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Welcome The Foundation Group of good.

We are already working more than three years and these years have seen hundreds
of people being cured with the extract of aveloz. We are a group of people who t
ook the extract aveloz and we heal. We formed the group as well and try to pass
as many people as possible without any lucrative interest Kit hazelnuts. Believe
extract aveloz even fight cancer.
Please be advised that we do not sell any items, we only donations of products.
We pass the same value that we acquire. Only charge for mail and cost of goods f
or shipping. We ship all over Brazil the kit, and extract aveloz aveloz ointment
We have an operational cost to operate. We have expenses. Rent a room, water, el
ectricity, internet site, two employees, gasoline, food, purchases of products,
rate of transmission by post, etc.. We have not and do not want to profit from t
he sale of products, we survived Donations in which the little that remains when
remains is for the support center under construction) (for poor people in treat
ment. OUR WORK IS SOCIAL, NOT PERSONAL. We are not a government institution, wit
h that received no assistance from government. Our work () support center is sti
ll at the beginning of the work and workers are all volunteers and help us on we
ekends. After the support center is working we will have more spending power, tr
ansportation, staff, medicines, nurses, water, electricity, telephone etc..
Doing good is expensive. Help us
If you can
We request a donation, any amount that may give us is welcome. Without their coo
peration we can not keep this project running and continue to help our brothers.
You will be receiving a donation of extract, full kit, or ointment aveloz thank
s to donations of others. Help us keep this current. If not afford to donate som
e value out at the rate of transmission and the cost of products, do not worry w
e send the same way.
We are building a cent of support for needy people who can not pay rent or feed
during the treatment of radiation and chemotherapy along with his companions. So
we also ask for donations of mattresses, beds, bedding, towels, kitchen utensil
s, clothes, adult and children's wheelchairs, electro and basic household naps t
hat do not use more as stove and refrigerator and it will be of extreme help to
us. Also need building materials and finish. If more or Annapolis in Goiania we
Photo Site
Carefully read the entire book.
MSN AVELOZSUPORTE@HOTMAIL.COM This email is only for direct service to the publi
c. E-mail This email is only for messages, sending primer, requests for products
and shipping addresses for sending the kits. AVELOZZ@BOL.COM.BR SITE
In WWW.TRATAMENTOCANCERAVELOZ.COM site to a testimonial video. The same was allo
wed to be posted on the site.
Discovery plan that cures cancer.
Albert Einstein Hospital evaluates remedy made from the sap of medicinal plant
A plant typically Northeast was born the first extract 100% natural Brazilian fo
r the treatment of cancers. The extract was developed by healers from a plant kn
own as hazelnuts and was effective in vitro tests and animal experiments. Now he
begins to be evaluated clinically in patients at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sa
o Paulo. The tree, found in Brazil and elsewhere, has long been manipulated into
teas, extracts, and potions - mixtures made with medicinal plants considered by
the popular knowledge and used for different purposes. The potential antitumor
hazel had aroused the curiosity of cientistasa until the researcher Luiz Francis
co Pianowski, owner of a pharmaceutical consulting firm, was called to the middl
e of the field between researchers and industry. "When I started the research I
confess I was a little skeptical, but then I realized that the results were real
ly promising," says the pharmacist, who coordinated the study along with laborat
ories and a university in Brazil and abroad, in addition to Einstein. The work b
egan just five years, long considered too short for the average of developing ne
w drugs, which is usually ten years, but Pianowski said that this was due to the
high investments. Without citing figures or details on the isolated molecule, t
he researcher only account that it acts by inhibiting enzymes related to the pro
liferation of tumors and has potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic. In the d
evelopment work of the molecule was involved, among others, the laboratory pharm
acologist John Calixto, Federal University of Santa Catarina. Previous partnersh
ips between Pianowski Calixto and yielded, for example,€the anti-inflammatory to
pical made with grass-maria-whaling or miraculous (Cordia verbenacea) - one of t
he most sold in Brazil today. In addition to certifying the safety, pharmacologi
cal research also served to standardize the plant, increasing its potential, sin
ce it was not developed a synthetic molecule. "The idea is to continue using the
plant, not to disfigure the characteristic herbal" explains Pianowski. The proj
ect recently started in Einstein is now trying to prove the efficiency and quali
ty of extract aveloz. According to the doctor Dagoberto Brandão, the company PHC
Pharma Consulting, who coordinates clinical trials with Augusto Paranhos,
manager of clinical research of Einstein, the extract is being evaluated origina
lly for breast, prostate, Serebro, stomach, mouth, tongue, esophagus, kidney, pa
ncreas and skin.
