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Internet is a network of computers that allows us to exchange global communicati

ons allows us to make things easier. It is a network that connects networks that
consists of several computers that can exchange information between them is a h
uge network they are linked by telephone lines or otherwise also. the Internet h
as helped the world most industries primarily companies public relations student
s from all economic and business level. and uses the internet from the smallest
we can see that the internet is in all corners of the world and every day has im
proved more. Since this leads to all persons of any social class. Internetel her
itage protection system in the United States to maintain its military computers
connected in the event of military attack and the destruction of one or more com
puter networks. Another factor that significantly influenced the recent populari
ty of the Internet is the World Wide Web or Word Wide Web (WWW) in English. The
WWW allows to display graphics and use the mouse to "navigate" (visit) places on
the Internet. Internet is also, as discussed in other articles, e-mail, discuss
ion groups, chat channels, file libraries and programs, chat etc. To connect to
the internet is very basic Internet is a form of communication that is changing
the world, has its pros and cons like everything in this life, to be sure there
is only one hand in the order information is very effective, although Television
and radio are most common things yet. It is very useful in education but in tra
de highlights one of the best benefits is that of updates, letting you always ke
ep your software upgraded and ready for anything new. And not to mention other e
-mail you receive, and thanks to him for free to send your mail anywhere in the
world. And there are viruses that can easily infect you the program.
Internet also has some search engines to find easy, fast but first we must know
to look but one of the best is Google, in the address bar
of your browser
Here we write it to be faster to search and enter or search with google,
This table tells how many pages I'm viewing. You must write well, complete words
. No matter if you type uppercase or lowercase does not matter the order of the
words eg. Internet or internet course Course Estael mayor of words eg. internt w
rite it appears to him Did you mean: internet and is given to correct click also
can translate not perfect but may be useful [translate this page], also exist i
n other similar advanced search search engines such as Yahoo, Alltheweb, and MSN
. To go to advanced search to search you have to go normal and right of the box
you will see a link that says search.
Today no one can imagine an Internet search engine. Today search engines do thei
r homework so incredibly effective. You can search for anything you can think ve
ry quickly and accurately. Must also acknowledge some limitations, for example,
have difficulties to find in the pages generated dynamically using ASP, PHP, Jav
a, etc., Because these pages are stored differently on the servers.
In this we need.
ALSO IS THE MSN OF MICROSOFT: Estefue created in
2004, Microsoft created its own search engine this is looking so well
each improvement. It almost has the same screen of yahoo the only difference is
that to find given the option to click more.
There are many search engines, but these are the most commonly used. There are h
undreds of general search engines
Popular browsers
The most common. â ¢ â ¢ Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox in years before Netscape
was formed in 1993 The Firefox browser is a very modern and interesting because
it has open new Web pages.
It is a means used by internet is very important to communicate anywhere in the
world is Hotmail @. Com,, etc.:
This is one advantage of studying online because when the student has any proble
ms can communicate via chat. No travel is an advantage for some who are in isola
ted locations because this is alone in a place no timetable as it is at any time
. This can be cheaper. There are also some disadvantages can be the computer int
ernet connection to your computer. Have good programs,€as a player, Media Playe
r etc. an important recommendation is the virus, therefore, every time you copy
something in our computer can be copied also a virus. The most common routes of
infection are: e-mail. Downloaded Internet files. Internet files downloaded via
ftp. Copy diskettes, CD, etc. Visit web pages. Using discussion groups. Using ne
ï ¶ There is less free space on your hard disk without us we record files. ï ¶ compu
ter files disappear. ï ¶ messages or strange graphics appear on the screen. ï ¶ pres
sing a key does not work correctly. ï ¶ Some files are renamed. ï ¶ The CD opens and
closes itself. The Internet also gives us great advantages and can also be purc
hased through the internet, but beware of. Many scams that can make us also ther
e are websites that offer products and low prices are not legally dubious recome preferable to buy the same companies in the country because that same
report fraud or drawbacks that have Tambiénpuedo create blogs. Blogs is a webs
ite that contains multiple text entries or items that can be updated on a regula
r basis are used as a personal journal that anyone who creates it can convey the
ir ideas to the world anyone can read and comment
It is a network of networks of millions of computers around the globe, but the o
pposite of what you think internet common mind is not synonymous with World Wide
Web Site is only part of the internet, is just one of the services offered by t
he Internet.
We have said that the information available from internet resides on servers or
hosts are network computers that have specific programs, server software that al
lows them to deliver information over the Internet or the servers that allow you
access to your information via internet
Internet can do just about anything in the activity the limiting factor in provi
ding Internet services is the bandwidth or speed of data transmission if there i
s not enough wide band.
To connect to the internet several elements there are some elements that vary de
pending on the type of connection you choose one that is common and we will see
in a generic manner and when we talk about different elements of each type of co
nnection the way we will see carved in general need a terminal, a modem connecti
on, a promoter