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Computational Methods and Statistics MTH 2212

Mid-Term Exam
Date: 10/4/ 2015 Time: 9.00am- 11.00 am

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This Question Paper Consists of (7) Printed Pages (Including Cover Page) with five (5) Questions.
Answer ALL questions
Any form of cheating or attempt to cheat is a serious offence which may lead to dismissal.
Computational Methods and Statistics MTH 2212

Q1. [20 marks]

(a) How many arrangements can be made on the letters P,Q,R, S, T , U taking 3 letters at a time if no
letter can be repeated (3 marks)

(b) In how many ways may 10 people be divided into three groups of 5, 3, 2 people? (3 marks)

(c) Assume X is a normally distributed with a mean of 10 and a standard deviation of 2. Determine
the following:

i. P( 6< X < 11.5) (2 marks)

ii. P ( X >12) (2 marks)

(d) Given the probability distribution/mass function for random variable X,

1 2 6 8
0.2 0.5 0.1 0.2

i. find the cumulative distribution function of X and sketch F(X ) (3 marks)

ii. find P ( X 6.5) . (2 marks)

Computational Methods and Statistics MTH 2212

iii. find P ( X > 6.5) (2 marks)

iv. find P (1.5 < X 6.5) (3 marks)


Q2. [20 marks]

(a) A high-volume printer produces minor print-quality errors on a test pattern of 1000 pages of text
according to a Poisson distribution with a mean of 0.4 per page.

i. Why are the numbers of errors on each page independent random variables? (3 marks)

ii What is the mean number of pages with errors (one or more)? (3 marks)

iii Approximate the probability that more than 350 pages contain errors (one or more).
(3 marks)

(b) The probability is 0.8 that a calibration of a transducer in an electronic instrument

conforms to specifications for the measurement system. Assume that the calibration
attempts are independent. What is the probability that at most three calibration attempts
are required to meet the specifications for the measurement system with n = 15 ?
(4 marks)

Computational Methods and Statistics MTH 2212

(c) The probability density function of the weight of packages delivered by a post office is for
f ( x) = for 0.5 < x < 35 kg.
69 x 2

i. Determine the mean and variance of weight. (3 marks)

ii. If the shipping cost is RM 2.50 per kg, what is the average shipping cost of a
package? (2 marks)

iii. Determine the probability that the weight of a package exceeds 27 kg. (2 marks)


Q3. [20 marks]

(a) The marks in an examination for MTH 2212 follows a normal distribution with mean and
variance 2. 10% of the students obtain more than 75 marks and 20% obtained less than 40 marks.
Find the values of and . (6 marks)

(b) An Izod impact test was performed on 30 specimens of PVC pipe. The sample mean is x = 0.25
and the sample standard deviation is s = 0.25 . Find a 99% confidence interval on Izod impact
strength for the variance and interpret the finding. (4 marks)

Computational Methods and Statistics MTH 2212

(c) The time (in hours) till failure of an electronic component has an Exponential distribution with
f ( x) = e for x > 0 .

i. A component lasts more than 5000 hours before failure? (3 marks)

ii. Find the probability of the components fail between 1000 and 2000 hours, (4 marks)

iii. Determine the number of hours at which 20% of all components have failed (3 marks)


Computational Methods and Statistics MTH 2212

Q4. [20 marks]

An automobile company is working on changes in a fuel injection system to improve gasoline

mileage. A random sample of 10 test runs gave the following mileage (in mpg)

38, 42, 40, 39, 44, 37 39, 45, 41, 44

i. Find the sample mean and sample standard deviation for the above data. (4 marks)

ii. Construct a 90 % lower confidence bound on the mean gasoline mileage and interpret it.
(4 marks)

iii. The average mile per gallon rating when using the previous fuel injection system was 39.
Can we conclude that the new system has improved gasoline mileage? Use = 0.01.
(7 marks)

iv. What is the point estimate of the mean gasoline mileage for the population? (2 marks)

v. Explain the difference between a type I error and Type II error in hypothesis testing.


Computational Methods and Statistics MTH 2212

Q5. [20 marks]

(a) The average local cell phone call length was reported to be 2.27 minutes. A random sample of 30
phone calls showed an average of 2.98 minutes in length with a standard deviation of 0.98 minute.

i. Using the critical value approach, at = 0.05 can it be concluded that the) average exceeds the
population average? (6 marks)

ii. Calculate the power of the test for detecting a true mean of local cell phone call is 2.5 minutes in
length. (8 marks)

iii. What is the P-value for the test in part (i)? (3 marks)

(b) If the variance of a national accounting examination is 900, how large a sample is needed to
estimate the true mean score within 6 points with 99% confidence? (3marks)

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