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Welcome to the Message from the

Executive Headteacher
British School of Barcelona
Since its very foundation, The British School
of Barcelona has been a great independent
school, characterised by the pursuit of academic
excellence as well as the importance attached to
the personal and social development of each and
every pupil.

Our pupils and students are encouraged to

become global citizens who are self-confident about their
beliefs and opinions, and yet flexible enough to bridge the gap
between different cultures.

We emphasise effective learning and an all-round education that goes well beyond
public examinations. In addition to academic lessons, our pupils engage in a variety of
activities ranging from sports to art, music, drama, school clubs and community work.

While The British School of Barcelona follows the English National Curriculum as an educational
establishment fully accredited by the British Government, we welcome boys and girls of 44 different
nationalities who will ultimately obtain places at leading universities in the United Kingdom, Spain and America,
among other countries.

I am proud to lead such a dynamic, internationally-minded school community where pupils are prepared for a
successful future by being empowered to stand on their own two feet while remembering that many other children
are not as lucky as they are.

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Our Educational System

The best education

for a great future

The Mission of the British School

of Barcelona
The British School of Barcelona aims to
provide a highly effective teaching and To ensure every child, member of staff and parent feels supported, valued
learning experience designed to develop and appreciated.
responsible, well informed, confident, polite, To provide a continuous educational experience for pupils between the ages
happy and caring individuals. of 3 and 18, at what ever stage they join.
To encourage a love of learning to prepare pupils for the next stage of their
educational journey.
Through a challenging all-round education
To celebrate diversity and internationalism and to ensure every child emerges
we aim to provide a journey of opportunity
as a confident multi-linguist.
on which all pupils are motivated to To provide a rich and varied curriculum to excite the interest and imagination
succeed irrespective of their ability, needs of each of its pupils.
or interests in order to give them the very To recruit, retain and foster inspiring and well-motivated teachers.
best start in life.

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Why choose
a British School?
Many families are first attracted to our
school because an education in English can
represent a passport to top international
universities and enhanced career prospects. The quality of teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do. This means making
This is undoubtedly true as all children, it possible for all children to realise their potential, including those with special needs
irrespective of their national origin, become as well as exceptionally able students who must be stretched and challenged. Our
teacher training and continuous professional development ensures the highest
fluent English speakers. However, deciding
teaching standards and the best outcomes.
on a British school is a lot more than a simple
linguistic choice: it means going into a highly
The British Curriculum comprises the essential knowledge students need to become
professional education system based on the educated citizens and also other exciting and stimulating experiences which
praiseworthy aspiration that every child should promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of pupils at the
achieve all-round excellence, both inside and school. It is organised into blocks of years called Key Stages (KS). Every Key Stage
outside the classroom. sets standards for the learning, development and achievement of the students at a
particular age or grade level.

In addition to the academic curriculum, our Enrichment Programme includes a variety

of sporting, adventurous, creative and musical activities held within the school day,
which contribute to the personal development of all students.

Having tracking systems and public examinations means that we can benchmark
our performance against other schools in the United Kingdom. Every three years
we are inspected as a British School Overseas. In 2016 we were judged to be an
outstanding school overall, one of the very best in Europe.

In short, The British School of Barcelona offers an all-round, internationally British

education, which successfully prepares pupils for life beyond school.

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Early Years
Early Years education takes place at both our
Castelldefels and Sitges campuses.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets The EYFS Framework explains how and what children will be learning to support
their healthy development. Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being
standards for the learning, development and
active, and through creative and critical thinking, which takes place both indoors and
care of children from 3 to 5 years old (Nursery
outside. We work in partnership with parents to support learning and development
and Reception).
at home and at school.

This is a very important stage as it helps children At this stage children will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and
get ready for school as well as preparing them demonstrating their understanding through seven areas of learning and
for their future learning and success. development.

Children should mostly develop the three prime areas first. These are:
Communication and language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development
These prime areas are those most essential for the childrens healthy development
and future learning.

As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in four specific
areas. These are:
Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design

These seven areas are used to plan the childrens learning and activities. The staff
teaching and supporting the children make sure that the activities are suited to the
unique needs and interests of each child.

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Primary Education
Primary education takes place at both our
Castellldefells and Sitges campuses.

The National Curriculum sets out the learning and

expectations for children between 5 and 11 years
old: Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 English (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening), Maths and Science are considered
(Years 3 to 6). core subjects in Primary education, and as such they take up a substantial part of
the childrens learning week.

