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The so-called "case Pehringer" means a following the suicide of the football fun
ctionary Hans Pehringer in January 2008 became known Austrian football scandal,
which focuses on the issue of financing of the SV Bad Aussee (essentially) in th
e years 2000 to 2007 stands. The overall financial dimension of the case can be
difficult for several reasons final opinion is expected, but - depending on the
estimate - between € 200,000 - € 600,000 and are situated. From the outset, in t
he affair, the question of cross-connections to the town of Bad Aussee. Regional
interest the case was heard by the person for many years at SV Bad Aussee as Pr
esident and Board President Dieter Hundt, President of German employers make.
Executive Summary
While the reasons for the suicide Pehringers first completely in the dark, lay a
rose soon indications that these may have to do with his years of working with S
V Bad Aussee. Over the years he had received huge amounts of private funds, and
probably also in another club (the club crossbowmen Bad Aussee - Unterkainisch)
embezzled, which - as the detective later proved - clearly not flowed into priva
te property. Because very soon former coach, player specifications, etc., they h
ad again and again by Pehringer - apparently called the SV Bad Aussee received -
money, the club managers were contacted by the family. Relatively quickly, they
agreed on an interim payment of € 60.000, -. Because the SV Bad Aussee but then
withdrew the offer in February 2008 and has since claimed that he had to do wit
h the whole matter nothing, announced to the family, now all the possible means
for a complete investigation of the matter set up. Because of the criminal law i
n force in the high level of proof was in charge of SV Bad Aussee in the CID inv
estigations are not demonstrated that they knew of the offense at the other club
Pehringers infidelity. Unaffected but the question is whether they are liable u
nder the law governing associations, because they have not adequately controlled
or if his conduct within the meaning of the association simply resigned.
The investigation by the CID, however, have shown that Pehringer - contrary to w
hat the club originally claimed - was for years the central contact person of th
e SV Bad Aussee for all aspects of the fight team. Also contrary to what the clu
b claims it was found that Pehringer set very well privately recorded - and pres
umably embezzled - resources in the SV Bad Aussee "" it, and is not - as by the
association indicated - flowed into his private property or that of family . Thu
s, instead of him - alone in his last 14 months of life - for the payment of pla
yer salaries, bonus points, player housing, placement and loan fees, and trainin
g camps and stadium facility in the amount of approximately € 60.000, - issued.
The presumption is so close that it was precisely this commitment Pehringers tha
t has the - held by the absence of affluent sponsors - probably long been chroni
cally financially SV Bad Aussee in recent years "alive". It was most likely caus
ed by his resignation as a "private sponsor" of the SV Bad Aussee went through i
n the months after the suicide Pehringers turbulent times (withdrawal of the Bun
desliga license, "bounce" of sponsors, examination by the health insurance, open
salary demands by players several lawsuits) and therefore seem to be well at th
is stage in his continued existence is not secured. This can turn very soon - by
a sudden change of position by Mayor Otto Marl - had arisen question about any
possible links between the SV Bad Aussee and the city of Bad Aussee be loud. Thi
s is not just a the part of the community may be assumed liability in the event
of insolvency of the association. It's also about whether there might in the pas
t few years payments for football in Bad Aussee (stadium, floodlights, etc.) not
by decisions of the competent municipal authorities (particularly the local cou
ncil) met were, but simply in the way of the community-owned development - Infra
structure and CEC were made, was employed by the Pehringer, whose manager is the
mayor and shall be liable for the loss of the municipality. Quite interesting i
s also the President Dieter Hundt in the months after suicide Pehringers role in
it.€He had indeed - visible for everyone - not just for years repeatedly called
for maximum athletic success, but especially enjoyed his role as a media figure
head and leading light of the SV Bad Aussee well. From the family in his capacit
y as board president several times in vain asked for his intervention, Hundt was
finally let in a lawyer writing, he could not and would not comment on what hap
pens when SV Bad Aussee, because he had never practiced there an official functi
Despite "woofs" to the last is the family Pehringer managed by a joint effort, o
ur own house from the estate of Hans Pehringer
(On June 2008, the bankruptcy was opened) to buy out so as to prevent that, besi
des the great human loss that still the abode of the widow and the daughter of t
he deceased enters.
