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14 | Thursday, July 8, 2010


Base access will

tighten up soon
Contractors, vendors, service providers
The A-10A, the first Air Force
aircraft specially designed for close
without CAC cards will need to sign up
air support of ground forces, will
perform at the Naval Base Ventura
by Oct. 1 or get a daily pass, car search
County Air Show, Point Mugu, on By Andrea Howry will need to go through new se-
Aug. 7 and 8. Page 3. Lighthouse editor curity procedures by October
In an effort to increase secu- 1.
rity at Naval Base Ventura Those who haven’t enrolled in
County (NBVC), all vendors, the new RAPIDGate program
contractors and service provid- by that date will have to get a
ers who currently have long-term day pass at the Pass and Decal
access to the base but don’t have Office at the Port Hueneme
computer access (CAC) cards SEE SECURITY, PAGE 14

Battle of Commands July 14-16

There’s still time to sign up for Grinder.
the annual Battle of Commands, Thursday, July 15, is the
Face painting was just one of a three-day series of competi- aquatics competitions at the
many activities at the June 26 tions that includes everything Port Hueneme pool, including
Summerfest, sponsored by Religious from bed races to a human pyr- the human slip-and-slide, an in-
Ministries and held at the Point amid to a tug-of-war contest. ner-tube relay and boat races.
Mugu Chapel. Page 7. The event begins Wednesday, Friday, July 16, starts at 8
July 14, with the bed races — no a.m. and ends at 2 p.m. and in-
cribs or coffins allowed — at 5 cludes eight contests: an obstacle
p.m. at the Port Hueneme SEE ANNUAL, PAGE 14

Dallas Cowboys visit Aug. 13

The Dallas Cowboys profes- nard. Their home base is the
sional football team will touch Marriott Residence Inn at River
down at Naval Base Ventura Ridge.
PHOTO BY ANDREA HOWRY / LIGHTHOUSE County, Point Mugu, at 3 p.m. Official practice begins Satur-
Goldie, a yellow Lab mix, appears to be thanking Lt. (j.g.) Ji Fredriksen Aug. 13 and sign autographs in day, Aug. 14, and on Aug. 20,
for her hard work as project manager for the new Army Veterinary Hangar 34 for about 30 minutes the team travels to San Diego to
A medical group, including industrial
Clinic at Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme. More thankful is before starting their two-week play the Chargers in an exhibi-
hygienists, from the 126th Air Goldie’s family, Roanne and UT2 Norman Pallasigui of NMCB 40, and training session in Oxnard. tion game on Saturday, Aug. 21.
National Guard in Illinois, visit NBVC. their daughter, Kelleryn, 9, shown here. The clinic held a grand opening The Cowboys usually visit the The team breaks camp Aug.
Page 16. ceremony June 30. Details, Page 17. base when they practice in Ox- 27.


Ask the








By Captain Jim McHugh

NBVC Commanding Officer 800-221-STAR (7827)
The Lighthouse

Where can visiting friends stay on base? Ventura County Star
Question: We have friends who plan to visit over from $54 to $72 per night; fees for civilians range from NICHE PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR
the winter holidays, and our home on base isn’t large $60 to $78 per night. For reservations, call 989-8407. MICHAEL HOFFMAN
enough to accommodate them. What are my options in • The Navy Lodge, located at NBVC Port Hueneme,
having them stay somewhere on base? offers 47 rooms at a standard rate of $73 per night.
Pets are allowed with a $50 deposit. Reservations may JANE ALVAREZ
Answer: Naval Base Ventura County is fortunate to be made by calling 985-2624.

have several options for guest accommodations: the • Navy Gateway Inns & Suites: The Department of 805-437-0372

Beach Motel, run by Morale, Welfare & Recreation; the Defense Lodging “Space Available” Policy permits
Navy Lodge; and the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites. relatives and guests of Armed Forces members assigned
Reservations for each must be made in the sponsor- to the installation to utilize the Navy Gateway Inns &
ing member’s name, and the sponsor must be present at Suites facilities. Reservations are made on a first-come
check-in. The sponsor is responsible for ensuring their first-serve basis, without regard to rate or rank, up to
guests have the appropriate passes to access the base. 30 days in advance for up to a seven-night stay, space
One very important note: All guests must be U.S. permitting. Reservations can be made on line at www. MENT EVERY OTHER THURSDAY BY THE STAR, OF CAMARILLO,
citizens; foreign nationals are not authorized to stay at, by calling 1-877-NAVYBED (628- UNDER WRITTEN CONTRACT WITH NAVAL BASE VENTURA
any of these facilities. 9233), or by directly contacting the NGIS front desks ENTERPRISE NEWSPAPER FOR MEMBERS OF THE U.S. NAVY,
• The Beach Motel at NBVC Point Mugu offers lat Port Hueneme Bldg. 1164 (982-6025) and Point NOT NECESSARILY THE OFFICIAL VIEWS OF, NOR ENDORSED BY,
suites, kitchenettes and standard rooms. Active military Mugu Bldg. 27 (989-8251). Suites are $45 per night, or
Thursday, July 8, 2010


may reserve rooms up to six months in advance; civil- a private room with private bath is $38 per night. All DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ENDORSEMENT OF THE DEPARTMENT
ians may make reservations 60 days in advance. Fees rooms have one full-size bed. Pets are not permitted. PUBLICATION SHALL BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE, USE
for active duty, retired, reservists and dependents range I hope this helps and that you enjoy the holidays! HANDICAP, POLITICAL AFFILIATION, OR ANY OTHER NON-MERIT
Please submit your questions or comments to Lighthouse Editor Andrea Howry at AND PROVIDED TO THE PUBLISHER BY THE LOCAL INSTALLA-
A-10A Thunderbolt II will fly at Air Show COMMUNITY CALENDAR
Air Force jet provides
‘unmatched tank killing
DON’T COOK: Family
Night Spaghetti Dinner,
The Air Force A-10A Thunderbolt II 5 to 8 p.m., The Point,
will perform a flight demonstration at the Point Mugu. Adults $5;
2010 Naval Base Ventura County Air kids under 5 eat free; kids 5 to 10
Show. half price. Open to all with base
The A-10A is the first Air Force aircraft access.
specially designed for close air support of

ground forces. They are simple, effective FREE SITTER: Parents
and survivable twin-engine jet aircraft that Night Out. 6 to 9:30
can be used against all ground targets, p.m., free child care
including tanks and other armored vehi- at both Hueneme and
cles. Mugu provided on first-come, first-
The primary mission of the A-10A is to serve basis for active duty only.
provide day and night close air combat Sign up at CDC for children 1 to 5
support for friendly land forces and to act years old and Youth Activity Center
as forward air controller to coordinate and for those in kindergarten through
direct friendly air forces in support of land 12 years old. Space is limited.
forces. The Air Force A-10A Thunderbolt II will perform at the 2010 Naval Base Ventura County Air

The Lighthouse
Show at Point Mugu on Aug. 7 and 8.
The A-10A has a secondary mission of

supporting search and rescue and Special
Forces operations. It also possesses a lim- with the gun’s accuracy, allows the pilot About the Air Show
ited capability to perform certain types of quick reaction with lethal effects.
The 2010 Naval Base Ventura County
interdiction. Other weapons include the AGM-65 Air Show at Point Mugu is scheduled for
All of these missions may take place in Maverick and AIM-9 Sidewinder mis- Saturday, Aug. 7, and Sunday, Aug. 8.

a high or low threat environment. siles. Admission and parking are free. Gates FAMILY READINESS:
The General Electric Aircraft Arma- The aircraft is capable of worldwide will open at 8 a.m. both Saturday and Navy Operation
ment Subsystem A/A49E-6 (30 millimeter deployment and operation from austere Sunday, with flight demonstrations
Support Centers at
gun system) is located in the forward nose bases with minimal support equipment. starting at 10 a.m.
In addition to the Thunderbirds, the Hueneme and Mugu
section of the fuselage. The gun system Their short takeoff and landing capabil-
consists of the 30mm Gatling gun mech- ity permit operations in and out of loca- air show will also feature the latest in are hosting an all hands Family
aviation, with both military and civilian air Readiness Day from 7:30 a.m. to
anism, double-ended linkless ammunition tions near front lines. acts and vintage aircraft on display.
feed, storage assembly and hydraulic drive In addition to its survivability, the A- 3:45 p.m. starting at the Needham
The public can purchase special
system. 10A has the ability to land on unimproved reserved seating tickets from the Air Theater and moving to Bldg. 1491,
The General Electric GAU-8/A 30mm airfields and be flown and maintained near Show Network. For information, visit the Port Hueneme. at 11:30 a.m. Free
seven barrel cannon, specifically designed Army ground troops. website, http://www.airshownetwork. lunch, kids activities, drawings.
for the A-10A, provides unmatched tank Highly effective and efficient in combat, com/home.html.

killing capability. The gun fires armor- the A-10 is capable of sustaining opera- Keep up with the air show status by CAMPOUT: Child and
piercing projectiles capable of penetrating tions on unimproved airfields near ground calling the information line at 989-8786,
Youth Programs is
heavy armor. It also fires a high explosive troops — keys to success in conducting Ventura/Recreation/2010AirShow/index. sponsoring a free Boots
incendiary round, which is extremely ef- small operations against hostile forces. htm or our new Facebook page, NBVC Air On Camp, for children
fective against soft skinned targets like The A-10A’s rapid refueling and re-arm- Show at Point Mugu. of military families ages 11 to
trucks. The cannon fires at a rate of 4,200 ing capability allows it to operate from 18. It’s an overnight camp to help
rounds per minute. forward bases close to the front lines. It is them understand deployment.
The A-10’s maneuverability, teamed also capable of refueling in the air.
Information: 982-4663.

SURF’S UP: The Third

Thursday, July 8, 2010

2005: Paintball field opens on Dump Road, Point Mugu Annual NBVC Point
Mugu Surf Contest runs
for three days. Military
The paintball field on Dump Road at plete with a tower, hide-outs and plen- planned in the area. preliminary round on Aug. 20;
Point Mugu opened six years ago. ty of brush to assist in an unsuspected Tournaments have been held there in civliian prelims Aug. 21; military
The Lighthouse ran a photo in its ambush,” the photo caption stated. the past. and civilian finals Aug. 22. Music
June 30, 2005, issue of a brief ribbon- Then, as now, the field is open to any- Morale, Recreation and Welfare oper- and vendors. To compete, register
cutting ceremony at the field. one with paintball equipment. ates the field. at
“The field features acres of land com- No organized activities are currently 3
Service Flag, or Blue Star Banner, is a rich tradition

I recently moved into a new neighbor- nor of Ohio have adopted this service The DoD also specifies that the flag
hood. Part of my normal “decorating” flag. The world should know of those should be displayed in the residence of
is hanging a Service Flag in my window who give so much for liberty; the dear- the immediate family member.
to honor and support my husband. est thing in all the world to a father and During World War II, the display of
As I was leaving my home to walk my
dogs, my new neighbor came over to
mother – their children.”
The flag, a white field with a red bor-
Homefront the Service Flag was widespread. Virtu-
ally each home and organization dis-
introduce herself and welcome me to
the neighborhood. She pointed to the
der, displays stars representing those
family members who serve. A gold star in focus played banners to indicate the number
of members of the family or organiza-
Service Flag in my window and asked
its meaning. I gave her a quick answer,
with blue edges represents a family
member who died during service, not
with Beth tion serving in the Armed Forces.
While not popular during the Vietnam
but her question gave rise to my own necessarily killed in action. A blue star Wilson era, these flags are again surging in
questions. signifies a family member on active popularity as a sign of support for both
What is the Service Flag? duty. the service member and the family sup-
The Service Flag, also called a Blue The colors are symbolic in that the porting them.
Star Banner or a Sons in Service Flag, blue star represents hope and pride, and dying members of the Armed Forces, Service Flags are available from many
has a rich heritage. While many may be the gold star represents sacrifice to the spearheaded this resolution. May 1 is sources, including your local base ex-
aware of its popularity during World cause of liberty and freedom. Silver Star Service Banner Day. change. You can receive a free Service
War II, it was actually first hung in While blue and gold stars are the only Today the Service Flag is an official Flag from
World War I by Army Capt. Robert L. colors specified for use, some use silver banner authorized by the Department freebluestarflag. These flags are pro-
Queissner of the 5th Ohio Infantry, who stars to represent those discharged from of Defense. The DoD specifies that fam- vided to every service member “to pay
had two sons serving on the front line. service because of wounds or convalesc- ily members authorized to display the tribute to your hard work, dedication
This symbol of support gained immedi- ing at home. indoor flag include the wife, husband, and service to our country by Grantham
ate popularity among the public and Recently, both the House of Repre- mother, father, stepfather, parent University.”
The Lighthouse

government officials alike. sentatives and the Senate passed the through adoption, foster parents, loco The Service Flag, a rich tradition. Let
In September of 1917, an Ohio con- Silver Star Service Banner Day Resolu- parentis, children, stepchildren, foster us fly ours proudly.
gressman read into the Congressional tion. Silver Star Families of America children and siblings, including step-
Record: “The mayor of Cleveland, the (, an organi- siblings of a member of the Armed — E-mail Beth Wilson at beth@
Chamber of Commerce and the Gover- zation supporting those wounded, ill or Forces of the United States.


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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Federally insured by NCUA. © 2010 Navy Federal NFCU 11443 (6-10)

Korka assumes command of NFELC, 31st SRG
By NFELC Public Affairs 1NCD. “Thank you for who you are, what
Seabees and civic leaders gathered on you do and what you will continue to do
June 30 to welcome the incoming, and – thank you for being Seabees.”
honor the outgoing, commander of the Korka, who is coming to Port Hueneme
Naval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics after a two-year tour as commanding of-
Center (NFELC) and 31st Seabee Readi- ficer, Officer in Charge of Construction,
ness Group (31st SRG). Bethesda, Md., told Worcester, “The
Capt. John W. Korka relieved Capt. troops look outstanding.”
James A. Worcester as commanding of- In addressing the Seabees and civilian
ficer of both commands in a change of personnel of his two new commands for
command ceremony on the Seabee Parade the first time, he said: “My vision is that
Field that featured more than 600 Seabees, our naval construction force unit will be
a display of Seabee construction equip- situationally aware, combat ready, crisp
ment and vehicles, and the Marine Corps in execution, accountable and skillful in
Air Ground Combat Center Band from communication. Today, our military forc-
Twenty-nine Palms. es are deployed around the world combat-
Commander, Naval Facilities Engineer- ing terrorism, engaged in nation building
ing Command (NAVFAC) and Chief of Capt. John W. Korka addresses Seabees and supporting humanitarian operations.
Civil Engineers Rear Adm. Christopher and civilian personnel for the first time after Seabees are at the tip of the spear playing
Mossey presented Worcester with the Le- assuming command. a critical role supporting all these mis- PHOTOS BY CM3 (SCW) CHRISTOPHER CARSON /
gion of Merit for leading NFELC and 31st er, First Naval Construction Division sions.” NMCB 3
SRG in outfitting, training and mobilizing (1NCD) Rear Adm. Mark Handley, pre- He added, “As such, let’s always make Outgoing commander Capt. James A.
Seabees and other expeditionary forces sided over the ceremony. certain that our units are well equipped Worcester passes the Naval Facilities

The Lighthouse
into the 21st century. Worcester assumed “Seabees, you’ve made my career worth- and prepared to accomplish the missions Expeditionary Logistics Center Colors to
command of NFELC in June 2008 after while. There is nowhere else I’d rather they are tasked to execute. As your com- incoming commander Capt. John W. Korka
serving as deputy commander for Opera- serve than with you,” said Worcester, who modore, I pledge my full energy to assure on June 30 during the NFELC and the
tions, Naval Facilities Engineering Com- is moving to Little Creek, Va., where he you that you will be ready and able to suc- 31st Seabee Readiness Group change of
command on the Seabee Parade Field at
mand, Atlantic. Mossey and Command- will take over as chief staff officer for ceed.”
Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pass is valid through 12/31/10. Pass must be activated on day of first visit. Please present your ticket at the Universal Studios Hollywood Annual Pass Center to receive your exclusive 2010 Value Pass. Black-out dates and restrictions
apply. There are no black-out dates for the first visit. ID and finger scan required for park entry. ©2010 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. 10-LOC-9599

There’s never a good substitute for excellence

As a chaplain, I cross paths with a good find the problem. He finally pressed his
number of troops. No matter the rank, I friendship with Steinmetz and asked him
consistently find that troops who are excel- to come and see if he could identify the
lent at their rate are sought after and have problem and get the plant up and running Worship schedule
a far-reaching influence. There is just
something powerful about those who are Chaplain’s again. After fiddling with a gauge and
tinkering with a motor, he threw the mas-
excellent at what they do.
The Old Testament book of Proverbs corner ter switch and the plant came to life again.
This took him only two hours.
Seabee Chapel
refers to such people with the following
words: with Troy A few days later, Steinmetz mailed Ford
a bill for $10,000. Though extremely
Port Hueneme
Building 1433
“Do you see a man skilled in his work? Avery wealthy, Ford balked at paying such a high Phone: (805) 982-4358
He will serve before kings; he will not serve
before obscure men.” Proverbs 22:29.
NMCB 40 price for what appeared to be a little bit
of work. He mailed the bill back to Stein-
Fax: (805) 982-5364

The benefits of growing in excellence metz with a note that read, “Charlie: It Protestant
generators that would run their first plant Sunday worship service: 9 a.m.
are many. A good example of this was a seems awfully steep, $10,000 for a man Choir rehearsal: Wednesday, 6 p.m.
man named Charlie Steinmetz. He was a in Dearborn, Mich. With remarkable ge- who for a very short time tinkered with a
dwarf who suffered many physical defor- nius, he put together those giant pieces of few motors.” Catholic Mass
mities. But what he lacked physically, he machinery that made great profit for the Steinmetz sent the bill back to Ford and Sunday: 11:15 a.m.
made up for mentally. Ford Motor Company. replied, “Henry: For tinkering around Confession by prior appt.: 10:45 a.m.
In his day, few people knew more about One day, the entire plant suddenly with the motors, $10; for knowing where Wednesday: 11:30 a.m.
electricity than he did. Henry Ford real- ground to a halt. Ford hired a number of to tinker, $9,990.” Confession by prior appt.: 11 a.m.
ized this and hired him to build the vast mechanics, but none seemed to be able to
The Lighthouse

Christian Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Study: Tuesday, 10
July 16 is the deadline to register for Vacation Bible School a.m.
All Hands Bible Study: Saturday, 7
Registration continues through July 16 Naval Base Ventura County Religious able for children too young for the class-
for Vacation Bible School, sponsored by Ministries. es. Catholic Religious Education
Classes designed for youngsters ages 3 The theme of this year’s Vacation Bible Pre-K through high school
to 12 will run from 8 a.m. to noon Monday School is “High Seas Expedition: Explor- Tuesdays, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
through Friday, Aug. 9-13, at the Seabee ing the Mighty Love of God.”
Chapel, Port Hueneme. For more information or to enroll, call
Children 13 and older are welcome to the Seabee Chapel at 982-4358 between Chapel of Faith
sign up as volunteers, and parents who 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through
wish to volunteer will have a nursery avail- Friday. Point Mugu
Building 121

Blood drives scheduled for July 16, 21, 23

Phone: (805) 989-7967
Fax: (805) 989-7968

Three United Blood Services blood ing 1215, Port Hueneme, from 7 a.m. to Sunday worship service: 11:15 a.m.
drives are scheduled for July at Naval Base noon. On July 21, the Bloodmobile will
Ventura County. On July 16 and 23, the be in front of the baseball fields at Point Catholic Mass
Bloodmobile will be parked in front of Mugu from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Informa- Sunday: 8:45 a.m.
the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Build- tion:, 654-8104. Confession by prior appt.: 8:15 a.m.
Thursday: 11:30 a.m.
Confession by prior appt.: 11 a.m.
Missionary Baptist
Church Chaplains serving NBVC
Sun Morning Prayer 8:30a-9a
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sunday School 9a-10:15a Lt. Deann Coleman

Morning Worship 10:30a Command Chaplain
Wed Prayer/Bible Study 6:30p Lt. Kyung Tak
Staff Chaplain
Pastor-Bishop Princeton Allen
125 E.Pearl St., Pt Hueneme Father Antony Berchmanz
Catholic Priest
150 have fun at Summerfest

About 150 people turned out for the

June 26 annual Summerfest, sponsored
by Religious Ministries at the Point
Mugu Chapel.
“People had a really good time,” said
Fr. Antony Berchmanz, who organized
the event. “The DJ was the real high-
light. And the Bounce House? It’s like
a magnet for kids!”
Berchmanz worked with the Knights
of Columbus from Mary Star of the
Sea Catholic Church in Oxnard to put
on the event.
“I said, ‘We have to do something fun
for the community,’ but I knew we
couldn’t organize it ourselves,” he ex-
plained. “The Knights of Columbus
runs carnivals and events for our com-
munity, and they asked what I needed.
I told them we needed sports and fun
activities and food, and they said, ‘We’ll
take care of it.’ And they did.”

The Lighthouse
People danced, ate hot dogs and ham- NBVC CHAPLAIN
burgers, sang karaoke and played bas- Youngsters have fun in the Bounce House
ketball. during the June 26 Summerfest, sponsored
“We’ll do it again,” Berchmanz by Religious Ministries. The event was held
said. at the Point Mugu Chapel.

Michael McQuillan, O.D.

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General Dentistr
Dentistryy .2KK,6 .8,<%@L4
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amily K9
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expense for exam FREE Bleaching for all
new patients.
Discount on all materials for military Call for details.
members and their families
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

1200 Paseo Camarillo, Ste. 180 /,%#9@:@ %4 <9I4%:,6,: 3&, I@3%9I@L
:%4& 9* >6@G%LA F3 J4 @ :,L%<%924 @I: &,@63H
Camarillo 43,0 9* >L @<! >,@I4C>,,* @I: 1@6%924
4@L3,: 896! 8%,<,4C 42<& @4 4@24@(,C >@<9I
484-0577 (805)
985-0300 @I: 6%>4A F3 J4 3H8%<@LLH 4,61,: 0%3&
6%<,C <9LL @6: (6,,I4 @I: *6%,: 8L@I3@%I4A ,1,6H 42I:@H
475 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #203, Port Hueneme
(Across from the CBC Base - Patterson gate entrance)
$##- ( "10/40 )!+. 5'-*2 3%610.2 &, .30/%6) (!12/%,! 506-%6'4 "+$ *+&+7#+ 7
Issues facing college students from military families

On the horizon for many families is the • Has at least six years of service in the school is located.
transition to college at the end of sum- Armed Forces on the date of election and TRICARE prime is only offered in
mer. While planning for this milestone, agrees to serve four additional years in Prime Service Area. It is important to
there are so many things to consider. As the Armed Forces from the date of elec- contact the regional contractor for the
the time nears, some considerations spe-
cific to military families are important to
• Has at least 10 years of service in the School TRICARE region where the college is
located. If the college is located in a dif-
Hopefully, a student entering college
Armed Forces (active duty and/or se-
lected reserve) on the date of election, is connection ferent region than where the family cur-
rently lives, the student will need to enroll
with Monica
this fall has already considered the abil- precluded by either standard policy (ser- in the region where the college is located.
ity of his/her military parent to transfer vice or DoD) or statute from committing It is best to visit
the GI Bill. However, for college-bound to four additional years, and agrees to James efit for information about TRICARE’s
high school students or college students serve for the maximum amount of time regions and benefits.
who will not need to access the funds this allowed by such policy or statute, or Lastly, plan for summer breaks early!
fall, a military parent, eligible for the • Is or becomes retirement eligible dur- Often in the military, the service member’s
Post-911 GI Bill, may have the ability to ing the period from August 1, 2009, “new home” may not be the “home” that
transfer a portion or all of his/her ben- through August 1, 2013. A service mem- (DEERS) and be eligible for benefits at the college student graduated from. They
efits to dependents. Information and ber is considered to be retirement eligible the time of transfer to receive transferred may want to stay with a friend or family
procedures can be found through the De- if he or she has completed 20 years of educational benefits. in another area, or maybe they will want
partment of Veterans Affairs at www. active duty or 20 qualifying years of re- Healthcare needs don’t end when a to stay at school. Try not taking this per- serve service. child turns 18. Children remain eligible sonally — planning and discussing early
summary. An individual approved to transfer may for TRICARE benefits while they are in will help.
Basically, to be eligible to transfer ben- transfer his or her entitlement to the college up to age 23 or until they gradu-
efits, a military member must be: individual’s spouse, one or more of the ate (whichever comes first). The child’s — For more things to consider when sending
The Lighthouse

Any member of the Armed Forces (ac- individual’s children, or any combination student status will need to be reflected in a student off to college — or any K-12 school
tive duty or selected reserve, officer or of spouse and child. A family member DEERS for him/her to remain eligible related questions — please contact the NBVC
enlisted) on or after August 1, 2009, who must be enrolled in the Defense Eligibil- past age 21. Healthcare options for col- school liaison officer at 989-5211 or monica.
is eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill, and ity Enrollment Reporting System lege students depend mainly on where the

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Marathon triangle of success: Training, nutrition, rest

By Deborah Williams training, it is open season to eat everything harder – training more often and pushing Tuesday, July 20: 35 minutes easy
Community Support Program Director in sight. yourself faster. Surprisingly, this may not Wednesday, July 21: 25-minute stroll
Congratulations for finishing the first On the other hand, severely restricting give you the results you are looking for. Thursday, July 22: 35 minutes easy
two weeks of training! The race is only 10 your diet and calories can have a negative Rest days are an important part of the Friday, July 23: Rest
weeks away, and each day of training impact on athletic performance. There are training process, as they give your body Saturday, July 24: 40-minute stroll
brings you closer to meeting your goal! a variety of sources for good nutritional time to recover. Effective rest allows you Sunday, July 25: 5 miles easy
Training is an important component of information on the web, including www. to come back to training refreshed, with
a successful half marathon, but it is only and the energy to put in the efforts needed for Running program
part of the equation. The rest of the “tri- As you begin to build mileage, you will improvement. Monday, July 12: Stretch, strengthen
angle of success” is nutrition and rest. need to think about bringing water and Paying attention to all aspects of the Tuesday, July 13: 3.5-mile run
Many people believe that training will something for energy. If you are going to triangle – training, nutrition and rest — Wednesday, July 14: 2-mile run or cross
automatically result in weight loss. In fact, be out for more than an hour, I suggest will ensure you cross the finish line with train (bike, swim, elliptical)
many people find they not only do not you take along water or a sports drink. a big smile! Thursday: 3.5-mile run, strengthen
lose weight when training for a marathon Once you are running or walking an Here’s our plan for the next two weeks, Friday, July 16: Rest
or half marathon, but actually gain weight! hour and a half, you need to start thinking courtesy Hal Higdon, www.halhigdon. Saturday, July 17: 40 min. cross training
The reason behind this is simple: As they of nutrition to keep your glycogen levels com: Sunday, July 18: 5-mile run
begin training, they tell themselves, “I up. There are a variety of gels, which can Monday, July 19: Stretch, strengthen
don’t have to worry about calories, I am be taken with water every 30 to 45 minutes. Walking program Tuesday, July 20: 3.5-mile run
running enough to eat anything I want!” Some people also take along cookies — Monday, July 12: Rest Wednesday: 2-mile run or cross train
You may be surprised to learn that run- you are looking for something with about Tuesday, July 13: 35 min easy Thursday: 3.5-mile run, strengthen
ning a mile and walking a mile burn very 25 grams of easy-to-digest carbohydrate Wednesday, July 14: 20-minute stroll Friday, July 23: Rest
close to the same number of calories: that is easy on your stomach. Thursday, July 15: 35 minutes easy Saturday, July 24: 40 minutes cross train
about 100. To put that into perspective, The other part of the triangle of success Friday, July 16: Rest Sunday, July 25: 5-mile run
The Lighthouse

one regular size package of M&Ms is 253 is rest. Many people start a training pro- Saturday, July 17: 20-minute stroll — Williams started running marathons five
calories! That’s the equivalent of 2.5 miles! gram and become very excited about the Sunday, July 18: 2 miles brisk years ago. She has run six marathons and
So don’t assume that just because you are initial progress. The temptation is to push Monday, July 19: Rest many halves.