Other subjects of the National Curriculum include: Computing, History, Geography,

Art, Music and Physical Education. In addition to this, children in Year 1 have two
lessons of Spanish each week and they start Catalan lessons in Year 2.

All subjects are taught through a thematic and creative approach. Pupils are
encouraged to learn, practise, combine, develop and refine a wide range of skills in
their work, such as:
Application of Number
Information Technology
Working with others
Improving own learning and performance
Problem solving

We also promote our pupils moral, social and cultural development through the
Enrichment Programme and with a wide range of after-school activities, which
provide additional opportunities for children to express and enjoy themselves at
Primary school, not only academically, but also in sports, art and music.

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Secondary Education In Secondary school students have specialist teachers in each subject area and a
form teacher who provides tutorial support and guidance, and who is responsible for
Secondary education takes place at both monitoring their overall progress and well-being.
our Castellldefells and Sitges campuses in
2016-2017. In September 2017 all Secondary We follow the relevant sections of the English National Curriculum. In addition, we
education will be at the Castelldefels campus meet the requirements of the Spanish Curriculum so that students at ages 16 and 18
can gain both British and Spanish qualifications.
and in the new International Pre-University
Centre, opening in September 2017.
In Years 7-10 students are assessed on a regular basis and reports are issued twice
a year. Regular assessments also take place in Years 11-13 and students sit internal
The National Curriculum sets out the learning exams in January and external exams in June. Their results are recorded on their
and expectations for children between 11 and written reports.
16 years old: Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9) and Key
Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). Students in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) enter the last stage in compulsory
education and, over these two years, are prepared for the examinations of the
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Subjects are now
studied in more depth. Some of them are compulsory and decisions must be made
as to which optional subjects to take.

Our school is an authorised centre for both CIE (University of Cambridge) and
EDEXCEL examinations. Grades are awarded from A* to G, although only the
subjects with grades A* to C are taken into consideration for equivalence of
Spanish studies or for continuing to the next stage (KS5 - Advanced Level).
A minimum of 5 A* to C passes are required for access to the Sixth Form and
higher education institutions.

12 13
Sixth Form
In September 2017 we will be opening a new
International Pre-University Centre, which will
deliver both Advanced Levels (A Levels) and the
International Baccalaureate (IB) programme.
Advanced Level examinations (A Levels) are the standard entry qualification for
At Sixth Form, or Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13), British, Spanish and other international universities. They consist of two parts; the
students aged between 16 and 18 years old first is usually taken at the end of Year 12 and is called Advanced Subsidiary (AS)
normally follow three or four Advanced Level level. CIE (University of Cambridge) and EDEXCEL boards external examinations are
subjects. Studies are now specialised and in taken at the end of Year 12 and 13.
much more depth than at GCSE.
The choices made at this point are of particular importance, as they will give
students access to their chosen Universities, Degrees and career choices. We offer
support and guidance so that students consider the options available to them and
undertake research into any particular requirements of their chosen career. Entrance
to university depends largely upon attaining good grades at A Level together with
results already achieved at GCSE.

Students in Sixth Form also study Catalan Language and Literature. This subject,
combined with Spanish Language and Literature plus two A Level passes, enables
them to qualify for the Spanish Bachillerato and the Catalan Level C.

Students in Years 12 and 13 are also offered the opportunity to study some subjects
within the Spanish system. These courses lead to external exams at the end of Year
13 and the grades increase results for access to Spanish universities.

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Academic Quality Some of the university courses our students choose include:

and Results Medicine

Business Management
At The British School of Barcelona we are fully International Relations
committed to excellence. This implies: Law
ensuring highest teaching standards at all Journalism & Media
levels Economics
delivering quality first teaching in the Mechatronics
classroom Chemical Engineering
making it possible for all students to realise Mechanical Engineering
their potential, whatever their needs and Aeronautical Engineering
abilities, through flexible and varied provision Drama
providing ample opportunities for students Photography
to find their talents Art & Design
fostering academic ambition through a well-
thought-out enriched curriculum
arranging appropriate educational settings These are some of the universities in which our pupils have been accepted
which facilitate effective teaching and in recent years:
United Kingdom
University of Cambridge
The combination of all these key elements allow
University of Oxford
our students to achieve outstanding levels of
University College London
performance in their examinations every year. Their
Imperial College London
noteworthy results at both (I)GCSE and A Level
Kings College London
are a reflection of the enormous talent amongst
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
our learners and within our teaching staff, and a Leeds Metropolitan University
recognition of their endowment, dedication and University of Bristol
commitment. University of Manchester
University of Westminster
Every year most of our pupils get to enter their first University of Warwick
choice university, mainly in the United Kingdom University of Glasgow
and Spain, although they are increasingly opting for University of Edinburgh
places in universities in countries outside Europe,
such as the United States, Australia or Japan, Spain
among others. We offer all of our pupils full guidance ESADE
and support throughout the application process, to Fundacin Universitaria San Pablo CEU
ensure that they make the best possible choice. IQS School of Management (Universitat Ramon Llull)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Universitat de Barcelona
Universitat Politcnica de Catalunya
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Other countries
Berkeley (University of California, USA)
Florida International University (USA)
Marquette University (USA)
American Business School of Paris (France)
Linkping University (Sweden)

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Special Educational
Needs and Disability
At The British School of Barcelona we value
the fact that pupils bring to school different
experiences and strengths that influence the
way they learn. We firmly believe that all children
should have access to an appropriate education
that gives them the opportunity to achieve their
personal potential and ensures the best possible The term SEND describes the needs of a child who has a difficulty or disability
progress, whatever their needs and abilities. which makes learning harder for them than for other children their age. Around 1 in
5 children has SEND at some point during their school years. Some children have
SEND right through their time in school.

We are committed to identifying each students individual learning needs and we offer
provision that is flexible and varied to meet those needs. Every teacher is a teacher
of SEND at The British School of Barcelona. They are responsible for ensuring that
the schools SEND policy is followed and delivered through high quality teaching
in their classroom, which enables children to work at age-related expectations or
above through a variety of workshops and support in the classroom.

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School Life

The Enrichment
Our Enrichment Programme ensures that we provide this through a wide ranging
Programme number of activities to stimulate curiosity, independence and personal endeavour
well beyond the academic curriculum.
At The British School of Barcelona we believe
in a holistic education which ensures that The three pillars of our Enrichment Programme are:
every child has the opportunity to develop
academically and beyond. Our vision is that Tutorials
our pupils should become successful lifelong Sessions aimed to monitor academic performance and help pupils develop in
learners, confident individuals and responsible areas such as critical thinking, expression of opinions, self-confidence, leadership
global citizens. qualities, initiative and public speaking skills.

Assemblies are weekly gatherings of all or part of the school community for a shared
purpose. They act as a medium for dealing with matters of great significance.

School Societies
Weekly co-curricular clubs that take place during the school day to support the
development of a range of skills and attributes by focusing on areas such as sport,
music, drama, sciences, art, debating and fundraising, among many others.

The combination of all of these, together with other co-curricular activities, such
as peripatetic music lessons, sports tournaments, talent competitions,
educational trips and performances, and fundraising events, contribute to our
students development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of an all-round
education, as well as physical well-being, and help maximise their personal and
academic potential.

20 21
Our after-school activities programme is
specially designed to complement and enrich
childrens formal education, providing them with
many opportunities to learn and grow beyond
the academic curriculum. The activities are
carefully planned in order to encourage self-
improvement, team spirit, fair play, creativity and

After-school activities allow pupils to come into closer contact with children
from other classes, building new relationships and strengthening existing ones.
Students involved in after-school activities often unearth a hidden passion
and find a path in life.

Our extensive programme includes activities which bolster sports (such as

football, gymnastics, and mugendo, among others), creativity (such as the
Magazine Club, Aloha, Arts & Craft or Ballet) and languages (English, German
or Russian).

After-school activities are offered on a termly basis and they may vary from
year to year.

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BSB Family Club
The BSB Family Club consists of a wide range of
family-friendly activities specially designed by The Family Club activities are aimed at:
the educational team for families and children to
learn together while having fun. Fostering communication amongst family members through a variety of learning
opportunities, including games and hands-on activities.
Practising and improving the English language in an enjoyable way.
Allowing pupils to come into closer contact with children from other classes and
schools, and make new friends.
Helping children develop their creative abilities, whilst keeping them physically
active and intellectually challenged.
Building a successful and sustained engagement with families to help support
and extend childrens learning.
Offering children and parents new educational experiences which are monitored
by expert professionals.