Pehringer efforts of the family in resolving the matter
Since the beginning of their efforts, the family Pehringer never any doubt left
out that it is not their concern, the deceased posthumously for acts committed b
y him "to cleanse". According to its central role in SV Bad Aussee is clear that
he was now an integral part of all put to the test of wrongful activities of th
e association. Not to mention the alleged breach of trust committed during cross
bow club altogether. This is not altered by the fact that he has withdrawn his s
uicide by his earthly responsibilities .... What the family but has always been
outraged since the withdrawal of the compensation offer by the SV Bad Aussee, wa
s the apparent effort by all leaders of the association (and others in the case
may be people involved) the matter to the clear, "cheapest" way - that is solely
clean up on the back of the family -. Was also boosted by the outrage on the pa
rt of the SV Bad Aussee and over again - even in the Declaration on the club web
site - indicated possibility, arguing that they Pehringer privately recorded or
embezzled funds did not come to the club benefit, but in his private capacity or
that the family shed. It was only the result of a criminal investigation and a
court settlement offered this - otherwise the club almost certainly continue to
pursue - a stop line of argument. The attempt to resolve the matter entirely at
the expense of the family appear all the more revolting than at least his wife a
nd daughter Pehringers commitment SV Bad Aussee - if only for reasons of its eno
rmous use of time - always skeptical or hostile towards stood. Even the subtle a
ccusation that they had from the bustle Pehringers known fact is, from the persp
ective of the family a monstrosity: While the family could easily see that he ha
s spent virtually 100% of his free time, and probably also a good part of his se
rvice in the city municipal office for the purposes of the association , was for
them - other than for the responsible officials of the SV Bad Aussee - always u
nreasonable, in which this activity was actually. This applies particularly to t
he financial aspect, to which he "at home" - well again made otherwise than to t
he appropriate organization responsible - never the slightest hint.
In conclusion, the three main objectives of the family as follows:
1st Receipt
the house in the family (this objective is - in spite of the mentioned "woofs" t
o the last - has been achieved with the acquisition of the bankrupt). recent yea
rs, which form the background for the alleged "case Pehringer.
2nd Complete investigation of all the operations in and around the SV Bad Aussee
in the
3rd may lead to clarification of the lessons of Austrian football in total from
the "case Pehringer" for the future.
Persons acting (Interesting links)
Even a cursory examination of the case is characterized by a number of interesti
ng personal ties: for instance, is the current chairman of the SV Bad Aussee, Fe
deral Günther Köberl, the brother of longtime chairman and current Chairman of t
he Supervisory Board Josef Grill, which he In November 2007, directly took over
the office and the undisputed measured long time - was together with the active
in different functions Pehringer (so) - the central two leaders of the associati
on. Mayor Otto Marl, a member since November 2007 the Board of SV Bad Aussee was
in the late eighties and early nineties - and thus the time of the forced desce
nt into the last league - chairman of the association. The son of the mayor, Ger
ald Marl,€employed as a secretary and spokesperson not only a member of the boar
d of SV Bad Aussee, but also one of those local banks that Pehringer still be gr
anted in the absolute final phase of his life credit. The long-chancellors of th
e SV Bad Aussee are employed by another local bank that Pehringer granted - in s
ome cases their participation - also over the years credit in considerable amoun
Representation in detail
Contribute Hans Pehringers SV Bad Aussee
Hans Pehringer, who was in his home town club life Bad Aussee strong presence (s
uch as long-standing chairman of the band Bad Aussee and treasurer of the associ
ation Unterkainisch crossbowmen), was over some 25 years as a functionary of the
SV Bad Aussee. Seine - by the club to the Football Association Styria, the Aust
rian Football Federation and the Austrian Bundesliga stated - Secretary of funct
ions ranging from section chief, "for the combat team responsible member of the
board" to sports director and manager. Many statements by players, coaches, offi
cials of other clubs and players agents clearly demonstrate that Hans Pehringer
was for many years a central organization responsible for the interests of the f
ight team. Finally back from the club he retired officially in November 2007 (ba
rely two months before his death).
Discussions after the death of Hans Pehringers
While his family the reasons for the suicide was unclear at first appeared about
two weeks after his death revealed evidence that could suggest a clear connecti
on with the activities Pehringers SV Bad Aussee: He had for several years at var
ious local banks totals included in significant amounts, which - as noted later
- not clearly flowed into his personal assets or the family. As at end-January 2
008, strong evidence showed that Pehringer should have in his capacity as treasu
rer of the crossbowmen Association embezzled Unterkainisch over several years, m
oney in too a considerable height - who were also not clearly gone into the priv
ate property - it was finally on the opening of investigations by the judicial p
olice (crime branch Niklasdorf) against a number of people in the vicinity of th
e SV Bad Aussee. An initial statements from players, coaches, etc. Following tha
t Pehringer clear over the years - apparently for the club - bar funds have paid
out, the manager of the club SV Bad Aussee contacted by the family. In a first
round of talks was agreed in principle to the payment of then - initially at € 5
0.000, - lying, then to € 60.000, - increased - down-payment. This proposal shou
ld be on the family not her own benefit, but to - in part - to compensate the cl
ub archers used.