At left, Commissary Officer Billy Benner finishes reading the scholarship award to, from left, Capt. Jim McHugh, commanding officer, Naval Base Ventura County, winner Joshua Junge
and his father, Capt. Christopher Junge with NAWCWD. Right, McHugh congratulates winner Katie Worcester as Benner and Katie’s mom, Nancy, look on.

2 win commissary’s $1,500 Scholarships for Military Children

The commissary at Naval Base Ventura Katie, who plans to attend the College ditionary Logistics Center and the 31st San Antonio, Texas, on March 6, 1836, to
Thursday, July 8, 2010

County awarded two Scholarships for of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Seabee Readiness Group. witness the Battle of the Alamo, also a
Military Children, each worth $1,500, to Va., and Joshua, who plans to attend the Joshua is the son of Mary and Capt. fight to the death for freedom.
graduating seniors whose parents are sta- University of Notre Dame in Indiana, Christopher Junge of the Naval Air War- “These annual scholarships are a way
tioned at NBVC. won the scholarships after writing essays fare Center Weapons Division. to involve the commissary more deeply in
Capt. Jim McHugh, commanding of- about where they would want to go if time Katie said she would want to travel to the fabric of the military community,” said
ficer of the base, congratulated Katie travel were possible. Paris on Bastille Day, July 14, 1789, to Commissary Officer Billy Benner. “We
Worcester and Joshua Junge during a spe- Katie is the daughter of Nancy and witness the “valiant fight for freedom” and want to help ease the burden of educating
cial awards ceremony June 18 in the com- Capt. James Worcester, the departing com- the foundation of democracy. the military children of today. This is one
missary conference room. manding officer of Naval Facilities Expe- Joshua said he would want to travel to more way of showing we care.”
Sailing classes offered locally
A variety of sailing classes is being of- Another sailing course is being offered
fered in the local area this summer. for children between the ages of 10 and
The Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering 18 who are members of the Boys and Girls
a three-day sailing skills and seamanship Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Huen-
course at Channel Islands Harbor begin- eme. The club has partnered with Fairwind
ning July 17. Yacht Club to create the free class for
A sister course to the boating skills and members.
seamanship class, this course is designed Over the course of six lessons, children
for sailors who want to learn about rig- will learn the fundamentals of sailing, boat
ging, sailing, anchoring, basic navigation, safety, wind currents and more. Every
sailing rules and more. child must be tested on their swimming
Those who successfully complete the abilities.
course will receive a certificate from the Classes are offered from 1 to 3 p.m. or
National Association of State Boating 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Law Administrators, which may be help- and Thursdays, July 13 through 15 and
ful for insurance purposes. July 20 through 22.
Classes run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Another six sessions are being offered
July 17, 18 and 24 at the Coast Guard August 3 through 5 and August 10 through
Recruiting Office, 4202 Victoria Ave., Ox- 12.
nard. Cost is $65 for one and $105 for For more information, call Carlos Mora
two. at the Boys and Girls Clubs, 815-4959,
For more information, call Jeff Berry ext. 217.
at 671-9512.

The Lighthouse
Navy Yacht Club hosts Dinghy Brunch
The Navy Yacht Club Channel Islands begins at 11 a.m. at Anacapa Isle Marina,
is inviting prospective members and any- Dock D. For drivers, the marina is at 3001
one else interested in the organization to Peninsula Road. This boat, too, will be
its annual Dinghy Brunch, scheduled for marked with a flag.
Sunday, July 18, inside Channel Islands The third course, dubbed “The Choco-
Harbor. late Factory,” will feature all types of
The free brunch is similar to a progres- chocolate items and will be served at the
sive dinner, with people traveling from Channel Islands Harbor Marina, Dock
boat to boat to enjoy different courses of M. This marina is on the opposite side of
a meal. In this case, diners can take a din- the channel, and drivers will want to look
ghy or a car. for 2950 S. Harbor Blvd.
The first course, a light brunch, begins The Navy Yacht Club is open to all ac-
at 10 a.m. at Peninsula Marina, Dock B. tive duty, retired or honorably discharged
Drivers will look for the marina at 3700 military personnel from any branch of the
Peninsula Road. The boat will be marked armed forces. Those in foreign service and
with a yellow flag, and maps will be avail- current Defense Department employees
able from then on. may also become yacht club members.
The second course, also a light brunch, RSVP with Paul Derby at 484-7330.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

VX-30 wins safety award Rear Admiral Winter assumes
By Phillis Thrower
NAWCWD Point Mugu Public Affairs
proximately 100 military, 20 GS’s
and 100 civilian contractors, and
command of NAWCWD
Officer By Renee Hatcher
this award represents the efforts NAWCWD
Air Test and Evaluation Squad- of everyone involved,” Tedford
ron Three Zero (VX-30) was said. “A true all hands effort!” Rear Adm. Mat Winter as-
awarded the Chief of Naval Op- Tedford said VX-30 “met the sumed command of Naval Air
erations (CNO) Naval Aviation extensive risk challenges of 2009 Warfare Center Weapons Divi-
Safety Award for 2009 in a cer- through transformation and sion (NAWCWD) on June 29.
emony held at VX-30, Naval Base growth of the Safety Department Distinguished members of the
Ventura County, Point Mugu, on and reinvigoration of command Navy and local community at-
June 30. Cmdr. Stephen Tedford, left, VX- tended the ceremony, which took
safety programs. 30 commanding officer, and Vice
Vice Adm. David Architzel, “Through progressive, system- place at 8 a.m. on the front lawn
commander, Naval Air Systems Adm. David Architzel, commander, of the Headquarters Building at
ic safety initiatives, the men and Naval Air Systems Command,
Command, proudly congratu- women of the Bloodhounds have China Lake.
show the safety award VX-30 Guest speaker Vice Adm. Da-
lated the men and women of VX- earned the CNO Aviation Safety received.
30, The Bloodhounds, as he pre- Award.” vid Architzel, commander of the
sented the prestigious award to In closing, Architzel advised Naval Air Systems Command,
The squadron provides aircraft everyone to continue to make
their commanding officer, Cmdr. operations, research, develop- praised the capabilities of NAW- PHOTO BY JOY LEWIS
Stephen Tedford. safety an essential part of their CWD and its newest command- Rear Adm. Mat Winter assumes
ment, test and evaluation support life.
“What you do matters,” Ar- for weapons and weapons system er. command of the Naval Air Warfare
chitzel said. “You are making a “Think about that safety award “Not only does Mat under- Center Weapons Division June 29.
support activities utilizing the when you are not in the squad-
difference, day in and day out!” Point Mugu Sea Test Range and stand naval aviation weapons and
The squadron received an en- ron,” he said. “When you are strike warfare, he’s lived it, and, Throughout his speech, Winter
China Lake Land Test Range as among others, be mindful of the echoed the sentiment of former
graved plaque for permanent well as deploying worldwide for as the saying goes, experience is
The Lighthouse

custody and a CNO citation. stress and strains of everyday life the best teacher,” Architzel weapons division military and
both fleet training and weapons — they are real. Look out for civilian leaders when he said,
The squadron was recognized test activity. Pilots log more than said.
for their outstanding safety re- each other, reach out to people Winter’s first remarks as com- “The strength of this command
3,000 hours of testing and train- who may be having a bad day, is the people.”
cord during aircraft operations. ing missions annually with a mander focused on the people of
“The squadron consists of ap- be a team and take care of each the weapons division, organiza- Winter is the 37th commander
stable of seven to nine aircraft. other.” to lead NAWCWD.
tional alignment and mission.
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A-School gets a break on Student Appreciation Day
By BUC (SCW) Daniel J. Lynch tions all afternoon.
NCTC “The food was great, and there were a
Sunny skies, longer days and white dress lot of items to choose from,”said Airman
uniforms can mean only one thing for the Basic Brandon Johnson.
men and women of Naval Construction Construction Mechanic 2nd Class Kyle
Training Center (NCTC), Port Hueneme: Kruse thought the afternoon was great.
At long last, summer has arrived. “I have been attached to three training
With the Gore-Tex jackets packed away, commands, and I have never seen anything
NCTC staff and students participated in like this. It really helped to boost morale.
the quarterly Student Appreciation Day. This is a tough school and military bear-
The day was filled with food and fun, ing is strictly enforced. It was nice to relax
as the Construction Mechanic “A-School” for an afternoon. The chiefs did a great
students, Air Force and Navy, enjoyed a job,” Kruse said.
well-deserved afternoon off from their “It was fun seeing everyone being to-
intense training regimen. gether, and the food was great,” added
The festivities commenced with a mo- Construction Mechanic Recruit Kaylin
tivational congratulations speech from the Rosal.
commanding officer of NCTC, Cmdr. The event, coordinated by the NCTC
Charlie Willmore. Chief Petty Officers Association, pre-
“Events like the Student Appreciation sented the 170 Navy and Air Force stu-
Day help to foster camaraderie between dents with a chance to unwind and enjoy
the students and services,” Willmore said. the beautiful California weather.
“This also gives them a well-deserved “The event was a huge success. It gave

The Lighthouse
break from their studies.” the students an opportunity to relax and
Once the students had had their fill of interact with the staff. It was also a way PHOTO BY DEANNA DREYSEN / NCTC
grilled steaks, chicken and hot dogs, they for us (NCTC staff) to show the students CMCR Priscilla Paris pitches to CMCR Nathaniel Janik as Navy and Air Force Construction
participated in softball, flag football, ul- our appreciation,” commented Builder Mechanic “A-School” students enjoy a friendly game of softball during Student Appreciation
timate Frisbee and tug-of-war competi- Senior Chief Ronald Bowman. Day.

Summer Get-Away Rates

Escape From High Payments

New. Used. Refinance.

All Credit Considered.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

(805) 988-2151 |
Oxnard | Camarillo | Port Hueneme | Point Mugu | Open to the public.
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 1.99% is our best rate for a qualifying 24-month term. Other rates vary with amount financed,
term and your credit history and are subject to change without notice. Rate quoted is good for vehicles, new and used, 2002
model year and newer including refinance of existing non-CBC vehicle loans. Rate applies to new money loans only.
Security will be tightened at gates Our priority is to Annual Battle
maintain a safe and

Sunkist Gate and undergo a mandatory

vehicle check each time they want to enter
viders, handicap and school bus drivers,
commissary baggers (badges state “Com-
missary Worker”) and MWR visitors
secure installation of Commands
the base.
“Our priority is to maintain a safe and
(bowling, golf, pool, RV Park, baseball,
gym, Gun Club, Friends of the Bard, Navy
while also providing is July 14-16
secure installation while also providing League and community leaders) are cur- appropriate
appropriate accessibility,” said Capt. Jim rently not required to enroll in RAPID- CONTINUED FROM 1
McHugh, commanding officer, NBVC. Gate and can still obtain base access accessiblity. course, a water run relay, a human pyra-
In addition to current contractor badg- through Pass and ID.
— Capt. Jim McHugh, mid, beach flags, a sand war — new this
es expiring October 1, no new contractor RAPIDGate requires each company to commanding officer, NBVC year — a seven-legged race, a sand-castle
badges will be issued after August 1. In- pay a fee to enroll in the program and
stead, all long-term access will be permit- another fee for each employee authorized build and the ever-exciting tug-of-war.
ted only through the new RAPIDGate to come on base. tial at the Pass and Decal Office. That Teams can range from 10 people — the
program. Once the company has been accepted, credential must be shown when the person minimum needed for the human pyramid
The program is being installed at Navy employees must register at the Pass and wants to gain access to the base and must — to 20.
installations throughout the United States. Decal Office, submitting their address, be worn and displayed on board NBVC. All teams must participate in all
Naval Air Station Lemoore began the phone number, date of birth and Social Those who do not have a RAPIDGate events.
program on Nov. 1, 2009. Security number. Fingerprints and a pho- credential must get a day pass at the Pass Families can help with the sand-castle
Lt. Pablito Quiatchon of NBVC Force tograph will be taken. and Decal Office, then go to the Victoria build, but all other events are limited to
Protection estimated that about 6,000 The company that operates RAPID- Avenue gate at Port Hueneme or the Las team members only.
contractors (including subcontractors), Gate, Eid Passport, will then perform Posas Road gate at Point Mugu and un- The Battle of Commands began in 1988
vendors and service providers will be af- identity authentication and background dergo a mandatory vehicle inspection. and lasted a week. It was revised through
fected by the new regulations. Service screening of each person who registers. Questions about RAPIDGate should be the years, now lasting three days.
The Lighthouse

providers consist of telephone, Internet, The process takes at least two weeks. addressed to with the For an official rule book or to sign up,
utilities, maintenance and repair, and de- Once the background check is com- subject line reading “RAPIDGate Pro- e-mail Annabelle Ferrer at Annabelle.fer-
livery companies. pleted, Eid Passport will notify the com- gram.” Companies that need to enroll or Amanda Haskell at
Volunteers, employee visitors, resident pany when qualified employees can pick should call 1-877-RAPIDGate (1-877-
visitors, child care providers, pet care pro- up their personalized RAPIDGate creden- 727-4342.) The deadline to turn in a team list is
Wednesday, July 14, before 5 p.m.
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Support Center
The Fleet & Family
Help when you need it.

All classes at Port Hueneme unless oth- Learn ways to help you teach your chil-
erwise noted. Call 982-5037 for more in- dren to develop healthy money habits and
formation. attitudes. Thurs., July 8, 6 to 8 p.m.
New toll-free appointment scheduling • Home Buying Seminar: Do you want
service: 1-866-923-6478. Call 24 hours a to buy a home in the near future? Learn
day, seven days a week. Schedule counsel- how to determine price range, select a
ing (individual, marital, family) and ap- real estate agent and choose the best fi-
pointments for financial, spouse employ- nancing plan. Thurs., July 15, 5:30 to 9:30
ment, transition and relocation p.m.
assistance. • Developing your Spending Plan:
Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much
Life Skills Workshops money you will have in your account the
day before payday? Learn how to “make
• Couples Communication: Strengthen ends meet” without resorting to credit
your communication and your connection cards to survive. Thurs., July 22, 1 to 3
as you juggle deployment, memory mat- p.m.
ters, partnerships and parenting. Mon- • How to be a Savvy Consumer: Learn
days, July 12, 26 & Aug. 2, 5 to 6:30 about making sound buying decisions,
p.m. combating fraud and rip-offs and your

The Lighthouse
• He Says; She Says: Understanding the legal rights as a consumer. Thurs., July
differences between men and women in 29, 1 to 3 p.m., Point Mugu FFSC, Bldg.
relationships. Wed., July 21, 4:30 to 6 225
New Parent Support
Career Support and Retention PHOTO BY ANDREA HOWRY / LIGHTHOUSE
Gloria Docallos, an information and referral specialist, welcomes visitors to the Fleet &
• Little Explorers for Toddlers: An in-
Family Support Center at Port Hueneme.
(Register for TAP classes with your teractive parent-toddler playgroup for
Command Career Counselor) babies 15–36 months. Thursdays, 10 to 11
• Executive Transition Assistance Pro- Sexual Assault Prevention members of service members who are de- a.m. except first Thursday of month. Call
gram: Monday-Thursday, July 12-15, 7:30 ployed or under IA orders. Tuesday, July 982-5037 for location.
a.m. to 4 p.m. E-7 and above, all retirees. and Response (SAPR) 13, 4 to 5 p.m. • New Mamas: For expecting mamas
Civilian attire. Bring medical records and • Homecoming: For families of soon to and mamas with babies 0–15 months old.
DD2648 on Monday. • Point of Contact Training: Training be returning or already returned IA/de- Information, education and support.
• Transition Assistance Program: Mon- for Command SAPR POCs. This is a re- ployed service members. Wed., July 14, Wednesdays, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
day-Thurday, July 19-22, 7:30 a.m. to 4 quired training for POCs. Mon., July 26, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. • Yoga Mamas: For expecting and new
p.m. Seperatees E-6 and below. Civilian 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. mamas. a gentle stretch. Tuesdays, 12:30
attire. Bring medical record and DD2648 • SAPR Advocate Meeting: All com- to 1:45 p.m., Bee Fit Center.
on Monday. mand advocates are required to attend. Relocation • Your Baby Shower: Introduction to
• Corporate Resume writing: Cutting- Thurs., July 29, 10 to 11 a.m. New Parent Support. Pregnant? Get info
edge resume techniques! Must call 982- • Smooth Move: Make your PCS move on Tricare, Budget for Babies, Seat Belt
5325 to register. Fri., July 16, 7:30 to 9 easy, simple, smooth. Wed., July 21, 10 Safety and more. Infants welcome! Thurs.,
a.m. Ombudsman a.m. to 12:30 p.m. July 8, 6 to 8:30 p.m.
• Federal Employment: Resumes, web- • Ombudsman Basic Training: Required • Brand New Baby (3 sessions): Learn
sites, and the application process. Fri., to become an ombudsman and if more baby cues, how to soothe, sleep training
July 16, 9 to 11 a.m. than 3 years have elapsed since attending Financial Management and caring for your newborn. Fast recov-
• Spouse Resume Writing: Learn what OBT. Monday-Wednesday, July 19-21, ery while learning to live with a newborn.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

makes up a winning resume and learn job 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Point Mugu • Financial guidance by appointment. Thursdays, July 15, 22, & 29, 6 to 8:30
search skills. Thurs., July 22, 9 to 11 FFSC, Bldg. 225. Evening appointments available. Call p.m.
a.m. • Ombudsman Meeting: Ombudsman 982-3640 Port Hueneme or 989-8844. • Deployments: Birth, Bonding & Be-
• LAPD Testing: Wednesday, July 28, program updates and advanced training. Information available on saving, invest- yond: What to expect during deployments
4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Please call to register at Tues., July 27, 6 to 8 p.m., Point Mugu ing, TSP, credit reports, creating a spend- and reunions; discussion, suggestions from
982-5325. FFSC, Bldg. 225. ing plan, car buying, avoiding foreclosure professionals and experienced parents.
• MS Excel: From beginner to advanced and bankruptcy, selling versus renting Call 982-5037 for dates and times!
in 2 hours. Wed., Aug. 4, 8:30 to 10:30
a.m. IA Readiness and Deployment your home, retirement planning and fi-
nancial planning for deployment.
— For information, please call Sandy Lyle,
command liaison, at 989-8833 or e-mail
• IA Family Connection: For family • Teaching Children About Money: 15
Air National
Guard medic
group visits
base facilities
By Andrea Howry
Lighthouse editor
More than two dozen doctors, nurses
and medical technicians from an Air Na-
tional Guard unit in Illinois spent several
days at Naval Base Ventura County
(NBVC) recently, watching, learning and
exchanging ideas on how they can do their
jobs better and more efficiently.
Capt. Dick Turner, officer in charge of
said it was a successful, beneficial visit. At left, Airman Joshua Castillo of the 126th Air National Guard out
“We learned from them, and they of Illinois prepares to draw blood from an apprehensive 5-year-
The Lighthouse

learned from us,” he said. “We can always old, Michelle Weltch. Comforting Michelle is her mom, Denyelle,
use another set of eyes. They see things whose husband, GM1 Michael Weltch is with NMCB 3. Also trying
we don’t see, and we can all learn from the to comfort the girl is Penjo Bautista, a lab tech at Naval Branch
exchange of new ideas.” Health Clinic, NBVC. “Phlebotomy is one of the things we do as lab
Turner said the visit was an extension techs,” Castillo said. “With adults, you can always tell them to be
tough. But with kids, it’s tougher, and you wouldn’t have a heart if it
of the good working relationship NBVC wasn’t.” Above, with her mandatory blood work done, Michelle can
has now with the 146th California Air now focus on another challenge: her first day of school.
National Guard next door.
The 126th Air National Guard Medical the processes. I’ve already seen some things
Group out of Scott Air Force Base in Bel- in just a few days that I’d like to change
leville, Ill., sent 34 medical personnel to in our lab.”
the West Coast, with six heading to Van- The visit seemed to be benefiting both
denberg Air Force Base in Lompoc. The sides, she added.
rest came to Ventura County. “I’ve had some suggestions on how to
“We all have a different knowledge set,” streamline and make some processes
explained Maj. Laura Hackworth, a phy- smoother and easier,” she said. “It never
sician with the group. “We all work with hurts to present some ideas – people can
different experiences, different policies – either take it or leave it.”
the training is different.” Over in the shops area at Point Mugu,
Many of the Guard members, she ex- Airman Wesley Weiland and Master Sgt.
plained, have civilian jobs that keep them William Revis tested the air quality as part
away from day-to-day contact with pa- of their jobs in industrial hygiene.
tients. “Our jobs are to go around the base,
“Being here for one week, we can gain making sure air and water quality are up
some clinical experience,” she said. “We to the standards for people to work in,”
can swap the knowledge we have with Revis explained. “We calibrate the equip-
critical wounds and trauma for the clinical ment, then test for proper air flow.” Tech Sgt. Irma Clark, with the 126th Air
experience available here.” Lt. Col. (Col. Select) Eric T. Vaughn, National Guard out of Scott Air Force Base
Thursday, July 8, 2010

