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A) Complete with personal pronouns

(Subject): Subject
Singular Plural

Who are _______? They are my parents.

1st person I we
Where is Mary? _______ at home. 2nd person you you
Are Mary and Sue from France? No, 3rd person he / she / it they

_______arent. _______ are from Portugal.

Is Mark from Portugal, too?- No, _______ is C) Complete the text with personal pronouns.
from Greece. Hello!
Where are _______from?- _______m from ________ am John Jimenez. ________ am 13
Portugal. years old. ________ live with my parents my
How old is Tom? - _______ is 16. brother and sister in Bogota. ________ are a
Is this your pen? - Yes, _______ is. happy family.
Are these your books? - No, _______
arent. My father is a police officer; ________ is tall
and very intelligent. My mother is a teacher;
________ works in a school. Paul is my
B) The following sentences are incorrect. Correct
brother and ________ is 15. Jane is my sister
and ________ is ten years old. My brother, my
sister and I are in the Distrital
I like Mary. He is my best friend.
School.________ are students there.
Look at my mom. They are crying!
My house is small. ______ is beautiful.
_______ is yellow and black.
How old are you? We are 11 years old.
What about you? Tell me about your family
What is your hair color? My hair color are black.
and your house.
Mark is very intelligent. But, you are not a good student.
John Jimenez
What is your phone number? He is 3386543.
_______________________________________________ C) Answer the letter to John Jimenez. Tell him

Susan and I are great friends. She is happy together. about your family and your house.

My house is in Pereira. She is very big. Write the letter in an extra piece of paper.

_______________________________________________ (60-80) words