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Teacher Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 8, 2017

Student Name: H00250824 Jawaher Aqeel Tayeb Aqeel Alawadhi

College: SWC Placement School: Afra Bint Obaid 21/2/2017

Achievement Achievement that Achievement that Achievement that Achievement that is Achievement that is
that clearly does narrowly fails to meet minimally meets the satisfactory meets significantly above the outstanding relative to
not meet requirements for course course requirements the course and GPA course and GPA the course and GPA
requirements for with normal grading but may not meet the requirements requirements requirements
course with mode. GPA requirement
normal grading

Commitment to Has not grasped Displays issues with Displays occasional Demonstrates Always demonstrates Prioritizes the needs of
the Profession the importance of attendance and issues with attendance consistent consistent attendance the school and students
attendance and punctuality and punctuality attendance and and punctuality over required working
punctuality punctuality hours
leading to
absences and/or

Fails to Has difficulties preparing Is generally prepared & Is prepared & ready Is well prepared & Consistently prepares
demonstrate a for lessons & being ready ready for each lesson for each lesson ready for each lesson high quality materials
willingness to on time which are well organized
plan and prepare
materials and

Does not Rarely participates in Occasionally Participates in a Actively participates in Has demonstrated
participate in school activities and participates in school range of school a range of school initiative and
school activities displays some difficult activities and builds a activities and builds activities and builds commitment through
and has not developing relationships few positive positive relationships positive relationships independent
developed relati across the school relationships within the within the school with a range of involvement in school
onships across school stakeholders based activities resulting
the school, apart in a measurable
from the MST contribution to the
Teacher Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 8, 2017

Does not respect Challenges school based Generally accepts Accepts school based Accepts school based Accepts school based
school based authority structures and school based authority authority structures authority structures authority structures and
authority has difficulty accepting structures and has and responsibility for and responsibility for responsibility for
structures & does responsibility for work- some difficulties resolving work-based resolving work-based independently resolving
not accept based problems, even resolving work-based problems with some problems with a work-based problems
responsibility for with support problems without some support growing level of
work-based support independence

Has not Inconsistently Generally demonstrates Generally Demonstrates a Demonstrates

developed a demonstrates a positive a positive attitude demonstrates a positive attitude exceptional enthusiasm
positive attitude attitude towards towards teaching and positive attitude towards teaching and and positivity towards
towards teaching teaching and learning learning but with some towards teaching and learning teaching and learning
and learning examples of negativity learning

Comments: Jawaher you demonstrate your interest for teaching. You listen to the MCT feedback to improve your teaching practice and rethink your
strategies and lesson planning. Think carefully about the planning of your lessons and keeping the students engaged and enthusiastic.

Planning for Has consistently Has inconsistently Has completed poor Has completed Has completed solid Has completed
Learning failed to completed adequate quality lesson plans appropriate lesson lesson plans which are outstanding lesson plans
complete lesson plans which are not always plans which are printed and available which are consistently
adequate lesson available upon request available for for MST/MCT upon printed and available for
plans MST/MCT upon request MST/MCT upon request

Lesson plans lack Lesson plans lack Lesson plans have Lesson plans have Lesson plans are well Lesson plans are
detail and may detail and may not sufficient detail to sufficient detail to detailed to secure exceptional to secure
not include include adequate generally secure secure satisfactory effective delivery and successful delivery and
learning learning objectives and effective delivery and delivery and include include testable include testable learning
objectives and assessments often include learning testable learning learning objectives and objectives and a variety
assessments leading to unsatisfactory objectives and some objectives and a variety of appropriate of appropriate
leading to lesson delivery assessments appropriate assessments and tasks assessments and tasks
unsatisfactory assessments
lesson delivery

Lesson plans are Lesson plans are Lesson plans show Lesson plans are Lesson plans are usually Lesson plans are
inconsistently inconsistently balanced some elements of generally balanced, balanced, engaging, consistently balanced,
balanced and and include limited balance but include
Teacher Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 8, 2017

include no student-centred some student-centred engaging, effective effective and student- engaging, effective and
student-centred activities activities and student-centred centred student-centred

Comments: Jawaher your lesson planning has developed but more detail is needed in the phases planning to show the phase learning focus, language skills
focus and your strategies which should clearly support the lesson objectives. Identify the key phases that need to be given more time in the lesson and
planning the details of each phase so you scaffold learning and language learning. More emphasis on scaffolding students and teacher modelling in the
directed teaching phases. Include more detail to show your planning.