The BSB Family Club consists of:

Fun Saturdays
Fun Saturday morning activities available to families whether or not they are
existing members of The British School of Barcelona community.
The activities are suitable for families with children aged 3-8 years old.

Parent Workshops
Interactive workshops for BSB parents related to specific aspects of their
childrens education.
The activities are suitable for families with children aged 3-14 years old.

24 25
BSB Summer School
The BSB Summer School is designed for children
aged between 3 and 15 years old to enjoy their
summer holidays while improving their English
during the long holiday break in an informal and
relaxed atmosphere.
We offer three different programmes depending on the childs age:
The BSB Summer School is open to BSB students Summer Play School, from 3 to 5 years
as well as pupils from other schools and countries, Summer Activity School, from 6 to 13 years
thus creating an international environment where Summer English Language School, from 12 to 15 years
successful learning can take place.
Summer Play School
This programme is aimed at children aged 3 to 5 to learn English in a playful way.
Students have a very special English learning adventure in a protected and safe
environment. They learn lots of new songs and vocabulary through drama and
role plays, and also by participating in a varied sports programme.

Summer Activity School

This programme is aimed at children aged 6 to 13 to learn English in an
enjoyable atmosphere.
They will learn English practically through a balanced programme of sports
and activities.

Summer English Language School

This four-week programme is aimed at children aged 12 to 15 to experience the
English language.
Students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of English by focusing
on grammar in context combined with fun, communicative activities that ensure
a varied and engaging framework through which vocabulary and language skills
are further developed.

All the programmes are led by native English teachers from the school.

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A new campus opened in September 2016 specially designed to provide the very
best learning environment for Early Years and Primary aged children.
CAMPUS BSB The new campus offers:
Spacious, well-equipped classrooms and Library spaces
Specially designed Early Years learning areas
Purpose-built dining rooms
Dedicated, refurbished Theatre and Music room
Thoughtfully designed, newly equipped play spaces
Our facilities Castelldefels

The British School of Barcelona has excellent The school is divided into three distinct areas for Early Years, Primary and Secondary.
facilities across two sites: in Castelldefels and Each part of the school has its own entrance and its own distinct and age-appropriate
Sitges (our new campus opened in September learning and play spaces.
2016). In September 2017 we are opening a In Early Years this includes classrooms with direct access to outside play spaces
new state-of the art unique International Pre- and in Primary well-equipped classrooms and support rooms and a well-shaded
University Centre in Castelldefels. playground.

In Secondary there is a large two-storey Library, five modern Science Laboratories, a

All our modern and spacious premises are purpose-built Art block and Music rooms as well as dedicated rooms for all subjects,
equipped with the latest technology and including IT.
modern teaching equipment creating effective
teaching and learning environments. There is also some shared facilities across the school including a 376 seater Theatre,
purpose-built dining rooms and outdoor sports grounds, including a multi-sport
artificial turf pitch.

International Pre-University Centre

In September 2017 we will be opening a new state of the art International Pre-
University Centre.

The Centre will be located next to our main school site in Castelldefels and will
develop and enhance the current very succcesful offer we make to students today.
We will offer individually designed programmes for sudents aged 16 to 19 based
on either Advanced Levels (A Levels) or the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Additionally, students will be given opportunities to gain experience and

qualifications in:
Creative and expressive arts
Life and independence skills
Personal and social skills
Community work
Work experience
Career guidance

The purpose-built facilities will have:

Specially designed seminar and tutorial rooms
Specialist Laboratories
Library and research/self-study rooms
Lecture Theatre
Common room and social spaces

28 29

The British School of Barcelona Castelldefels is located in a prime location, with easy access
to the centre of Barcelona, and just 10 minutes from the airport. The city is also easily
accessible by public transport, with direct connections by both train and bus to the centre
Our location of Barcelona.

The British School of Barcelona has excellent Castelldefels is a sports city par excellence. Our school occupies a strategic location, just
facilities across two sites: in Castelldefels and a stones throw from several sports clubs such as the Olympic Canal, the Andrs Gimeno
Tennis Club and the Granvia Mar Sports Club, where many school and after-school sport
Sitges. activities take place.

