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dose-response curve

-compares potency

-left is more potent

time-response curve

-determines frequenct

-onset, duration, termination

therapeutic index

- LD50/ED50
- Higher TI is safer


-GI blood

-smaller is faster

-unionized is faster

-more lipophilic/hydrophobic are faster

-Reabsorption = Kidney

-Resorption= bone


-ionized form

- acid = HA H+ + A-

- base= B + H+ BH+

- excertion of acidic = alkaline (forced ionization)

-exceretion of basic = acid (forced unionization)


-plasma protein binding (Protein + drug protein-drug complex)

-blood flow




what effects a drugs ability to cross the BBB

lipid soluability

FDA pregnancy categories

enzyme induction

enzyme inhibition

physical effects of anaphylaxis


muscle types associated with cholinergic activity

MOA to treat glaucoma

3 types of cholinergic receptors and their locations

MOA of dantrolene, baclofen, tizanidine, and neuromuscular blockers

what happens after GABA binds to its receptor?

effects of epinephrine

black box warning for bupivicaine for epidural use in pregnancy

neuromuscular blocker often used for intubation because its quick


local anesthetics most often used for epiduaral anesthesia

MOA for Ambien, Lunesta, Rozerem, Sonata

the clinical use of flumazenil

what is alcohol broken down into?

the meaning of BID, TID, QID, QD, AC, PC, Q4H, QHS

what information should be included on a written prescription

EC50, LD50

how do drugs cross membranes?

first-pass metabolism

determining bioavailabilty (refer to example from class)

alpha-2 adrenergic receptors







-Salivation, lacrimation, unination, defecation, GI cramps, emesis


in general, how to take patches, gum, lozenges in NRT

actions of ganglionic blockers vs. ganglionic stimulants

difference between ester and amide local anesthetics

meningeal layers around the spinal cord

spinal tap

spinal anesthesia

caudal block

subarachnoid, subdural

Bier Block

words describing different levels of CNS depression

what does the reticular formation include?

hypnotics that don't disrupt the normal sleep cycle

sleep aids that result in the lowest tolerance and dependence

the short-term effects of alcohol consumption on the human body

examples of irreversible anticholinesterases

know which cholinergics are used to treat Alzheimer's disease

know the name of the *starred cholingergic that is used for glaucoma

L type Ca++ channels

MOA of Aricept

-more ACH in synapse