The team was scattered throughout pub- the flight surgeon, stressed the importance in Illinois, spends time in the lab at NBVC’s
lic health, hospital administration, indus- of this type of training. Naval Branch Health Clinic.
trial hygiene, logistics and the laborato- “The practices are equivalent, but what
ry. we say is different. It’s like learning a for- to Santa Barbara and Solvang, then head
“It’s good to share our knowledge and eign language,” he said. “But the means south to the Santa Monica Pier, Holly-
experience with others, to see how other to the end is similar across all the servic- wood and the beach. Airman Wesley Weiland measures air flow in
labs operate,” said Tech. Sgt. Irma Clark, es.” “It’s a beautiful place,” Clark said. “And the wood shop vents at Point Mugu while
who works in a medical lab in Illinois. The trip wasn’t all work: The group was coming from 90 percent humidity, the Master Sgt. William Revis writes down
“We’re getting ideas on how to improve able to get away for a three-day weekend weather is absolutely gorgeous.” the readings. The two visiting Air National
Guardsmen work in industrial hygiene.
Synergy plus ingenuity equals new vet clinic at NBVC
It took funding, design
input from several
agencies to get it done
By Andrea Howry
The Lighthouse
Really, Goldie and Lola had no idea.
While the two dogs were blissfully un-
aware of the needles and digital X-ray
machines nearby, it was the people who
gathered at the newly renovated Building
19 at Naval Base Ventura County, Port
Hueneme, who understood the teamwork
it had taken to create a facility that might
someday keep those animals and dozens
of others alive.
The Army Veterinary Clinic at NBVC
reopened June 30 after moving from a
decades-old building to a suite that in-
cludes a surgical room outfitted to human

The Lighthouse
The project required funding and design
input from a variety of sources, including
Public Works; the Naval Branch Medical
Clinic and its Industrial Hygiene Division;
and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.
Capt. Tony Edmonds, chief staff officer Attending the June 30 ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new U.S. Army Veterinary Clinic at
of NBVC, called it a “synergistic effect” Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) Port Hueneme are, top row from left, Cmdr. Michael
that got the project built. Obermiller of Public Works; Ralph Alexander of the industrial hygiene division of NBVC’s
He had special praise for Project Man- Naval Branch Health Clinic (NBHC); Capt. Dick Turner, officer in charge of NBHC; and
ager Lt. (j.g.) Ji Fredriksen. bottom row, from left, Carl Rideaux, facilities manager of Morale, Welfare and Recreation;
“From a project manager’s perspective, Capt. Tony Edmonds, NBVC chief staff officer; veterinarian Dr. Michael Staitman; Col.
a lot of people had to be brought togeth- Michael Buley, Western Region commander of the Army Veterinarian Command; project
er to bring this great project to bear,” he manager Lt. (j.g.) Ji Fredriksen; and MA2 Adam Leeds, with Eric, both of Force Protection.
said. “My hat’s off to all of you.”
Among those in attendance was Col.
Michael Buley, Western Region com- Clinic hours
mander of the Veterinary Command. He The new veterinarian clinic in
pointed out that when he started his mil- Building 19, across from Pacific
itary career at Port Hueneme 24 years ago, Park at Pacific Road and 43rd Street
the vet clinic he worked in was the one just at NBVC, Port Hueneme, is open
vacated. Monday, Tuesday and Friday from
“Today is a glorious day,” he said. 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Thursday
The clinic’s veterinarian, Dr. Michael from 1 to 3 p.m. It is closed for lunch
Staitman, echoed that. Monday and Tuesday from 11:30
a.m. to 1 p.m. and Friday from noon
“This is the best job I’ve ever had,” he to 1 p.m. Information: 982-3271.
said. “I’ve never felt this fulfilled or this
The multi-agency funding and coop- Yorkshire terrier and Maltese mix, were

Thursday, July 8, 2010

eration that went into the building, com- oblivious to all this. So were Felicity, the
bined with its state-of-the-art design and St. Bernard, and pit bulls Loki and Thor.
equipment, make the clinic a model for But all their owners were in admiration Pit bulls Thor and Loki have been regular
Top, Lola, a Yorkshire terrier and Maltese
future Department of Defense projects, of the building and of what it means to patients at the vet clinic at Port Hueneme.
mix, tries to relax in the lap of her owner,
several in the audience agreed. their pets. Their owners, Jeff and Karen Sullivan,
Tiara Ledford. Tiara is the daughter of Tera
“A lot of ingenuity went into this,” said “We want a happy, healthy military, and said they were impressed with the new
Lewis, whose husband, CS1 Tony Lewis, is
Ralph Alexander, an industrial hygienist family pets are a big part of that,” Ed- facility. CM1 Jeff Sullivan is with the Naval
stationed at Naval Base Ventura County.
with the Naval Branch Health Clinic at monds said. “We’ve always had top-qual- Construction Training Center, and MA2 Karen
Above, Felicity, a 9-year-old St. Bernard,
Sullivan, enjoying leave with her husband, is
NBVC. ity service at the clinic, and now we have with public safety in Virginia.
often visits the clinic where her owner,
Goldie, a yellow Lab mix, and Lola, a a top-quality facility too.” Amanda Jungclaus, is a receptionist. 17

);;%4,+ 34;,3;7
3=9?>@/"' .92" & 3=9?>@/"' .92" 1-
=$'8 .CSSC#! S% /Q7<CS M2 =$'8 -*G2#Q)C# L
8?:@/"' .92" $ 8?:@/"' .92" 1*
=$'8 .CSSC#! S% /Q7<CS M2 =$'8 K>#C98 4%#COC# "ASC# M2
:$'8 L%)<& 0%%E M2HD :$'8 -*G2#Q)C# L
5/<9?@/"' .92" 1# 5/<9?@/"' .92" 1(
F$'8 K>#C98 4%#COC# "ASC# M2 F$'8 K>#C98 4%#COC# "ASC# M2
@$'8 .CSSC#! S% /Q7<CS M2 @$'8 M#<&GC %A MC#!<* M2HD
;$'8 L%)<& 0%%E M2HD ;$'8 -*G2#Q)C# L
59!@/"' .92" 11 59!@/"' .92" 1&
The Lighthouse

F$'8 .CSSC#! S% /Q7<CS M2 F$'8 K>#C98 4%#COC# "ASC# M2

@$'8 K>#C98 4%#COC# "ASC# M2 @$'8 KC3 <& S>C R<S1 F L

+060 34;,3;7
8?:@/"' .92" $ 8?:@/"' .92" 1*
=$'8 6E?C %A P*#9&C!! L =$'8 R7*!> %A S>C J<S*&! M2HD

5/<9?@/"' .92" 1# 5/<9?@/"' .92" 1(

F$'8 MC#G1 /*G9!%& ( F$'8 0%5 S% J#*<&
S>C N71'$<*&! M2 +%Q# P#*?%& M2
B$'8 NQ# 4*'<71 ICEE<&? M2HD B$'8 N$C& L%*E M2HD
=$'8 J>C I%7A'*& L =$'8 P*SC ,<?>S M2HD

59!@/"' .92" 11 59!@/"' .92" 1&

F$'8 J>C K$1 ,C3S P%%# M2 F$'8 J>C .*!S K%&? M2
B$'8 R%$ NQS L B$'8 LC'C')C# -C M2HD
Thursday, July 8, 2010

1:: 79DG $J;@GD 9FG >=AA) 1?BCJF@!GI H9BFJ"D @"K:?IG( 1KB@;G I?B# & IGHG"IG"BD. =GDGF;@DBD. =GB@FGGD. & ,J, /@;@:@9"D)
4@DB@"ED 9FG D?7<GKB BJ KC9"EG %@BCJ?B "JB@KG) >JF ?H+BJ+I9BG $J;@G :@DB@"ED H:G9DG K9:: BCG 06= 0J;@G :@"G 9B 5-'23 *-8+2''8
WANTED: Buyers and sellers. To advertise
(800) 221-7827
To our advertisers:
Please check your ad the first 105 105 Merchandise 204 204 207 207
day and report any issues Antiques And Antiques And
promptly. Classified ads are
charged using an agate line
Found/Lost Found/Lost 200-297 Collectibles Collectibles
Appliances Appliances
unit of measurement. Visible LOST $300 REWARD LOST grey/white neutered
lines are larger for readability
and adenhancement, therefore
for return of class ring,
Occidental College, class of
male cat. Last seen near
Motel 6 in Camarillo. BUYING
Coins 1964 & Older
billable lines may be more than ‘51. Blue stone, solid gold. PLEASE call with any info REPAIR & SALES WASHER/DRYER
what is visible to the reader. 805-482-4348 VCS244303 Jane 482-3676 VCS243279 Dimes - $1.03
Quarters - $2.57
LOST 3 RINGS in Parking lot LOST LONG HAIR BLACK Halfs - $5.15 DOLLARS Refrigerators, walk-in @
Announcements Denny’s Moorpark & T.O.
CAT; Riley”Baby” was
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chin “Socks” in Oxnard.
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Electric, Microwaves 805-290-5310 or Annie at Camarillo, San Clemente & SEASON Guitars, Basses, Tube Amps BAKED HAM 35 Years Exp. Vta Co.
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an Estate I Buy Toy Trains KENMORE For Kenmore


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10 years or less,
Fax: (805) 437-0466 4255 E. MAIN ST
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805-650-0444 VCS245197 Selectyouroptions. working or NOT
civil service and dependent Tel: (800) 221-7827 (M-F 8 a.m.–5 p.m.) Searchbymake

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mail: The Lighthouse Classifieds Refrigerators
personnel within Naval P.O. Box 6006, Camarillo, CA 93011 stories and features about new housing Locatelocaldealers. Online Starting at $125

Base Ventura County. Deadline: communities. Visit garagesalemap 805-290-7327

everyFridayp.m. VCS244576
All classified ads must be received by 5 p.m.
Wednesday a week prior to publication. Online garage sale map.
garagesales Every Friday P.M.
VCS1234–– 56 ––––––––––
––––––––OL TABLE
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
PO ets.
leather drop pock
Prof size and balls included.
Cues , rack
VCS123456 ––––––––
– "8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!* 19

WANTED: Buyers and sellers. To advertise
(800) 221-7827

207 221 233 0273 275 291 297 310

Appliances Commercial Furniture/ Jewelry/Clothing Miscellaneous Tools/Gardening Wanted To Buy Cats/Dogs
Equipment Household Goods For Sale Supplies Supplies/Services
Big Sale from $285 per column
Call Roger 818-389-2859 Orthopedic Pillowtop
Mattress Set
Open Thurs thru Sun
Clothes, jewelry, books/etc. $$$$$$$$$ net Makers Sys, 10” Cabi-
net Saw forest blades WE BUY BOSTON TERRIERS AKC
Puppies, 9 wks old. “The
daper companion dog”
VCS242522 4160 Market #10, VTA 25¢- rolling stand, Smart Miter,
Refrigerators Never used, still in plastic up 805-485-8811 VCS244818 14” BS, 15” 12 speed DP 2 females left. Traditional
Upright $49+ Beam $12+
SHELVING Steel & Wood
w/warr retails $699, sell $160.
VCS244879 ______________ CA$H and more. Call 805-585-9016
for details VCS244095
markings. 1st shots. $1,500.
805-233-4010 or 479-1242
Camarillo VCS244328
We also repair 2’x4’x 6, 8 or 10’ $69+ BEDS King & Full Queen.

WAREHS LADDERS $89+ Bunkbeds & Iron Patio Set. GEAR BOX only & Sun 11-5@ PetCo in CAM,

805-532-1103 VCS245293 DOLLARS AN
$100-$250. Call 805-340-3719 VCS244784 PT HUE, Market/Donlon,
805-501-0951 VCS244479 OUNCE VTA 805-485-8811 VCS244819


Dryer/Washer newer $399 227 Tempurpedic Style BUYERS OF SCRAP CHARLES SPANIELS
Refrigerator xlnt, clean $299
Computer & Printer in box Exercise Equipment Queen Memory Foam
BRACELETS, $$$$$ Beautiful puppies.

Blenheim & Tri Color Males.
never used, $465. Vacuum
cleaner, newer $35. Color TV
Mattress Set
Brand new in plastic w/warr!
DIAMONDS, ROLEX yourcar. AKC, microchip. $700ea.
$20. Recliner & Sofa $199/ea. Retails $1199, Sell $345!! WATCHES, SWISS Create your own ad online 805-320-1246 VCS242872
BBQ, Kenmore $199 Patio set 805-830-3314 VCS242986 WATCHES, GOLD
w/umbrella $199. Canopy REVOLUTION COINS, WE PAY UP TO
We’ll buy your
swing newer $299. Treadmill Home Gym, COMPUTER DESK Honey SPOT PRICES, GOLD CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES
Never used $1250.00 Oak Hideaway $80. Oak car running 2 Males, 4 Female, 10 wks
$299; Barstool $25. Student/ CROWNS, SILVER
computer desk $99/obo Lamp 805-373-5077 VCS244237 Corner Bakers Rack/Hutch COINS, SILVER old. Beautiful, playful,
$10; Drill Press 8” newer, $75 EXERCISE BICYCLE
$75. 805-578-0525 CHAINS WE PAY or not! great w/kids. Dewclawed
VCS243318 $150 ea. Must go to good
Dining Chairs only $25 ea never used, incl all settings CASH NOW! TOP $$
homes. 805-290-8999
805-659-3782 VCS243766 for 8 different monitors HOME/OFFICE DESK, oak, 4255-18 E. MAIN ST
VENTURA CA 93003 Can’t find the 297 VCS244040
(speed, etc). Price $125 49”wx29”dx62”h with touch
LG Electric Dryer XL Load
Capacity w/Sensor Dry Call 805-643-4693 VCS245159 door hutch, good cond $98 805-650-0444
pink or Wanted To Buy CHIHUAHUAS Rare/Unusual
805-389-5430 VCS243949 MAIN & TELEPHONE
colors, AKC purebreds,
System. White. Clean, very
good cond. $100. 805-204-6106
Great for gyms, patios, work LAZYBOY LIFT RECLINER
Next to Honey Baked
Ham Firehouse Plaza registration? Running or parents on site, health
areas, garages, dog runs,
factory, shops. Anti fatigue,
day care play areas, truck
Dusty Rose, like new. $535.
805-647-0112 VCS244974
No problem! CA$H Not Running guaranteed. M & F available.
$500-$1000. 805-886-8307
top freeze, wht, 4-5 yrs new,
beds, etc. 4’x12’ rolls $85/ea. MICROFIBER Find new & used cars. To get the best
The Lighthouse

clean, very good cond $175. DACHSHUND MINI PUPS

805-671-9852 VCS245123 805-625-0568 VCS243055 deal, call us first! Ready to go! 3 boys

Brand New in the Box!! $300/ea. Call 805-312-5649
Floor models, excellent Stylish two tone design 805-582-2515 VCS244126
Stainless Steel/like new
Washer/Dryer $99-up
Refrigerators Stoves
condition, $250-$400
(805)671-9852 VCS245122
Comes w/Matching Ottoman
& Throw Pillows!! Retails
for $895, Selling for $398.
Medical Equipment
VCS243477 METALS 933-5557
DACHSHUNDS 2 males, 5 yr
old Long hair and 2 yr old
805-830-3314 VCS242874 ________________ short hair Dapple, looking
$125 & Up. Free pick up on
233 NIGHT STANDS $60, Antique
& Supplies COUCH Hide-A-Bed $100. for a good home. We would
washers, dryers & refrigs.
Sales, Repairs & Installation
Call (805)390-8136
Furniture/ bed frame $125. Roaster
oven $60 Refrig $275.
HOSPITAL BED adjustable,
w/new foam pad & potty
5 Horse Power LEAF
SHREDDER $200. Construction & Pets & Supplies love to keep them together,
Please call 805.857.1620
VCS242756 Household Goods Antique dishes $200. Sofa
$125 Glass table lamp $60
chair included $150
805-498-1088 VCS244402
805-488-1285 VCS244672 Demolition Scrap
Car Bodies 300-315 DOG KENNEL: 15’ long,
REMODELING top of line
built-in cooktop, warming
Affordable 805-236-7177 VCS243947 FREE $300 at Padavo Home
Automotive Scrap
6’ high, 6’ wide, with gate.
INVACARE Hospital Bed Furnishings in Thousand In Ventura, u pickup. $475.
drawer, micro, 600sf crpt, all Sectionals & Sofas QUEEN BEDDING SET Full Electric, Head/Foot/ Oaks. $1600 gift cert for Steel 805-701-4009 VCS244260
ZGallerie Platinum (duvet &
xlnt. $25-up/obo. 805-497-2238
Custom Sized shams) extra 2 dark brn euro
Height Elevation. W/memory $1300 805-300-8913
Pottery Barn inspired styles foam Solace matt & side VCS243268
shams. Like new $100. FULL rails, oxygen aprv’d. Never PUPPIES 7 weeks old. AKC-
WASHER/DRYER Kenmore and more, local mfr BED Bombay Kids Emily used, retail $3,775, Sac $950
Copper REG 1st shot $1,800.00 Call
$300/pair. Refrigerator $175 showroom factory off-white, head/ft board $100. WE PICK UP & RECYCLE
All very good cond direct sectionals sized obo. 805-647-1777 VCS244357 all Major Appliances. Brass Christine 805-938-9700
805-671-9852 VCS245119 by the inch with your
measurements. Hard to
iron/wood $100. 805-383-6960 MOBILITY EQUIPMENT Help Save our Planet.
Call 805-671-9569 VCS245120
All Types of Metals 310 VCS244071
Washer & Dryers fit spaces our specialty Best LIQUIDATION
Pwr Chairs/Scooters $400 805.933.8280 Cats/Dogs
Guaranteed and/or prices, quality & selection. SECTIONAL COUCH olive ENGLISH BULLDOG
Sectionals from $799. grey, 5 pcs+ 5 matching Hospital Beds $375
Find a home. Supplies/Services PUPPIES
Repair $99 to $199 805-302-2138 VCS245235 pillows, like new $550 Hoyer Lift/Sling $450 842 Mission Rock Rd 8 weeks, males & females,
805-498-1088 VCS244400 Scooter Lifts $400 Santa Paula, Ca 93060 BEAGLE PUPS AKC M & F
482-4983 or 816-4081 Gary AKC, Champion lines, all
Bowen VCS242993
BED A Beautiful Lift Chairs $350 VCS242377 Credit card ok, $400
white w/patches, large
TWIN BED, drk wood, xlnt Walker/Commodes $30 760-248-7658 or 661-816-3292
Leather Platform Bed cond., almost new mat- 2038 N. Ventura Ave, Vta heads, lots of wrinkles,
WHIRLPOOL Refrigerator w/Thick Queen tress, 2 pull out drawers 805-797-5624 VCS243913 COLLECTIONS and VCS242454 show quality. $1800-$2000 .
2 years old in good condition, MILITARY 818-878-0782
white, $275. 805-218-2610 Pillowtop Mattress each side, $195 cash only,
VCS242435 Never Used, in plastic, war-
ranty. Retails $999, sell $365
805-671-9735 VCS244829 SHOPRIDER SPRINTER
XL4, 4 Wheel Scooter, 20mile 281 • Pocket Knives
range, head lights, adj’ble Pool/Spa Supplies • Sheath Knives BERNESE MT ENGLISH BULLDOG PUP-
805-830-3314 • Swords & Bayonets PIES Vet
VCS242985 0273 seat, basket, flat free tires. PUPS
212 MSRP $3775. Sac $1,450/obo.
805-969-0381 • 3 Males
Referals,appt’ avail.
Bicycles BED California King Jewelry/Clothing 805-797-5624 VCS242805 SPA/HOT TUB
Deluxe 2010 Model. VCS242759 • 6 Females Outstanding pet quality
Pillowtop Mattress Set Neck jets, therapy seat, European Champion price of 1,250 818-631-7556
Never used, still in I BUY HIGH-END
12 GOOD USED BIKES •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 275 warr, never used, can
deliver, worth $5950, RANGES & Lines, Wonderful
$50 - $380. 805-384-0183 plastic w/warranty, BEDFORD Miscellaneous will sell $1950 818-785-9043 REFRIGERATORS, Family Dogs. $1,400 GERMAN SHEPHERD Pups
VCS242354 retails $899 sac $260! 805-671-9569 VCS245121 purebred tan & black, 7 wks,
FALLS For Sale VCS245177 805-529-5599 males & females. $300 ea.
Thursday, July 8, 2010

ADULT TRAIL MATE VCS243974 805-896-1644 VCS242438

I PAY CASH for old books,
magazines, paper ephemera,
Desoto Classic Models. Fine handmade fascinators Fine Art Estate Collection movie/comics/sports BOSTON TERRIER/PUG
24” Wheels, $380. BED FULL SIZE and accessories $15-$60
$95,000. 805-660-8111 283 memorabilia, libraries, DESIGNER PUPPIES. Born GOLDENDOODLE
Call Chuck 805-495-7757 VCS244471 4-26-10. AKC parents on PUPPIES
VCS244305 Orthopedic Pillowtop Sporting Goods posters, old toys, etc.
Carl 818-889-3599 site, 4-M & 3-F. $350.00 ea Adorable, family raised,
Mattress Set ••••••••••••••••• VCS245157
Boxes for moving VCS242582 obo. 805-758-2320 or dew claws, micro-
Never used, still in plastic 805-630-1625 VCS244257 chipped, OFA, CERF.
w/warranty. Retails for $499 LIQUIDATION, all beautiful, only 75¢ each COM Free download of yard- METAL - WE PICK UP Males & females, black,
CALL Sacrifice $150. never worn, high quality! 250 used 805-487-2796 age books of all Ventura AND PAY YOU FOR YOUR gold, light gold.
805-830-3314 Buy it. Sell it. Find it. $800-$850 805-579-3885
800-221-STAR(7827) VCS244878
$100-$300 For appointment
805-641-1221 VCS245037 VCS243935
County golf courses.
PDF format. VCS244529
805-643-HAUL VCS245072 VCS245256
VCS1234 56 –––––––
–––––––– ard Office
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
Oxn ception
r lease, re
1300 sqft fo,Avail now.
VCS123456 – "8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!*
WANTED: Buyers and sellers. To advertise
(800) 221-7827
310 310 310 Employment 540 540 540 540
Cats/Dogs Cats/Dogs Cats/Dogs Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted
Supplies/Services Supplies/Services Supplies/Services 500-585
úGolden Retriever Pupsú ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• úúúúúúúúúúúú BIOCHEMIST Amgen Inc. BIOCHEMIST Amgen Inc.
$2000+ goldenmeadows Auto has an opportunity for a Sr. has an opportunity for a Sr.
PUPPIES ADOPTION Associate Scientist Reqs: Associate Scientist Reqs:
805-532-2216 VCS244923
Born 4-12-10. Have 1st shots.
EVENT VENTURA PhD & 1 yr exp; & exp in
Immunology, Biophysics,
PhD & 1 yr exp; & exp in
Immunology, Biophysics,
M-F Blonde in Color.
adorable balls of fluff!
Blue, Seal, Chocolate
Playful and very cute! HUGS, SLURPS, TOYOTA Electrophysiology; fluores-
cence imaging techniques
Electrophysiology; fluores-
cence imaging techniques
$475.00 ea. OBO. including FRET; analyzing including FRET; analyzing
Points, CFA, shots $400. 805-766-3742 & SLOBBERS, 540 Is looking for a BANKING TELLERS
F/T & P/T Teller positions and interpreting complex and interpreting complex
805-797-8486 VCS243117 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 6TH ANNUAL Help Wanted at local credit union in Ven- data sets. Job site: Thou- data sets. Job site: Thou-
HIMALAYAN Kittens, CFA, VCS244917 Retail Parts sand Oaks, CA. Reference sand Oaks, CA. Reference
cream & flame points,champ ADOPT-A-THON Counter Person
tura. Hours can be from
8:45 am to 5:45 pm Mon- # 7W6PMU & submit re- # 7W6PMU & submit re-
lines, all shots, health PUG PUPS females/males, Sunday July 25th Thurs and 9:15 am to 6:15 sume to Global Mobility, sume to Global Mobility,
guaranteed, parents on site. fawn or all blk, 1st shots,
9am-4pm & pm Friday & last business Amgen Inc., One Amgen Amgen Inc., One Amgen
$450. 805-746-2945 VCS242512 wormed, ready to go $700 540 Toyota Tech. day of the month. Comput- Center Drive, MS 19-1-A, Center Drive, MS 19-1-A,
818-585-3025 VCS243762 Ventura County Thousand Oaks, CA 91320. Thousand Oaks, CA 91320.
KITTENS 2 Calico Females. Camarillo Animal Help Wanted er skills & bilingual are a
plus. Fax resume to No phone calls or e-mails No phone calls or e-mails
Beautiful markings. Very RHODESHIAN RIDGEBACK • High energy, positive please. Must be legally au- please. Must be legally au-
sweet, 8 weeks old. $95. Pups, born 5/18/10, show & Shelter work environment 805-644-4678, email resume
thorized to work in the U.S. thorized to work in the U.S.
• Great CSI a must to, or sub-
805-746-5065 VCS245161 pet quality, champion lines. 600 Aviation Drive, ADMINISTRATIVE - EOE mit resume in-branch at without sponsorship. EOE. without sponsorship. EOE.
$800 - $2,000. 6M & 3 F. University of La Verne, • Must be able to handle VCS244629 VCS244628
KITTENS Tuxedo, black & 805-279-3177 VCS244579
Camarillo any schedule 4591 Market St., Ventura.
Ventura County Campus
white. $40-$60 (4) 1 year olds, Private Administrative Assistant I -

2 Black adolescents. ROTTWEILER Puppies #3048 Please apply in person Buildings Specialist-
805-625-0471 VCS244171 European champ bloodlines Foundation Has Service Dept or E-mail
Find new & used cars. Mechanic
your resume to
AKC. $700. Serious buyers
only. 661-472-0221 or
Rescued Dogs hr/employment-opportunities/
classified-jobs ($4018-5176/mo.)
Hips/Eyes/DNA wht/yellow 661-587-0359 VCS244485 For Adoption VCS244016 6360 Auto Center Dr.,
Ventura, CA newcars, Skilled mechanic main-
tains auto, grounds &
choc/blk, champ lines,
chipped $550-$650, taking SCOTTISH TERRIER - AKC úúúúúúúúúúúúú ASSEMBLY VCS244933 usedcarsand bldgs. equip’t. Job info &
applic at:
3 M & 1 F. Black. Champion
pedigree. Health guarantee.
Data Products, a division of
Clover Technologies Group, Find new & used cars. dealers. File by 7/9/10, 5 p.m. Ran-
805-204-8923 VCS242901 JOSE offers a fast-paced results cho Simi Recreation &
Park Dist, Simi Valley,
702-527-8779 VCS244484 driven work environment.
We offer a comprehensive 805-584-4400. VCS243875
LAB PUPS AKC 8 wks, blks 6 year old male,
& yellows, xlnt pedigree, YORKIE PUPPIES Chihuahua mix, 10 pounds. pay pkg incl benefits. We
guar $700 Ready for homes AKC two little girl Yorkies currently have several

The Lighthouse
Buy for sale. 12 wks, 2 lbs. 1st openings for Assembly
Near Magic Mtn 209-604-4445 shots. $1000/obo 805-443-4673 Assocs at our T.O, facility.
VCS243191 VCS242949 4 year old male, The Assembly Assoc is re-

Chihuahua mix, 13 pounds, sponsible for accurately as-
LAB PUPS AKC 8 wks, blks YORKIES PUPPIES AKC sembling toner cartridges
& yellows, xlnt pedigree,
guar $700 Ready for homes
15 weeks old, 1st shots,
Starting at $800
KOKUA using the correct tools &
techniques. Must be able to 805-443-4673 VCS245106 1 yr old male, write & speak in English

Serving Ventura County since 1960

Near Magic Mtn 209-604-4445 large Golden Retreiver and Spanish. Will train.