Managing Does not use Occasionally uses Sometimes uses Uses cooperative learning Consistently and Consistently and
Learning cooperative cooperative cooperative learning as regularly, usually with a effectively uses effectively uses a
learning learning as part of part of their learning level of effectiveness cooperative learning range of cooperative
their learning environment but/or uses with a high level of learning strategies
environment these strategies with effectiveness with a high degree of
limited effectiveness confidence

Does not use Attempts to use Uses appropriate Uses appropriate classroom Uses appropriate Uses a wide range of
classroom classroom classroom management management strategies to classroom appropriate
management management strategies which generally secure a safe and effective management classroom
strategies strategies but these secure a safe and effective learning environment strategies to management
effectively or do not generally learning environment consistently secure a strategies to
consistently leading achieve a safe and/ safe and effective consistently secure a
to an ineffective or effective learning learning environment safe and effective
and/ or unsafe environment learning
learning environment

Has not established Classroom routines Has established some Establishes and manages Establishes and Classroom routines
effective classroom and transitions are classroom routines and classroom routines and consistently manages and transitions are
routines and inconsistently transitions but some transitions classroom routines well established and
transitions implemented development is needed and transitions leading differentiated
effecting the to some student leading to significant
classroom independence student
environment independence
Teacher Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 8, 2017

Comments: More detailed instructions and expectations will support your classroom management skills. Be consistent and clear with your expectations and
dont ask students if it is ok. Use eyes to me eyes to you strategy to keep students focused. Explain instructions before handing out lesson materials as
these distract the groups. Planning your tasks should incorporate directed teaching, group practice and collaborative activities that are sequential and well
scaffolded. Communicate with the class during an activity by giving feedback and positive reinforcement.

Implementing Does not implement Attempts to Sometimes implements Generally implements Implements strategies Implements a wide
Learning strategies which sometimes strategies which motivate strategies which motivate which continually range of strategies
motivate students implement students and maintains students and maintain an motivates students and which continually
and maintain an strategies which an effective classroom effective classroom maintains an effective motivates students
effective classroom motivates students presence presence classroom presence and maintains an
presence. and maintains an effective classroom
effective classroom presence
presence, although
these are not
necessarily effective

Material presented Material presented Material presented may Presents material which is Presents material which Consistently presents
frequently/ may sometimes lack occasionally lack accuracy generally accurate, is accurate, meaningful, material which is
significantly lacks accuracy and/or and/or meaningfulness. meaningful and accessible accessible and accurate,
accuracy and/or meaningfulness. Differentiation to support student differentiated to meaningful,
meaningfulness. Differentiation is is implemented but not engagement and learning. support student accessible and
Differentiation is rarely implemented necessarily effectively Sometimes includes engagement and differentiated to
not implemented differentiation with learning support student
growing effectiveness engagement and

The pacing of The pacing of The pacing of lessons may Lessons are usually paced Lessons are Lessons are paced to
lessons may result lessons may result result in some students to ensure students are consistently paced to ensure students are
in a significant in some students sometimes being appropriately engaged ensure students are appropriately
proportion of the being disengaged, disengaged, overwhelmed and challenged appropriately engaged engaged and
class being overwhelmed &/or or off task and challenged challenged and the
disengaged, off task needs of individual
overwhelmed &/or students are met
off task
Teacher Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 8, 2017

When instructions Instructions are Instructions are usually Instructions are given at Instructions are Clear, concise and
are given they are given within a given at appropriate times appropriate times within a consistently given at timely Instructions
generally unclear lesson but may be within a lesson but may lesson and are generally appropriate times are consistently
and this does not unclear and/or not always be clear and clear and concise within a lesson and are given using a range
effectively facilitate excessively wordy, concise invariably clear and of appropriate
learning resulting in some concise techniques

Generally does not Inconsistently uses Uses questions which fit Uses questions which Uses a variety of Skillfully uses a
use questions questions which fit within the lesson context generally fit within the questions which variety of questions
effectively within the lesson but these tend to be lesson context to support appropriately fit within which appropriately
context but these closed and/or do not learning the lesson context to fit within the lesson
tend to be closed extend learning support learning context and
and/or do not challenges students
extend learning thinking

Comments: Focus on the objectives of the lesson so they inform all the tasks and learning strategies. In this lesson you needed to scaffold students more,
in phase one we discussed the need to step the students through this task, read the text more than once with you modelling the task. In phase two the
colored paper was an effective resource but the students needed activities to use the paper. If you want to work with a group, you need to organize tasks
for the other groups to focus their attention. You need to differentiate tasks and instructions do you support all students to learn. These students dont have
English skills to discuss, so more structured activities should be planned. Instructions should be detailed and include your expectations.

