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Presented by: Amaury Arsenic Cerquera Jonathan Montilla Jonathan Cabrera Losada
Juan Carlos Muñoz Magda Fernanda Perdomo José Heriberto Ramos Vargas Stefany Z
apata Idien Santa Marly
SENA National Learning Service NEIVA - HUILA 2007
Through this project will open a small door to knowledge which involves the inte
rnal composition of PCs, showing each component parts, and giving visual form as
it assembles and disassembles a PC, it is well known that the parts a computer
less known by the users reside within the CPU or central processing unit, so thi
s is a clear and didactic way that will inform the user each component, its role
and importance within it. In the everyday environment is led to a fear regardin
g the management and handling of PCs, for fear that in time to solve, problems g
enerated is therefore to be counseled so they lose that fear, showing users that
there are programs courses and various forms for training in the management, ma
intenance of PC.
To present the user with the component parts of the PC and how to handle these p
roducts safely and correctly, let them know the importance of skilled hands are
qualified to perform this task, the disassembly and disassembly of the PC. Imply
ing the importance of good aeration of the computer in the workplace and must te
ll the computer to function properly.
1. Show the components of the PC and its importance. 2. Display the disassembly
and assembly of PC. 3. Advice to the user in handling the PC. 4. Make available
the tools and their importance in the handling of PCs in May. To present potenti
al problems of PCs and how to identify them.
How to assemble and disassemble a computer? Today we see how people are concerne
d about it ahead of the technology and many have computers but many of them do n
ot even know the inside of it is hence the need to introduce to people the right
way to assemble those parts that component, the position of these parts and car
e should be taken into account when assembling and disassembling a computer.
We use three computer equipment, two desktops and a laptop. The two desktops wil
l be used to test assembly and disassembly. With the laptop via a program to sho
w them to people as a team is assembled parts and the position of them. Will be
held at a certain time the assembly of those teams telling people how to do it s
ince many people do not even know a computer on the inside is there that we sena
learners are going to show what we do and provide our service to benefit from t