VCS244312 Qualified applicants should
LAB PUPS AKC in chocolate DITTO either complete an applica-
tion @ W. Oxn Job & Career
& black, OFA cert, eyes
clear, wormed, shots, food, 1½ year old male, Center, 635 S Ventura Road,
toys, $650 805-428-1562
yourcar. Corgi/Heeler mix, 27 pounds
please visit
Oxn, CA 93030 (contact
EDD Workforce Svcs Cus-
tomer Svc Rep for an appli-
Create your own ad online
LABRADOR at website for pics: cation & make sure you are
registered in CalJOBS) or
PUPPIES - YELLOW samsimon forward a resume to Clover
m/f born Mar 30, AKC Cham-
pion lines, dewclawed, San- Technologies Group, 4200
Columbus St., Ottawa, IL
ta Clarita $400
or call us at 61350 Attn: Human Re-
(818) 392-8092 VCS243113 (310)457-5898 sources, by fax 815-431-1015
or by email jobs@clover-

LABS, AKC, rescued & EOE Visit us at
retired show dogs, approved to
homes, 8 mos to 5 yrs, Local online classifieds. learn more about our
black & yellow, spayed, Company’s growth!!
$200. 805-907-5337 or VCS244869
805-558-5150 VCS243855
Associate Director-Design
Shots, health guaranteed, Horses/Livestock
Strategy & Research
RKS Design Inc. in Thou- ✔ New Vehicles
trained, gorgeous baby doll
faces. $550+. 805-320-8244 Miscellaneous
sand Oaks, CA seeks Asso-
ciate Director –Design Military rebates
VCS245274 Strategy & Research. Rqd
Holland Lops $35-$40.
Master’s degree Indus.
Dsgn + 1 yr exp. Fax re- available for ✔
MALTIPOO Lion Heads $45-$50. sume w/ Job #060210 to
Loving 8 month old female Mixed Dwarfs $10-up+. 805.446.6011 VCS245025 active military
up to date on shots.$575/obo
3½-4lbs when full grown
Automotive ✔ All Makes/Models
805-649-3692 VCS243626
Experienced Techs
Wanted for very busy Quality Pre-Owned
organically grown in Ventura Goodyear Stores.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

County. 20 bale minimum.

(805) 642-6701
cream white, 2 f/m, & 5 DAY WORK WEEK.
$8.00 per bale for delivery.

8 wks old 1st shots & Locations in Oxnard &
dewormed, Asking $600. $7.50 per bale for pick ups.
Vta, Cam. Valid CDL &
Pacific View ACROSS HWY 126
Call 805-947-6509 805-649-1568 VCS244810
bkgrnd ck req’d. Louie Mall FROM THE

805-485-6744 VCS244993 Main St. VIEW MALL! Main St.
Healthy & Adorable. 2 blk &
near Moorpark,
beautiful area, great trails, Find a home. 3440 E. Main Street Ventura, CA 93003 BARBER HWY 101
2 blk/tan. 1F $500 & 3M $475. reasonable rates. Ask about

Mills Rd.
Parents on site. 2nd shots &
dewormed. 12 weeks.
805-643-6862 VCS244078
56 ––––––––––
800-221-STAR (7827)
our Summer Horse Camp
Dates. 805-402-6092
VCS245147 HWY 101

VCS1234–– ––
–––––––– I ROOM
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
Q uiet, clea n, util pd, .
cable, gara
maid, w /d,
VCS1234–– 56 ––––
"8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!* 21

professional services
Relax. Let a pro do it.

“California law requires that
contractors taking jobs that
Carpentry Concrete Work Doors Electrical Work General Handypersons Hauling
total $499 or more (labor and
materials) be licensed. State
law also requires that contrac-
tors include their license num- 35 YEARS AG&R Masonry DOOR MASTER ELECTRICAL SVC RON FREETO H&S
bers on all advertising. Check
out your licensed contractor by EXPERIENCE & Concrete LICENSED CONTRACTOR Don’t Pay CONSTRUCTION ALL HAUL
calling the Contractors State All Interior and Exterior Block Walls, BBQ. Stamped Specializing in Door/Window Contractor Prices! HOME WE DO IT ALL!
Repairs! Concrete Brick & Stone. Installations General Contractor Same Day Service
License Board at:
1-800-321-2752” Doors, termites, wood Retaining Walls.Driveways 30 Years Experience
New installations, repairs,
trouble shooting. All work •Additions/Remodels/Repairs REPAIR •Concrete & Demolition
siding, patio covers, wood & Patios. Small Jobs OK. Competitive Pricing! guaranteed. State Cert •Kitchen & Bath Specialists 805.641.2222 •Weed Abatement
decks, fences, garage Free estimates. Lic#796766 Bonded/Insurance Electrician.Free Estimates •Comm Tenant Improvement •Real Estate Clean up
shelving, painting, electrical. (805) 791-9529 Electrical _ Plumbing
Acoustic Ceilings Small Jobs and Tony 805-231-5574 Rick 805-890-7928 (805) 469-1494 Heating _ Kitchen _ Bath •Appliances & Garage
•Construction • Handyman
Seniors Welcome. Lic#908763 VCS243748 VCS242452 VCS242523 CA Lic#946937 Chamber of Painting _ Tile _ Stucco
Windows _ Wood Flooring • Yard Clean-up
Call John 805-320-4931 TIM’S CUSTOM Commerce Member
Lic#757278 VCS244496
CLARK & SONS VCS244790 Masonry _ Blockwall •$2M Ins Umbrella


Driveway _ Roofing
GEORGE’S CARPENTRY •Driveway/RV Pad•Patios
Over 200 Styles William Osborne Water damage restoration
Mobile Homes 805-643-HAUL
DRYWALL Home Remodels •Pool Decks •Sidewalks
French Swing Sliders, All
Brands, Locks. Hardware,
general contractor, home Designs and Blue Print
(Lic #642719) VCS242081
lic #084142 VCS243984
Acoustic Removal & and Repairs. _No Job too small_ Moldings. Wholesale Prices. improvements and repairs,
Retexture in 1 day. 25 Years Experience!
We paint too!
FINISH CARPENTRY. 805-583-0480 (805) 527-5808 Pacific Coast termite and dryrot repairs.
License #370124 AL’S
Bonded & Insured
Free Estimates
Cabinets, Doors, Moldings LIC#408242 VCS245165 Lic #724376 VCS242962 Garage Doors (805)641-0217 (818)266-4035 HAULING!
All carpentry repairs Quality Door Installation VCS244443 7 Days-Free Estimates
Will work with your schedule Escobar Concrete
Quality Guaranteed! 805-300-0140 Reasonable rates,
Repairs Springs/Operators
• lights • plumbing (805) 485-9334
25 yrs experience No lic. VCS243709
No job too small. Drafting _FREE ESTIMATES_
We accept VI/MC/DC Find new & used cars. • doors • carpentry Tree/HedgeTrim/Chain Saw
805-583-2553 patios, block/retaining
• locks • cabinets
• painting
Yard rototilling
Garage Cleanups
Lic # 776189 SIGNATURE walls, brick, stucco, pavers tile, driveways stamp, Lic# 729304 VCS243422 Tim Voorhees 527-5808 Appliance Removal
VCS243150 FINISH foundations, sea walls. LIC #724376 VCS242963 Will Haul Big or Small
CARPENTRY, INC Robert 805-890-2198 Design/Drafting Lic. 94-06169 VCS242552
We do: Doors, windows, DEXIGN SYSTEMS RETIRED
crown, case, base moldings
wainscot, beams, paneling,
Lic #819035 VCS244749
Residential Designs.
We have 20 years of
Buildacar. Handypersons CONTRACTOR AL’S
Ca Lic 835604
mantles, columns, flex
molding, window wraps, Construction
experience helping you
turn your home-remodeling
Findusedcars. w/43 years experience,
offering handyman svcs & all
7 Days-Free Estimates
Guarantee 1 Day Service
In Furnished Homes
hardware, laminate,
shelving, pediments,stairs,
ideas into construction
drawings. Call today for a
Findadealer. phases of construction incl’g:
finish carpentry, decks, (805) 485-9334
Tree/HedgeTrim/Chain Saw
A WOMAN plumbing, electrical, etc. No
The Lighthouse

’’PAINT READY’’ skirts,siding,cased opening FREE consultation. Yard rototilling

Liability & Worker’s Comp cabinets, bead board. job too sm or lg! 805-698-5712
805-985-0271 Office 805-558-0551
805-682-5753 IN TRADE not licd VCS244208 Garage Cleanups
Appliance Removal
or 805-479-1127 Cell Lic#948934 VCS242907 VCS242957 Home Repairs Will Haul Big or Small
Free Estimates VCS242506 Complete Kitchen Bath RH Handyman & Lic. 94-06169 VCS245030
Remodeling Custom General Contracting
Find new & used cars. Gardening Cabinets & Refacing Home Improvement
Carpet Repair Wood Work/Molding
Tile, Paint, Drywall
and Remodels
Real Estate Clean up
Air Conditioning/ Call now and Save 50% Plumbing, Electric, Xlnt Customer Svc-Refs Jacuzzi Removal
Yard & Garage
Heating No more Electric bills Lighting Reasonable/Clean Free Estimates
Clean up. Concrete &
We handle the rebates Alonso’s Gardening Service Lynn 487-7709 805-432-5521 Demolition Debris
CARPET REPAIR Free Estimate • Yard Maintenance
lic#285372 VCS245070 CA LIC#778661 VCS244514
& More
INDEPENDENCE SPECIAL & CLEANING & Free Site Evaluation Dry Wall • Planter Work • Hauling
You Pay What I Pay!
Invoice Costs For TILE CLEANING • Sod • Clean-up & more
• Trim small trees CHUCK STOUT RICK’S Carpentry & 805-252-3836
Equipment & Materials • Stretching • Patches 805-427-1368 Free Estimates! Handyman Service
Free Estimate Anytime
On Complete Installations. • Carpet to Tile Lic 913170 VCS243125 RUBEN ALONSO
All Trades: Over 25 Years Experience!
Older Home Specialist. Carpet Rescue Fast Free Estimates ALL-PHASE 805-901-1292 Plumbing, Tile, Electric, Specializing in interior, Eddie’s Hauling
AIRE COMFORT INC. 805-483-0899 For all your home/business Drywall & Paint L#0762471 VCS242191 Drywall, Painting, Windows, exterior remodeling and
805-797-9968 (Lic #787080) VCS242768 repairs & more.Carpentry, “No Job Too Small” Framing & Carpentry. repair, carpentry, doors, & Gardening Svc
Garage & Yard Cleanups,
Lic #877321 VCS245126 Electrical, Plumbing.
•Texturing •Patch & Repair
•Acoustic Ceilings•Remodels ‘’A’’ PLUS 30 + years in Conejo Valley
__ FREE Estimates __
trim, dry wall, tile, minor
electrical and plumbing. Dirt & Concrete Removal,
Tree Trimming/Removal 35+ Years Experience GARDENING 805-499-2860 (805) 312-4874 Senior Discounts
A/C Systems Installed $4800.
Computer NO JOB TOO BIG or SMALL _Competitive Rates_ •Mow •Edge•Bushes Lic# 771801 VCS242444 Not Lic’d VCS242441 Free Estimates
805-382-0464 805-701-3108 unlic VCS244300
Furnace Change Out $1200. Services Trimmed •Yard Clean-ups
No job too big or small. GEN HANDYMAN 805-758-8920
Wall Furnace Change Out lic#342943 VCS244142 Reasonable. Free VCS243954
$600. Service Call $65. •Bath•Kitch•Sink•Counters
Free Estimates T&T Electrical Estimates. 1 Time/Monthly
(805)336-3947 VCS245291 •Tile•Laminate•Window Online garage sale map. Every Friday
1/2 The $ As Pacific CONSTRUCTION Contractor •Plumbing•Drywall•Elec•
Paint •Termite Wk•Water
We Take Care of All Home
Lic #891072 VCS245270 • Room Additions George’s Gardening Heaters•Fences.Free Esti-
Improvement Needs.
Maintenance Small jobs are welcomed.
Onsite PC Support • Kitchen & Bath mates.Guaranteed Low $$ _Free Estimates
for Home or Office KESTREL ELECTRIC Weekly or Monthly. (805)754-7857 _Senior & new customer House Cleaning
Computer Repair, Service Remodels • Free Estimates Cleanups, including weed Not a contractor VCS243864 discounts
& Upgrades. Virus, Spyware • Patio Covers & • Affordable Rates eating, hillside, bush
CALL trimming. Thousand Oaks, (805)525-6860
& Adware Removal. Decks • No Job Too Small Simi & Moorpark only. HANDYMAN Electrical, Plumbing,
800-221-STAR(7827) Data Recovery. 13 years exp • Trouble Shooting
• Military Discounts 805-527-1672 If you want something Fences, Tile, Carpentry,
done give me a call, Flooring, Windows,
Tom 805-987-2860 Available 7 Days A Week VCS244384 anything from a leaky Cabinets, Painting, Cleaning Services Lic#425257 VCS239043
805-551-8870 faucet to a room addition. Remodels and More. * Spring Cleaning*
Beauty Care 805-991-0666
Lic#927740 VCS244090 L’IL JOHN’S I do carpentry, plumbing, Lic #945896 Bonded/Ins. *Deep Cleaning*
T&T COMPLETE YARD tile, electrical, drywall, VCS240999 *Weekly* *Monthly*
Thursday, July 8, 2010

CLEANUP & TREE SVC painting, doors, windows, Free Estimates. Flexible
CONSTRUCTION STAMP Specializing in Tree trim, etc. Need A Picture Hung? Hrs. Organizing & Errand
Paradise Beauty Salon
Yourkeyto • Room Additions
• Kitchen & Bath
Residential & Comm’l
pruning, removal, shrub &
hedge trim, ivy hillside clear
Lic’d Contractor in T.O.
over 20 years & in Selectyouroptions.
Running. No job is too big
for me! Great References.
American Manicurist
Paradise Beauty now has
findingyour Remodels
• Patio Covers &
Troubleshooting, Repairs
Lighting & Maintenance
weed abatement, apt &
garage clean-ups, gen haul.
Sr Discounts. Prompt Svc.
construction over 30 years.
Richard McGaw Searchbymake
805-248-8330 VCS244973
2 manicurist & aesthetician
specializing in quality nails,
skin growth removal, waxing
nextcar. Decks Affordable Rates
No Job Too Small.
Free Est. 805-647-3124
Lic #488491 VCS245139 Locatelocaldealers. Find new & used cars.
Senior Discount.
& massage. Pedicure for $25
(org. $30) Jeanette or Linda Tom 805-987-2860 805-654-9937 Find a home. Find a home.
805-526-4587 VCS244630 Lic#425257 VCS245129 Lic#923709 VCS244083
VCS1234 56 –––––––
–––––––– ard Office
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
Oxn ception
r lease, re
1300 sqft fo,Avail now.
VCS123456 – "8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!*
professional services

To advertise (800) 221-7827

Landscaping Painting Roofing Tree Services 540 540 540 540

Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted


• Painting $75 rm MENA LOW COST Caretaker
Customer service/sales
Education Education
TREE REMOVAL Resident Caretaker CARPINTERIA Museum Educator
LANDSCAPE • Complete Exterior
$950 - $1,050 ROOFING CO • Expert Trimming for Senior/Disabled
$16.00 BASE-APPT
No experience necessary,
UNIFIED SCHOOL PT, $15-18/hr, 15-20hrs/wk.
& Tree Service • Drywall Repair $50 - $150 All Types of Roofing • Stump Grinding DISTRICT IS Bachelors Degree re-
•New Lawns•New Sprinkler • Acoustic Removal $250 rm Residential & Commercial • Yuccas & Shrubs Apartment Building training provided. Condi- ACCEPTING quired. Experience in
Systems/All Repairs • Spray Texture $150 rm 20 Yrs Exp. Free Estimates • Free Estimates 2 years exp working with tions apply. Call today. APPLICATIONS FOR teaching, tours, museum
the public req’d. Experi- Ventura 805-650-0025 THE FOLLOWING
Concrete & Masonry Work
Clean-ups•Weed Abatement
• Pressure Wash $250 home
KEN 805-212-6739
805-807-5550 JOHN APPEL ence working with sen- 1000 Oaks 805-418-1754 POSITIONS
work and marketing a
plus. Contract position
• All Your Landscape Needs
• Free Estimates
LIC#887458 VCS242637
(805)649-4759 ior/disabled
population Simi Valley 805-306-1998 Speech and Language
VCS242658 Duties include daily prop- VCS240492 Specialist Museum Educator
(805)443-3817 Assistant
(805)483-5699 Screens _ ONE DAY _
erty inspection; maintain
log of incidents and reso- Search for available jobs.
2010 school year
$37,772-$53,615 PT, $13-15/hr, 15-20hrs/wk.
Lic#798198 VCS244488 Interior/Exterior lutions regarding resident Clinical or Rehabilitative Associates Degree pre-
Residential/Comml TREE SERVICE complaints and lease vio- Services Credential: ferred. Experience in
Wallpaper Removal 805-889-8310 lations. Light cleaning DENTAL FRONT Authorized Field, Lan- working with the public,
_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_ duties of laundry and guage, Speech and Hear- museum work a plus.
Moving Wall Texturing SCREEN Avoid Code Enforcement! community room. Ma- OFFICE ing Contract position.
(805)987-6647 MACHINE • FREE Estimates! jority of service will be Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri 9am-6pm
Fax res 805-496-2491
Lic Contr#415645 VCS244578 • SENIOR Discounts! performed during even- Chemistry/Physics Send resume to:
VCS244161 ings and on weekends. VCS244482 Teacher CHS California Oil Museum
_Mobile Screen Service
_Window Screens Ability to communicate DENTAL Back Office Posi- 2010 school year P.O. Box 48
ADVANCED _Sliding Screen Doors clearly and concisely in tion Busy General Practice $37,772-$53,615 Santa Paula, CA 93061
MOVING CALL _Pet Screen/Pet Grilles
_Solar Screens
WEED oral and written English.
Act and react sensitively
T.O. seeks organized pro-
fessional RDA full time
SS: Chemistry/Physics
credential or Physical
We Make Moving “Easy”
Locally Owned 800-221-STAR(7827) 805-530-0333 or 818-744-0184 ABATEMENT to the needs of sen- position. Responsible, moti- Science credential Epidemiologist
VCS244850 Brush Clearing ior/disabled residents. vated individual works well Job Closes: June 30, 2010
No Job Too Big or Small Monthly compensation: with others. Experience re- Amgen has an opportunity
*Free Boxes* Tree Service Free rent, including quired Competitive salary Math Teacher CHS for a Manager. Reqs.
805-584-2007 Plastering utilities (One-bedroom and benefits. 2010 school year CMS Ph.D. degree and exp w/
Cal T#182606 VCS244481 Sprinklers Property cleared to state
and county codes.
Fair Market Rent unit)
Full job description and
Fax to 805-494-4214 or email Temporary Position 10-11
School Year
Data Synthesis & presenta-
Contact@ tion; analysis of epi-
Guaranteed to pass Fire application available at $37,772-$53,615 demiologic data &
Department inspection. the Ventura Housing Au- VCS244636 SS: Mathematics creden- statistical software; col-
Paint Contractor Tony’s Plastering FREE Estimates! thority- 995 Riverside St tial laborative epidemiologic re-
BOBLETT’S Lic’d, Bonded & Insured Ventura Ca 93001. Appli- Dispatcher Job Closes: June 30, 2010 search; SAS or STATA;

The Lighthouse
•Lath/Stucco, Restucco
SPRINKLER SVC DAVE cation also available at Petroleum Carrier cancer epidemiology. Job
*Repairs Music Teacher - CMS site: Thousand Oaks, CA.
AAA Pacific Coast
• Int Plaster, Drywall *Timers 805-584-3930 Application deadline
seeks dispatcher for Ventu-
ra County Operation. For Commences 2010 school Applicants send resume
• Block Walls • Cement *Trouble Shooting Lic#817027 VCS244442 5:00pm Tuesday July 6, year $37,772-$53,615 and reference # 7EERU6
A.M. & P.M. Shift. Experi-
Construction Work • Repairs *System Tune-Up 2010. VCS244007 ence in Petroleum industry SS: Music credential to: Global Mobility, Amgen,
Paint & Drywall Specialist • Tenant Improvement *Upgrade Existing Systems Search for available jobs. Job closes: June 30, 2010 Inc., One Amgen Center
FREE ESTIMATES! Chemistry Amgen Inc. has A must. Heavy phones,
• Patch/Repair •Acoustic Drive, Mailstop 19-1-A
Removal •Retexture •Int/Ext (805)604-4801 or (805)377-8513 805-804-7785 an opportunity for a Scien- computer & Critical think-
French Teacher –
VCS245265 tist. Reqs. Ph.D. degree & 3 ing skills req’d. Must be Thousand Oaks, CA 91320.
Painting •Ind/Res/Comml Lic#703539 VCS245175 Part Time 40% CHS No phone calls or e-mails
yrs.exp. Recent exp. with: Knowledgeable of, LA, San
•Fast Reliable•Handyman 2010 school year please. Must be legally au-
SPRINKLER MAN Modern chemistry synthetic Diego & Ventura County
805-443-4608 areas. Email Resume to: SS: French credential thorized to work in the U.S.
Sprinkler Repair and methods & techniques; Syn- Job closes: June 30, 2010
lic #579047 VCS241995 Plumbing without sponsorship. EOE.
Installation thesis, purification & char- VCS244940
Trouble Shooting Clocks acterization of organic VCS245205
AAA Pacific Coast Health Services Nurse
Wires & Valves • Lighting molecules using modern DRIVER MFRC
Construction Sod Installation
nextcar. analytical techniques incl. Now Hiring FOR TOW Bilingual Preferred
Paint & Drywall Specialist
• Patch/Repair •Acoustic $75.00 MAIN LINE
Plumbing • Handyman
HPLC; Computer with sci-
TRUCK, 23 yrs or older.
Will Train. Bring clean
July 2010
$37,772-$53,615 Greatbuys
Removal •Retexture •Int/Ext
Painting •Ind/Res/Comml CLEANING VCS245140
entific database; Proven
track record of academic
DMV. Must live in Simi School Nurse Credential
preferred arecloserthan
•Fast Reliable•Handyman
AM PM Rooter & Plumbing
All Plumbing Repairs.
accomplishments as dem-
onstrated by peer reviewed
or Moorpark. Swink’s
Towing Simi Valley
805-522-2262 VCS244971
Job closes: June 30, 2010 youthink.
lic #579047 VCS245199 Tree Services papers or patents in a rele- Master Teacher –
(805)890-6524 vant field. Job Location:
Thousand Oaks, CA. Send
DRIVER Preschool Specialist
Lic #563479 VCS244889 Now Hiring FOR TOW Job Closes: June 30, 2010
PAINTING resume Ref. #6MHTW2 to: TRUCK, 23 yrs or older. MFRC Bilingual Pre-
C & R WEST COAST Global Mobility, Amgen, Will Train. Bring clean ferred July 2010
SERVICES AFFORDABLE Inc., One Amgen Center DMV. Must live in Simi Preschool Salary Sched-
Comm’l & Residential Roofing TREE SERVICE Drive, Mailstop 19-1-A
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320.
or Moorpark. Swink’s ule $34,440-$39,900/year
Interior & Exterior •Trimming•Removal Towing Simi Valley