After another two - in the presence of representatives of the Crossbow Associati
on held - discussion groups (to the first and Mayor Otto Marl) participated, too
k the SV Bad Aussee in the person of Chairman Federal Günther Köberl in February
2008, the original offer made back then, but suddenly, and takes one since then
the position that neither the current nor the former club management bears some
responsibility. They knew about the activities Pehringers nothing and would lik
e to know anything, this has only acted as an individual (doubt on Formation of
a statutory basis as mentioned could Köberl of association decision to withdraw
the offer never be completely eliminated). From the family Pehringer was on the
"retreat" of the SV Bad Aussee immediately responded by announcing they would no
t now rest until all the background of the case rather are completely cleared up
. For this purpose we shall use all available legal, media and other resources.
Outcome of criminal investigations
Subject of investigation by the CID investigation was solely the question whethe
r a certain group of people - especially with current or former officials of the
SV Bad Aussee - was about the complicity of the crossbowmen Pehringer club alle
gedly committed infidelity. Based on the in Austria - as in all developed consti
tutional states - high standard of proof applicable in criminal law could not be
such a - as required by law - clearly demonstrated. Only because of the investi
gations were discontinued in the summer of 2008. Clearly not affected but the qu
estion is€whether officials of the SV Bad Aussee (especially the office until No
vember 2007 Chairman and current Chairman of the Supervisory Board Josef Grill a
nd the cashiers) on the basis of the association's law are liable because they P
ehringers activity does not control sufficient, but - perhaps - so that have sim
ply resigned. The investigation can be summarized as follows:
1st A complicity of officials at the club allegedly committed
Infidelity - was - so far not detected because of the high level of criminal evi
2nd The role of Hans Pehringer as - internally and externally (against
Players, coaches, player agents, other clubs, etc.) visible - key contact person
of the SV Bad Aussee fight for the interests of the team was put beyond doubt.
3rd It has been demonstrated beyond doubt that the case of banks Pehringer
funds raised by him and are presumably not the crossbow club embezzled funds flo
wed into his personal assets or the family.
4th Contrary to the vehement assertions on the part of the SV Bad Aussee
Pehringer never money put into the club, "the investigation found that he alone
in the past, about 14 months of his life, an amount of approximately € 60.000, -
for purposes of the association (payment of salaries and bonuses as well as poi
nts of training camps has rental fees, players spent accommodation etc.). The wh
ereabouts of the remaining funds be expected - because of alleged lack of eviden
ce located at SV Bad Aussee for lying further back time (see also the discussion
on the special audit by the Styrian health insurance fund) should be clarified
- hard.
5th From the former chairman Josef Grill has admitted that he was on
several years of time have been satisfied with the explanation Pehringers, salar
ies, bonus points, accommodation would be provided by one of several players, et
c. - never mentioned by name - "private sponsor. He himself had never seen cause
s, according to the identity of this "private sponsor" - and ask about the sourc
e of funds -. The family assumes that it has the ominous "private sponsor" to an
yone else acted as Pehringer itself. This assumption is supported by the fact th
at, according to chairman BR Köberl SV Bad Aussee in April 2008 - in stark contr
ast to that of him yet to the beginning of its findings, the RedZacLiga-season (
until mid-May 2008) was to Trust - with as of mid-March (ie about two months aft
er Pehringers death) suddenly € 35.000, - were missing, to come to the end of th
e season. The presumption is so close that it was the activities Pehringers that
the well has long been considered chronically club financially in recent years
"on water".
6th It is noticeable that in individual banks, which Pehringer - in part on the
Base apparently defective assets - credit granted, officials of the SV Bad Ausse
e are employed.
7th As a practical consequence of the investigation showed the Criminal SV
Bad Aussee in Styrian health insurance fund (GKK) on suspicion of that the assoc
iation had evaded in recent years vastly taxes and social security contributions
. Based on this indicator was still in the summer of 2008, a special audit initi
ated by the GKK.
Other developments around the SV Bad Aussee since the suicide Pehringers
Loss of the Bundesliga license Already before the descent from the RedZac - Firs
t League on the sporting grounds were fixed (Table Last with only 20 points) ext
racted from the SV Bad Aussee was supported by the Austrian Bundesliga license.
This would have meant that the club even if he had managed the athletic league t
o play in the season 2008/09 no longer in the second highest Austrian league sho
uld not have. In addition to the - after the Bundesliga assessment - appears gen
erally dismal financial situation of the association should be more also have be
en critical that the Austrian Bundesliga by the daughter of the deceased to the
after the death of her father encountered discussions initiated criminal investi
gations and the firm commitment the family was made to ensure by all available m
eans for an explanation of the affair. After withdrawal of sponsors in the summe
r of 2008 for a mid-sponsor had got out, ended a few weeks later, the former mai
n sponsor, the company Harreither, his commitment to the SV Bad Aussee.€The reas
on was - as Chairman Federal Günther Köberl in front of the LG family of Leoben
Pehringer strained media law proceedings - admitted the continual "bad press" in
the wake of "If Pehringer. The only remaining major sponsor, the company Trenkw
alder, is likely to have an idea, be - to end prematurely by the end of the (reg
ional league) season 2008/09 temporary engagement with the SV Bad Aussee. An ext
ension on the end of the season is likely to be currently more than questionable
. should apply together with the fact that, like for some of the remaining small
and medium-sponsors, this could lead to a further dramatic worsening of the fin
ancial position of the association.