The aveloz work that way.
The substance acts on cancer cells by inducing apoptosis - a kind of cellular su
icide. "It is what is called programmed cell death", is what explains the G1 Aur
o Del Giglio, manager of the integrated program of Oncology, Hospital Israelita
Albert Einstein and one of the coordinators of the study. "In normal cells, is a
procedure that goes for the renewal of cells, with the former giving way to new
ones. But in cancer cells it almost never happens, and the idea is to exacerbat
e this trend. "Dye aveloz has the potential to, if not to regress, contain, redu
ce and eliminate the disease by inducing the apoptosis of many tumor cells. It c
osts remember that cancer is basically a grouping of cells that rebelled against
the body, multiplying crazed mind and body by consuming the resources of all fo
r the sake of its own growth.
The extract aveloz worked against colonies of cells of any type of cancer
Research being done at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.
The plant is aveloz (scientific name Euphorbia tirucalli), typical of the north
and northeast of the country Its medicinal properties were already mentioned in
popular culture, which motivated the pharmaceutical industry to examine its acti
on in cultured cells and animals. The results were very promising. Apparently, t
he substance acts on cancer cells by inducing apoptosis, a kind of cellular suic
ide. "We call programmed cell death," explained the G1 Auro Del Giglio, manager
of the integrated program of Oncology, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and on
e of the coordinators of the study. "In normal cells, is a procedure that goes f
or the renewal of cells, with the former giving way to new ones. But in cancer c
ells it almost never happens, and the idea is to exacerbate this trend." Thus, t
he drug has the potential to regress if they do not do at least contain or reduc
e disease progression, inducing apoptosis of many tumor cells. It costs remember
that cancer is basically a grouping of cells that rebelled against the body, Mu
ltiplying crazed mind and consuming the resources of the whole organism towards
its own
growth. Simple to describe, very difficult to treat. But now we aveloz dye where
thousands of people are already treating and curing so unbelievable, do not was
te time, the sooner you take the latex extract or the full kit the better the ch
ance of cure.
Stories of people who took the kit aveloz
Ivanic LOPES São Paulo - Capital For Alex Or Junior Goiás e-mail
.Br recorded that I leave in less than 7 (seven) days my husband was healed of t
he scars, and because similar bedridden stroke victim, 5 8 and seizures, did not
know what to buy and spend spend much money on medication and no outcome was wo
rse and every day, and get hurt very much blood was horrible, because
well received at home the ointment and the drops of Aveloz, began to use the sam
e day, today the site is healing the skin, something that had not happened to mo
re than 3 (three years and it was regenerating. Impressive and who thinks before
he saw that is a miracle, most say was the ointment Aveloz E extract, DROPS OF
Aveloz still use more and shot and drop the use of Aveloz, thank the staff of Go
iás Alex and Junior E-mail avelozz. @ God and Jesus forever bless yo
u. Thank you.
I, John Dionisio, I submit this with the results of biopsies taken before and af
ter treatment with dye maze Avelar. Along with the treatment of chemotherapy and
radiotherapy, was also being treated with hazelnuts. Upon completion of any tre
atment, endoscopy and CT was performed, and the place where there were the wound
s is just scar. Thank you for everything and that God our Father bless you all.
ROAD Itapecerica - Vila Prel - SP - CAPITAL. Skin
My name is AIDA AUGUSTA, with cancer of the skin below the eyes. He was ashamed
to go out in public because he had two injured and two major shells below the ey
es. After that I used in the hazel shells fell four months and the wounds healed
up, thanks to God and hazelnuts. Bairro Fragata - Pelotas - RS.
