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The global acetyls market was sized over USD 22 and Rest of the World. Asia-Pacific region is the larg-
billion in 2015. The global acetyls market is projected est as well as the fastest growing acetyls market in
to reach USD XX.XX billion by 2022, growing with a the world. The global acetyls market is driven by in-
CAGR of 6.5% to 7.0% from 2016 to 2022. The de- crease in consumption of acetyls in developing coun-
mand for acetic acid in ester solvents and purified tries such as India, China, Malaysia, and some others
terephthalic acid manufacturing industries are driving in Asia-Pacific region. Adhesives, automobiles, and
the growth of global acetyls market. The increase in electronic industries drive the Asia pacific region with
the consumption of adhesives in some major indus- significant demand for the acetyls. China is the larg-
tries is expected to generate the demand for vinyl est consumer, producer and exporter of acetic acid in
acetate monomer.Moreover, the growth in use of the world. Europe is the second largest acetyls mar-
photovoltaic cells is expected to drive further demand ket as there is huge demand acetyls from various
for vinyl acetate monomer. Ethylene vinyl acetate chemical industries based in Western Eu-
also finds application in the photovoltaic cell industry rope.Moreover, the technological collaborations be-
as adhesive for sticking together glass and the elec- tween European universities and acetyl industry are
tronic component. The price of the acetic acid in the expected to provide new opportunities and growth
global market came down significantly over the past prospects for global acetyl market during the forecast
couple of years, as the supply was greater than de- period. The methanol industry in North America has
mand.The demand for acetyls in industries such as boosted the requirement of shale gas based acetic
coatings,dye, food and beverages, paint, and phar- acid, as they are less -priced. The technological ad-
maceuticals boost the growth of acetyls market. The vancements and collaborations are expected drive
emergence of numerous new applications for acetyls the growth of North American market, as the feed
in various end user industries are expected to drive stock from certain industries are conducive for acetyls
the growth of acetyls market, during the forecast peri- production. The new acetyls industrial units estab-
od. lished in Africa are expected to drive the growth of
the market in the region over the forecast period.
The report segments the global acetyls market by
Heavy investments in industries such as automotive,
end use applications,products, and region. The end
paints and coatings, oil & gas, and pharmaceuticals
use applications include food and beverages, furni-
in emerging economies in the rest of the world pro-
ture, inks, oil &gas, paints, pharmaceuticals, waxes
vide opportunities for major players in the global ace-
&coatings and others. On the basis of products, the
tyls market to expand during the forecast period.
market has been segmented into acetic acid, acetic
anhydride, butyl acetate,cellulose acetate, ethyl ace- The companies covered in the report include: British
tate, ethylene vinyl acetate, monochloroacetic acid, Petroleum Plc,Celanese Corporation, DuPont, East-
poly vinyl acetate,poly vinyl alcohol,terephthalic acid, man Chemical Company,Helm AG, Jubilant Life Sci-
vinyl acetate monomer and some others. ences,LyondellBasell Industries Holdings BV, Saudi
International Petrochemical Company
The report provides regional analysis covering geog-
raphies such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific,
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