In September 2017 we are opening a new state- The Mediterranean climate, with year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, allows us to
of the art unique International Pre-University take full advantage of our open air facilities and the wonderful combination of mountains and
coastline which Castelldefels has to offer.
Centre in Castelldefels, just a few metres away
from the Castelldefels main campus. Castelldefels has a full range of cultural events going on, which includes plays, movies in
their original language, dance and talks. In addition, due to the proximity to Barcelona we can
also enjoy the wide variety of museums, theatres and other cultural venues for educational


The British School of Barcelona Sitges is located in a beautiful Mediterranean coastal town
located in the Garraf area. Sitges can be reached easily from Barcelona, Tarragona or the
Barcelona-El Prat Airport by public transportation (train and bus).

Due to its geographical position, Sitges benefits from a year-round mild climate that makes
it possible to enjoy outdoor activities almost every day of the year.

Sitges is a vibrant, multicultural town, where numerous cultural and festive events take place
throughout the year. Sitges is home to some internationally renowned festivals, such as
the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and the International Barcelona-Sitges
Vintage Car Rally.

The town also offers a wide range of sports and water-sport activities, including annual
events such as the Half Marathon, the Triathlon, the Beach Rugby 7s championship, sailing
regattas, and other sports tournaments.

Sitges is a convivial town which welcomes families from around the world.
The British School of Barcelona provides transport services to and from any of our campuses.

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1 BSB Castelldefels 2 BSB Sitges 3 International Pre-University Centre

30 31
Cognita school
The British School of Barcelona is part of Cognita,
a global leader in independent education that is
committed to enriching the lives of children to
achieve more than they believe they can. Founded
in the United Kingdom in 2004, the Cognita
With the most diverse portfolio of schools in the world, Cognita draws upon our
family now includes over 65 schools worldwide.
international breadth and the wide-ranging expertise of our educators to share
Thanks to the efforts of our talented educators
best practice and raise standards across our Group. At the same time, we value
and support staff, we have helped thousands of and respect the individuality of our schools, each one retaining its own unique
students achieve beyond expectation. ethos, with curricula and programmes tailored to the needs of the parents and
children it serves.

What to expect from a Cognita school:

We strive to challenge all children to realise their full potential in all fields
of endeavour.
We promote and preserve the unique character and identity of each school.
We foster best practice in every aspect of our schools provision.
We support and monitor teacher performance, investing in regular and
appropriate staff training and development.
We encourage open and effective communication between our schools and
our parents.
Our duty of care to our students is paramount, and we are committed
to maintaining the highest standards of safeguarding and child safety,
without compromise

Cognita is proud to be a major partner of The Global Fund for Children, which works
to transform the lives of children on the edges of society, helping them regain their
rights and reach their potential.

32 33
Our collaborations

& Partnerships
As part of our commitment to develop awareness,
understanding and responsibility, The British Our continued work with UNICEF, The Global
School of Barcelona is proud to be working in Fund for Children and Save the Children brings the
partnership with worldwide NGOs and foundations community of students, parents and staff together to
that help children learn, grow and thrive, no matter raise much-needed funds for education, health care,
what their circumstances. sanitation, nutrition, emergency relief and more.

Our school fundraising teams regularly support

local causes and NGOs in order to raise awareness
about the importance of helping others in a variety
of non-monetary ways, such as visiting childrens
hospitals and care homes for the elderly, or through
blood donation sessions. The proceeds of the BSB
annual fundraising Summer Fair in May, which is
organised by the Primary Fundraising Society, are
donated to a different local NGO every year, decided
by the children and therefore creating true empathy
and understanding of how beneficial the fundraising
event is to the lives of local children and their families.

The British School of Barcelona is also a major partner

of The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain,
a founder member of the National Association of
British Schools in Spain (NABSS), a founder member
of the Barcelona International Schools Association
(BISA) and a member of CICAE, an association of
Independent Private Schools.

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BSB Castelldefels
Calle Ginesta, 26 08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona) Spain
T. +34 93 707 95 98 F. +34 93 664 14 44

BSB Sitges
Passeig Isaac Albniz, s/n 08870 Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
T. +34 93 882 89 79

The British School of Barcelona is part of the Cognita Schools Group |
Registered in Spain as The British School of Barcelona, SA with CIF No A58129107
Registered in Spain as Cognita BSB Sitges, SLU with CIF No B87340410

Whilst Cognita endeavours to ensure that the information in this prospectus is accurate, complete and up to date, it makes not
warranties or representation in respect of this. You are strongly advised to visit us to discuss your requirements before committing
to place your child or children with us.