Friends, I ask again a kit of hazelnuts, to Mr. Jose Easy. Take this opportunity
to thank you for the work of Mr. James is very good. He was centralized with th
e disease in the neck was already well advanced when he started medical treatmen
t and treatment with the hazelnuts. And today he is much better with the disease
is regressing and their treatment is going very well. Currently he finished rad
iation treatment continues with more chemotherapy treatment. The disease was dia
gnosed in April 2006, and was operated 10/maio/2006, doctors were not hopeful wi
th the treatment due to tumor size. Today he is much better today although alrea
dy do that 128 days is not fed orally only by nasal tube. Plus it is amazing wit
h a head overcoming all challenges. Our family just has to thank. Please confirm
whether I should contribute the same data earlier? Thank God be with you - · Cl
audinei Fábio - Municipal Road - Valinhos / SP
Colon cancer with metastases
My name is Tim already has three years that I'm cured of bowel cancer, I underwe
nt surgery and some time after the doctors stopped with the radio, said that it
had no way you know, I was literally discredited. That was when a friend of mine
said she had seen in a report in a closed channel on a plant 'aveloz' or gave m
oral, the other day he gave me an email from a house that sold the plants aveloz
not given moral TBM, but mother is mother, my contacted this guy who sells and
bought a bottle, and started taking the first week I felt much better, well past
90 days returned to the doctor for tests, my doctor did not understand nothing,
my tumor had shrunk was the size of a large orange that because I had already p
ulled one before and was now the size of a ball of Gode, he called up some frien
ds to see, said I was not taking anything, they do not believe it, nor do I beli
eve! I went home and continued taking the drops, because he had cut all the reme
dies myself, and I've been taking each day and feeling better, my life returned
to normal in all, I went with 120 days, rss remember his face when he looked at
my review, he said nothing and left the room and got a half hours away, returned
with a man and a handful of young doctors, and told me that my tumor avia gone,
and bursts into tears at the time, he asked I had done, taking something!
I said I took a plant name aveloz, he said nothing, laughed and told me it was a
miracle because my cancer had already metastasized to my stomach, now it's been
three years since I've healed and leading a normal life, Just be careful with m
y diet and only drink mineral water. I affirm that the extract was aveloz I took
that saved my life in advanced brain tumor
Hail! Thank God my evil and "very small compared to many that you write. I want
to thank you for having responded to my email with my doubts. Currently I live t
oo far away to give my family and I live in the United States, but since I knew
about and had you not stop to disclose. Thanks for sending the droplet to the Si
sters of Lucatto Limeira-SP, I understand they are super happy with the improvem
ents to the naked eye of both, as has already been given a terminal due to a bra
in tumor, but today she got up to go eat at the table with family and not feel t
he unbearable headaches. I always say that we are mere instrument of the Lord an
d that these droplets can not be a cure if no longer something to be redeemed on
earth, but if you will surely have new lease of life and having not at least ma
ke the transition lighter without pain ... One day God was allowing me to want t
o meet you personally and be part of this beautiful family that you are there he
lping those who really need. Stay with God and he always lit giving you much wis
dom. Paulo Vieira-USA
Active ulcerative colitis
Lourival Rao - Jardim Guanabara - Cuiabá - MT - I disease "crohl" active ulcerat
ive colitis. I'm taking another glass
the "nuts". Thank God I'm not feeling anything more about the disease, is excell
ent. S.D.S Lourival
I want to thank you, because my father was very ill with prostate cancer and her
e you sent me the nuts and he took the exams done and fell greatly. We send the
kit to Paraguay - because he lives away from us what we do with love and affecti
on.€I deposited in the account today and ask for more timely hazelnuts now for t
hree people - have four more vidrinhos ok MARIA CECILIA - CORONEL SAPUCAIA - MS
Mr. Nilson, referring to two glasses of hazelnuts possible that my mother is tak
ing it very well os.praticamente cancer disappeared. Tadeu Fraga - Neighborhood
British - Florianópolis SC - Note If possible let me know the day of shipment, t
hanks w / attention. Mama
Once again I am in need of droplets Avelós for my wife. She is improving a lot.
