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BANANA CREAM PIE MURDER A Hannah Swensen Mystery

H a n n as B ie
Cr e a m
Springform pan
Prepare a 9-inch m or an other Let the crust cool thoroughly in the pan. You wont MARCH 2017
side with Pa
Hannahs Not
you pl an spraying the in y.
remove it from the pan until your pie is completed.
e day before king spra
Make this pie th t. nonstick ba
d re fri ge rate it overnigh
to serve it an ce. etzels with the Banana Cream Pie Filling
be fir m er and easier to sli C om bi ne the crushed pr sugar. 2 perfectly ripe bananas
It w and the brown
melted butter (yellow with no black pots on the peel)
l Crust
Salted Pretze rack mixture in the
bottom 2 packages (4-servings each) DRY instant vanilla
to 350 degrees F., Place the crust
Preheat oven rm pan. Pr ess do wn as pudding mix
sition. of the Springfo
in the middle po n on th e bo tto m and 2 and 1/4 cups cold whole milk
evenly as you ca e sides. 1/4 cup rum (or 1/4 cup more milk if youd rather)
fin ely cr us he d salted stick ex tend it tw o inches up th 1 cup frozen whipped topping, thawed
2 cups ushin g)
re AFTER cr
pretzels (measu und) at 350 degrees
F. for 10 (I used Cool Whip)
(4 ou nc es , 1 stick, 1/4 po Bake the crust owned.
1/2 cup til light ly br
salted butter, m
ed to 12 minutes or un Peel the bananas and slice into 1/4-inch rounds.
pack minutes.)
(1/8 cup) firmly (Mine took 11
2 Tablespoons Put them on the bottom of the crust.
brown sugar
ding Whipped Caramel Toppin
Mix the dry instant vanilla pud 1 cup whipped top ping, thawed Once your whipped topping and lift it from the bottom. Leave
milk and the rum and whisk is in place, touch the side of your pie on the bottom of the pan.
with the (I used Cool Whip)
for 2 minutes. ping your Display your pie on a pretty plate
1/3 cup caramel ice cream top rubber spatula to the top of if you plan to slice it at the table.
(I used Smu cker s)
Fold in the cup of thawed whi the pie and pull it up quickly Otherwise, prepare dessert plates in
l it is well combined. a bowl. to make decorative points. the kitchen by cutting slices as you
topping unti Place the whipped topping in would for any pie.
t and
Spoon the pudding into the crus With a rubber spatula, fold in
the Cover loosely with the foil
oth it out with a rubber spatula. d. again and refrigerate your You can garnish the top of the pie by
smo caramel until it is well combine pie for at least 2 more drizzling it with extra caramel topping.
ed pie
Cover your partially-complet Use the spatula to frost the
top hours. (Overnight is even
t of foil or wax better! Thats what I do.) Yield: 8 to 10 slices. If there are
loosely with a shee of your Banana Cre am Pie with the
paper. Plac e the pan insid e the . leftovers, store them in the
Carame l Whippe d Top ping
refrigerator for 4 hours to set To serve, unclamp the ring refrigerator.
around the side of the pan

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