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Intermediate Language Practice

Grammar Progress Test 5b (Units 3846)

1 Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence.

0 Mrs Davis taught us except for/instead of Mr Taylor.

1 I stopped to smoke/smoking six months ago, and I feel much healthier now.
2 Ill wait you/wait for you in the cinema foyer.
3 Gina introduced me to a colleague of hers/her.
4 I promise to pay/paying you back tomorrow.
5 A lot of museums are closed today, yet/since it is Easter.
6 She apologized for/of being so late.
7 In/To my view, the United Nations does a very good job.
8 Sheila offered helping/to help me with my homework.
9 Lets go home. I dont know anyone/no-one at this party.
10 I was tired and hungry too/both.
11 She could feel her baby to breathe/breathing at her side.
12 What a sweet little puppy! What is its/its name?
13 I must remember posting/to post the letter.
14 What are you talking in/about?

2 Rewrite each group of words so that it contains the punctuation listed.

0 were meeting uncle david on Tuesday evening at eight.

(four capital letters, one full stop, one apostrophe)
Were meeting Uncle David on Tuesday evening at eight.
1 hes won a thousand euros on the lottery however he wont even take us to
pizzaria napoli to celebrate
(four capital letters, one full stop, one comma, two apostrophes, one exclamation
2 iaskedalexandrasmotheraboutherchildhoodhertimeinafricaandher
(three capital letters, one full stop, two commas, one apostrophe)

Intermediate Language Practice

Grammar Progress Test 5b (Units 3846) 1
3 hellojackiesaidrobertwhattimedidyougetbackfromthecinema

3 Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits the space.

Having the builders in our house

For a long time weve been talking (0) C having our kitchen modernized, and this
year we finally (1) _____ to have the work done. The builders said there were two
possibilities, (2) _____ they could start in March, or in July, and they said the work
would take two to three weeks. We discussed it, and March (3) _____ to be the better
choice (4) _____ we were going away in July and so (5) _____ would be in the house
to supervise the work. They started in March as they had promised, and we got very
excited (6) _____ having the kitchen done, but (7) _____ taking three weeks it took
nearly two months! The problem was they (8) _____ disappearing every few days.
(9) _____ , they made a terrible mess and we couldnt use the kitchen for all that time.
Now the work is done, Im pleased (10) _____ the result, but it was a terrible time for
us all.
0 A on B with C about D in
1 A fancied B pretended C enjoyed D decided
2 A or B either C also D both
3 A imagined B began C seemed D expect
4 A as B although C yet D while
5 A one B everyone C anyone D no-one
6 A of B for C about D at
7 A instead of B except for C such as D as well as
8 A wanted B happened C couldnt stand D kept
9 A Personally B As well as this C Instead of this D Although
10 A of B to C for D with

4 For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same
as the first sentence, using no more than three words.

0 Jeff was the only student who forgot the test.

Everyone remembered the test except Jeff .
1 Annie is a reliable person.
You can ________________________________________________________ .
2 Celia is buying a small apartment.
Celia has decided ___________________________________________ a small

Intermediate Language Practice

Grammar Progress Test 5b (Units 3846) 2
3 We havent got anything in the fridge.
Weve got _______________________________________________ the fridge.
4 I saw one of my teachers.
I saw a _________________________________________________________ .
5 Chemistry is Traceys best subject.
Tracey is very ___________________________________________________ .
6 Patrick said hed stolen the bike.
Patrick admitted __________________________________________________ .
7 There were lots of people in the restaurant.
The restaurant was ________________________________________________ .
8 I havent got any money in my wallet.
Ive got ______________________________________________ in my wallet.

Intermediate Language Practice

Grammar Progress Test 5b (Units 3846) 3