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Directions: An adverb is a word that describes an action word. An adverb can
describe how, where, and when an action happens. Read each sentence. Underline
each verb and circle the adverb that describes it.

1. Uncle Randolph loudly ate his corn on the cob at the picnic.

2. It was nice to see my mother sitting comfortably on the couch

with a book.

3. My family will travel to Canada by train tomorrow.

4. Julie jogged outside before the start of school.

5. Mabel and Shannon quickly cleaned up the spilt hot chocolate.

6. Bobby went swimming yesterday at his friend Steves house.

7. Thomas, please carefully place the dish back onto the shelf.

8. Lila and Warren played chess here.

9. Auntie Paula and Uncle Sean left the party early.

10. Sherman accidentally dropped the marbles and they rolled

down the hill and into the drain.