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Alfred the Great Class Lesson Plan

3 Day Lesson Plan

Objective: Teach a class that encourages proper learning processes, in order
to cause students to retain and learn information about the subject.
Communicate the importance of the subject to the students by explaining
the most important aspects of Alfred the Greats life (Unifying England,
Saving England from the Danes, Increasing the churchs grasp on England).
Engage students by asking question about what they already know about
this point in history, and by using references to popular culture.
Materials: Laptop, The Saxon Tales book series, videos on Alfred the Great
by the history channel, Copies of the homework, Scantrons for quiz and test,
as well as internet access.
Day 1:
Introduce students to Alfred the Great through a section of a history channel
video about his time period. Then, ask what the students learned from the
video, and throw in a few more facts.
Use lecture techniques learned from SP research to give a talk for the
remainder of the first class, asking questions after sharing facts and
information in order to keep students engaged and judge their
comprehension levels. This lecture is about teaching the students about
Alfreds Religious Militancy, and his ways of politics (Do not get distracted by
talking about his famous battles).
Assign the homework assignment meant to prepare the students for the final
Day 2:
Give a short five question quiz to learn what information the students have
retained since the last session. After gauging what the students remember,
either give a refresher on the more important points from day one, or move
Use more video from History channel etc., and give more lecture while asking
students more about the historical information of Alfred the Great and his
battles, as well as the methods by which he made allies and saved his
Day 3:
Give a thirty minute refresher course on some of the main topics that were
discussed in the prior two days.
Give the fifteen question final test, and hope that you taught well enough
that the students do well