The Avelós really is very good. As the
first time, send the same address. I wonder if you can do the same. Roberto de C
amargo - Vila Clementino - São Paulo Thanks again for your attention. - Much pea
ce to all. May God enlighten more and more.
A friend who is in the second vial of aveloz, this morning called me to come ove
r for a daughter who has skin disease and to treat his wounds no longer exist, d
rying and almost completely took the pain that this creature felt in their day t
o day, even in their work reported that their skin is changing to a healthy appe
arance, different from what it was. We await more such care to all of you who he
lp us in this journey of healing! Antonio Darci - Rua Cesario Chavez - Itajaí-SC
Hello, good morning! 3 years ago my mother had used hazel after rectal surgery f
or the removal of a carcinoma, it worked out and she did not need to do radiatio
n therapy as planned, thank you. Today I turn to you for exposing the problem of
my brother (Augustus Caesar), he suffers from terrible headaches for quite some
time and this has interfered even in your professional life, as no one discover
s the true cause of these pains he faces doing use of huge amounts of painkiller
s. In this case the drops of hazelnuts would be indicated? Please help me and st
ay with God! Sibele Andrade. NATAL-RN
Alzira Fraga I started the treatment about five months ago was diagnosed with pa
ncreatic cancer, realized tomography for the second time, while it regressed wit
h faith in God and taking the nuts and I had 87 years and is well. R. BLOOM FIEL
D - Florianopolis-SC Mama
I am writing for the 1st time, after four years they have started treatment with
hazelnuts. I took the hazel for two years. As I was cured I stopped there to ta
ke. Junior I want to thank the cordiality with which we have met and tell you ab
out the "hazelnut", is one thing that gets me excited, because the hazelnuts, su
pported by the hands of God and Jesus was one of my allies in healing. In June 2
001 he was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I began taking four days there befo
re making the 1st chemotherapy. I had a tumor in the breast and large, when I ta
ke the exam for the 2nd chemo doctor was amazed that 70% of the tumor had disapp
eared. And since the examination of the 3rd chemo there was nothing, thank God,
taking Avelós; did the same six chemo what the doctor ordered, but did not have
to take the breast nor do radio, that the doctor had said if necessary would hav
e to do these two procedures. I declare to you that Junior Avelós is a holy medi
cine. Thank you have appeared in
my life my angel. Therezinha DE JESUS - Santo Ângelo / RS
Patient: Elisangela. Examination carried out: 16/10/2009 Result: 10/27/2009 Repo
rt Issues noted: Liver morphology with normal attenuation coefficient. Absence o
f dilatation of intrahepatic bile duct / or extrahepatic. Gallbladder wall and r
egular content homogeneous. Spleen of normal size and morphology. Pancreas morph
ology and contours preserved and normal. Kidneys topics of shape, size freely co
ntrast medium. Inferior vena cava of normal caliber. Abdominal aorta remained pa
tent gauge. Rectum of normal appearance. Absence of ascites or lymphadenopathy.
