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Arcade Pool II

8 Ball Pool (US) Rules

1 Game Objective
The objective of this game is for an individual player to pot all the balls of their
particular group (spot or stripe). They must then legally pot the 8 ball in a nominated
pocket to win the game.

2 Game Start
i The breaking player must strike the cue ball from anywhere behind the head string
and either pot an object ball from the triangle, or make at least four individual object
balls strike any cushion. Failure to do this will result in an illegal break and the balls
will then be re-racked. The same player will then restart the game completely by
breaking again. For a break to be legal the cue ball must strike the first or second
balls in the triangle prior to it striking any cushion.

ii If the 8 ball is potted from the break then this will result in an instant win for the player.

iii If a player legally pots an object ball other than the cue ball or the 8 ball then this will
determine their allocated group. They may continue with their turn until either the
player fails to pot a ball from their group or commits any kind of foul.

iv If a foul occurs resulting in an illegal break then all the balls are re-racked. The
opposing player will as a result then perform a break from anywhere behind the head
string. If however the break is legal but a foul still occurs any object balls residing
behind the head string may not be subsequently struck with the cue ball.

v If balls are potted from both groups on a break then the table remains open. The
player may then shoot any available ball on the table to determine their preferred
group. In continuance, if two balls of the same group are again subsequently potted
then the table will still remain in an open state. Should a player incur a foul shot from
this then the table will remain open for the opposing player.

vi If a player legally strikes their own ball group and pots one of the opponent group this
does not constitute an illegal shot. However play is then handed over to the opposing

3 Fouls
i Pocketing the cue ball, either directly or indirectly off another ball.

ii Failure to make the cue ball strike any object ball.

iii Causing the cue ball to strike an opponents ball, prior to striking a ball of the players
own group.

iv Failure to cause any ball (including the cue ball) to make contact with any cushion
after striking a ball of the players own group. If a ball is subsequently potted then this
is considered as striking a cushion and the shot is legal.
4 Award Following A Foul

After any foul described under section 3, the opposing player is awarded the cue ball
in hand. As a result they may place and play it anywhere on the table except for when
rule 2iv applies. They must strike at a ball from their own group however.

5 Game Loss
i If a player pots the 8 ball in a pocket other than the nominated pocket.

ii If a player pots the 8 ball in a pocket prior to potting all balls of their own group except
for when rule 2ii applies.

iii If the cue ball or an object ball is potted at the same time as the 8 ball, then the player
will lose the game.

6 General

The game is ended when the 8 ball is potted in a nominated pocket and all the
remaining balls including the cue ball have come to rest.