Open salary demands by players Unfortunately, however, claims the club's managem
ent - including to the press - turned out in the fall of 2008 that the SV Bad Au
ssee (probably in consequence of the disappearance of "private sponsor") but sti
ll substantial debts to pay and points bonuses to players has the RedZac-league
time. According to the leading jurists of the players' union (Union of footballe
rs - VdF) the management of the club SV Bad Aussee has agreed to settle by the e
nd of 2008 on this with about € 30.000, - total debt liquidated. Shortly after t
his, but then said to the press, which is of "critical" estimated position of th
e Association for the VdF currently assessed not exhaustive, as new players - ev
en logged in Regionalliga-time - claims against SV Bad Aussee. Also in an earlie
r by a player - strained ongoing - single procedure before the LG Leoben the clu
b, all the promised payments were not made by the SV Bad Aussee, but from acting
on their own Pehringer prospect ... special audit by the Styrian Regional Healt
h Insurance As previously asserted above, the SV Bad Aussee was following the in
vestigation by the judicial police of this appears on suspicion of evasion of ta
xes and social contributions in the Styrian health insurance fund (GKK). This th
en held in the summer of 2008, a special audit. In the course of the alleged SV
Bad Aussee - like many football clubs - that had been with him in recent years e
mployed a pure amateur players, would have received only expenses and therefore
- like the club itself is not subject - the tax liability would be. Speaking aga
inst not only the experience of the health insurance with football clubs (which
shows that already in the upper part, or national professional leagues operating
there). Spoke specifically the results of criminal investigations, however, sho
w that some players - not surprising for professionals - income to € 2.000, - (o
r more) based in the month. Since the club - in contrast to the account of the a
pplicable reporting category for this game well documented RedZac-League 2007/08
season - for the (national league and regional league) years from 2004 to 2007
reportedly may show no evidence that it is for this period come to an assessment
of the SV Bad Aussee by GKK need. The Styrian Football Association, which has t
he necessary for such an estimate of arrival and departure dates of players - no
t least by the Austrian Bundesliga - informed about the case and has signaled it
s willingness to fully cooperate with the GKK.
Since autumn 2008, it also acts as the supervisor of the GKK Federal Ministry of
Health, Family and Youth, involved in the case. The test is currently reported
to be ongoing. This is important because as a (possibly sensitive) payment of ar
rears to the GKK together with old debts, outstanding player claims and could in
crease the departure of sponsors - the risk of insolvency of the SV Bad Aussee o
n. Media law process of family Pehringer against the club in a following a press
article on the homepage of the SV Bad Aussee published statement by the club's
management claimed that, among other things, Hans Pehringer was never active in
a responsible club function, and have never funds for purposes the association s
pent. Especially on the basis of the criminal investigation of SV Bad Aussee was
in one of the family Pehringer media law proceedings before the LG Leoben strai
ned by comparison to publish a reply, committed, is being held in that both were
the case very well. As to whether this was published legally compliant, is stil
l a different method of family against the club (in dispute: 20,000- €) pending.
The immediate consequences for the family
First of all - is clearly in the opinion of the family for purposes of SV Bad Au
ssee spent - privately recorded or embezzled funds to the estate of the deceased
were charged, was opened on this in June 2008, a bankruptcy procedure. Because
of the unpredictable length of the expected process represented by the appointed
liquidator of the opinion that it was better to bring it rapidly to bankruptcy
proceedings to a close, only to give the family the chance, even against SV Bad
Aussee civil act. So that the family was quickly faced with the challenge to get
the - essentially the assets of the estate of performing - home of the deceased
(including property) in the family. Thanks to an unprecedented alliance of all
family members and professional counsel to the end of 2008 it was finally possib
le to purchase the house and property from the bankrupt estate. This could be pr
evented, that in addition to the immense human loss and even those of the house
of the widow and the daughter of the deceased enters.
Shortly before the decisive bidder meeting before the LG Leoben announced himsel
f the inserting of a competing offer, one in Ausseerland active - always in the
"old boys 'team' of the SV Bad Aussee playing - Estate Agents in the family with
the overt threat that he would so long to offer to the family "go out the air"
if they do not stop so the backgrounds of the "If Pehringer bring" to light. A n
ext day which appeared further press review ("Bankruptcy: Family fights for her
home") should it eventually but the matter "will have to be hot," let ... In add
ition to the receipt of the house for the family the most important result of th
e bankruptcy proceedings that the crossbowmen Unterkainisch club - whose club ma
nagement and the majority of the members in an admirable loyalty to the family s
tood - are subject to approval of the claim by the family as the largest credito
r is clear from this. This means that the club now in roughly the amount of its
payment offered by the SV Bad Aussee is compensated.