Assessment Fails to utilize Demonstrates little Monitors but it is Generally monitors in Monitoring purposively Consistently monitors
monitoring in understanding or unfocused in relation to relation to learning and in relation to learning in relation to learning
relation to student ability in monitoring learning and/or behavior, behavior some and behavior and behavior,
learning and in relation to improvement is needed improvement is needed meeting individual
behavior learning and students needs

Fails to understand Consistently utilized Utilizes some variety of Generally utilizes a range Utilizes a range of Utilizes and
and utilize the same formative formative assessment of effective formative effective formative thoroughly
formative assessment strategy strategies to gauge assessment strategies to assessment strategies understands a range
assessment (question, checklists student progress gauge student progress to gauge student of effective formative
strategies & observations) progress assessment strategies
throughout the to gauge student
placement progress
Teacher Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 8, 2017

Summative Summative Implements summative Generally implements Implements valid and Outstanding
assessment assessment assessment strategies but valid and reliable reliable summative knowledge and
strategies are not strategies are not always ones that are summative assessment assessment strategies, Implementation of
completed invalid and/ or valid, reliable and/or strategies, where where appropriate valid and reliable
unreliable appropriate appropriate summative
strategies., where

Constructive Limited feedback Constructive feedback is Constructive feedback is Constructive feedback Constructive feedback
feedback is not provided to provided to students generally provided to is consistently provided is provided in a timely
provided to students due to a inconsistently. It may students in a timely and to students in a timely and effective manner
students lack of need to be more timely appropriate manner. and appropriate using a range of
understanding and/or delivered in an manner approaches
appropriate manner

Has failed to use Has made little Sometimes uses Assessment data is Assessment data is Assessment data is
assessment data to attempt at using assessment data to inform generally used to inform used to effectively consistently used to
inform planning and assessment data to planning and instruction. planning and instruction, inform planning and effectively inform
instruction &/or inform planning and Assessment data is though not always instruction. Assessment planning and
assessment data is instruction. Limited recorded but not always effectively. Assessment data is recorded in an instruction.
not available to assessment data is in an organized way but is data is generally recorded organized way and is Assessment data is
MST/MCT available for usually available for in an organized way and is available for MST/MCT. recorded in an
MST/MCT MST/MCT. usually available for organized way and is
MST/MCT. always available for

Comments: Monitoring and assessing students learning is an important part of lesson planning and teaching. In your lesson plan you had evaluation using
different types of assessment but this was not seen during the lesson. What were you assessing and why? What will you do with this information? There was
little feedback to students or differentiation for those students who needed further modelling and scaffolding.

Reflection on Fails to understand Little reflection on Some reflection on Reflects on student Reflects on student Consistently reflects
Practice the importance of student learning student learning is learning learning in a meaningful on student learning in
reflecting on evident, but it is quite way a meaningful way
student learning vague and repetitive

Student fails to Little reflection on Inconsistent and vague Reflects on their own Consistently reflects on Consistently reflects
understand the their own practice reflections on their own practice leading to their own practice on their own practice
Teacher Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 8, 2017

importance of which leads to practice leading to little improvement with limited leading to leading drawing
reflecting on own limited improvement of practice guidance and support improvements in a effectively in theory
practice and/or improvement of range of areas leading to habitual
display the ability to practice improvement
do so meaningfully

Comments: Jawaher you are receptive to feedback but it is important that you spend more time planning the phases of the lesson and being clear about
your lesson objectives. Also plan activities suitable for this level that will keep students on task and engaged in the lesson. Your plan to have students discuss
is not achievable with their language skills. This activity needed modelling and scaffolding so you gave and practiced sentence structures, vocabulary and
supervised practice of the target language.

Points for future action based on todays lesson observation

Your lesson planning needs to be more descriptive and detailed in the phases so there is a clear sequence showing your planning for scaffolding,
modelling and tasks that give students productive practice in pairs and collaboratively
There was no differentiation in the lesson. You should be using diagnostic monitoring to support students so you can scaffold the tasks and
Dont have wait-time in the lesson. The class should be actively engaged and on task in every phase
Give feedback for learning during and after the lessons. Connecting with the students is important and necessary for learning. Dont say Ok? to
check in for understanding, communication is a strategy that is used to engage and enthuse students
You must do and say with the class. Dont observe while you give them a song such as ABC video. You must participate with them and model
You need to communicate at all times, dont point or just nod but be clear about telling students, giving instructions and very importantly
Before all phases of the lesson tell students what is happening in the lesson, give detailed instructions and your expectations
Your teaching manner didnt show enthusiasm for teaching. Be present with the class and engage with them so you show your presence as a
teacher but also your enthusiasm and interest too
Jawaher please work on these points for the next observation.