Uterus not displayed. Ovaries not visualized. ABSENCE OF MASSES OR IN ANY COLLEC
Kit aveloz
Ointment to the wound base aveloz
Not included with kit
Indicated for cysts and open wound that will not heal due to the tumor. Ointment
prevents the advancement of cancer cells at the site applied, and has a high po
wer of healing due to aveloz
Human Race
Human diet 100% natural! The human race is a natural nutritional supplement comp
osed of 15 ingredients (Quinoa Real, Agar Agar, brown sugar, rolled oats, Cocoa
Powder, Oat Bran, Oat Fiber, Brown Rice Flour, White corn meal, flour defatted s
oy, sesame with bark, Wheat Germ, Guarana powder, yeast and linseed) in order to
enrich the meals,€minimize health risks and promote quality of life. Can be add
ed a light meal, preferably breakfast. For people who do not eat well or probe a
nd are not otherwise engaged in it is an excellent complement with high nutritio
nal value. Helps regulate the body's functions, beginning with the proper functi
oning of the intestines, which is the principle of sound-absorbing nutrients. A
balanced body generates more physical and mental disposition, encouraging gradua
lly incorporating healthier habits. May be taken before or after (breakfast, lun
ch and dinner) for vitamin strike humankind with fruit juice or soy milk. For th
ose who already eat a balanced and for athletes with a high daily energy expendi
ture during training, aims to provide increased resistance, strengthening and ma
intaining the muscle fibers, preventing injuries and loss of muscle mass. The hu
man race is a balanced blend, rich in protein, iron, omega 3, AMINO ACIDS, FIBER
B, D, E, F, Ke B. COMPLEX INCREASES STRENGTH ORGANIC, detoxifies the body,
MENDMENTS OF HUMOR) TEM anti-inflammatory action, increases the activity of the
immune system increases the rate of blood platelets, FIGHTING CONSTIPATION. PROP
HEMOTHERAPY AND RADIOTHERAPY helping to prevent hemorrhoids. Helps to combat cho
lesterol, regulate the nervous system, strengthens the skin and hair. HORMONE CO
rs, high blood pressure, irregular menstruation, PROBLEMS OF GROWTH AND DEVELOPM
SEASES, torticollis (MUSCULAR AND NERVOUS), heart and circulatory diseases.
Pack of 1 kl 50.00 Request to add to kit _______________________________________
We have no profit on sales of products. We pass the same price that we acquire.
We add only rate sedex pac or the value of the kit. Value of each item of kit 30
days of treatment. 0 kit contains five products. Extract aveloz - 45.00. Consis
ting of 10 -20.00 Graviola Herbs by - 20.00 per Copaiba Oil - 15.00 wheat germ o
il concentrate -
35.00 Total 135.00 The kit product at a low not part of the kit if you want, ask
to add products to the kit. Ointment base aveloz - 50.00. Ointment is not inclu
ded in the kit. Request to add Ointment - add 50.00 to the value of the Human Ra
ce kit 50.00
If you want to ointment or Human Fodder 50.00 add more value to the kit.
Total kit - WITHOUT THE HUMAN RACE AND OINTMENT 135.00 shipped separately any
THIS PRIMER item shipping and payment forms
SHIPPING BY FEDEX Shipping 50.00 for any state.
Send your complete address, a number of fixed telephone and mobile phone with a
postcode and name of the recipient. After confirming your order your order will
be shipped and arrive in 3 business days. Once we receive your order will have 3
business days to make the deposit related to the kit 135.00 + 50.00 sedex, case
of observing this deadline will have to make the deposit early in the next requ
Send proof of deposit through E-MAIL
Once the order arrives in your home, put the value of the kit plus the value of
Total 185.00
In this case just send you a kit at a time. Will have to deposit the value of th
e kit in Maximo in 3 business days after receipt of order. If delay the deposit
will not send this, because we have no such capital. If you want two or more kit
s the deposit must be made in advance.
Uploaded by PAC. Shipping 25.00 to any state.
Send your full address, number of
Fixed a mobile phone
with PSC and
recipient's name. After confirmation of your order your order will be shipped an
d arrive between 15-30 business days or less. Once we receive your order will ha
ve 3 business days to make the deposit related to the kit 135.00, and 25.00 conc
erning the CAP.
Total to be deposited 160.00
Case of observing the period of 3 business days to make the deposit upon receipt
, you must make the deposit early in the next requests. Once we receive your ord
er make the deposit.
Send proof of deposit by EMAIL
The kit contains
Fluid extract Aveloz - 120 ML dry Graviola Extract - 60 CP 10 Herbal Compound -
60 CP increases the immune system and platelets Copaiba Oil - 20 ML GINCO BILOBA
- 60 CAP
Account for deposit
Pure Graviola
The kit
Indicated for the treatment of cancer at later stages. Graviola: a weapon agains
t cancer Graviola is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy drug, without side
effects ...