Presumed course of events has been estimated by the family
It is indisputable that the SV Bad Aussee in the sports main responsibility of H
ans Pehringer since relegation in the last Austrian league early to mid nineties
(under Chairman Otto Marl) an unprecedented rise to the second highest Austrian
league brought behind them (2000 : Promotion to the Styrian regional league, 20
05: Promoted to Regionalliga Mitte, 2007: Promoted to First RedZac league). As a
financial background to this success, many experts wrongly suspected the involv
ement of German for many years as President and (then) Board President of SV Bad
Aussee worksite President Dieter Hundt s. (see below). This saw a lot of the wo
rk of patrons like Frank Stronach, Dietrich Mateschitz or Richard Trenkwalder Au
strian football clubs in other similar phenomenon. That this - although from Hun
dt made internally so never promised - in fact, was not the case, may have been
decisive for the fatal development of the society in the years 2000 to 2007. The
last but not least the constant requirement for maximum sporting success Hundt
declining increased demands, which - in the increasingly skill level leagues - a
lways more expensive to hire (professional) led players are expected - because o
f the absence according potent sponsors - an ever more intensifying have brought
financial difficulties of the SV Bad Aussee with it.
Previously was in town to hear on several occasions that the club do not receive
loans from banks, finance must therefore exclusively of - apparently not suffic
ient sponsorship and has already been several times before the "Off". Against th
is background it is understandable why may have seen Hans Pehringer, who since h
is early youth was closely connected emotionally with the SV Bad Aussee prompted
, his "favorite child" through legal (but irresponsible) or illegal activities,
at least for some time "in life to get." Even if he deems it in the end his own
should cost ... this issue could after the fixed view of the family - have remai
ned see his remarks to the "private sponsor" in the investigation - at least the
longtime chairman Josef Grill not hidden. This was not only Pehringers neighbor
€but was - as many did in Aussee - this together the largely opaque and chaotic
operating two leaders of the central SV Bad Aussee. There is some evidence that
stronger take on the part of club management - rather than about President Hundt
calling for the placement of additional sponsors in the duty - was tried, the c
risis of SV Bad Aussee - and presumably also that of Pehringer themselves - to o
ther remedy manner: Immediately after the promotion to the First League RedZac t
here was - by the press commented on - negotiations to sell the recently acquire
d license to the league - in the wake of a license revocation zwangsrelegierten
in the Regionalliga - GAK. In these, there is - according to indications of even
Pehringer - be gone - at first by an amount of € 500.000, - and later by € 300,
000. It is striking that Pehringer end of July 2007, immediately after the failu
re of these negotiations (which he has hinted to the family with the words "gril
l fell over again ..." commented) made a first suicide attempt. A second - perha
ps questionable statutenmäßig - attempt to license "to get rid of" was there in
the autumn / winter 2007/08: At that time it went in - according to several peop
le - on the part of the SV Bad Aussee of ex-chairman Grill for sale negotiations
about the Bundesliga license for an allegedly much higher than in summer lying
amount to the Magna Group of Frank Stronach. The fact that this ultimately aroun
d the weekend 5 / 6 January 2008 for various reasons it decided not to the Bunde
sliga license of SV Bad Aussee, but those of the - also currently playing in the
RedZac Premier League - SC to acquire Swan city, after a fachjournalistischen a
ssessment clearly the reason why Pehringer calculated on committed to the follow
ing Monday (January 7, 2008) suicide.
In total, the picture for the family that was part of the club's management of t
he SV Bad Aussee - especially the former chairman and treasurers - at least pote
ntial knowledge of its strong financial involvement Pehringers in the club activ
ities. Even more so than for example Earlier individual players or coaches said
they had received at the - at a local bank hired - Cashing of SV Bad Aussee temp
orarily only money, after they had previously brought to the municipal office to
sign Pehringers, therefore, the presumption is therefore close it could be a -
even the famous Big Cash - Contrast with private account Pehringers and have not
traded by the club account. As the club's management probably not so much naive
te can be assumed to believe in the third and second in the Austrian league as a
mateur salaries paid and they know also, following the club right at all times m
ust be sources from which the stem to finance club activities used funds the fam
ily will not rest to demand this responsibility. They will try, in particular, t
hose proven by the criminal investigation almost € 60.000, - spent the Pehringer
in his last 14 months of age for purposes of the association has to get through
civil proceedings by the SV Bad Aussee back.
