
her fall in love with

( song)

( Romeo scene)

Romeo: Oh, Ill be far from my wife, Juliet for a long time. The pain is intolerable! It
cuts like a knife!
( song---heaven ba ewan kung gutso niyo knife ewan)

Romeo : Being far from my love is worse than death. But I have faith in father
Lawrence, he will help us
be together again. I must believe.
( Juliet scene)

J: They dont know what theyre talking about! Theyre not the one who is going to
get married to a man
they do not love. ( Emote )

: I dont love him and Ill never love him!


J: Ill drink this potion and Ill sleep for two days. Oh, theyll think Im dead and
theyll put me in the
tomb. Ill be surrounded with dead bodies, Im scared! But I must never waver. I
have faith with Fr.
Lawrence. Romeo and I will be together again.

( Drinks medicine )

Kate Contreras
John Gabriel Dyrit
Andria Dimaranan
Symon Vicente
Selwyn Casalme
Kenneth Magboo
Aira Aguilar
Gessellyn Baylon
Jessica Orme
Patrick Lisniana
Nyssah Hapita