Free Estimates! •Stumps •Firewood No phone calls or e-mails 805-522-2262 VCS244190 Resumes not accepted in
Quality @ Reasonable Rates Free Estimates, Payment please. Must be legally au- lieu of applications
Options Avail. 20 Yrs Exp. thorized to work in the U.S. DRIVERS - Tow Truck Op- Apply: 1400 Linden Ave.
805-647-4900 JLG ROOFING 24 Hr Emergency Svc without sponsorship. EOE. erators Will train right ap- Carpinteria, CA 93013
Insured/Lic635809 VCS244883
DBA Gils Roofing Co.
New Roof, Re-roof,
805-532-1710 through directory of VCS244948
plicant. Apply in person at
Bob Carlson Towing, 1300
805 684-4511 x 226
Or visit our web site
Flat Roof, Woodwork
licd & insured VCS244177
regional new housing CLERICAL
Fleet Ave, Vta. Bring cur-
rent DMV printout. Online
Painting Owner on every job! Gold Coast Tree ADMIN ASSISTANT VCS244159
Free Estimates! ALL PHASES communities. $15-$20 per hr/FT looking
All Work Guaranteed!
805-816-9414 Visit
for candidate w/xlnt com-
puter & cust svcs skills,
wanted to pick up produce
Education - EOE
University of La Verne,
Ventura County Campus,
Lic #885763 loads out of the port. Must
DB CUSTOM Insured/W.Comp.
able to work in a fast paced
environ w/high demand & have TWIC card and good Oxnard
Asst/Assoc Professor of
Trimming, Shaping, Stump &
low supervsn. HR exp pref DMV record. Occasional
runs to LA. Weekend and Education, Teacher garagesales

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interior•Exterior•Custom Send res & salary history night work. Must be very Education - #3034
Finish•Drywall•Texture & JLG ROOFING Tree Removal, Dangerous/
Hazardous Tree Removal. flexible to work different
Stucco Repair. Reliable DBA Gils Roofing Co. _____________ shifts to meet our custom- hr/employment-opportunities/
Brush Fire Danger Clear- VCS244994 faculty-jobs Food Service
& Clean. Beat Anyone’s New Roof, Re-roof, ance. Free Estimates ers needs. Pay is by the
Price. Free Estimates Flat Roof, Woodwork VCS244553 Pleasant Valley
805-578-6500 or Clerical load. 1-800-999-3680 School District
805-338-6622 VCS243004 Owner on every job! Westlake Village Property VCS244745
Free Estimates! 805-494-8733 (805) 445-8648,
Management Co seeks
Online garage sale map. All Work Guaranteed! VCS244235 Secretary/Assistant Apply by: 7/2/10
805-816-9414 F/T. Good computer skills, Find new & used cars. Food Service
Every Friday P.M. Lic #885763 customer service. Call Don CALL Supervisor
Insured/W.Comp. VCS245219 Call 800-221-STAR(7827)
9am-5pm 800-729-5673 ext 0
VCS244327 800-221-STAR(7827) $25.61 - $31.13/hr
VCS1234 56 –––––––
–––––––– RIGERATOR
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
REF 25 cu ft,
ainless stl,
Like new, std ice through door.
water an
VCS1234–– 56 ––––
"8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!* 23

WANTED: Buyers and sellers. To advertise
(800) 221-7827

540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540

Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted
Rough Healthcare
If you have a
positive attitude and
Min 5 yrs exp. Univ cert
and good tech skills req.
GIFTS Duties: Reporting
to the Director of Develop-
GIFTS Duties: Reporting
to the Director of Develop-
around the strong commitment
to serving seniors,
Clean DMV, own tools and
pos attitude req. Good pay
and benefits, 401k, more.
Clinical Nurse Educator
collaborates with nursing
staff and department man-
Clinical Nurse Educator
collaborates with nursing
staff and department man-
ment, the Manager, Major
Gifts organizes, manages
and evaluates donor culti-
ment, the Manager, Major
Gifts organizes, manages
and evaluates donor culti-
edges please apply today.
Atria Las Posas in Fax resume 805-658-1865 or
email to:
agement and physicians to
formulate objectives based
agement and physicians to
formulate objectives based
Worker vation, fundraising and ste-
wardship activities for
vation, fundraising and ste-
wardship activities for
Camarillo, CA, has the EOE VCS244936 on the learning needs of all on the learning needs of all GPC A Joint Venture a donors able to give five to donors able to give five to
following exciting Navy Contractor in Port
Help smooth opportunities: employees. Assesses the employees. Assesses the
Hueneme is now accept-
seven-figure gifts. Manag- seven-figure gifts. Manag-
continuing education needs continuing education needs es a caseload of up to 150 in es a caseload of up to 150 in
out the rough Community that requirements of the that requirements of the ing resumes for a Gener- various stages of develop- various stages of develop-
spots on our staff as reflected in techno- staff as reflected in techno- al Maintenance Worker. ment. Works with donors ment. Works with donors
future heroes of
Sales Director logical development, chang- logical development, chang- H/S or Equiv. Min 2 yr
exp. in general mainte-
and professionals to bring and professionals to bring
Previous exp in Assisted ing licensure requirements, ing licensure requirements, planned gifts to closure. planned gifts to closure.
America. Living industry pref Selectyouroptions. standards of nursing prac- standards of nursing prac- nance and repair of For the $25 million capital For the $25 million capital
Atria Las Posas tice, and revisions in poli- tice, and revisions in poli- equipment and buildings campaign, works with tar- campaign, works with tar-
is a member of Atria Searchbymake cies or procedures. Initiates cies or procedures. Initiates requiring practical skill get groups that specifically get groups that specifically
Compensation of Senior Living group. ormodel. planned change and evalu- planned change and evalu- and knowledge. Salary: include board members, include board members,
$2,100 per month We offer a competitive ate the outcomes to im- ate the outcomes to im- $23.26/hr. Send resume & employees, physicians, and employees, physicians, and
cover letter to:
At-risk youth, ages salary & benefits!
To apply, please email:
Locatelocaldealers. prove quality of patient
care through conscious, de-
prove quality of patient
care through conscious, de- HR, GPC A Joint
the community of Ventura
County. As a key member
the community of Ventura
County. As a key member
12 to 17 need strong, liberate collaborative ef- liberate collaborative ef- Venture, PO Box 368, of the capital campaign of the capital campaign
skilled foster fort. Promotes appropriate fort. Promotes appropriate Port Hueneme, CA 93044 team, supports campaign team, supports campaign
EOE implementation of hospital implementation of hospital or fax (805) 982-4459. committee work and shares committee work and shares
families to provide policy, procedure and phi- policy, procedure and phi- EOE VCS244363 in responsibility for cam- in responsibility for cam-
stable homes and losophies. losophies. paign success. Responsible paign success. Responsible
guidance for 6-9 onlineat... Requires a valid CA RN Li- Requires a valid CA RN Li- for the development of ma- for the development of ma-
cense and Bachelor’s De- cense and Bachelor’s De- jor gifts policies and proce- jor gifts policies and proce-
months. We
provide training
gree in Nursing, Master’s gree in Nursing, Master’s Greatbuys dures. dures.
and 24/7 support
Degree preferred. Must
have a current BLS and
Degree preferred. Must
have a current BLS and arecloserthan Requirements: Minimum,
Bachelor’s Degree; CFRE
Requirements: Minimum,
Bachelor’s Degree; CFRE
(805) 289-0120
ACLS certification. A mini-
mum of five years of clini-
cal Critical Care
ACLS certification. A mini-
mum of five years of clini-
cal Critical Care
youthink. preferred. Minimum five
years experience required
specifically in major gifts
preferred. Minimum five
years experience required
specifically in major gifts
VCS244571 experience. Previous expe- experience. Previous expe- development; demonstrated development; demonstrated
Coordinator riences as an Educator re- riences as an Educator re- skills in cultivation, solicita- skills in cultivation, solicita-
The Lighthouse

The Few. Healthcare

Medical Staff Coordinator
Provides secretarial sup-
quired. Excellent verbal
and written communication
quired. Excellent verbal
and written communication
tion and stewardship of ma-
jor gift donors; experience
tion and stewardship of ma-
jor gift donors; experience
The Proud. port to Medical Staff mem-
bers and Committees
including answering and
skills. Must attend a mini-
mum of 16 hours of continu-
skills. Must attend a mini-
mum of 16 hours of continu-
in conducting moves man-
agement and develop-
in conducting moves man-
agement and develop-
The Hero routing phone calls, general
clerical duties, and re-
ing education annually
whose content focuses on
the Critical Care patient.
ing education annually
whose content focuses on
the Critical Care patient.
stewardship program; a
proven track record of in-
stewardship program; a
proven track record of in-
Builders. sponding to routine inquir-
ies. Credentialing and re-
CMHS offers excellent CMHS offers excellent creasing, personal success creasing, personal success

Join the ranks!

credentialing of medical
staff membership. Moni-
benefits, such as Medical,
Dental, Vision, Life, and
benefits, such as Medical,
Dental, Vision, Life, and Online in generating major gifts.
Campaign experience pre-
in generating major gifts.
Campaign experience pre-
Become one of the • RN, FT, Oxnard,
toring of the privileging and
AD&D insurance. We also
offer a comprehensive
AD&D insurance. We also
offer a comprehensive garagesalemap ferred. Must be competent
in donor database, pref-
ferred. Must be competent
in donor database, pref-
select foster bilingual
• RN, FT, West Ventura/
proctoring process.
ports Medical Staff Meet-
ings with preparation and
Sup- 403(b) retirement plan,
flexible spending accounts,
403(b) retirement plan,
flexible spending accounts, everyFridayp.m. erably Raiser’s Edge.
CMHS offers excellent
erably Raiser’s Edge.
CMHS offers excellent
families helping paid time off, and a variety paid time off, and a variety benefits, such as Medical, benefits, such as Medical,
at-risk youth
• RN evening and/or
follow-up. Supports Con-
tinuing Medical Education.
of other great benefits. of other great benefits. Dental, Vision, Life, and Dental, Vision, Life, and
ages 12 to 17. weekend
• RN, WOCN, per diem
Information Management
that pertains to Medical
To apply go to:
To apply go to: garagesales AD&D insurance. We also
offer a comprehensive
AD&D insurance. We also
offer a comprehensive
• PT, per diem CMHS is an EOE. CMHS is an EOE. 403(b) retirement plan, 403(b) retirement plan,
We are in need of Staff Functions. VCS244457 VCS243744 flexible spending accounts, flexible spending accounts,
• OT, per diem East QUALIFICATION:
strong, skilled County Associate’s degree re-
paid time off, and a variety paid time off, and a variety
foster families to LEASING DIRECTOR of other great benefits. of other great benefits.
quired. Minimum 6 months

Call Eli 805-642-0239 (Commercial) for well If you are interested in join- If you are interested in join-
provide stable to 1yr related exp and/or ing teams that meld quality ing teams that meld quality
Fax resume: 805-650-1536 training; or equivalent funded company. Class A/B,
homes and care and compassion to care and compassion to
1996 Eastman Ave #101 combination of education warehouse & retail proper-
guidance for 6-9 Ventura, CA 93003 ty; contract knowledge, create an environment of create an environment of
and experience. excellence, please take a excellence, please take a
months. We provide VCS243789 CMHS offers excellent lease negotiation, market-
ing, 5+ yrs exp in comm. moment to discover more moment to discover more
benefits, such as Medical,
compensation of Dental, Vision, Life, and r.e., degree required, good about what it’s like to work about what it’s like to work
$2,100 per month, Hospitality salary + bonus; benefits. at Community Memorial at Community Memorial
AD&D insurance. We also

Health System. Health System.
training and Director offer
a comprehensive
retirement plan,
Please email resume to
humanresources@ To apply go to: To apply go to:
24/7 support Food & Bev flexible spending accounts,
(805) 289-0120 or fax to (805) 981-6299 CMHS is an EOE. CMHS is an EOE.
paid time off, and a variety VCS243738 VCS244452
VCS243708 Thousand Oaks luxury re-
tirement community
of other great benefits.
If you are interested in join- loan calculator to project Manufacturing
seeks candidate with 10+ ing teams that meld quality
years hospitality exp in care and compassion to
33 unit apt owner seeks monthly payments. CAD Operator
fine dining environ, excel- create an environment of lic’d Electricians, Plum-
lent PR skills, 5+ years excellence, please take a bers, Contractors for main- VTA Co mfr seeks indiv
exp developing and man- moment to discover more tenance work. Fax resume with CAD exp. for fabrica-
aging staff. Must have
expertise in all aspects of
about what it’s like to work
at Community Memorial
to 310-314-4894 VCS244718
Carnews, tion of foam products.
physical labor involved,
research& standing majority. F/T
restaurant mgmt. Culi- Health System. Maintenance wages DOE, benes. Bilin-
Thursday, July 8, 2010

nary training preferred. To apply go to:

usedcarsand Apartment Asst
Competitive comp &
resources. gual a +. Fax resume
805-830-1578 VCS244586

benefits. CMHS is an EOE.
dealers. VCS245255 Manager
Email resumes to F/T position for exp tech. Apartment turn-over and Call 800-221-STAR(7827)

INSURANCE, common area Knowledge COMMERCIAL CSR reqd. Benefits. FAX Reply
VCS244519 for independent insurance to 805-983-1201 VCS244337
Find new & used cars.
agency in E. Ventura Co.
Please send resume to Online garage sale map. Every Friday
Call 800-221-STAR(7827)
800-221-STAR (7827)
VCS1234 56 –––––––
––––––––SSIC CAR ‘60
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
CLA int, new
ne, new pa
Rebuilt engi included, must sell.
24 stereo, dice
VCS1234–– 56 ––––
"8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!*
540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540
Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted
Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing
Ventura Orthopedics the Chief Nursing Officer, the Chief Nursing Officer, An opportunity for a Per HOUSE SUPERVISOR OVCH Must have current available in our Emergency shift positions available for
Experienced medical bill- the Director of Nursing the Director of Nursing Diem Palliative Care Clini- Provide primary nursing CA RN License; Current Department (2 Full Time RNs in our ICU/CCU unit.
er needed for busy medi- Med/Surg is responsible for Med/Surg is responsible for cal Coordinator position. care Must have current CA CPR, ACLS. night shift and 1 Per Diem These positions are eligible
cal practice. Applicant leading patient care on a leading patient care on a This position provides di- RN License; Minimum 3 One Full-Time Position any shift). for SIGN-ON BONUS
must have a minimum of busy 44 bed unit. Must dem- busy 44 bed unit. Must dem- rect patient care to pallia- years recent Emergency Available (72 hrs a pay pe- Duties: Render professional ($3,000 FOR FULL-TIME
3 years of experience in onstrate knowledge of onstrate knowledge of tive care patients through Room Experience Current riod) Night Shift (7:00pm - nursing care to Emergency EMPLOYEES
medical billing with ex- medical-legal and regulato- medical-legal and regulato- the consult service, in col- Certifications: CPR, ACLS, 7:00am) Department Patients in Duties: To render profes-
tensive knowledge of CPT ry requirements. Must ry requirements. Must laboration with and under PALS. Ojai Valley Community support of medical care as sional nursing care to
coding and Medicare have strong customer ser- have strong customer ser- direction of the Palliative Preferred Certifications: Hospital offers excellent directed by medical staff ICU/CCU patients in sup-
guidelines. This is a F/T vice skills, be detail orient- vice skills, be detail orient- Care Service Medical Di- TNCC (Trauma Nurse benefits, such as Medical, and pursuant to objectives port of medical care, and
position with benefits. ed and have good computer ed and have good computer rector. Coordinates the pal- Critical Care); Supervisory Dental, Vision, Life, and and policies of the hospital. pursuant to objectives and
Please fax resumes skills. Must have commit- skills. Must have commit- liative care services team, experience a plus. AD&D insurance. We also Coordinates patient care policies of the hospital. Co-
ment to the advancement of ment to the advancement of ensuring excellent patient One Full-Time Position offer a comprehensive Re- planning with other hospital ordinates patient care plan-
(805) 641-6495 Nursing practice and the Nursing practice and the care services, coordinating Available (72 hrs a pay pe- tirement plan, flexible disciplines. Reports to the ning with other hospital
VCS244438 Nursing profession. Must Nursing profession. Must educational and outreach riod) Night Shift (7:00pm - spending accounts, paid Department Manager and disciplines. Reports to the
possess great interpersonal possess great interpersonal services, leading quality 7:00am) time off, and a variety of interfaces with RN IV, De- Department Director and
Medical communication skills relat- communication skills relat- improvement initiatives Ojai Valley Community other great benefits. partment Educator. interfaces with other RNs,
PATIENT ACCOUNT REP. ed to knowledge of ed to knowledge of and linking team efforts Hospital offers excellent If you are interested in join- Education and/or Experi- Department Educator, De-
Hospital collections dealing group/system dynamics, group/system dynamics, with other hospital depart- benefits, such as Medical, ing teams that meld quality ence ADN or BSN or partment Manager, and
with patients, insurance commitment to staff educa- commitment to staff educa- ments and with outpatient Dental, Vision, Life, and care and compassion to equivalent from two-year unit supervisors.
companies and collection tion and development. tion and development. and community services. AD&D insurance. We also create an environment of college and minimum of 1yr Qualifications: Current CA
agencies. Min. 1 year in Requires a valid CA RN Li- Requires a valid CA RN Li- Ensures compliance with offer a comprehensive Re- excellence, please take a of Emergency Room expe- RN License, ACLS and BLS
healthcare collections re- cense, Bachelor’s Degree in cense, Bachelor’s Degree in legal, regulatory, and clini- tirement plan, flexible moment to discover more rience. certifications.
quired. Experience in insu- Nursing (Master’s pre- Nursing (Master’s pre- cal policies and procedures. spending accounts, paid about what it’s like to work Certificates, Licenses, Reg- CMHS offers excellent
rance billing, computer and ferred), Experience in ferred), Experience in QUALIFICATIONS: Will time off, and a variety of at Community Memorial istrations benefits, such as Medical,
business software programs Med/Surg and/or Teleme- Med/Surg and/or Teleme- consider Advanced Practice other great benefits. Health System. Current CA RN License - Dental, Vision, Life, and
necessary. Requires strong try, and 3-5 years of Nurs- try, and 3-5 years of Nurs- RN or RN. Appropriate li- If you are interested in join- To apply go to: Current BLS, ACLS and AD&D insurance. We also
interpersonal skills. ing management ing management censure & credentialing, 2+ ing teams that meld quality PALS certifications are re- offer a comprehensive
Please send a completed experience. Must have ex- experience. Must have ex- years of direct patient care care and compassion to CMHS is an EOE. quired. 403(b) retirement plan,
application along with your pertise in budget develop- pertise in budget develop- required. EPEC and EL- create an environment of VCS244459 CMHS offers excellent flexible spending accounts,
resume indicating position ment, performance ment, performance NEC training preferred. excellence, please take a benefits, such as Medical, paid time off, and a variety
of interest to: improvement initiatives, improvement initiatives, Palliative Care experience moment to discover more Nursing Dental, Vision, Life, and of other great benefits.
Aurora Vista leadership and staff devel- leadership and staff devel- preferred. about what it’s like to work RN Emergency Dept. We AD&D insurance. We also If you are interested in join-
Del Mar Hospital opment. National certifica- opment. National certifica- Must have current CA RN at Community Memorial have 3 RN positions offer a comprehensive ing teams that meld quality
Attn: Human Resources tion in Nursing tion in Nursing license and current BLS. Health System. available in our Emergency 403(b) retirement plan, care and compassion to
801 Seneca St. Administration is pre- Administration is pre- If you are interested in join- To apply go to: Department (2 Full Time flexible spending accounts, create an environment of
Ventura, CA. 93001 ferred. ferred. ing teams that provides night shift and 1 Per Diem paid time off, and a variety excellence, please take a
Phone: (805) 626-5287 CMHS offers excellent CMHS offers excellent quality care and compas- EOE any shift). of other great benefits. moment to discover more
Fax: (805) 652-2248 benefits, such as Medical, benefits, such as Medical, sion to create an environ- VCS244458 Duties: Render professional If you are interested in join- about what it’s like to work
Matt Kohagen PHR, LMFT Dental, Vision, Life, and Dental, Vision, Life, and ment of excellence, please nursing care to Emergency ing teams that meld quality at Community Memorial
Director of HR AD&D insurance. We also AD&D insurance. We also take a moment to discover Nursing Department Patients in care and compassion to Health System.
offer a comprehensive offer a comprehensive more about what it’s like to REGISTERED NURSE - support of medical care as create an environment of To apply go to:
403(b) retirement plan, 403(b) retirement plan, work at Community Memo- INTENSIVE CARE UNIT - directed by medical staff excellence, please take a
flexible spending accounts, flexible spending accounts, rial Health System. OVCH Must have current and pursuant to objectives moment to discover more CMHS is an EOE.
Ventura County paid time off, and a variety paid time off, and a variety To apply go to: and policies of the hospital. about what it’s like to work VCS244456
CA RN License; Current
Moto Sports of other great benefits. of other great benefits. CPR, ACLS. Coordinates patient care at Community Memorial
is looking for two experi- planning with other hospital Nursing

The Lighthouse
If you are interested in join- If you are interested in join- CMHS is an EOE. One Full-Time Position Health System.
enced motorcycle techni- ing a team that provides ing a team that provides VCS243749 Available (72 hrs a pay pe- disciplines. Reports to the To apply go to: RN II, ICU/CCU We have
cians be able to work quality care and compas- quality care and compas- riod) Night Shift (7:00pm - Department Manager and three (3) Full Time night
unsupervised, familiar sion to create an environ- sion to create an environ- Nursing 7:00am) interfaces with RN IV, De- CMHS is an EOE. shift positions available for
with dealer operations ment of excellence, please ment of excellence, please REGISTERED NURSE - Ojai Valley Community partment Educator. VCS243740 RNs in our ICU/CCU unit.
and have own tools for take a moment to discover take a moment to discover EMERGENCY ROOM/ Hospital offers excellent Education and/or Experi- These positions are eligible
Ventura County’s most more about what it’s like to more about what it’s like to HOUSE SUPERVISOR benefits, such as Medical, ence ADN or BSN or Nursing for SIGN-ON BONUS
hitech shop. Best pay & work at Community Memo- work at Community Memo- Provide primary nursing Dental, Vision, Life, and equivalent from two-year RN II, ICU/CCU We have ($3,000 FOR FULL-TIME
Health Insurance rial Health System. rial Health System. care Must have current CA AD&D insurance. We also college and minimum of 1yr three (3) Full Time night EMPLOYEES
available send resume to Please submit your resume Please submit your resume RN License; Minimum 3 offer a comprehensive Re- of Emergency Room expe- shift positions available for Duties: To render profes-
venturacountymotos- to Human Resources by to Human Resources by years recent Emergency tirement plan, flexible rience. RNs in our ICU/CCU unit. sional nursing care to or call fax/email to: (805) 585-3079; fax/email to: (805) 585-3079; Room Experience Current spending accounts, paid Certificates, Licenses, Reg- These positions are eligible ICU/CCU patients in sup-
istrations port of medical care, and
w e b s i t e :
w e b s i t e :
Certifications: CPR, ACLS,
time off, and a variety of
other great benefits. Current CA RN License -
pursuant to objectives and
VCS245304 Current BLS, ACLS and policies of the hospital. Co- Preferred Certifications: If you are interested in join- EMPLOYEES
To apply go to: To apply go to: TNCC (Trauma Nurse ing teams that meld quality PALS certifications are re- Duties: To render profes- ordinates patient care plan-
Online garage sale map. Critical Care); Supervisory care and compassion to quired. sional nursing care to ning with other hospital
CMHS is an EOE. CMHS is an EOE. experience a plus. create an environment of CMHS offers excellent ICU/CCU patients in sup- disciplines. Reports to the
Every Friday P.M. VCS243753 VCS244461 One Full-Time Position excellence, please take a benefits, such as Medical, port of medical care, and Department Director and
Available (72 hrs a pay pe- moment to discover more Dental, Vision, Life, and pursuant to objectives and interfaces with other RNs, riod) Night Shift (7:00pm - about what it’s like to work AD&D insurance. We also policies of the hospital. Co- Department Educator, De-
7:00am) at Community Memorial offer a comprehensive ordinates patient care plan- partment Manager, and
Pet? Ojai Valley Community
Hospital offers excellent
benefits, such as Medical,
Health System.
To apply go to:
403(b) retirement plan,
flexible spending accounts,
paid time off, and a variety
ning with other hospital
disciplines. Reports to the
Department Director and
unit supervisors.
Qualifications: Current CA
RN License, ACLS and BLS

Dental, Vision, Life, and CMHS is an EOE. of other great benefits. interfaces with other RNs, certifications.
AD&D insurance. We also VCS243750 If you are interested in join- Department Educator, De- CMHS offers excellent
offer a comprehensive Re- ing teams that meld quality partment Manager, and benefits, such as Medical,
tirement plan, flexible care and compassion to unit supervisors. Dental, Vision, Life, and
spending accounts, paid create an environment of Qualifications: Current CA AD&D insurance. We also
excellence, please take a offer a comprehensive

time off, and a variety of RN License, ACLS and BLS
other great benefits. moment to discover more certifications. 403(b) retirement plan,
If you are interested in join- about what it’s like to work CMHS offers excellent flexible spending accounts,
at Community Memorial paid time off, and a variety

ing teams that meld quality benefits, such as Medical,
care and compassion to Health System. Dental, Vision, Life, and of other great benefits.
create an environment of To apply go to: AD&D insurance. We also If you are interested in join-
excellence, please take a offer a comprehensive ing teams that meld quality
moment to discover more CMHS is an EOE. 403(b) retirement plan, care and compassion to
VCS244451 create an environment of
about what it’s like to work
at Community Memorial loan calculator to project flexible spending accounts,
paid time off, and a variety excellence, please take a
Health System. of other great benefits. moment to discover more
To apply go to: monthly payments. If you are interested in join- about what it’s like to work
at Community Memorial CALL ing teams that meld quality
EOE Visit care and compassion to Health System.