Repeated changes in the line of argument of the SV Bad Aussee
As a (defensive) general line can be seen that, the club managers to both the au
thorities and to the family and the media always Pehringer conceded only that wh
ich was previously proved beyond reasonable doubt. In the words as a journalist:
"It is interesting that the SV people always first deny all sharply what you te
ll me until a few weeks or months later found that it is true but ..." Had it at
first - even in a declaration on the homepage (above) was told - on the part of
the SV Bad Aussee, Pehringer had never been involved in a responsible club posi
tions (absurdly, has even claimed that he was "players' agents have been!), was
- under the pressure of the outcome of criminal investigations and the have been
before the settlement agreement that LG Leoben (so) - the line changed so that
they said them, they could so, but you've certainly knew nothing of it. One was
especially at the beginning of a subtle line of argument used to the processes s
o as to represent as if Pehringer by some - particularly related to him emotiona
lly - players and their advisors have been exploited.
This was from the family always shown as surface protection claim back: Thanks t
o his - and externally documented - role was Pehringer for this group of people
(but eg€representatives of other football clubs) clear as the central contact of
the SV Bad Aussee recognizable to all aspects of the fight team. At no time for
this so there was a reason to doubt that by entering Pehringer to pay such fund
s of the association were. The fact that these were often bar (so to speak "blac
k" paid), had no doubt feed, as this is an unfortunately common practice in Aust
rian football. It is probably the sole responsibility of the club's management,
always actually know about the amount received by the club manager at the club t
o make commitments to players and their compliance notice. Apparently at the beh
est of the newly appointed attorney representative of SV Bad Aussee, who - befor
e his appointment - against a family member dark hints about the allegedly made
far more than the person Pehringers excess dimension of the case, the club manag
ement has modified again the line of argument: they are Although now that Pehrin
ger was responsible for the interests of the fight team. However, he has - in ad
dition to the closed sanctioned by the club management, "" expensive player cont
racts, covenants, of which no one knew of SV Bad Aussee. He had received a massi
ve, quasi set an amateur operation "Limit", which he had crossed over again with
out consulting the club's management. The family Pehringer is determined to refu
te that argument, the association leadership. This claim not only contradicts ev
ery life experience (see above), but also the responsibility provided in associa
tion law. You should only have the purpose of their own supervisory failure, loo
king away and just let Done "to distract from the club management.
Role of Mayor Otto Marl
According to a Ausseer police officer has Mayor Otto Marl on the same evening of
the suicide of Hans Pehringer - without having some first family contact - on t
he post Bad Aussee then asked whether that any possible in a farewell letter hin
ts about events at the SV Bad Aussee have made. The background for this question
Marls were initially completely in the dark. The office of the deceased was ini
tially held by the mayor to "lock". The criminal investigation was only about 14
days after the death of the family - even though they had the required time and
again - only for about a week later kept in the official access to the premises
or provided on that date private goods and club documents.
In a personal interview requested of him with a family member end of January 200
8, Marlborough was on the activities Pehringers equally surprised as dismayed. T
he latter had apparently had a - at least unknown to him until his death a "seco
nd look". Quasi in support Marl waiting on some calculations: According to these
, have Pehringer in his capacity as the urban development and infrastructure-KEG
(whose managing director of the Mayor) is given arbitrarily employed stadium ma
nager at several companies hired in order. The overall bill, which comprised som
e benefits such as delivery of a synthetic grass surface in an Irrigation for a
training ground, amounted to 100,000 as tumbling over €, -. The accounts were on
ly in the course of the reclamation of the office (as appeared), Pehringer have
- again - on all those responsible (the municipality or the CEC) by acting. It i
s striking that the above-mentioned bills - despite its considerable height - in
all proceedings conducted after the death Pehringers (see above) are never appe
ared ... The meeting concluded with the remarkable finding of the mayor, it coul
d not be that now the entire responsibility for the situation of the estate - an
d the family were delivered - while the individual in charge of SV Bad Aussee sh
ould remain completely undisturbed. This finding is noteworthy especially in lig
ht of the second round of family and crossbowmen association with the SV Bad Aus
see, in which he participated - suddenly radically changed line of the mayor. On
this occasion he turned suddenly completely on the side of the SV Bad Aussee, c
laiming now that there is no reason to doubt that as Pehringer - had apparently
"acted crazy" - individual perpetrators. Further questions are thus no longer pr
ovide. In fact, the mayor - except for half-hearted efforts,€contribute to a rec
onciliation between family and society - including in the following months showe
d no significant signs of more to rethink this line. It is obvious that this so
surprising change of attitude gives rise to many conjectures, why the mayor coul
d also be a side interest in having it appear the transactions at SV Bad Aussee
acts as a single perpetrator. All suspicions revolve around possible links betwe
en the town of Bad Aussee and the urban development and infrastructure-CEC and t
he SV Bad Aussee. Stubbornly stick - now probably the media employing - rumors t
hat there were about individual SV Bad Aussee and soccer to Aussee whole (especi
ally the panoramic stadium) such payments are not sufficient legally covered dec
isions (the city council or the council).
