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IT Sourcing is
being challenged

Superior business performance will be driven

by the adoption of these key 7 trends into
sourcing strategies:

Trends in Infrastructure Services

Service Automation:
Outsourcing service desks based on event
pattern recognition will drive providers to
offer higher quality at lower cost.


Digital Workplace Services:

Highly engaged providers must be driven to
deliver automated, work-place centric tools
which allow for continous innovation.

Cloud IaaS increases the potential of
IT services to support business agility,
reduce costs and drive transformation.

Trends in Application Services

Extensible Software as a Service (eSaaS):

Contracting for business value outcomes,
in combination with simplification and
business agility.

Postmodern ERP:
Diversity of delivery options, embedded analytics,
mobile working and enhanced user experiences
are key to sourcing for services that will directly
meet business tranformation needs.

Cognitive Computing:
Sourcing leaders should require providers
to embed virtual assistants and cognitive
computing delivery tools as part of their
outsourcing services as a rule.

Changing Application Life

Cycle Dynamics:
Working with smaller providers will
become common requiring agility,
visbility and speed of practice.

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