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MS3 level: English Exam 2

Save the Tiger!

Some animals have already disappeared and are called extinct species. Other animals are
called endangered because they are in danger of disappearing. One of these is the tiger. Since
1911,over 100.000 tigers have lived in different areas of Asia. Now, there are only 7000 tigers
left and some of them live in zoo boxes , in India.
Royal tiger
Most people think tigers are dangerous to human. The truth is that humans are dangerous to tigers because
they destroy their habitat and kill the small animals that tigers eat. Farmers in Asia poison tigers in order to
protect their farm animals. Tigers are also hunted for their beautiful skin and for parts of their body, which are
used in traditional medicines.
Nowadays governments and organizations like the World Wildlife Fund are trying to prevent the tiger from
Adapted from Plus Extra teachers book <E.Moutsou.S.Parker>

Part one : A/ Reading Comprehension.

Activity 1: Read the text then answer the questions. ( 3 points)

a) Have all the animals disappeared?

b) Is man the cause of animal extinction ?
c) Is the WWF a sport organization ?

Activity 2: Complete the table with the appropriate information about the following: (2points)

Date Continent Number Animal Country Organization

Activity 3: Read the text then find definitions to the following words and expressions: (2points)

1) extinct species :
2) WWF :

Part One : B/ Mastery of Language

Activity 1: Supply the punctuation and capital letters (2pts)

many animals in africa and in europe have disappeared

Activity 2: Rewrite the following passage with the correct verb forms. ( 3points)

In Algeria many animal species (are, have been, will be ) in danger of extinction. Such as the Barbary
Lions (did not, have not been, were not) seen since 1992. For many years the Saharan jackals are species
of jackal which (have disappeared , are disappearing, disappeared) .


By Mr Samir Bounab ( )

Activity 3:Pick out from the text four words and complete the table to the pronunciation of their final s
/s/ /z/ /iz/
1- 1-

Part Two: Written expression ( Integrated Situation) ( 6 points)

Your friend asks you to help him in his project about animals in danger of extinction in Algeria
Make a short description (paragraph) about some of the animals in danger of extinction.(use present
Write about :
- Animals in danger: Barbary lions, gazelles, goldfinch (bird) , fennecs , peafowl(bird) ..
- Causes: kill, hunt , skins , food , put in cages, decoration
- Protection: ban / hunt / produce / species / danger/ extinction/ ..
The paragraph:

Good Luck
By Mr Samir Bounab :