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2014 Essay Contest Youth Leadership Summit

Each student has the option to compete in The Southwest Georgia Youth Summit aims to increase
the Competition for up to $500 in awareness and foster the development and growth of youth in
scholarship funds. The top three essays Southwest Georgia.
will compete for scholarship funds.
This years conference will help students make definitive plans
Write an essay based on the theme Power and goals for their lives after high school. The Summit will
UP and how this is applicable in your life focus on different aspects of the college and career experience.
and your career goals. Students will engage with professionals and college students to
learn more about what is ahead.
1. Essays must be typed and double-
2. Essays must contain less than 550 Regional Partners Network
3. Any quotation or copyrighted materials Inc.
used in the essay must be properly
Mission Statement: To be a statewide leader in regional
4. All essays must be accompanied by a networking to enhance the quality of life for all people in
Southwest Georgia.
registration form. If emailed, it must
be in Word or PDF format. Please
send by either mail or email - not both. Purpose: To facilitate regional community development in
College and Career
Registration forms and essays must
be received by midnight EST,
February 3, 2014.
Region 10 through the exchange of information,
identification of common goals, building synergy among
partners, sharing and developing resources, building regional
5. Student must be present to win. partnerships and impaction policy. Youth Leadership Summit
Please Mail, Email or Fax to: 11th and 12th Graders
Regional Partners Network, Inc.
ATTN: Kerrie Davis In Southwest Georgia
PO Box 346 Contact us at
Camilla, GA 31730
February 19, 2014
Phone: 229.522.3552 ext 1619 or on the web at
Fax: 229 522 3558
Albany Technical College
Kirkland Building
1704 South Slappey Boulevard
Albany, GA 31701
181 East Broad Street
PO Box 346
Camilla, GA 31730 9:00 AM 2:00 PM
Regional Partners Network, Inc.
Connecting Resources in Southwest Georgia
Regional Partners Network, Inc.
Kerrie Davis
Connecting Resources in Southwest Georgia
***Permission and Media Release Continental breakfast,
snacks and lunch
2014 Youth Summit As the parent/guardian, I give permission to my student
will be served
to participate in the Southwest Georgia Youth
Registration Form Leadership Summit.
What to expect at the Summit:
REGISTRATION DEADLINE FEBRUARY 3, 2014 I understand that adequate and appropriate supervision
will be provided by a representative of the students A fun filled educational environment with several
________________________________________ school or affiliated organization. I hereby grant opportunities to get involved
permission for my son/daughter to participate. I Hands on lessons and dynamic
Student Name professionals will lead the students through
recognize, however, that unanticipated situations and
________________________________________ problems can arise on any trip, which are not reasonably a day filled with education and skill.
Street Address within the control of the supervision teachers, staff, or Students will be divided into groups and
volunteers. I further agree to release and hold harmless will attend workshops specifically designed
________________________________________ to help them develop skills necessary in the
the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission, the
City, State, Zip Code Regional Partners Network, and the Youth Leadership world of work and college.
________________________________________ Committee, their agents, officers, employees and Sessions on resume writing, interview
Phone Number volunteers, from any and all liability, claims, suits, skills, communication and a fashion show
demands, judgments, costs, interest and expense on what not to wear.
including attorneys fees and costs arising from such
Email Address activities, including any accident or injury to the student Skill/Team Building Sessions
________________________________________ and the costs of medical services. Students will get to explore their
personalities and discover the personalities
School of others through personality profiles.
Regional Partners Network (RPN) has the unlimited
________________________________________ right to utilize and/or reproduce photographs, likeness,
Grade voice or video of my child in any legal manner for the Scholarship Opportunity
________________________________________ internal or external promotional or informational Students will have the opportunity to submit
activities of the RPN. I also agree to allow my child to a one page essay describing their plans after
T-Shirt Size be interviewed and/or photographed by representatives they complete High School. The students
of RPN as well as local news media in relation to any will be judged by a panel of leaders
and all coverage of RPN in which they are involved. throughout Southwest Georgia and
***Permission and Media Release Agreement interviewed on the day of event.
I further understand that by signing this release, I waive
________________________________________ any and all present or future compensation rights to the Motivational Speakers
Parent/Guardian Signature use of the above stated material(s). Participants will hear from dynamic
motivational speakers who will offer advice
on surviving in todays workplace.
There are no registration fees; however, students
will need to provide their own transportation to and
from the event.
Please Mail, Email or Fax
Completed Registrations to:
Regional Partners Network, Inc.
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a mans character, give him power.
ATTN: Kerrie Davis
PO Box 346 Abraham Lincoln
Camilla, GA 31730
Fax: 229 522 3558