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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region X
Division of Ozamiz City
Labinay, Ozamiz City

Classroom management Plan

Labinay National High School

Grade 9- Mercury
S.Y 2016-2017

Vision: A classroom atmosphere where 21st century learners can freely express and develop themselves affecting global change for a brighter
Mission: Develop 21st century learners who can affect change in the life of one another towards a globally competitive nation.
Projects/Activities Time Frame Support/Resource Barriers/Challenge Action Points
s Needed s

Making the September March 2017 School head, ICT Funds for internet Request the school
classroom a WIFI coordinator, class connection head to utilize a portion
zone duly available adviser, funding for of the MOOE for the
for the students internet connectivity funding

Putting up a bulletin August March 2017 Bulletin board, projects Funds for the project Initiative of the
board which serves crafted by students, classroom adviser
as a display board for students creativity
the output of Guide students to
students develop inner creativity
in them
Use of social August March 2017 Laptops, android Lack of internet Request the school
networking sites as a phones, gadgets and connection in the school head to open up the
venue for project and internet connectivity campus readily internet connection for
assignment available for student the students
submission use

Lack of updated Solicit used magazines

magazines and new from teachers, students
Putting up an Books, magazines, books to supplement and other benefactors.
interactive reading cabinets, worksheets, learning
corner where August March 2017 peer tutors Classroom advisers
students can share initiative
about what they
have read

Providing three trash July March 2017 Trash bins, students Lack of classroom funds Teachers initiative in
bins for the support for the project providing the trash bins
classroom for proper
garbage disposal and
elaborate eco-

Putting up a white September-December School head, Lack of available Ask the school head to
board aside from the 2016 whiteboard and whiteboard allot a portion of the
chalk board to be whiteboard marker, MOOE to purchase a
used during whiteboard
discussions using
LCD projector Teachers initiative in
providing one