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Day & Date Class VI Class VII Class VIII Class IX Class XI

24/2/17 English Math History & Physics/ Chemistry/Commerce/Political

Friday Literature Civics Commercial Science/Geography
25/2/17 IInd Language English Computer English English Language
Saturday 2 hrs Language Science Language
27/2/17 Hist & Civics Physics IInd Language Math/Env Sc Economics/Biology/Sociology
Monday 2 hrs (2 hrs/2hrs) /Computer Sc
28/2/17 Biology English IIIrd Lang Group III/ Biology Practical/Computer
Tuesday Literature Art Paper IV SciencePractical/Home Science
Planning session
(7.30 11.15 am)

1/3/17 Computer IIIrd Language English Geography Hindi/Bengali/Physical

Wednesday Science Literature Education/Elective English/Art
2/3/17 Chemistry Geography Chemistry No Exam No Exam
Thursday Holiday Holiday

3/3/17 Geography Chemistry English Hindi / German

Friday Language Bengali / French Physics/Accounts/Home
(3 hrs) Science/History
6/3/17 Math Biology Physics History & Civics Math / Business Studies /
Monday Psychology

7/3/17 English Lang Computer Biology Chemistry Chemistry Practical /

Tuesday Science (7.30 am-3.15pm)/ Home Science
(7.30 11.15 am)
8/3/17 IIIrd Language IInd Language Geography English English Literature
Wednesday 2 hrs Literature
9/3/17 No Exam No Exam No Exam No Exam PE Practical/Art Paper V
Thursday (Holiday) (Holiday) (Holiday) (Holiday)
10/3/17 Physics History & Math Bio Physics Practical / (7.30 am 3.15
Friday Civics pm)/

Class XI Viva for Accounts, Commerce, Economics, Political Science, History, Sociology,
Psychology, and Geography will be taken in the class. Dates will be notified by the respective
subject teachers.
Class IX 16/2/17 Art Paper 3/ 17/2/17- Home Science Practical, PE Practical, Dance
Children must carry their stationery in transparent pouches.
Class VI IX & XI will come to School in the School buses (usual time) and leave at 11.30
am. (In the School buses)
Study Leave will be on 22/2/17 & 23/2/17
Children are requested to bring their own stationery during the exams. Borrowing of
stationery will not be allowed.
All children are requested to be seated in the class rooms which have been allotted to
Bags/books/Exercise books are not allowed in the Classrooms. All children must keep
their bags outside their classrooms in neat rows.
If any child has below 75% attendance he/she may not be allowed to sit for the
Examination. In such cases parents are requested to meet the Principal.
For Classes IX & XI, children who have not submitted their Projects/Practical Files etc.
will not be allowed to sit for that particular Examination.
If any child is caught using unfair means during the Exams then his/her paper will be
For the students of Class XI (Science & Commerce) only FX 82 MS (Casio) calculators
will be allowed.
For Class XI- Breakfast 7.30 am, Children should be seated in the classrooms which
have been allotted to them by 7.55 am.
Reading Time 8.00 am 8.15 am
Writing Time 8.15 am 11.15 am
For Classes VI IX: Movement for Breakfast 8.15am, Children should be seated in
the classrooms which have been allotted to them by 8.55 am.
Reading Time 9.00 am 9.15 am
Writing Time 9.15 am 11.15 am
Class IX will have Breakfast at 7.30 am on 27/2/17 & 3/3/17
Class VIII will have Breakfast at 7.30 am on 27/2/17 Class VII will have Breakfast at 7.30
am on 28/3/16 Class VI will have Breakfast at 7.30 am on 25/2/17
Snack packets will be provided to Classes VI IX & XI after the Exams are over (11.15 am)


Head Master

Academic Coordinators Controller of Examinations

P.S.: Viewing of answer scripts: 20,3.2017 (7.30 a.m. to 11.15 a.m.)

Open House: 25.3.2017: Class VI to VIII 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon
Class IX and XI 12.30 pm 2.30 pm