To apply go to:

VCS243746 create an environment of

Thursday, July 8, 2010

excellence, please take a
CMHS is an EOE.
moment to discover more


about what it’s like to work
Carnews, a directory of regional new housing
at Community Memorial
Health System. Online Classifieds. Buy or Sell.
communities. Visit
To apply go to:
resources. CMHS is an EOE.
VCS243743 Online garage sale map. Every Friday P.M.
800-221-STAR (7827) 800-221-STAR (7827) 800-221-STAR (7827) Call 800-221-STAR(7827)
VCS1234–– 56 ––––––––––
––––––––OL TABLE
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
PO ets.
leather drop pock
Prof size and balls included.
Cues , rack
VCS123456 ––––––––
– "8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!* 25

WANTED: Buyers and sellers. To advertise
(800) 221-7827

540 540 540 540 540 540 540 609

Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Apartments
RN IV CHARGE NURSE, Part Time Secretary Nursing Rehabilitative Services Rehabilitative Services
ICU/CCU Duties: Provides PUBLIC HEALTH RN, Radiology Duties: STAFF PHYSICAL STAFF PHYSICAL •••••••••••••••••••••••••• Buena Vista Apartments
critical care nursing to the Property Mgmt California Department Provides quality care nurs- THERAPIST (PER DIEM) THERAPIST (PER DIEM) Time for a Change? FREE utils, indoor cat ok.
patients in the ICU/CCU, Sm Vta ofc, detail oriented, of Public Health ing services to patients of Duties: Provides evaluation Duties: •Provides evalua- Transmission • 1 Bdrm $995 & up
oversees shift operations, will train, salary DOE. Fax Health Facility Evaluator Diagnostic Imaging adher- and treatment to a variety tion and treatment to a va- Technician Needed Call for appointment.
and participates in leader- resume 805-650-3407 Nurse (HFEN) ing to the established Nurs- of complex inpatient and riety of complex inpatient $50k-$60K to start 805-653-0809 VCS244841
ship activities. Assumes VCS244867 The Department of Pub- ing standards of this outpatient diagnoses. and outpatient diagnoses.
role in directing shift opera- lic Health, Licensing and hospital. Works under the Supervises daily profession- •Supervises daily profes-
with benefits CAM 1+1 pvt entry on side
PHYSICAL THERAPIST ATRA is looking for an of home, hdwd flrs, pvt encl
tions as appropriate to li- Bartley & Cooper PT Thou- Certification Program Medical direction of the Ra- al patient related activities sional patient related ac- experienced technician
cense and practice. (L&C), is looking for diologists while assisting of physical therapy assist- tivities of physical therapy patio. N/S/D. Pets? Yd/pool
sand Oaks part-time MWF with good people skills, access. $950+$950 dep.
Participates in various as- phone 805-492-0429 or fax HFEN’s who will conduct with their procedures. ant and physical therapy assistant and physical the position is open
pects of leadership role. inspections, investiga- Evaluates monitors and ad- aide. Communicates physi- therapy aide. 805-987-9888 VCS243821
805-492-0308 VCS244798 immediately
Participates in departmen- tions, surveys and ministers medication as cal therapy goals and pa- •Communicates physical
tal and hospital-wide Per- PROPERTY MGMT TEAM evaluations of health fa- needed and/or ordered by tient information to therapy goals and patient Don’t let a great CAM 2+1.5
formance Improvement on site for N Ventura 33 cilities for conformity the physician or as is stan- physicians, other hospital information to physicians, opportunity Move In Special
projects. Acts as a resource unit apt complex. Bilingual with licensing and certifi- dard of care. Directs and staff, and agents of reim- other hospital staff, and pass you by! 1 MONTH FREE!
to staff. & exp req. Fax resume to cation requirements of guides patient teaching, bursement. Documents in a agents of reimbursement. Lovely spacious townhome
Requirements: Must have 310-314-4894 VCS244717 CDPH and for compli- and activities of ancillary timely manner appropriate •Documents in a timely Ask for Lance Attached 2 car gar. Tennis,
current California RN li- ance with State and Fed- personnel while maintain- patient status and goals. manner appropriate patient Email Playground, pool & spa.
cense. Must have current eral laws, rules, and ing standards of profession- Follows policies for depart- status and goals. or call 805-604-2034 805-482-1682 VCS242501
ACLS and BLS certifica- PUBLIC HEALTH regulations relating to al nursing. Assists with the mental and hospital perfor- •Follows policies for de- •••••••••••••••••••••••••
tion. California Department medical care. transport to nursing floor mance improvement partmental and hospital VCS245297
of Public Health CAMARILLO
CMHS offers excellent State employment re- after procedure to give ap- projects. Attends meetings performance improvement
benefits, such as Medical, Health Facility Evaluator quires passing an eli- propriate post care instruc- and performs special pro- projects.
Dental, Vision, Life, and Nurse (HFEN) gibility examination and tions from out procedures. jects as required. •Attends meetings and per-
The Department of Pub- a hiring interview. Take OTR with exp needed
AD&D insurance. We also Is cross-trained to nursing Education and Certifica- forms special projects as 805-428-0126
offer a comprehensive lic Health, Licensing and the on-line examination duties of the Cardiac Cath- tions: Must be a licensed required.
Certification Program now at the State Person- VCS243966
403(b) retirement plan, eterization exams and MRI Physical Therapist by the Education and Certifica-
flexible spending accounts, (L&C), is looking for nel Board website. patient care. State of California. Must tions: VETERINARY HOSPITAL 1, 2, 3 bdrm
paid time off, and a variety HFEN’s who will conduct 3 to 5 years experience pre- have two to four years of •Must be a licensed Physi-
inspections, investiga- apply/apply2.aspx Exp’d Vet Tech -Reception- Townhome Apts
of other great benefits. ferred. related experience and/or cal Therapist by the State ist, Ward Tech-exp pref, Close to public
If you are interested in join- tions, surveys and For additional informa- Licenses and Certifications: training. Must have current of California.
evaluations of health fa- but not req. F/T, P/T pos transportation, easy
ing teams that provides tion or assistance in ac- Graduate of an accredited CPR certification. •Must have two to four avail immed. One weekend freeway access, close to
quality care and compas- cilities for conformity cessing the online and approved school of If you are interested in join- years of related experience
with licensing and certifi- day req. F/T benefits incl shopping & outlet malls.
sion to create an environ- examination please con- Nursing. BSN desired. ing our team and to provide and/or training.
ment of excellence, please cation requirements of tact - Matthew Mitchell Current CA RN License re- quality care and compas- •Must have current CPR
prof share, pd vac & more. 750 Mobil Ave, Cam
CDPH and for compli- (916) 322-9905 or Mari Fax resume 805-985-7578 Call for Move-in
take a moment to discover quired, BCLS, and ACLS sion to create an environ- certification.
The Lighthouse

ance with State and Fed- Riego (916) 319-9171 VCS244333

more about what it’s like to certification required. ment of excellence, please If you are interested in join- Specials. Friendly
work at Community Memo- eral laws, rules, and VCS244893 PALS desired. CCRN pre- take a moment to discover ing our team and to provide
rial Health System. regulations relating to ferred. more about what it’s like to quality care and compas- on-site staff.
medical care. The Los Angeles Regional 805-482-8800
To apply go to: Buy it. Sell it. Find it. CMHS offers excellent work at Community Memo- sion to create an environ- Water Quality Control State employment re- benefits, such as Medical, rial Health System. ment of excellence, please
quires passing an eli- Board, a state government VCS244938
CMHS is an EOE. Dental, Vision, Life, and To apply go to: take a moment to discover agency located in downtown
VCS244454 gibility examination and AD&D insurance. We also more about what it’s like to
a hiring interview. Take Los Angeles, is looking for
offer a comprehensive CMHS is an EOE. work at Community Memo- CAM

the on-line examination a dynamic individual to
RN IV CHARGE NURSE, 403(b) retirement plan, VCS243752 rial Health System. serve in the demanding Need A
now at the State Person- flexible spending accounts, To apply go to:
ICU/CCU Duties: Provides nel Board website. paid time off, and a variety
critical care nursing to the of other great benefits. Buy it. Sell it. Find it. CMHS is an EOE.
OFFICER. Responding to We can help!
patients in the ICU/CCU,
oversees shift operations,
and participates in leader-
For additional informa-
tion or assistance in ac-
anexpert If you are interested in join-
ing teams that meld quality VCS244460
the direction of nine Board
Members appointed by the
Governor, the Executive
1 & 2 bdrms start @ $1,120.
Call for details.
Pool, carport, lndry rm.
about auto maintenance care and compassion to Shipping & Receiving/ Officer supervises a dedi-
ship activities. Assumes
role in directing shift opera-
cessing the online
examination please con- or tires. create an environment of
excellence, please take a
Find a home. Warehouse cated staff of 150 persons,
Hacienda Apts
831 Paseo Camarillo
tions as appropriate to li- tact - Matthew Mitchell including engineers, geolo- 805-987-6146 VCS244926
cense and practice. moment to discover more Moorpark Electronics Mfg. gists, and environmental
(916) 322-9905 or Mari about what it’s like to work
Participates in various as- Riego (916) 319-9171 Co. Excellent work environ- scientists, committed to CAM
at Community Memorial ment. Assemblers also protecting surface and
pects of leadership role. VCS244909 Health System. needed Call for interview
Ponderosa Village
Participates in departmen- groundwater in Los Angeles
tal and hospital-wide Per- To apply go to: 805-222-2268 VCS244592 and Ventura counties. Su- Apartments
formance Improvement pervisory experience is re- 2105 Ponderosa Dr
CMHS is an EOE. Social Services
projects. Acts as a resource quired. For more Camarillo, CA 93010
to staff.
Requirements: Must have Transportation? VCS244472
or Counseling
Facilitator for Batterer’s
information, please visit the
Regional Board’s website at
Affordable 90 Unit
current California RN li- REAL ESTATE - Comm’l Intervention Program. http://www.waterboards.

cense. Must have current Real Estate Agent, Major Must have 2 years experi- Building for
ACLS and BLS certifica- Firm in Westlake Village, ence counseling or facilitat- Applications will be accept- Seniors 62 & Older
tion. ing group classes on ed until the position is
CMHS offers excellent
Very High Income Poten-
Domestic Violence in a cri- filled. VCS243421 Income Limit for
tial. Ask for Rick, Wescord 1 Person: $30,650;
benefits, such as Medical, Commercial 805-497-4557 sis intervention program.
Dental, Vision, Life, and Bachelors Degree in social 2 Persons $35,000
AD&D insurance. We also VCS244346 sciences. Bilingual Eng-
a comprehensive
retirement plan,
lish/Spanish a plus. Must
pass background check and
Rentals Now Accepting
flexible spending accounts,
paid time off, and a variety
of other great benefits.
approval by County Proba-
tion Dept. Well qualified 600-683 805-987-0260
applicants may fax resume
If you are interested in join- to Coalition (805) 983-6240 or
ing teams that provides email
quality care and compas-
sion to create an environ- Buildacar. VCS245156
ment of excellence, please Online garage sale map. Every Friday
Thursday, July 8, 2010

take a moment to discover FILLMORE Adult 55+

more about what it’s like to
work at Community Memo- Findadealer. $300 move-in special 1br,


rial Health System. TELESALES 605 a/c, all utils pd, except elec.
From $745-$795.HUD/PET
To apply go to: Inside Sales Rep Apartments OK. Call 805-642-9527 or


805-524-4124 VCS243916
CMHS is an EOE.
Upselling, leads provided. Furnished
Excellent income oppty. Online garage sale map.
Send resume to PT HUE STUDIO Near
Search for available jobs.
FAX 805-262-6080
ocean, $775mo, w/stove &
refrig, utils pd. 805-208-0883
Every Friday P.M. 800-221-STAR (7827) 800-221-STAR (7827) 800-221-STAR (7827) VCS243828 or 805-984-2930 VCS245299
VCS1234 56 –––––––
––––––––IMI ROOM
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
S util pd,
Quiet, clean,ble, garage.
26 maid, w/d , ca
VCS1234–– 56 ––––
"8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!*
609 609 609 609 609 609 609 609
Apartments Apartments Apartments Apartments Apartments Apartments Apartments Apartments
Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished
OXN 2+2, 1 carport $1250 PT HUE BEAUTIFUL 1+1
OXN 1+1 Great Location
near school, pk, shopping
NEWBURY PARK +$1250 dep 805-509-6204; Oxnard Beach OXNARD OXNARD (South) OXN N. 1+1 $975, $500 sec.
Elma 805-604-9578
All redone, upstairs, walk
LG 1 bd. w/t paid, patio, 2+1.5 $1,450-$1,495 805-509-9810; 805-486-2330
VCS245208 Channel Island DEL CIERVO Garden Apartments
Open Sun 2:00-4:00 VCS244712
to beach, nr base carport,
lndry, trash/wtr paid $950
+$750 dep. 1,200 sq. ft.
lndry on site $875/mo
Avail now Recently upgraded Village Apts APARTMENTS Weekdays 10am - 5:30pm
OXN N. Xtra Large 2+1.5
805-652-1050 VCS244979
OXN 2 Bedroom Appointments Available
************************ Clean & quiet clean, quiet, gar, lndry, no
2+1 Large Unit, Private balcony • 1 bath from $1,095
• 2 bath $1,150
Studio $850 Move - In 3+2+fireplace+
walk-in closet $1,499/mo. pets. $1,200+$500dep on OAC.
PT HUE Marina Village 2+1
upstairs unit. Owner will pay
Near school, pk, shopping.
w/t paid, patio, lndry on
Stove & Refrigerator
W/d hkups (2 bdrm only) Beautiful grounds. 1+1 $975 Specials! 2+2 $1,199/mo. 1251 N. G St #103. VCS243961 HOA fees. $1,195/mo+sec.
Heating paid. Huge apartment, bright, 805-766-4663 VCS244411
site, Carport $1200mo Onsite laundry rooms See us before you rent! 2+1 $1225 Low Deposits lots of windows & closets. OXN Open Sat 11a-4p, 2+2,
att gar, nice, water/trash/gas
BUENA PROPERTIES Open beam ceilings 805-485-5877 Family living. Nr schools SANTA PAULA
(805) 658-2531 VCS243108 Some w/small backyard Spacious floor plans, OAC and shopping. No pets. pd, $1,385mo+dep.Avail Now
Assigned parking spaces or visit: 805-450-4089 VCS245284 MOVE IN SPECIAL!
VCS244379 heated indoor pool & Ready to move-in! 101 East Ventura St.
VTA 2+2 w/Garage -Great
(carport w/storage)
Close to schools, shopping spa tennis ct & gym. 1 & 2 Bedrooms 805-488-3815 english PORT HUENEME 1 bdrm 9 min from Vta. 2+2, 2 prkg
location nr College/Shops & freeway. Small pet ok. OXN ALL TYPES of rentals 805-701-8317 espanol WE OFFER: spaces, beautiful grounds,
w/t/g pd, lg unit-very clean. CALL TO VIEW: Studios, etc. Some w/utils
paid. From $750. Broker,
Only $500 dep!! • Beautiful Grounds VCS244316 Clean, quiet property. close to shops/restaurants,
yard. From $995. No pets.
Avail July 1 $1425mo (805) 498-6131 or email: No Application Fees Fresh paint, clean carpets,
************************ mtshadow207 English 805-377-1459 Espanol • BBQ Area OXN AVAILABLE NOW Pool and gated parking 805-933-4688 VCS244272
1+1 Nice Unit, Near VCS244387 805-233-1434 VCS244419 3650 Ketch Ave • Pool and Jacuzzi Large 1 Bedroom. $900/mo. From $900.
Everything. w/d hkups,
w/t pd. Avail in July
(805)984-5880 • Tennis Courts Refrig, Pool, Carport Prk’g Across from Navy Base
PARK MADERA APTS Studios • 1bdrm • 2bdrm
OXN 2+1 $1150+. North end OXNARD 1+1 APT VCS243808 805-488-7743 VCS244144
$8785/month Spotless, gated, garage with $815/mo+dep. Ask about
• Close to Shopping 2561 Madera Circle 984-4062 Avail NOW starting @ $712.
*********************** • Cats OK OXN____________ or visit: Call on SPECIALS!
remote. All applcs. Some garage. No pets. Call 805-525-5804 VCS243019
Studio-Newly Remodeled utils. N/S/P 805-452-1691 805-844-6714 VCS243527 OXNARD Huge Bonus VCS244372
Nr Downtown, Avail Now CROSSROADS
w/t pd lndry on site $775mo
or 805-272-5235 VCS243628
INVESTMENTS 1905 N. H St. Move-in Special Now
Elegant living near Marina
Port Hueneme
Harbor Village Apartments!
SIMI 2 bdrm from $1200/mo.
Gated, Garden Building,
BUENA PROPERTIES Oxnard 2 bedroom
(805) 658-2531 VCS243093
OXN 2+1 & 1+1 Apts
STOP! See Us First! 300 Esplanade Dr
Suite 580
805-981-4341 1 & 2 bd, 2 bath, garages,
w/d hkups, pool & spa.
Move in Specials! Spacious
1BR/1BA close to shopping &
Pool, A/C. No pets
805-520-9486 VCS243932
Spacious. Frig included. VCS244145
Local online classifieds. North end convenient to 805-485-4040 No pets. Villa Marina restaurants. Pool, off street
Fwy. From $1,145. 805-985-0644 VCS244143 parking, laundry room, SIMI GATED COMMUNITY 1201 W. Gonzales Rd. OXNARD GREAT onsite manager. $950/mo. 3+2 & 2+2. Pool, spa, f/p, &
$1175 & $950-$975 1/2 1st mo
rent free w/12 mo lease
Parkwood Gardens
805-983-1201 $200 BONUS MOVE IN SPECIALS!
OXN JUNIOR 1+1 $825mo
Pacific Point Apts
(165 N. Fifth St.) tennis court. Baywood Apts
Call today!(805)488-1434! 805-581-9052 VCS243904

Utilize (805) 485-1047 VCS244976 or visit: 2+1 South Oxnard Renovated 1, 2, 3 bedrm 1001 Gonzales Rd 805-485-1078
VCS244381 VCS244961
downstairs, garage, apartments available at Mon 7:30a-5p, Sat 9a-5p T.O. GRANADA GARDENS
OXN 2 + 1 triplex centrally coin-op laundry $1050 VCS242844 PT HUE 1br apt, garage, 2+2 $1395-$1495+dep.
loan calculator to project monthly located, small patio, laun- Find a home. Rancho Solana Apts
OXN MOVE IN SPECIAL pool, most utils $845+$500 1+1 $1145-$1170+dep.
dry on site $1100 NO PETS 2+2 North Oxnard 805-485-1208 VCS243906 dep.No pets. 805-483-8301 or Move-In Special.
payments. Visit Real Investments 985-1000 2+1 $1195/mo 1+1 $895/mo.
upstairs, carport, coin-op Available in July 805-488-2131 VCS244417 No Dogs or Cats.
VCS245303 laundry $1100.
OXN 2 + 1 triplex centrally Online garage sale map. 805-981-3719 VCS244476 PT HUE 1br very clean, 805-492-2113
nice area, near school & VCS242830
located, small patio, laun-
dry on site $1100 NO PETS
VCS243286 Every Friday P.M. OXN N 1+1 $850/mo & 2+2
$1200/mo. Req 1 mo dep. beach. $890/mo+$890/dep.
237 N. Third St. Online Classifieds. Buy or Sell.
Real Investments 985-1000
VCS244324 No pets. Sec 8 OK.
805-815-2259 VCS242897 805-386-3029 VCS244410

The Lighthouse
Your Dodge Chrysler Jeep Dealer For All Of Ventura & Santa Barbara County
New 2010 Dodge
• Full-Service Body & Paint
• All Insurance Companies
New 2010 Jeep • State-Of-The-Art Facility
Wrangler • Specializing in Dodge,
Jeep, & Chrysler
• Free Estimates
Ask About Special MON–FRI 9–6 SATURDAY 9–1
Military Factory Dealer! DIRECT LINE:
Incentives! 805-639-8292

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crown Dodge Chrysler Jeep
RAM 805-639-8250
Open Every Day 9am - 9pm • Saturday Service
All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer document preparation charge, and any emission testing charge. Prices good through Sunday. All items subject to credit approval and prior sale. Sale prices exclude leases.
VCS1234 56 –––––––
–––––––– ard Office
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
Oxn ception
r lease, re
1300 sqft fo,Avail now.
VCS123456 – "8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!* 27

WANTED: Buyers and sellers. To advertise
(800) 221-7827
609 609 609 609 609 617 617 617
Apartments Apartments Apartments Apartments Apartments Condos/Townhomes Condos/Townhomes Condos/Townhomes
Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished
VTA 1+1 clean-quiet $950 VTA BEACH 1+1 Carport, VTA CAM 3+2.5 2 story Mission OXN MANDALAY BAY
T.O MOUNT CLEF APTS Large.Best in Town! No pets blinds, crpt, appls, water Oaks decorative paint, C.I. Harbor/Waterfront
Summer Specials!! no smoke. Open Sat & Sun /trash incl 1136 Pittsfield PINEHURST newer carpet, many Charming 3+3+loft end unit
Studio $850 1br frm $1000 11-4pm 1247 E. Santa Clara 805-648-1154; 805-368-2337 APTS windows, fenced patio, 2 car on greenbelt w/1 or 2 docks,
2br frm $1300 Pool/Spa/ VCS244212 VCS244140 garage, interior laundry, 2 masters suites. Must see!
VTA 1+1 in garden setting, VTA CLOSE TO BEACH
3980 Telegraph WAIT LIST $1900 Mims Management $2,500/mo. 818-624-3822;
805-492-2022 VCS244149 805-477-4388 VCS244439 818-884-5313 VCS245114
with pool, laundry room,
and garage. Call
Gated parking, common area
BBQ & pool, beach view.
T.O. with fireplace & garage
805-644-4131 VCS241823 TOWNHOUSE 2+1.5 Unit. w/dock, gar, 2+1.25, 1 story, OXN MARINA VIEWS
$1,625+sec. Cats ok.No Dogs. Affordable Senior tennis, pool. $1750/mo Avail 2+2 Condo, att garage,
VTA Smoke Free Rentals. Apartments 7-1 805-484-1333 VCS243442 w/d hkup, wetbar, dish-
Good Credit a Must. Income Restrictions washer, marina jog path
By appointment only. CAM LEISURE VILLAGE 323-737-6419 VCS244345
805-642-1316 VCS244415 866-963-4667 Apply 55+, 2+2 Newer carpets,
VCS244119 Must be 62+ paint, floors! Light & bright! OXN Newly remod 2+1.
VTA VTA Studio 1209 E. Main
Pool/spa, gym/golf incl!
No smoke/pets. $1450/mo.
CONDOS/APTS Travertine flrs, Granite Cntr
Del Norte Apartments Location, Location, tps. New Appliances. Nicest
Spacious 1 & 2 S/W/T/G/E Paid! Near down Avail July 15th. 805-482-4367 Condo in complex. $1,300mo
1 & 2 Bedrooms town/shopping $850+dep/OAC Location VCS242193 VTA 1+1 close to +sec+utils. Call 805-653-2903
Bedrooms $1395 • Beautiful Grounds No P/SM. Central Coast downtown, short walk to VCS244944
Pool, covered parking • Pool 805-389-6803 VCS244028 Close to Everything CAM PONDEROSA shopping and beach $695
& laundry room.
Easy Fwy Access
2 Bdrm 2 Bath • Onsite Laundry Easy Access to Transprtn HEIGHTS Privacy & View,
1000sf, upstairs w/Deck. OXN SHORES 2+2+LOFT
• Cats OK
*First Month Free HOT SUMMER 10855-10880 Del Norte St
Quiet cottage style 2+1. FP, Fplc, stove, frig, lndry.
VTA 3+2.5 w/tile floors
and grainte counters.
Walk to beach,2 decks,w/d &
on approved credit* Call Now–Don’t Wait bbq hk ups, att gar. $1,850mo
Sorry, no pets DEALS (805)659-2258
encl. patio w/carport. W/D
facilities, close to mall & (805) 654-1155
1+1.5. N/S. Cat ok. $1,350.
805-482-3381 VCS243257
Updated kitchen, living 310-922-8780 VCS244516
room w/fireplace $1675
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm hospital. Smoke Free Rentals OXN very lg 3+2.5 like new,
or by appt Why Wait, Call or VTA E. 1+1 Clean, quiet, No dogs. Manager’s special
CAM Quiet, Clean 3+2.5
1800sf, f/p, patio, lg yard, VTA 2+1 Villa Ventura quiet comm, crpt/upgrad-
(805)495-5520 Stop By Today! upgraded $895 & 2+1.5 1/2 off the 1st month’s rent + front unit. Gas stove ed tile, just remodeled 1 yr
townhouse style apt $1295 comm pool. N/P. $1995
223 Erbes Rd #101 sec. Good credit a must. and heat, short wallk ago. Only $1575+dep. Bkr
VCS242455 Cats Welcome N/S. 805-647-8411 VCS243937 By Appointment only!
805-402-8160 VCS244897
to shopping $1200 805-385-5600 or 377-1459
Telephone & VTA E 1BR w/custom bath Manager (805)642-1316 cypressmeadows CAM TWNHM 3bd/3ba 2 car VCS244418
Victoria upstairs, park view, N/S/D. VCS244752 garage/pool/fitness ctr. VTA 2+1 upstairs unit w/a
Ventura 1 Bedroom $2325/mo N/S, no pets, 1st+ shared garage. Complex
Visit us to see the $299 Deposit!* $950/mo includes utils.
805-672-2809 VCS243472
VCS244386 last+deposit. 805-448-5137 has coin-op laundry $1195 PT HUE 2+1 Penthouse
(866) 311-7888 or 805-448-2441 VCS243365 Remodeled w/upgrades,
difference! Avail Now, new paint.
The Lighthouse VTA 1+1 east end upstairs

