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Rogue Father seeks injunction in

Oklahoma corruption case.

Oklahoma city. March 7th, 2017 A Rogue Father is seeking a federal court
injunction against defendants in a federal lawsuit with implications that may become a
criminal prosecution probe. If the issues within the fathers filing are found to be
correct, then in fact two state court judges and three Oklahoma City based attorneys led
by Cathy Christensen, a member of the Oklahoma Board of Judicial complaints have
engaged in and profited from a criminal cartel operated within the family court section of
the Oklahoma County District Court system.

Within a recently filed motion for injunctive relief, the father references unlawful and
potentially criminal actions of the Oklahoma County Court Clerks office and the vice-
presiding judge of the Court in support of the defendants within the civil case. The
father alleges that two defendants Judge Lisa K. Hammond and Cathy Christensen held
an illegal and unlawful hearing against the expressed orders of the Oklahoma Supreme
Court in order to continue to propagate their illegal enterprise against the father. The
filing further shows where the father made a direct notification to the vice presiding
judge, Oklahoma City Councilwoman Johnson and several others in local and state
government under the Oklahoma State Tort Claims act. Within 24 hours of this notice
being sent, the records of the Oklahoma County Court were then modified by the
clerks office to reflect another judge holding the hearing and issuing orders. Three days
later the father, as evidenced with the filing, received an unsigned court order from
defendant Cathy Christensen purporting to be on behalf of another judge. As referenced
in the filing and in the initial complaint before the federal court, the father shows where
the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals in February of 2015 determined that Oklahoma and
the defendants had no legal authority to act against the father in any manner and in June
of 2015, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ordered the defendants to dismiss the case upon
motion of the father. Records show the father filed the required motion in July of 2015.
The record further shows that the defendants committed fraud on several occasions there
after and in March of 2016 illegally kidnapped the fathers minor child from the state of

Records indicate that the father is fighting a parallel action based solely on the illegal
actions in Oklahoma in Cooke County Texas and has previously recused two judges in
that action due to the continuing interference and frauds committed by the defendants in
Oklahoma. The father seeks an injunction against the Oklahoma County District Court as
well as the return of the minor child (now 14) from the state of Oklahoma as well as
enforcement of the Oklahoma Supreme Courts orders of June of 2015. A review of the
initial complaint made be viewed at:
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