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Convert your Techno android and other android phones to use cheap

blackberry subscription on Glo network

Note: Converting your android phone to use bb subscription using this method
is illegal and can void your phone warranty terms. But relax, Nigeria is not a
country where those law enforcement agents are active. This is what I have
done several times with success 99.99% of the time.
How to extract the files in the file
The files contains
i. Kingroot.apk file
ii. MTK Engineering
iii. Root checker basic
To be able to make use of them, you need to extract the files. Follow the steps
1. Download any file extracting apps like b1 archiver or Bluetooth file
transfer for android from Google play store. You can purchase a cheap
data plan from MTN by recharging #100 and dialling *113# to receive
50MB that will last for 24hrs. Use the data to download the necessary
2. Use b1 archiver as the choice, locate the file i.e. using file
manager, tap and choose b1 from the menu. Then extract to
location/folder of your choice. The apps are ready to be used.

Ok back to business.
The method involves:
1) Rooting your android phone
2) Generating a valid blackberry IMEI (i.e. International Mobile Equipment
3) Replacing your android phones IMEI with that of blackberry
4) Finally, creating an APN (i.e. Access Point Name ) for blackberry
Tools needed:
a) Computer to generate the bb IMEI code. Though I included a list of bb
IMEI code. You can forget about computer for now.
b) Your android phone
c) Kingroot an app for rooting your android phone.
d) Root checker to know if your phone was rooted successfully
e) MTK Engineer for replacing your IMEI
f) Avast antivirus.
Steps for the job
Note: this method is confirmed to be successful on devices using MTK (Media
Teck) processors
Lets go.
Step 1: Rooting your android device
I have included an app called rootking.apk, which will be used for the rooting,
in the file. Unpack the file and locate the rootking.apk and
After installation open/run it.
Click on the green padlock and allow it sometimes to root. It could last
for like 3minutes depending on the phone
See picture below for successful rooting
Install root checker basics and run it. It will tell you the device has root
access blah blah.
Step 2: generating an IMEI code. Copy any one you like the PIN is not needed
358265016719384 PIN= 3382672B
358265017779247 PIN= 3D3CDC1E
358265017759611 PIN= 3C6A224C

Step 3: replacing IMEI

Install MTK engineer which you unpacked from the and open it.
Follows this screenshots. Its self-explanatory

Select MTK settings

On the connectivity tab choose CDS info...

Tap Radio info...

Choose phone one for SIM1 or phone2 for SIM2. Choose phone. Its easier to
work with from experience.
Tap to the right side of AT+ tap space and clear button respectively
This characters will show after you tap clear button. Select the first option

Place the cursor (i.e. this blinking vertical bar |) between the and type in one
of the codes you have in step2 eg 358265016719384. Hit send at command
for like 5X. restart the phone and you are done.
Step 4: creating a blackberry APN.
Go to phone setting, under wireless & network

Select more

Choose mobile network

Select access point names,

Select sim1 i.e. GLO NG,

Press setting and choose
New APN.

Locate the APN field, tap and enter the following text: click ok save and activate.


Last step: recharge and subscribe for bb plan on Glo sim.

Load =N=1000 recharge card. Go to message and send comonth to 777. Restart
your phone and you are up and running
Any issues, lets chat on whatsapp.