The Medical Relief Magellan says that researchers in the United States and other
countries have found that the leaf of graviola contains medicinal substances, c
alled acetogenins, which cure many types of cancer. Within a test tube kill canc
er cells ten thousand times faster than the best medicine used in hospitals, but
laboratories so far have failed to synthesize them to patent the medicine, so th
ey are only used in its natural form. In the capital of Texas, a small company R
aintree - is the largest distributor of Graviola and other medicinal plants of t
he Amazon, sending them from there to the world. The Raintree imports about 400
tons of plants in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. Who runs this operation is a naturop
ath Leslie, a Texan who, at 24 years, found to have a rare form of leukemia, bei
ng able to heal itself with phototherapy. There are studies in the U.S. indicati
ng that several of the active ingredients in graviola kill malignant cells from
12 different cancers, including breast, ovarian, colon, prostate, liver, lung, p
ancreas and lymphoma. Using the soursop is possible to fight cancer with a compl
etely natural therapy that does not cause severe side effects such as nausea and
hair loss, because the graviola for having selective action, destroys only dise
ased cells, protecting healthy cells, unlike chemotherapy, which leaves killing
all cells indiscriminately. Some parts of the tree, as bark, root and fruit are
used for centuries by the indigenous population of South America to treat heart
disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis.
Copaiba oil is used in nine types of cancer
The kit
Copaiba oil has important results against nine strains of cancer and tuberculosi
s, inhibiting or killing diseased cells, according to studies by researchers fro
m the Institute of Chemistry (IQ) and the Center for Chemical, Biological and Ag
ricultural (CPQBA) of Unicamp. .
Wheat germ oil
The Wheat Germ Oil is a vitamin supplement, Vitamin "E" that fights free radical
s (antioxidant), prevent and combat different types of cancer, degenerative dise
ases, aging, relieves the effects of radiation and chemotherapy, relieve cramps
and muscle strains. Participates in the formation of mesodermal tissue (ground s
ubstance, collagen and elastic fibers of connective tissue, striated and smooth
muscles, blood vessels) and maintenance of their functions in cells.
Vitamin "E" combat free radicals (antioxidant therapy), prevent and combat diffe
rent types of cancer, degenerative diseases, premature aging, relieves cramps an
d muscle strains. Some of the main sources are: oil, wheat germ and nuts-and-sto
p. Vitamin E participates in the formation of mesodermal tissue (ground substanc
e, collagen and elastic fibers of connective tissue, striated and smooth muscles
, blood vessels) and maintenance of their functions in the cell. Vitamin E parti
cipates in the metabolism of nucleic acids and respiratory chain. Vitamin E is a
biological antioxidant that prevents the spontaneous oxidation of polyunsaturat
ed compounds responsible for the formation of harmful free radicals, thereby pre
venting the formation of nitros amines. Due to its lipophilic properties vitamin
E accumulates in the cell membranes protecting them under the functional aspect
, mainly the inhibition that exerts in lipid peroxidation. Vitamin E contributes
in a special way to the stabilization of the veins, lysosomal membranes, mitoch
ondria and capillaries and to maintain the resistance of normal erythrocytes. Pr
omotes an increase of phagocytic activity thus protecting cells against free rad
icals. A deficiency of this vitamin leads through the peroxidation of lipids, th
e accumulation of lipofuscin pigment or wear of the tissues and the weakening of
the cells .. The marked lack of vitamin E as a result of severe malabsorption s
yndrome (reduced absorption surface of the intestine, biliary atresia, pancreati
c insufficiency) causes the appearance of symptoms of myopathy and neuropathy.€V
itamin E acts at different stages of the synthesis of arachidonic acid and thus
acts on the metabolism of prostaglandins. Studies have demonstrated that platele
t incorporation of vitamin E obtained from oral supplementation is associated wi
th an inhibition of platelet aggregation leading to increased same.
The kit
The kit and suitable for advanced stages and metastasis. Have only extract avelo
z is more appropriate for the beginning of the disease without metastases, and c
ontrol after being found the cure. And as a preventative.
The kit will give thirty days of treatment. Recalling that the person shall take
the kit aveloz throughout the conventional treatment until it's found the cure
by your doctor. And just take the extract for at least another year, after being
found the cure. The stratum of hazelnuts can be taken by any person for the pre
vention of tumors and cancer.
