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Group II

The Third Written Work



I. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form to III.Decide whether the following sentences should be
make sentences in first conditional. in the first or second conditional and put the verb in
brackets into the appropriate form .
1. If you _______________ (want), I
_______________ (fetch) the children from school 1.If youre late again, you ___________ (have)
this afternoon. problems with the boss.
2. Do you think I ___________ (lose) weight if I eat
2. If I _______________(see) Natalie, I less pasta?
_______________ (tell) her you were looking for 3. I would go to Rome next summer if you
her. ___________ (come) with me.
3. If you ___________ (continue) driving like that
3. The phone company _______________ (cut) us you will get a fine.
off, if we _______________(not pay) the bill. 4. Dont worry. The dog ___________ (get) better if
you give it the medicine.
4. It's freezing outside. If the kids 5. She is so insecure! Im sure she would find a job if
_______________ (not wear) a coat, they she ___________ (be) more confident.
_______________(catch) cold. 6. We ___________(go ) to the countryside and have a
picnic if the weather was nice.
5. If Harry _______________(catch) cheating again
in his exams, he _______________(expel). IV.Change the sentences in to reported speech.

6. We _______________ (hold) the party out in the 1. Mary : The train will probably arrive on time.
garden, if it _______________(stay) fine. Mary said_____________________________
II.Write the verbs in brackets in the correct form to 2. He :I have to finish this report by five
make second conditional tomorrow
He says ________________________________
1. If you _____________(move) to Australia, I _______________________________________
(miss) you very much.
3. The doctor :Mr. Smith can improve quickly.
2. It (be) quicker, if you (use) a computer to write The doctor said_________________________
the report. _______________________________________
4. William : I am leaving this morning.
3. If you (find) a wallet in the street, you (hand) it in William says ___________________________
to the police? _______________________________________
5. The teacher :Everyone has to write a
4. If he (apologise) for his behaviour, they (forgive) composition.
him. The teacher said_________________________
5. I'm sure your boss (understand), if you (tell) him 6. John said, I am going to see this movie on
that you can't finish the report. Wednesday.
John said______________________________
6. If you (take up) a new hobby, you (not feel) so _______________________________________
bored. 7. Helen I have read these books last year.
Helen says _____________________________
7. Your English (improve), if you (read) more. _______________________________________
8. Will and Tim We cant go to the movie with
They said ______________________________
V.Fill in the blank with the proper possessive
VIII.Complete the sentences with the correct form of
mine, ours, his, hers, yours, its, theirs the words. /suffixes and prefixes/

1. Its _________________ /possible / to

come to the party tomorrow
1. You go to Maple School. The school is
2. This book was
_____________ .
2. Ted's baseball is over here. The baseball is very ............................./use/ to me.
_____________. 3. I said that I would
3. That skateboard belongs to Jan. The _______________/happy/ help her if she
skateboard is _____________. asked.
4. You want the last slice of pizza. The last slice 4. Im not looking forward to our new
is _____________. ___________ /discuss/.
5. Mom and dad's car is in the driveway. The car 5. It isnt ________________ /polite /to
in the driveway is _____________. argue.
6. My brother and I bought tickets. The tickets 6. He
are _____________.
VI.Fill in the blanks with possessive adjectives or the meetings every morning.
possessive pronouns.
IX.Translate the following words.
1. Shirley and ___________ brothers, Richard origin _____________________
and Tim are good students. useless________________________
2. Mrs Green, how old is ___________ compete_______________________
daughter? ___________ daughter is 26. arrival____________________
3. Mark and ___________ sister are studying honest_____________________
their lessons. onwards_______________________
4. Ive got two sisters. ___________ names are disobedient ______________________
Ann and Sue. fireworks_____________________
5. Ted and Tom, is Mary ___________ sister? remember_______________________
Yes, she is ___________ sister. fabulous__________________________
6. She hasnt got a book. So this book is not
___________. Total_____________
VII.Complete the table of word families. Mark___________________

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb