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The newspaper prints the headline, Woman Selected to be Judge.

is an example of ____________.

A. spotlighting

B. stereotyping

C. polarized thinking

D. verbal hedging

E. a tag question

Which of the following is true of masculine speech community members?

A. They tend to regard language as important for accomplishing instrumental tasks,

gaining status, and maintaining control of the conversation.

B. Only men are masculine speech community members.

C. They do not think talking is important.

D. They are not as skilled at using language as members of female speech


E. All of the above.

Nonverbal communication can function in which of the following ways?

A. to regulate interaction

B. to establish liking

C. to supplement verbal communication

D. to establish power

E. all of the above

Women who are effective public speakers tend to

A. Adopt a masculine style of speaking

B. Adopt a feminine style of speaking.

C. Adopt a style of speaking that balances masculine and feminine stylistic factors.

D. Adopt a style of speaking that is gender neutral; there are no masculine or

feminine aspects to their style.

E. Women are almost never considered effective public speakers

In general, feminine speech community members follow this/these
communication practice(s):

A. Language is used to show ones status.

B. Communication is used as primary way to establish and maintain relationships.

C. Direct, abstract speech is used frequently.

D. Language tends to be used to accomplish an instrumental task.

E. Language is used to maintain control of the conversation.

After three-year-old Ben misbehaves, his father firmly grasps him by the
shoulders and marches him towards his room. The fathers holding of
Bens shoulders to direct him to his bedroom is an example of ___________.

A. kinesics

B. artifacts

C. the responsiveness dimension of relationship level of meaning

D. the liking dimension of relationship level of meaning

E. haptics

People from which demographic group are most likely to strive to achieve
unrealistic body ideals?

A. African American women

B. Caucasian women

C. African American men

D. Caucasian men

E. A and B

During conversation, Alyssa holds steady eye contact with her friend to
indicate she is listening. Alyssas eye contact is an example of ____________.

A. haptics

B. proxemics

C. kinesics

D. artifacts
E. power

Which of the following statements is true about body image?

A. In general, men and boys are more satisfied with the way they look than are
women and girls.

B. Men increasingly access non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as Botox and

Dysport injections.

C. Men are increasingly seeking to meet body ideals by exercising and taking
fitness supplements.

D. Binge eating seems to be increasing among men.

E. All of the above.

The common belief that women are more talkative than men is supported
by research. True or False?

Women are generally better at reading anger in the faces of others than
are men. True or False?

Men are more likely than women to use eye contact to assert themselves.
True or False?

Verbal communication conveys the majority of the total meaning during an

interaction. True or False?

Paralanguage includes spoken words. True or False?

Women tend to perceive touch from men as more threatening and invasive
than men do.
True or False?

There is a common set of beliefs that all feminists share. True or False?

Which method of activism are the men in the video exhibiting?

- Grassroots activism.

List the six key features of Third Wave Feminism (87-91). Describe your
personal experience or involvement (if any) with each of these features
(even if you do not identify as a feminist).
1- Recognizing differences among women.
2- Building coalitions.
3- Engaging in everyday resistance.
4- Being media savvy.
5- Embracing aesthetics and consumerism.
6- Individualism.

Standpoint Theory (58-61)

What are your different social locations?
Born as a male, Arab, male gendered, a cisgendered, and a heterosexual
How have your experiences within these locations affected your perceptions
on gender, sexuality, race, and class?
As an Arab male, gender rules were very straightforward back home and
both sexes were strictly raised and treated to become cisgender. That is how
I thankfully became the person I am today.
Has membership in any of your social locations afforded you privileges that
others may not have experienced?
Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women werent allowed to drive.
Therefore, as a male, I was able to drive where women had to get a male driver.

Which theory or combination of theories do you think best describes

gender development?

I think cultural theory has evolved gender the most. In the past, people that were
not cisgendered would generally hide behind their closets. However, when the
culture started to advance (particularly genderwise), society have become more
open about it and gender kept developing ever since.