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Davon Campbell D

1416 Oakland RD NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
Phone: 319-4917975 E-Mail:


To obtain the position as a School Counselor which will offer a variety of challenges and responsibilities.
Energetic and goal oriented with a genuine passion for counseling.


Four Oaks/ Johnson Elementary [10/2010- Current]

Assess client behaviors and provide appropriate behavior interventions.

Assist clients on leaning positive behavior and teaching self-interventions.

Organize and implemented educational and recreational activities with clients.

Supervise staff and provided great communication and documentation working in a team

CD+/ASAC [10/2013-10/2014]
Provided comprehensive substance abuse treatment and prevention services to combat the abuse
of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Established a therapeutic environment to safeguard the troubled teens we serve.

Documented and supervised the progress of clients undergoing treatment.

Organizing for America [07/2012-11/2012]

Provided support for the legislative agenda that was voted on in 2014.
Helped train the next generation of grassroots organizers and volunteers, and organize around local
issues in our communities.
Participated in door to door political information, community events and around the clock support.

Study Abroad/ University of Notre Damn Australia [01/2009-08/2009]

Adapted to an unfamiliar environment and embraced cultural differences.

Used communication and organization skills to navigate through new cities.

Managed finances in varying currencies.

AmeriCorps Vista [Summer of 2008]
Gathered homeowner work-order requests for volunteer assistance and established a collaborative
work order and dispatch process for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.

Collected and distributed food, clothes, and other supplies to the community.

Supported shelter operations and helped residents muck and gut, remove debris, and repair homes.

Buena Vista University Graduation Date: May 2017

Masters of Science School Counseling

Upper Iowa University Graduation Date: October 2014

Bachelors of Science Psychology



*Information Giving and Removing Obstacle to Change

*Training and Development

* Supervised over 10 employees at a time

*Advance skills in several Microsoft Windows applications