These are, in fact may be established in the community-owned, but private-sector
development and infrastructure-KEG been settled. In this context, the mayor is
about the challenge to explain the manner in which the payment of - according to
reliable information about € 300.000, - costing, and by the payment of Styria i
n the amount of alleged € 80.000, - so that only partially covered - Floodlights
is covered. Their installation was among other things, a requirement for the co
mmissioning of the panoramic stadium by the Austrian Bundesliga in autumn 2007.
The approximately € 4.000, - costing built one for licensing also necessary "pla
yer tunnel" is one of at least proven to those club commitments, which has Hans
Pehringer in the summer of 2007 "received private" ... Do not fall silent also w
ant those voices that keep it as possible, also by various of repeatedly indicat
ed "community responsibility" in case of bankruptcy of the SV Bad Aussee could n
ot in the form of a formal decision of the Styrian after the municipal competent
organs (especially the municipal council), but in the form of a - still unspeci
fied substantiierbaren - commitment to the development and infrastructure-CEC ha
ve been accepted. While this question probably only - or only - in case of insol
vency will clarify the association can, at any rate, it appears to the public as
soon as a task to be performed, to finally bring light into the activities of a
property in the town of vertical construction, liable for their losses - see th
e so-called "case instincts" - ultimately the public. A hidden evidence that it
actually could be a "community responsibility" and have Pehringer - raised after
the failure of licensing negotiations with MAGNA - the mayor on their redemptio
n and may have been cursed like this back in the suggestion of deceased in his f
arewell phone call to his mother lie that he had never imagined "that he Marl wa
s hanging like this ..." Time and again resulted in the investigations revealed
entered conditions on the discussion back around the construction of the panoram
ic stadium in 2003. Against the mayor initially rather hesitant this time was un
der pressure from key officials of the SV Bad Aussee - have been especially by P
resident Dieter Hundt, who threatened to pull out all the functions return other
wise - established. Reason for the concerns of the mayor is likely to be at that
time was the assessment that its probably not very popular (Re) making availabl
e more considerable funds for the local football club because of other, perhaps
more pressing projects for the community, the public will.
But probably also the assumption that it would not envisaged at the site be poss
ible to complete one of the Styrian appropriate legally compliant building code
approval process successfully. Indeed, then, too - introduced for non-holding of
such proceedings - against the mayor of a notification pursuant to § 302 of the
Criminal Code (abuse). After it had been rescheduled after the completion of th
e stadium an approval process ", but was then - in spite of criminal investigati
ons - initiated by the prosecution without giving further reasons no criminal pr
oceedings. The only visible result it came to the termination of employment of t
he former city building director, who then left towards Bad Aussee ...
Role of President Dieter Hundt
Since the early nineties in Bad Aussee resident€increased the German employers'
president - into the beginning especially with the mediation of the family Pehri
nger over time more and more into the local community of Ausseerland. Initially
perceived as an enrichment of more Ortslebens began the increasingly confident a
nd appearance of the property taken from Germany Neuzuzügler many residents of t
he region to that of the legendary in Felix Mitterer "Piefke saga described" to
remember the characters. It is certainly not one of the family to avoid criticis
m, have also contributed to himself for too long, that the President practically
for so long the entire Ausseerland (or at least his club world) as a pretty sta
ge for the vain self-presentation was available. Most essential expression of hi
s involvement in the social life of the Aussee was and is the country of Hundt -
paradoxically, 2007 At the suggestion of Hans Pehringer - taken over as Preside
nt, and - since November - Supervisory Board Chairman of SV Bad Aussee. Pehringe
r was a personal friend of the football enthusiasm Hundt known which finds expre
ssion even to this day in the office occupied by him as board president of VfB S
tuttgart. While Hundt himself has never promised to invest their own funds in th
e SV Bad Aussee, but it was always clear that his contribution as in the top cir
cles of the economy still well networked president should be to give the club fi
nancially strong sponsors. This should have worked to start their business entir
ely, which, inter alia in the extraction of the main sponsor max0676 found its e
xpression (after all, a company that counted in the parent companies German Tele
kom Hundt over many years on the boards of directors).