Ventura Del Sol *OAC VCS245141 VTA 611 CAM Village @ The Park
2+2+garage, $1,650/mo, w/new carpet and paint. No Pets. $1,250/mo
6250 Telegraph Rd. Harbor View Villas 805-701-7055 VCS243339
Beach & Vacation washer/dryer in unit, incl’s Complex has a spa and
laundry facilities. Own-
805-656-0236 Luxury Apts. WAIT LIST Rentals water/trash, pet ok. ers may allow cats $825 PT HUE 2+1 Townhouse VTA 1 Bedroom Ocean view. 415-317-6770 VCS242328 $1,050/Month
VCS244382 COMPARE! Most utils paid
OPEN!! OXN Silverstrand. Beautiful VTA unique beach building Pool, Lndry fac, shared
Spacious, self-clean oven & beach close 1+1. Gar, w/d, Online Classifieds. Buy or Sell. 1+1 downstairs unit, garage. Close to shopping &
_VENTURA_ frost free frig. You be the Free basic cable. Affordable Senior refrig, patio. N/P $975 incl steps to the beach. Unit restaurants. CAT OK!
1br apt $950, 2br apt $1200 judge! From $895/sec $300. 333 N. Kalorama Apartments utils 805-236-6417 VCS243884 (2552 Tiller Ave)
Near college. No smoke/pets. 805-644-5676 for appt has 1 car garage $1200
805-890-2142 VCS244321 or visit: Income Restrictions VTA Rincon Beaches 1br-4br Call 805-692-2500
VCS244435 VTA 2+1.5 side unit w/
VCS244380 Apply weekly rentals 805-643-6500 concrete floors downstairs. VCS244963
Ventura County VTA LARGE 2+1, $1395/mo Must be 62+ Close to the harbor.
PACIFIC VTA 2+1 1 level $995.2+1 includes all utils. Pleasant
surroundings. Access to Location, Location,
kinnebrew VCS243852
research& beach and shopping $1575 PT Hue 2+2 Ocean View
large condo. 1st MO FREE
twnhs style $1025.Lg rms Local online classifieds. All new tile flrs & new kitch.
GARDENS big closets, new carpet. transit/shpp’g & restaurants.
805-642-3000 VCS245132 Location
VTA 2+2 in the Paseo de
Playa buildng. This unit Furn/unfurn. Pool, Jacuzzi,
Luxury Apt Homes Montalvo $500 dep OAC Gym. $1625 FREE UTILS
Spacious w/separate living 805-642-9660 VCS244862 faces the hotel, some
VTA LARGE 2 BEDROOM Close to Everything ocean views, refrig/ 805-300-7648 VCS243824
and dining areas. Dual
entry kitchens, ful appli- VTA 2+1 Apt with new paint. in clean quiet gated complex
off Ave $975 805-653-1137
Easy Access to Transprtn
617 washer/dryer $1850
PT HUE•••••••••••••••••••
ance package and plenty near park and school
of closet space. Court $1025/mo No pets. Call VCS245269 Call Now–Don’t Condos/Townhomes All properties are ANACAPA VIEW
805-258-3203 VCS242344 Wait Unfurnished
yard style living,
5 pools, 5 laundry
facilities, patios, near VTA 2+1 Cleanest Apts in
VTA Midtown 1br’s
Sunny and Spacious
July Special $895
(805) 654-1155 AGOURA HILLS 2+1.5
Antiques? no pets, no smoke,
1 year lease
shopping center, parks County $1075 New carpet,
patio parking, trash,lndry Open House 10-2 tile & carpet, all amenities, Near Beach-Shopping Navy
and so much more! Sat/Sun 3090 Channel 2 covered carports, some
Coastline Real
(805) 643-3419 or 643-5834
146 Kellogg VCS243353 805-653-7711 VCS245166 pets ok. $1,575/mo.
805-523-7746 VCS245272
805-650-2500 Base-NiceUnit-washer/dry-
munity Pool
Estate VTA 2+1 College area, open VTA MIDTOWN 3+2, near
hospital, remodel/upgraded, cypressmeadows AGOURA/Oak Park Capri AMS Realty, 805-642-0995
(805) 647-6680 floor plan, lg bedrooms &
kitch, new flrs, clean $1245 2 car gar, f/p, all appliances. luxury townhome 3+3 end venturahomes VCS243320
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • • • • 805-650-1665 VCS244637 $1,725/mo. 2945 Lexington Dr.
805-657-2461 VCS244640 VCS245143
unit, walk to shopping,
award winning schools. PT HUE BEACH w/Ocean
Pool, Tennis $2500 Views, gated, 2+1.5 No one
VTA 2+2 Lg. 2-story Apt. above you.Hkups, pool/spa,
Ventura - East S/W/T, Lndry Rm. 2 balco- VTA Midtown lg 1+1 805-495-1931 VCS244812 Happy Independence Day no pet $1325+$1350 Owner/
nies 1267 E. Meta. $1,325+ downstairs, views, parking, from Homes for Rent
lndry. Pet ok. 60 N. Laurel CAM 2+2.5, $1650+dep, f/p, Agt 805-340-0343 VCS244756
Dep-OAC No P/SM Central
Coast 389-6803 VCS244808 $895 805-451-8848 VCS244277 W/D hkups, 2 story, 2 car gar VCS243474

Rent Too High? no pets, no smoking, close to PT HUE Hueneme Bay
Super sharp 3+2+fam rm &
-- A CHOICE -- VTA 3+2.5 w/gar. Spacious VTA shopping, owner pays HOA,
unit, close to beach, shop- OCEAN VIEW TWNHMS Avail 7/15. 805-388-3990 gar, country club living w/
CITRUS GLEN ping & 101. Lndry rm on 3074 Channel Drive VCS244298 pool & golf. 55+. $1,295
premises. No pets $1950 • 1+1 @ $1,050

Real Investments • 2+1 @ $1,300 CAM 2+2 Home For Lease 805-529-5853
Thursday, July 8, 2010

805-985-1000 VCS245305 • Carport Parking in Leisure Village. Garage, VCS243234

Call, We Answer! • Swimming Pool cable,water, gardener, trash,

VTA 3+2.5 w/gar. Spacious • Cats Welcome many community amenities PT HUE Large 3+2. Incl’s
unit, close to beach, shop- • On Site Laundry pool, golf & more! Approx OJAI REDUCED 1+1, water & trash.1st floor unit
VENTURA EAST Studio ping & 101. Lndry rm on 1,200 sf. 24/7 gated security. f/p, a/c, off St. prkg, pool on greenbelt. $1,600/mo+sec.
safe neighborhood 805-654-1559

premises. No pets $1950 E.H.O. VCS244255 Age 55+. $1,525/mo. $1050 mo+$1050 sec dep. 805-653-2903 VCS244945
$975+dep, incl. all util. Real Investments AVAILABLE NOW! 805-844-3375 VCS244754
805-323-5536 VCS242958 805-985-1000 VCS244326 310-456-2740 VCS242714
VTA 1+1 $875/mo+$500/sec. VTA 3+2 Loft Apt drive by Find new & used cars. CAM 2+2 like new cond, Online garage sale map.
2+1 - $1050/mo+$500/sec.
Martha 805-641-1776
1375 Poli St. From $1700 new paint/crpt, balcony,f/p Every Friday P.M.
Office:80 Aliso Lane hrs Tues
thru Sat 12-6 VCS244888
great view, N/P $1500
805-217-9569 VCS245079
800-221-STAR (7827)
VCS1234 56 –––––––
–––––––– RIGERATOR
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
REF 25 cu ft,
ainless stl,
Like new, std ice through door.
28 water an
VCS1234–– 56 ––––
"8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!*
617 621 627 627 627 627 677 Mobile Homes
Condos/Townhomes Duplexes
Unfurnished Unfurnished
Houses Unfurnished Houses Unfurnished Houses Unfurnished Houses Unfurnished Rooms For Rent 692-699
OXN Nyeland Acres 2+1, PT HUE 3+2 on a cul-de-sac VTA 2+1 near Vta. College NPK lg rm in new house to
••••••••••••••••••••••••••• newly renovated, $1150+ Cam-Oxn-Hue Beach Close to Navy Base & Beach. completely redone interior, share, great, friendly
PT HUENEME $1150 dep 3720 Santa Clara St Quiet neighborhood.$1875/mo all utilities included, w/d atmosphere, beautiful gated
VERY NICE 2+1 805-648-1517 or 407-8253 CAM 4+2 ALL LUXURY! comm w/poo/spa, $745 or
VCS245229 Sea of cust tile, cust fire- 661-296-2286 VCS244109 hook ups, no dogs.$1395/mo $995 for msrt. Also have
READY TO MOVE? place, cieling fans, block Call Nancy Boswell
REMODELED CONDO 805-648-9900 VCS244092 Encino rental 805-499-8688
OXN Silverstrand Beach wall, corner lot, land- PT HUE Large 4+3 home 818-515-8285 VCS243825
NEAR SCHOOLS, scaped, hkups, nr park, dbl car garage, $1950+dep
SHOPPING, BEACH, 2+1 downstairs, fenced
patio, pet considered $1300 dbl gar. Pets? $1995? 433 5th St. Available now OJAI room avail immed, 692
ENCLOSED GARAGE, $450+$200dep. Full house
LAUNDRY, LOW SEC $200 Bonus. Crossroads Inv
OXN 3+den Cust Beach
805-207-1210 VCS244122
privs, incls utils, cable, & Mobile Homes for
805-485-4040 VCS243287
DEP OAC $1250
818-257-2190 VCS245067 House, marble, granite, SIMI 4+2.5 exec 2 story, a/c,
f/p, fam rm, din rm, loft,
int 805-490-4392 VCS243780 Rent
VTA E. 2+1.5, new carpet & travertine, f/p, wet bar, 2 OXNARD Private Gated
paint, private garage, small decks, view, pvt $1995 lg yd incl grdnr, super clean, Community, Close to Navy OXN STUDIO Trailer gated,
SIMI Wood Ranch 3+2.5
1600sf, gated comm,w/pool & patio & yard. $1,400. great neighborhood $2500
+sec. Avail mid July HOUSES Base, Furn Room, Full extra clean! $635/month utils
paid. Near Rose & 101
spa, w/d hkups, f/p, d/w, re- 805-236-0281 VCS244738 PT HUE 2 bd Remodeled, Privs, Cbl/WIFI/Internet
new bath, roof, flring yd, 661-251-9383 or 805-208-4130 $600 Mo, $300 Dep Incl utils 805-208-6281 VCS244467
frig, cent a/h, patio, 2 car gar VTA E. 2+2 fence yd, nr Ser- VCS245194 VTA 3+2 Stonegate, attach
n/s/pets. $2,150mo. Avail 7/9. fruit trees, roses, hkps, 805 228-8164. VCS245237
ra Elem. Pet ok w/xtra dep
805-559-9360 VCS245308 8823 Tiber. Trash/water pd
$1600 805-569-9877 VCS243155
storage buildings, Stroll
to beach. Pets? $1195
SIMI 4+2.5. Nice 2 stry with
fam+AC+DW. Large mstr
2 car garage, nice back-
yard, vaulted ceilings.
Complex has pool $1700
VTA 2+2 w/Bonus Room
Amazing Ocean & City
OXNARD Private Gated
Community, Close to Navy
2+2 Townhome
VTA Midtown lg 2+1, lg gour
kitch, gar/workshop+lndry
Keith Hanson RE
suite. Avail Now. $2,050/mo.
805-526-3671 VCS244621 VTA 3+2 east end with
Views! @ 2260 Sunset,
Grdnr Incl $2,375 + Dep-
Base, Furn Room, Full
Privs, Cbl/WIFI/Internet Real Estate
in quiet community. Pool,
tennis, 2 car garage, patio.
utils pd N/P $1825 lse avail
7-23 805-648-4658 VCS244468 VCS242216
SIMI West End beauty 3+2
tons of upgrades. Close
to Serra School $1900
OAC No P/SM. Central
Coast 389-6803 VCS244824
$600 Mo, $300 Dep Incl utils
805 228-8164. VCS242776 875-893
Fireplace, all appliances. 1 story corner unit, 2 car VTA 4+2.5 NEWLY BUILT, OXN FURNISHED ROOM
No smoking. $2,000/mo. FLMR/Piru Horse Lovers 11 garage, a/c, comm VTA 3+2 in Stonehedge, 2 car garage, lg yard, $2050 $550+dep, includes utils &
acs 4+2+bonus w/views, pool+spa, $2295 Grdnr pd. single story w/high ceil- house privs. N/S/D/P.
805-558-5454 625 car $3500+$3500 dep Avail 7/1. RV poss ings and an extra long
water pd. Avenue area
805-746-0549 VCS242504 805-483-3152 VCS242726
VCS244693 driveway. Owner may
Houses Furnished C21 805-525-7118 VCS242808 805-377-0402 VCS243725
consider pets $2100 VTA 4+2 lg home w/wood OXN Large master w/pvt
VTA 2+1 MCKEON Condo MOORPARK 2+2 flooring, f/p, front & back bath, newly decorated,
on Acadia $1200 wtr/trash $1,800+dep, great loc, well
STA PAULA 5br+3ba, stv,
refrig, dshwshr. On quiet VTA 3+2 east end, great yard, $2000+$2000 dep. fully furn, king bed, enter- 885
VTA 4+3 2650sf new home,
incl $1000 MOVES YOU
IN! 805-569-9877 VCS243156
f/p, EZ walk to Pk/Govt ctr
maintained, w/mtn views.
805-901-8493 VCS244331
cul-de-sac, a/c,2 car gar, W/D city view, 3 car garage, C21 805-525-7118 VCS244441 tainment ctr, coffee pot,
refrig, micro, tv, pvt entry, Commercial
RV prkg. $2,100/mo+dep. air-conditioning $3400
VTA 2+1 Mckeon w/new crpt
Furn optional N/P/S $2900
317-908-5245 VCS244428 MRPK 3+2.5 Single Family 805-290-7641 VCS244185
VTA Arapaho St. Newly
painted, very clean 3+2,
mirorred closets, bar w/bar
stools, $875 utils incl
Industrial Rent
a/c, f/p, view, comm pool, VTA 2+1 west end, close f/p, ft yd, Grdnr. $1800+dep 17,000 sf Fenced Construction
& paint. 5000 Shenandoah T.O. 1+1 + office, nr West- to shopping and buslines. 805-985-9776 VCS244831
$1200 wtr/trash incl gardener. $2,200/mo. N/S. lake, very clean, $850 mo. 805-659-0277 VCS244121 yard in Montalvo by hwy 101
805-529-6655 VCS244112 bike to the beach $1195 OXN S. Clean, quiet, small
805-320-2257 VCS245201 627 805-498-0052 or 805-405-3567
VTA E 2000+sf 4+3 2 master
room in home, kitch/lndry
$1,400/mo. Avail July 1st.
805-340-5628 VCS242703
OXN 3+3 newer privs $450+dep 805-844-5531
VTA 3+1.5 completely Houses Unfurnished NEWBURY PARK $1700 2BR
house, utils incl. Lg living construction w/too many stes. New, new new every- VCS243703 CAMARILLO 675 to 4480sf
upgraded, 1 car garage, T.O. 4+2 w/view, great loc, upgrades to mention $2200 thing! $2300 w/grdnr. N/S/P warehouse, office and
room & kitch. Shower BA, new paint, N/S. Avail 7/15. OXN S & N. Master +3
fenced patio, w/d hook ups, ½ garage. No yard. 805-477-0031 VCS244156 bathroom. No auto. Call
walk to Kimball Park & 1000 Oaks Executive Home $2,100/mo+sec. 805-495-5042 PT HUE 3+2 w/office, on bdrm, $500-$750. Utils pd. 805-649-4857 VCS242961
Beautiful 4BR+3BA+Family 805-376-2310 VCS243729 VCS244032 VTA E. 3+1.75, Quiet St, lg Sec req, N/S/Pets.
pool. $1,700/mo. Room, separate dining room, a large corner lot. New fam rm, fp, grdnr incl, $1995 805-981-4240 or 805-407-3055 CAM Office/Warehouse 900sf
Call Nancy Boswell Newbury Park T.O. Home 3+2+OFC lrg carpet and paint $2200
2,450 sf. Large yard + RV + sec.805-659-1593; 390-0119 after 4pm VCS243429 SAT tv, internet, electrical,
805-648-9900 VCS244155 side yard, in great Thousand 3+2 kitch w/eating area, wd
CA 3+2 w/1 car garage Avail 7/1. VCS243737 SIMI Lg master, pvt ba,walk security alarm ALL paid.
Oaks location. Close to ALL NEW INSIDE & OUT! flrs, new carpet/paint, yd 805-427-3324 VCS245196
and carport. Tile floors, VTA E. Large (1,675sf) in closet, privs, patio, very

The Lighthouse
schools. $3,150/month Hrdwd flrs., stainless app., w/covered patio, 2 car
garage. Gardener incl. $2500 updated kitch, small 3br, 2ba+Fam. HW floors, clean. $780+sec. Avail Now. INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE
includes gardener and water. garage, RV storage, fenced yd. owner might huge Mstr, Grdnr inc, N/S, 805-522-7687 VCS245211 600sf-2400sf - office, rent or
Call Al at 805-341-3755 or 2 covered patios. Avail 7/1 805-630-9817
VCS244747 consider pets $1750 Pets? Credit chk req’d. Avail lease $650. Oxn. 805-486-8796
805-557-4500 CALL NOW! Open Sat/Sun 1-4 Mid Aug. $1,900. 805-895-7650 VCS244498
VCS244436 SIMI WEST Room with
843 Danvers Circle T.O. Spacious 5+3, with w/d All properties are no pets, VCS244873 private bath. All utilities OXN St Marys Dr, off
CAM 2+2 New Carpet, 805-646-6606 or 805-796-6606 & grdnr incl,quiet neighbrhd. no smoke, 1 year lease incl kitchen & lndry privs.
Paint @ 2138 Chandler St. $650/mo. 805-450-4703 Vineyard near 101 Fwy
VCS244319 Two story, pets ok.$2,795/mo. WLV Prime 3+2+Office PRICE REDUCED!
Near park. Laundry hkups 805-535-5959 VCS243625 Pool, Spa, Views, A/C VCS243903
in Garage $1,500+ Dep- NEWBURY PK Great Area! 805-650-2500 2009 Channelford Rd.
An upstairs Office Suite.
OAC No P/SM. Central 1 story 3+2, a/c, new flring venturahomes T.O. BEDROOM central 1,170sf at $700/mo + Sec Dep.
Ventura $3595 805-300-3883 Jacobson Realty, Inc.
VTA 3+2 upstairs, newly Coast 389-6803 VCS244816 very clean, avail now $2500 air, kitchen/lndry privs, utils
renovated, $1500/mo + 805-402-0028 VCS244916 CROSSROADS Troop PM VCS242952
incl. $650+dep. N/S/P/D. 805-389-4747 VCS243979
dep. 805-612-2674 CAM 3+2 Mission Oaks Area
INVESTMENTS VCS245264 805-551-7905 VCS244227
VCS242990 @ 5315 Heather St., Grdnr OJAI SPECIAL $2100 Large SIMI INDUSTRIAL
300 Esplanade Dr VTA 1 bdrm w/pvt entrance,
VTA Close to beach. $1,350.
Inc. $1,650+ Dep-OAC
No P/SM. Central Coast
4+2, avail now. No pets.
Extra play rm, new int. Suite 580 675 shared ba, pool, N/S/P/D, all
800sf - 5000sf, with office &
warehouse, roll up door,
2bd+2ba+2 car gar, pvt assn
fwy close, new flrs & bath.
389-6803 VCS244814 Incl gardener & water. 805-485-4040 Rentals To Share utils incl. $650/mo.Avail Now.
805-701-5125 VCS244160
terrific location, great
CAM 4+2.5 good loc, patio, 805-794-7437 VCS244269 terms and pricing.
Incls laundry/water/trash. South Oxnard 3+2, VTA E. QUIET Home 2 Rms Mid Valley Properties
805-653-0908 VCS243779 new paint/tile. $2,600/mo+ OXN 3+2+den. Near Base, PT HUE 1 rm avail $650+
dep. Near schools. dbl garage, lndry hook ups, 1 w/pvt bath $450/$650+ 805-527-9632 Ext: 1
fp, fenced yard, recently fenced yard, gardner incl, $150dep+last mo rent, close dep utils incl. N/S/P/D VCS244525
VTA Single Story 2br, large 805-419-4755 VCS244263 remodeled. $1,795/mo. to Base & beach, N/S/D/P.
pet considered $1675 (805)302-1522 VCS245117
att 2 car gar, large patio, f/p, 818-706-1010 VCS244675 805-279-9939 VCS243094
pool & spa. N/S/P. $1600+dep
CAM 4+3+3 car. Mission
VTA Furnished Room nr VC
Oaks area 4808 Via Sequoia OXN 3br, 2ba, den, 2 gar. VCS243540 3970sf warehouse/office,
310-560-9680 VCS244915 $2800+$4000 sec. Avail now VTA 2+1 $1,525/mo includes full privs, $600 incl utils, dep
New paint & carpet. water/trash/grdnr, fenced yd 2 RR, 2 extra lg loading drs,
805-377-2121 VCS244939 & ref’s req’d. NO smoke/pets.
VTA TODD RANCH II 677 Close to 101 fwy/Victoria,
3310 L St. $1,750+dep. 714-508-7927 or Cell 805-650-8238 VCS244588
3+1.5 End Unit, xlnt cond, CAM 5+3 ADOLFO GLEN Call 805-482-5532 VCS243900 949-533-9277 VCS243918 Great terms. Front Unit
Rooms For Rent VTA Lg Room for two $795
arecloserthan Marc @ 818-636-1127
balcony, nice yd/patio, pool on cul-de-sac, $2500/mo
quiet area. N/S/P $1650 includes gardener. Sue OXN 4+3, 3 car, fm rm, encl or for one $695 cable/util/ VCS244563
805-642-5456 VCS243807
VTA W. 2+1.5 2 sty, attached
626-441-4651 VCS243926 yard, $2200+sec dep, grdnr
incl, no pets & no smoking.
805-988-9932 VCS245027
youthink. VTA 2+1 MIDTOWN, large
CAM 2 rms for rent, $750
mstr & $500 share 1 1/2
internet incl. Near beach
714-746-9499 VCS243987 VTA Industrial Space
gar, w/d hkups, large yard, CAM Exclusive & pvt 3+2 bath + dep & util, VTA Lg Room for two $795 800sf-5000sf, with office &
single story on 3/4 acre lot spacious upstairs unit, deck, or for one $695 cable/util/ warehouse, roll up door,
f/p, nice interior $1550 N/P OXN C.I. Marina 2 sty 4+2.5 gar, lndry $1450+sec.Avail 805-484-9898 VCS244609
805-794-7437 VCS244270 w/canyon views. $2,950/mo att 2 car, boat dock, lg internet incl. Near beach terrific location, great
Esquire Property Mngmt 7-1. 805-651-9077 VCS243832 CAM 55+, room with house 714-746-9499 VCS244899 terms and pricing.
deck, $2600+sec Avail 8-1
WESTLAKE VILLAGE 2+2 805-651-9077 VCS244425 privs,$600/mo+dep, utils pd. VTA ROOM FOR RENT Mid Valley Properties
1 story, $1,700+sec, small pet 973-RENT VCS244968 805-419-4911 VCS245215 in 4 bedroom house w/spa, 805-527-9632 Ext:1
ok, 1,200 sqft. 805-338-9125 OXN Cute 3+1 lg yard, new VCS244531
CAM - MISSION OAKS 3+2 crpt/paint, 910 S. H St. CAM Detached Guest House no smoke/pets $575+ utils
VCS242742 1 bdrm avail. $1000, incl utils 805-807-1437 VCS244751
Community pool, $1,950/mo, Only $1595 Bkr 805-385-5600 VTA 2+1 near both WLV 1875-4000sf Office &
WESTLAKE VILLAGE 3 BR $2,000/dep. 805-216-9188 or 805-377-1459 VCS242822 hospitals, completely N/S/P. Ref’s req’d. VTA Room near Mall and Warehouse Available.
2.5 BA. Desirable loc. Large VCS243985 redone, wood floors, water/ Call 805-901-7707 VCS243700 Beach, quiet, N/S/P, $525/mo Beautiful park. $1.05-$1.20
townhome, 2200 sqft. View of OXN N. 4+3, 3 car gar, up- trash paid, w/d hook ups, CAM House Rms, 10 mins to +dep, incls cable. Lve Msg NNN. Janet 805-496-1304
CAM MOBILE ESTATES graded kitchen, hardwood
stream. Community pool. 2 bdrm home (built 2006) no dogs. $1395/mo. CSUCI full hse privs, pvt & 805-642-3616 VCS244614 VCS244983
$3,400/mo. 818-991-9636 or floors, new carpet close to Call Nancy Boswell share ba $540-up 805-310-8040

