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Configuring WalkMe Chrome Extensions with Group Policy

1. Login to the server managing the group policies.

2. Download Google ADM / ADMX templates from here:
3. Extract the files to C:\Google Group Policies Templates\
4. Open Group Policy Management.

3. Right click on the OU you want to configure and click edit.

4. Go to User Configuration Policies Administrative Templates.
Right click on Add/Remove Templates

5. Click Add and Choose the file C:\Google Group Policies Templates\windows\adm\en-
6. Close the Add/Remove templates popup.
7. Go to Classic Administrative Templates Google Google Chrome
Configure the Managed Bookmarks (in the right pane).

8. Change the radio button selection to Enabled.

9. Insert the following line under Managed Bookmarks:
(Replace this generic chrome book mark with the one you receive from WalkMe)
[{"url": "a.a?wmExtConfig={\"u\":\"[SETTINGS_URL]\", \"g\":\"[EXTENSION_GUID]\"}",
"name": "wmExtConfig"}]
Optional Configuration
Don't register - \"dr\":\"True\"
Alter CSP - \"ac\":\"True\"

The optional configuration should be added after the guid, seperated by comma, e.g.
configuration with alter CSP
[{"url": "a.a?wmExtConfig={\"u\":\"[SETTINGS_URL]\", \"g\":\"[EXTENSION_GUID]\",
\"ac\":\"True\"}", "name": "wmExtConfig"}]
11. Click OK to close the window.
12. Open the run window on the client's computers (Windows + R)
13. Run the command: gpupdate /force