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Ph. D. ( Management ) & Ph. D. ( Astrology ) .
When a Child takes Birth, it brings its fate with itself
The Parents give birth to the child, but do not give fortune to it
Result of Uttar Pradesh Elections.
( From Astrological Point of View )
( I have been writing once and again that the People in the whole World are getting
benefited from the knowledge of India, but the people of our own Country are not
utilising the knowledge of India and if some People are utilising, they are taking the
help of those Persons who have dearth of this knowledge who are misleading instead of
showing the right path and this is the story of Indian Astrology; whether it is related to
Independence of India ; whether reorganisation of Indian States especially related to
Jharkhand State ; whether the matter is related to Oath Ceremony of the Prime
Minister ( Oath of Office of the Prime Minister by Mr. Atal Behari Bajpayee for the
second time ) ; whether recently Oath of Office of Chief Minister by Sibu Soren ;
People are not utilising the Indian Astrology in the best way. )
Those who do not consider Astrology , a Science, that is,
Astrological Science and those who could not understand till today asto what a
Complete and Accurate Science it is; with the help of which the Future can be
known Accurately and Timely.
( Some Astrologers attach Vastu with Astrology which is quite making manifest of folly
whereas all incidents to take place can be known accurately from birth to death of any
person from Astrological Science ; on the other hand, Vastu does not predict future, but
corrects shortcomings of Building Constructions which is related to subject like
Architecture; yes, if there remains shortcomings in Building Constructions, it causes
inconvenience to people living or working in the Building. Therefore, this is to be
understood here that Astrology or Astrological Science alone is a subject which is based on
subject like Astronomy , by which if Time, Date and Place of birth are known of any
person, his complete Past, Present and Future can be known accurately; yes, the number
of such persons who really know this subject in India and in the whole World is
negligible. )
By Great Indian Astrologer DR. Bhuwan Mohan asto what
results are going to happen after U. P. Elections.
DR. Bhuwan Mohan
( Honoured by Jharkhand Ratna and Patrakarita Rashtriya
Samman )
Ph. D. ( Astrology ) & Ph. D. ( Management )
Predicting Correctly with Precision and Accuracy based on Published Articles
for the last continuous thirty years by only Astrologer DR. Bhuwan Mohan.
Now ahead :-
Results of Uttar Pradesh elections.
For detail Predictions and Articles read on Internet linkedin.
From the very soil of Jharkhand, the fragrance of Astrology or Astrological
Science is being spread all over the Country and Abroad.
(1) On the basis of so called Horoscope of Akhilesh Yadav of
Virgo Ascendant :-
(1) First of all Akhilesh Yadav and Congress cannot get majority to form the
Govt. after U. P. Elections.
For Akhilesh Yadav in Year 2017 ahead and in the first half of Year 2018, his
mental worries and anxieties as well as domestic problems will continue to
prevail, that is, will be right at top.
Every search of peace will prove to be futile for him during the above period.

(2) I have already written about Mulayam Singh Yadav ( Read on Internet ) :-
For Mulayam Singh Yadav, his time right from October 2016 has not been
running well when he will have to lose a many-a-thing his this time will
continue upto November 2019.
(3) Mayawati too will not be in a very good position after U. P. elections and
she will not be able to form the Govt. on its own.
(4) Rajnath Singh too will not be able to become the Chief Minister of U. P.
after the Elections.

(5) Arvinf Kejriwals time is not running well upto 29 april, 2017, so he
cannot expect a great victory till 29 april, 2017.
( It is vital to mention here that the Indian Astrology is the only Science or
the Source with the help of which one can know all the incidents to take
place in future. )
( Honoured by Jharkhand Ratna )
Astrologer, Journalist and Political Analyst
Academic Counsellor ( Management ) and Advocate, Ranchi high Court,
Languages Known - Hindi, E English, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, French, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati, Nepali , Sanskrit,
Writing- Ambidextrous (Both Hands) Marathi & Assamese

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