Thursday, July 8, 2010

2 full baths, fully equipped all $2650/mo 805-901-2560
805-630-5278 VCS244385 w/new appliances. Spa/Pool 805-648-9900 VCS244093 christina_cbanker@
& recreation center. $1400
Online VCS243242
683 887
621 water, cable tv, trash incl
One person must be 55+.
OXN N. 4+3 near golf
course, yard w/gazebo. garagesalemap CAM Single Furn, pvt entry
Wanted To Rent Stores/Offices
in room fridge, micro, TV,
Duplexes Rent/Lease
Unfurnished CAM
805-320-6430 VCS242999 $2250/mo+sec incl grndr
available July 10th
805-273-6111 VCS243596
everyFridayp.m. near Leisure Vlg & stores,
$780/mo or $400 bi wkly
NEED A QUIET PLACE in APPROX 600-830 sq ft
Old Town Charmer 805-857-0310 VCS244639
CAM Pets/Smoking Ok 3 acs $1550. - 2+1, garage, lg yard, OXN SHORES 3+2, f/p, new CAM Spanish Hills room
Oxnard or Pt Hueneme.
Non smoker, non drinker.
$400 - $550 per month
575 Dawson Drive Cam
1+1, 2 att car deck $1000+
utils+dep 805-901-7299
gardener incl. N/P/N/S
805-504-9752 122 Fir St.
paint, refurb kitch/granite,
beach ½ blk $1950 Toni, garagesales w/pvt bath. $550mo+$200dep
Avail Now. 805-443-0015
$550/mo. Need a place
sometime by Aug 1.
2nd floor offices
Crossroads Inv (805)485-4040
482-8576 VCS243021 VCS243826 Bkr 805-984-3613 VCS243812 VCS245295 805-816-7610 VCS244473
VCS1234 56 –––––––
––––––––SSIC CAR ‘60
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
CLA int, new
ne, new pa
Rebuilt engi included, must sell.
stereo, dice
VCS1234–– 56 ––––
"8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!* 29

WANTED: Buyers and sellers. To advertise
(800) 221-7827
887 Recreation 936 945 968 977 980 986
Stores/Offices 900-945 Motorhomes/RV RV / Motorhome Auto Under $1000 Auto For Sale Classics/Antiques/ Trucks For Sale
Rent/Lease Service Specialty
S. Oxn 1 to 3 room offices
280-525sf Saviers Rd. Incl
in Simi Valley
Silver, custom wheels,
Jaguar XK, Triumph TR,
Porsche 356, early 911,
3500 Dually $14,000 Off MSRP
Includes $8,000 dlr. disct,
utils. Mint Cond. Wall to
wall crpt, pvt patio, 1st COACH Open for Business!
850 W. Los Angeles Ave
fully loaded, excellent
condition.$9,000. (5FVD802)
Wanted any year or cond.
415-227-0144 VCS245020
$5,000 factory rebate & $1,000
GMAC down payment.
Assistance 2WD & 4x4’s avail
floor. $400/mo-$700
Rodgers Management 2002 - 40’ We have it all...Propane,
Dump Station (Public and
VCS245167 CAD Brougham 1993
Triple black, CELEBRITY,
4 to choose: id #’s: 143021,
141084, 143093 & 143292.
805-985-0044 VCS243406 909 Private) Wash, Air/Water
JAGUAR XJR 1999 2 car phones, loaded. runs Silver Star Chevrolet
Almost everything and Windshield Cleaning 805-267-3100 VCS245263
Boats automatic. New Station, and Ice Vending. SUPERCHARGER xlnt, 69k miles $65,998/obo.
805-499-4956 (3CIB595)
Secure and Fully Paved. White, low 18” profile tires, FORD F150 ‘03 XLT Crew
Signage Retail/Beauty/Day
Spa/Pilates. Hi-End Office,
New building. Deck w/view
15’ BAYLINER ‘80 Lake Ca-
tires, battery. Low
mileage. 1 owner.
Choice Spaces Available.
Need 100,000 mi, 8 cyl, 370HP
$14,499 (5jlr907)
VCS243054 Cab, short, V8 Triton, auto,
111K, tow, CD, p/w, good
sitas ready. 88HP out- 805-987-3650 VERY FAST! cond/1 owner $6500 (7e56169
Visible from fwy, easy
access. 600sf - 1200sf. Mike
805-320-2128 VCS244892
board. Lots of extras $2700
CF6343GV 805-659-1489
No smoking or pets.
$140,000 value for
Extra VCS244271 CHEVY
805-530-3816 VCS243621



$90,000. Health
forces sale. (102629) Transportation LEXUS-400 LS 1990
pearl white 2 tone paint,
Restoration project,
FORD F-250 ‘90
Dual fuel tanks, 460 engine,
Santa Rosa Plaza
3400sf. Dave Press
Model, seats 8-9, built-in
ice chest, lots of storage
Stan 805-794-3363
VCS244681 950-998 $$$$$$$$$$ all pwr, factory tinted
windows, 295k mi,$4950/obo
100 miles on rebuilt engine
$4,500/obo Call 805-625-5016
(774KT) VCS242478
runs good. 6 CD, toolbox
$2200/obo 805-639-0912
310-553-6512 VCS242383 $7800/obo 805-643-0438 serious callers only please
(CF9911NW) VCS243384 805-216-6150 (6LON828) VCS243351
CAM Small Office Space
Avail, Great Central Loc. 21’ SEASWIRL 210 2005,
WE VCS244806 Convertible runs xln’t, white
& black interior, clean. New
401 Mobil Ave 1st Floor,
392sf - $490/mo. Central
bow rider, 220hp 5.0 V8, I/O
w/Volvo outdrive, Trailrite
trailer, like new. Only 10 hrs.
22,000 miles, good BUY MERCEDES Tonneau cover. Xln’t a/c.
$2,500. Lic#2fxs324. In Oxn
Detroit motor, 2 axis, 477,000
condition, runs well, miles, 22.5 tires, 10 gear
Coast 389-6803 VCS242417
Pd $30,992. Asking $21,150
(cf8632rh) 805-579-9849 sleeps 6, AC, heater CARS BENZ ‘05 C240
805-988-1916 VCS242932
trans ,sleeper, ac/heat,
962 $15,000 obo (9E09107)
Erringer Plaza Office Spc
1100, 2200, 3300sf.
VCS243457 generator. $13,000.
(3CJL270) Auto Parts & running Mercedes Benz C240. V6,
34,000 Original Miles, No
or Cabriolet ‘54 thru ‘71
805-524-1811 VCS243343
Simi Industrial
625, 1600, 1950, 2100 John
805-526-5260 VCS243202 $9000
Services or not. Accidents, One Owner,
Clear Title, Well Main-
190SL, 230SL, 250SL, 280SL,
300SL 220S/SE, 250SE,
280SE Convertible Any cond. 989
Twin 327 Chevy Enegine - tained. Drives Great, 510-638-7221 VCS242152
Elec head, power water, FLEETWOOD FIESTA 2006 FORD 351 Can’t find Looks Beautiful. Classy 4x4 Vehicles
The Lighthouse

EXECUTIVE SUITE with 29J. 1 owner, 2,400 miles, Light Blue Metallic with
reception room and supply sleeps 4, large deck and COBRA JET
room in E. Ventura $350 cockpit. Xlnt cond in & out camping ready, warr exp.
4 BBL / 4 bolt main,
the pink or Beige Leather Interior.
New Brakes, Power
or Cabriolet ‘54 thru ‘71 TOYOTA 4X4 PICK UP ‘89
VENTURA 805-647-2326 7/2011. $44,000 negotiable.
805-340-1371 VCS242813
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• (franúed). 805-758-0612 or incls all accessories registration? Steering, Climate Con- 190SL, 230SL, 250SL, 280SL, extra cab, SR5, white, 170K
trol. Always Garaged, 300SL 220S/SE, 250SE, mi. $2000/OBO 805-581-1532
LARGE FURNISHED VCS243860 805-488-3897 VCS244861
orig cond, partially No problem! Paint in Excellent Condi- 280SE Convertible Any cond. (014409) VCS245261
OFFICE - AGOURA HILLS FOREST River Cedar Creek disassembled, needs 510-638-7221 VCS245021
Reception & secretarial area Daydreamer ‘06 5th wheel To get the best tion. 572859
rebuild. 1st $900.00 VIN: WDBRF61J35F572859
break room, security system 918 Beautiful! 39’, 3 slides, 2 deal, call us first! Vehicle Information: WANTED: FORD Mustang 992
installed, fax line incl. $950. a/c’s, 5.5 Onan gen, refrig takes it. 805-529-5529 2005 MERCEDES-BENZ
Contact: 818-865-1088 Campers/Trailers w/ice maker, Kingdome VCS244285 805-582-2515 C240 SEDAN 4 DR 2.6L
‘64 Thru ‘68 Coupe,
Convertible, FB, any cond Vans
VCS242739 sat autoseek, surround
sound, much, much more. 213-700-3116 V6 SFI SOHC 18V REAR
510-568-5114 VCS245022

35ft 5th Wheel, 2 year
Asking $48,500/obo. Chevy
2500 Duramax ‘05 diesel Greatbuys 24 hrs/7 days
Serge - 805-654-0273
WANTED: FORD Mustang FORD Converted Van 1979
Good cond inside, sofa bed &
1000 - 55,000 SF
warranty, 2 pop-outs $16,999
must sell (64865)
tow vehicle also avail. For
pics: arecloserthan VCS242793
‘64 Thru ‘68 Coupe,
Convertible, FB, any cond frig, motor replaced once.
Price 4 quick sale. #078ZCA.
500 - 5,000 SF
805-657-1117 VCS245054
2008 HALLMARK Enclosed
805-437-6181 (192357)
VCS243609 youthink. MINI
510-568-5114 VCS242196
805-484-1578 VCS245098

Sunbelt Enterprises Trailer 7x12, xln’t cond, used HY-LINE ‘06 5th Whl
977 John Cooper
VCS244858 3 times, $2,900obo. 3 jumbo slides, sleeps 8, Auto For Sale Works Edition 985 995
805-445-9536 VCS244254
washer & dryer,
microwave, jumbo a/c,
Convertible, white/blue top,
dk blue interior, absolutely
Sport Utility Vehicles Wanted Vehicles
360 sqft. Available. non-smoker, many extras, BMW DINAN 3, 2004, beautiful, less then 11,000
Excellent terms & pricing. 933 Mint Condition ,$31,500/obo 325ci, stage 2 dinan, 45k mi, miles, $18,000 (5UVP593) NISSAN MURANO SL’06 4 dr CASH FOR YOUR
Mid Valley Properties
805-527-9632 Ext: 1 Motorcycles And (54242p) 818-679-7985
gray/blk 5spd sprt pkg,
spoilr, cust whls/stereo, xlnt
Call 818-926-1166 VCS243216 V6, slate grey, runs/looks
great $11,900 (5PL679)
‘90 or newer. Any condition.
VCS244527 Equipment TIOGA 31M 2005 - 5k miles,
cond, all recs. $22K/obo.
Leave msg (323) 712-8007
NISSAN ALTIMA ‘09 only 805-300-3008 VCS242195 818-577-6799 VCS244781
6k mi! Like new. White with
VTA Offices & Flex Spaces HARLEY ELECTRA GLIDE many extras, $43,000. 5GMS770 VCS244480 leather $23,900 (9kjs149) CASH FOR YOUR
Street Signage 1554, 1632,1776 CLASSIC ‘99 full dress, twin (5nnk300). 805-498-5482 or 805-379-2130 VCS243931 RANGE ROVER ‘92
sf on corner of Telephone cam 88, 5 speed, 60k mi, 805-405-8053 VCS245280 VEHICLE RV/Boat
& Market Central Coast black, chrome, super clean. DODGE NEON NISSAN ALTIMA ‘95 - auto,
HSE, creme, 89k, loaded,
o/b-running/not veh

just smogged, tags thru
389-6803 VCS245057 $7,500. Lic# 14z9178. 2005 SXT ‘89-up RV ‘91-down
full pwr, clean, runs xlnt, 6-11. Good cond $4000.
805-208-8935 VCS243924 35mpg, new tires. $1,800obo 805-984-1260 (3TNR653) 1-800-613-5410 VCS243915
VTA Office Space ______________ garagesalemap Auto, tinted windows, gray #2H5L73. 805-253-6006 VCS243601
Beautiful units from 474sf- with black interior, A/C, VCS244922
1687sf. Great terms and Original Goldwing 21,894 mi, CD player, automatic front
pricing. Now Available! windows manual back. NISSAN Sentra ‘06 4 cyl, 1.8l,
turquiose, inactive since
Mid Valley Properties
Create your own ad online Runs Great! 99k fwy miles. auto, fwd, p/dl, tilt, 55k mi, 986
805-527-9632 Ext: 1
2002, will require TLC
$2000 805-217-6796 (009083)
at $4,500. Lic#5mwd040 cruise $8900 805-963-6746
(3N1CB5) VCS244801 Trucks For Sale
VCS244528 VCS244920
garagesales Brent 714-315-0193
VCS242611 loan calculator to project
Thursday, July 8, 2010

TOYOTA ‘01 MR2 Spyder

HONDA TRIKE FORD MUSTANG GT ‘06 au- Convertible, silver, $7,000. CHEVROLET Pick Up ‘88
nice truck, runs good,
monthly payments.
to, blue, 5400 mi, 1 owner,
2005 - Candy Red 85k miles. Lic# 4TYZ124 many extras, low oil
through hundreds of homes for sale
3,200 mi (407623) 942 968
18” polished aluminum fac-
tory wheels Must see!
John 805-297-5272
VCS244577 pressure, $1500 (6l73570)
using local MLS. Visit
805-527-2914 Off Road Vehicles Auto Under $1000
$17,995. 805-527-1673 805-581-1917 VCS245107
HONDA XR 400 street legal FORD T-BIRD ‘97 LX 66k, 135k,auto 4 cyl,no leaks, new CHEVY 1500 1994
YAMAHA WARRIOR QUAD has 440 kit mukuni carb FORD EXPLORER ‘92 1 owner, auto, V8, cruise, brakes,shocks,tune up, trans. Lumber rack, shell, tow
350, 2000. Only 16 hours. exel wheels 4 gal tank runs 190k, auto, has blown head loaded, am/fm cass, tilt, service, smogged. $2350/obo pkg, runs great. New
$2,500. 805-208-3662 great much more call gasket $900/obo 805-665-9043 xlnt shape $2800 (2769FDP) (2vhf270) 805-443-4377 tires. $3150. (120549)
VCS244420 805-341-6829 VCS243606 (2ZLW396) VCS243977 805-530-3816 VCS243623 VCS242934 805-890-4576 VCS243282
VCS1234 56 –––––––
––––––––OOL TABLE
3!/7 78! 0-4 &5('!: 7$ $#"!# 2&# :!%!61! 2##676$&2) #!726)9,
P pockets.
ather drop
Prof size, le and balls included.
30 Cues , rack
VCS123456 ––––––––
– "8$7$9 2&# ($:! + 2)) 9!&7 #6:!%7). 7$ .$5: ($'6)! #!16%!*
Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks
Lease a New Scion vehicle through a participating Scion dealership with less than 6,000 miles on the odometer through Sept 30, 2010.
Scion thanks the men and women of the U.S. Military for their service and dedication to defending our country. If you are a member of the U.S. Military with current active duty status or an inactive reservist, you may qualify for a $1,000 rebate towards the purchase or lease of
a new Scion when financed or leased through a participating Scion dealer and Toyota Financial Services (TFS). [1] The Military Rebate can now be combined with the Scion Pure Lease program or applied toward the purchase of a new 2010 Scion. See dealer for details.


36 EVERY 2010 X D

129 08
MODEL #6233


$15,924 Lease
FOR ONLY... Per Mo
Plus Tax
36 months. Drive off of $3,000.00 cash plus $1,000.00 Military rebate, total $4,000.00 due at signing. 15c per mile in excess
of 12K miles per year. On approved Tier 1+ credit. No security deposit required.

1000 EVERY 2010 X B



The Lighthouse
159 95


$16,574 Lease
FOR ONLY... Per Mo
Plus Tax
36 months. Drive off of $2,500.00 cash plus $1,000.00 Military rebate, total $3,500.00 due at signing. 15c per mile in excess
of 12K miles per year. On approved Tier 1+ credit. No security deposit required.


36 EVERY 2010 t C

179 59
MODEL #6221


$17,670 Lease
FOR ONLY... Per Mo
Plus Tax
36 months. Drive off of $3,000.00 cash plus $1,000.00 Military rebate, total $4,000.00 due at signing. 15c per mile in excess
of 12K miles per year. On approved Tier 1+ credit. No security deposit required.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thousand Oaks Scion
Thousand Oaks
2321 Thousand
School Rd.

Oaks Bl.



2321 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Sales Toll Free: 866 -871-0105

15 Min.
From Simi City of Thousand Oaks
Valley CIVIC

Contact our web site at... 20 Min. From
Oxnard From LA

*All cars subject to prior sale and on approved credit. Prices do not include any charges for Government fees and taxes, any finance charges, $55.00 dealer document prepara-
tion charges, any emission testing charge, $8.75 tire charge. No rental companies or dealers. Offer ends Wed, June 9, 2010. **Military rebate can be combined with other factory
rebates. See dealer for details. Military rebate ends Jan 3, 2011. 31
$ Cash $

“Gold hits
Gold & Diamonds Price Ever”
ewser 10-6-2009

10KT-14KT-18KT W Purchase
Anything Gold Class Rings, Pins, Paying up to
Highest Prices Paid Earrings Wedding Bands, $25,000 for 2.00ct Diamonds
$10,000 for 1.00ct Diamonds
Free Quotes Diamond Bands $3,000 for .50ct Diamonds
(Done in Private)
Scrap Gold, ETC. No Collection
TToo Large or Small.
Contact our courteous,
George Thompson Estate Dept.
The Lighthouse

Camarillo Target George Thompson Knowledgeable buyers who will

Outlets Center Diamond Co. assist you to attain more money
Trusted 309 W.Ventura Blvd. Camarillo, CA 93066 than you can imagine.
L.A. 101 Freeway Santa
Since 1977
805 388-5750 Carmen Dr. Los Posas Dr. Central Ave.
Open Mon-SAT 10-5:30


75 W. Channel Islands Blvd. 529 W. Ventura St.

$ 99
805-984-4344 805-524-1600
Serving Port Hueneme, Serving Fillmore & Piru

460 Pleasant Valley Rd. 805-933-2771
-3#3$2$ 5'" "9 $"9;***';%! 6277;65 )81 -814(* 805-488-8101
-.#3$" !; !"6 " $,6&/2#:2; 5; 627;93$"6 )-+0( Serving South Oxnard & OJAI
Point Mugu 105 E. El Roblar Dr.
Get the free app. for your phone at NORTH OXNARD Serving the Ojai Valley &
2581 E. Vineyard Ave. Lake Casitas
Obtén esta aplicación para tu teléfono gratis en Serving CAMARILLO
OR ORDER ONLINE North Oxnard & El Rio 3661 Las Posas Rd.
O PIDE POR INTERNET 805-383-6666
CENTRAL OXNARD Serving Camarillo & CSUCI
Domino’s Pizza is number one in customer satisfaction in a 2009 survey of consumers of the U.S. largest limited service restaurants, according to the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index™ (ACSI).
1259 Saviers Rd.
Must purchase at least 2 pizzas. Our drivers carry less than $20. You must ask for this limited time offer. Prices, participation, delivery area and charges may vary. Returned checks, along with the state’s maximum allowable returned check fee, may be electronically presented to your bank.
©2009 Domino’s IP Holder LLC. Domino’s®, Domino’s Pizza® and the modular logo are registered trademarks of Domino’s IP Holder LLC. 805-487-5363 VENTURA
Serving Central 1017 N. Ventura Ave.
6="'%=9G D4I97= HIG I??"G1 A'H'(=@ @="'%=9G I9=I)1 6="'%=9G D4I97= HIG I??"G1 A'H'(=@ @="'%=9G I9=I)1 6="'%=9G D4I97= HIG I??"G1 A'H'(=@ @="'%=9G I9=I)1 6="'%=9G D4I97= HIG I??"G1 A'H'(=@ @="'%=9G I9=I)1
Oxnard & La Colonia 805-648-1100
Serving West Ventura,
Downtown & Beaches
8I)4 %I"&= ,0*/31 59'D=) HIG %I9G1 -I! HIG I??"G1 >'E'H&H ?&9D4I)= 9=<&'9=@1

8I)4 %I"&= ,0*/31 59'D=) HIG %I9G1 -I! HIG I??"G1 >'E'H&H ?&9D4I)= 9=<&'9=@1

8I)4 %I"&= ,0*/31 59'D=) HIG %I9G1 -I! HIG I??"G1 >'E'H&H ?&9D4I)= 9=<&'9=@1

8I)4 %I"&= ,0*/31 59'D=) HIG %I9G1 -I! HIG I??"G1 >'E'H&H ?&9D4I)= 9=<&'9=@1

28 17 9
$ 99 $ 99 $ 99
5100 Telegraph Rd., Ste. H.
B *//2 6CH'EC#) +5 .C"@=9 AA81 ;C( %I"'@ $'(4 IEG C(4=9 C::=91

B *//2 6CH'EC#) +5 .C"@=9 AA81 ;C( %I"'@ $'(4 IEG C(4=9 C::=91

B *//2 6CH'EC#) +5 .C"@=9 AA81 ;C( %I"'@ $'(4 IEG C(4=9 C::=91

B *//2 6CH'EC#) +5 .C"@=9 AA81 ;C( %I"'@ $'(4 IEG C(4=9 C::=91

5 99
each! Serving Foothill Areas &
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Plus Tax Plus Tax Plus Tax Plus Tax

6346 5311 5028 Ventura College
N. of 126 Fwy.

2 Medium 2 Large 2-Topping

Pizzas, 1 Order of
2 Large 1 Large Pizza 2950 Johnson Dr.

2-Topping Cheesy Bread & 1-Topping With Up To 805-658-9911

Serving E. Ventura,

Pizzas a 2-Liter of Pizzas 2 Toppings Saticoy & Montalvo

S. of 126 Fwy.
Minimum 2 or More.
Deep Dish Extra. Deep Dish Extra. Deep Dish Extra. Deep Dish Extra. MOORPARK
Limited Time Offer. Limited Time Offer. Limited Time Offer. Limited Time Offer.
OPEN FOR LUNCH, 481 E. High St.
FI"'@ $'(4 DC&?CE CE"G I( ?I9('D'?I('E7 )(C9=)1 FI"'@ $'(4 DC&?CE CE"G I( ?I9('D'?I('E7 )(C9=)1 FI"'@ $'(4 DC&?CE CE"G I( ?I9('D'?I('E7 )(C9=)1 FI"'@ $'(4 DC&?CE CE"G I( ?I9('D'?I('E7 )(C9=)1 DINNER & LATE NIGHT 805-523-3030