Your order will be delivered to your door
. In any city in Brazil or abroad
This value is exactly what we pay for the kit, we do not have any profit with th
e products, so ask any extra donation.
Do not dispose of in any other account than that we send through our E-mail or i
n the booklet.
Please help us with any extra amount. We do our work with great difficulty here.
Help us.
Direct contact.
62 82408845
The products are purchased on the market of natural herbs in Belem, for - PA are
handled by a family descended from Chinese experts on the manipulation of avelo
z and other medicinal herbs in which Mr. Di mu already been healed of a kidney c
ancer and now helps our group very
The products are handled in sterile environment. Supervised by health authoritie
s in the region.
All products used in hand have indicated dose contraindications. How to take ave
loz in natura latex () directly from plant
* 1st week: Take 02 drops, before breakfast, 02 drops before lunch and 02 drops
before dinner. * 2nd week: Take 03 drops, before breakfast, 03 drops before lunc
h and 03 drops before dinner. * Week 3: Take 04 drops, before breakfast, 04 drop
s before lunch and 04 drops before dinner. * Week 4: Take 05 drops, before break
fast, 05 drops before lunch and 05 drops before dinner.
The safest is to take the extract ready.
And the best treatment for advanced stages and metastasis is the complete kit. W
hat happens inside you during treatment with the kit aveloz? The Aveloz with kit
components will initiate a process ATTACK cancer cells. Preventing its developm
ent and causing apoptosis of them. What you do not release the conventional use
of allopathy. For now attached to the kit aveloz substance, will destroy the can
cer cells of the body gradually.
Look to lead a healthier life, eating more vegetables, fruits and vegetables, yo
u'll see the difference in a few months.
The ground water is in our life, drink only mineral water.
The aveloz is suitable for all types and stages of cancer, follow all the guidel
ines contained in the packaging of the kit. Do you also part of
The well.
Make a contribution and join this chain of good. One day someone you love may ne
ed our help.
Think about it.
Make your contribution.
Help us
. We also need
Mattresses, hospital beds and common, bed linen, towels, kitchen utensils, cloth
es, adult and children's toys new and used wheelchairs, electro and basic househ
old naps that do not use more like a refrigerator and stove and building materia
ls that are left in any building which has made and will be of extreme help to b
uild support center.
All holding hands in the fight against cancer
God bless you all
Even if you can not contribute to our group, send what you are needing, just sen
d the courier fee and cost of products.
Send this booklet to those who are in need. Continue this current.
We have no connection with churches or religious shrine. The REAL MIRACLE IS IN
It's no use just one kit or take a statement and want to be cured of a disease s
uch as.
It's a long treatment that requires discipline.
Some people take more or less time to get a positive result.
If you think you will be healed in a few days taking the extract or aveloz avelo
z kit,
ask us not to look.
We are a serious group, and treatment is also very serious.
If there is a constant not get treatment improvements and this is not our purpos
e. It's a long treatment that requires discipline.
The extract can be used as a preventive. NEVER DROP THE TREATMENT prescribed by
your doctor.
Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is blis
s, taste it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is
a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is precious, do it. Life is w
ealth, preserve it. Life is love, enjoy it. Life is a mystery, know it. Life is
a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Lif
e is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is adventure, i
nsult her. Life is bliss, deserve it. Life is life, defending it.
The important thing is not what happens, but the love with which it occurs.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
We send parcels only on the day following the request. We answer emails till 18:
00, Monday to Friday. E-MAIL TO ARRIVE AFTER THIS SCHEDULE, WILL responded the n
ext day.
It runs Monday through Friday.
Do not answer email on Saturday, Sunday and holidays, because of our attendants
are all volunteers and do visitations in homes, hospitals and shelters. We do so
cial works these days depends on the amount of people to respond, may take up to
5 working days to RESPONDELOS. To order the kit or any of the products just sen
d us complete address with zip code home phone, cell phone, how to send mail or
a PAC () and recipient's name. Payment will be made only after receiving the ord
er on the desired address. Enter our Orkut community and exchange experiences wi
th someone who has taken the kit - Orkut Community Group and enter the site ____
_____________________________ Link Please God.