Even one's own - certainly financially members broadly - "VIP fan club" was laun
ched, the objective should be to support especially the youth of the club active
. Over the following years - just as the association's work as a result of sport
ing success was becoming more and more expensive - it seems Hundt (as Pehringer
and Grill hinted several times) but then managed to be less and less potent draw
sponsors to "land". It began with the mismatch between the one hand, tighter fi
nancial position of the Association and the constant demand of the President to
further sporting success ("We need up!") To be other more blatant. This impressi
on was reinforced by the increasing day by the President laid allürenhafte occur
rence (increased purchase of a "presidential chair," establishment of a special
"Presidential Parlor" in the VIP Club to the stadium, etc.). Also from the "VIP
fan club" - let alone a strong financial support from them - there was nothing t
o notice ... None of the inhabitants of the region and actually no one, the repo
rting of local and regional media followed fairly closely, could be hidden, to w
hat extent President Hundt - mostly dressed in real leather pants - in recent ye
ars, his role as the undisputed figurehead and media figurehead of SV Bad Aussee
knew to use for self-presentation. One need only to visits significant personal
ities in the panoramic stadium, such as those of the then Federal Chancellor Wol
fgang Schüssel in the summer of 2004. The more these publicly perceived role is
in an out of proportion to that of Hundt since the death Pehringers laid on the
day behavior: While the family Pehringer - what we might also - Dieter Hundt has
never complained that he was obviously in the long years of his presidency ever
closer to the true financial position of the SV Bad Aussee has asked, she turne
d immediately after the appearance first suspicions, asking for clarification on
him in his new capacity as President of the Board (and thus the supreme supervi
sory body). telephone from the family for months requested urgently by e-mail an
d registered mail to his intervention, responded the President, and was finally
ended in June 2008 to know - apparently in response to the call of an investigat
ive press journalist - by solicitor's letter, he would and could the processes n
ot the SV Bad Aussee comment because he had "never exercised a function in the B
oard of Directors".
The Hundt of the course of conduct characterized well by a gross violation of th
e rules about the meaning and function of a supervisory board, which is particul
arly surprising in a top representatives of the business entirely. Furthermore,
it may also be terms of morality not just seen as impressive.€This bitter verdic
t is mitigated only partially by the fact that, obviously, by other officials of
the club SV Bad Aussee - was omitted from neglect or fear - to take the Preside
nt to this high office in a manner appropriate to their responsibilities.
Assessment of the case by the Austrian Bundesliga
informed officially about the case of the Austrian Bundesliga for the first time
by a letter from the daughter of the late Hans Pehringer. In this, they informe
d the licensing authority not only to provide for the death of her father encoun
tered discussions but also the determination of the family, for an explanation o
f all backgrounds of the affair. This may have contributed in addition to the to
tal probably dismal financial situation of the association with it, that was wit
hdrawn from the SV Bad Aussee by licensing committee to play for the season 2008
/09. The Bundesliga has - is in particular in the person of its board - even aft
er the completion of the licensing procedure, the further development of the cas
e with interest. The reason for this is that you not only the attempt to settle
the affair solely at the expense of the family of the late football official, ""
, regarded as highly unfair. Rather, we see the events for SV Bad Aussee in rece
nt years as the unfortunately typical example of the Austrian football clubs in
many ways still prevailing economic conditions. Because of the particularly trag
ic outcome of the case, we consider this as a deterrent Sample for many other "a
mateur football officials" that run - like Pehringer - risk to go in voluntarily
exercised their involvement in more and less transparent financial risks, with
their addressing them will be abandoned by the actually relevant club managers u
ltimately alone. For all these reasons, the Austrian Bundesliga sees in the "cas
e Pehringer" above all, a starting point for those of you - have long operated -
to establish a kind of licensing system for state and regional leagues. Even th
e new Sports Minister has been vocal in this direction when he was in a press in
terview in spirit said that he had in the so-called "amateur" the impression tha
t many operate there functionaries were they ultimately do not realize attributa
ble to these amounts ...
Treatment of the case in the media
Since Hans Pehringer a longtime official in a time after all, acted more in the
second highest Austrian league playing club, it's not surprising that on his sur
prising suicide in the most important local and regional media (especially "Klei
ne Zeitung" and "Crowns Newspaper ") was reported. Over the following months, th
e focus of media reports about the case began on the backgrounds of the alleged
suicide probably underlying affair move. This is particularly true for the Austr
ian of a - well experienced in the coverage of football-operative scandals - "CO
URIER" journalists written contributions. In June 2008, eventually made the pres
tigious news magazine "Profil" the "case Pehringer" the subject of a two-Seiters
. In addition to presenting the role of President Hundt (so) this was particular
ly the statement of former chairman grill again given that he thinks that it is
easy Pehringers "private pleasure was" to pay for football ... the very last tim
e, seems the center of interest move regional media now more and more to the que
stion of possible links between the city and community football club, the invest
igation by the GKK and the possibility of a looming insolvency of the SV Bad Aus
see and in this case, then probably hitting becoming liability issues.
Comment on the ARF-reporting
The reactions or failure to reply to show the officials of the SV Bad Aussee and
Mayor Otto Marl on this paper that it is obvious Nichtwillens or able to deal w
ith the substance of the objections. Rather than counter with arguments to not g
roundless allegations made, crudely spoken time and again only in very general f
orm of slander. Given the worsening situation of the Association and of the expe
cted media coverage of SV Bad Aussee will get away with this "tactic" is hardly
in the long run ... .. It is noteworthy, however, that it is the club and the pa
rish leadership is obviously possible€on the homepage of the Aussee regional tel
evision ARF (give to the CEO), with no votes comments in search order. Even such
a "Hofberichterstattung" is not able to prevent that finally comes to some gent
lemen apparently unpleasant truth to light!