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I am looking to acquire an email list of leaders in education. I am leading a program called Diploma in Innovation in
Education, which is a program for pedagogical leaders as well as policy makers and NGOs seeking to integrate
cutting-edge educational practices into their learning environment and business processes. It contributes to the
development of new skills and competencies in the educational sector at national, organizational and personal
levels. The list will help us reach potential customers via email and mail (via post office). The program is held in
Helsinki, Finland, so the location is important. I have summarized detailed information on how to collect the data,
and I am expecting you to follow the plan. However, I will also appreciate if you can come up with new ideas for
gathering relevant information, for example on a separate tab you could write down notes and/or links to ways we
could do this better. If this turns out to be helpful, I can promise that I will use your services again.

How to collect the date:

1) Method: Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

2) What info to collect:

a. School types to focus on:
i. International schools, Wikipedia has a great list, you can Google first - List of inter-
national schools.
ii. Top schools in a country, I am looking for the schools that can afford our programs
Aalto University Executive Education. The avg. price of our programs is 5000 Euros.
iii. Schools that have pages in English language

b. Organizations:
i. Governmental bodies e.g. ministries of education and their ministers
ii. NGOs e.g. UNESCO, UNICEF, any top organization involved in education

In the Excel, I would like you first collect the lists of the top schools around the world searching via Google, Wik-
ipedia or similar. I want to see those schools arranged by country. After that, I would like the fields to be arranged
as indicated below

3) Fields

First Name, Last Name, Email, Schools Name (Including hyperlink), Schools postal address, Country (separately
from the address, this way I can arrange the names by country).

Example of Postal Address

P.O. Box 1234
Mountain View, CA

(United States, country add on a separate field)

4) Countries to focus on

All Europe especially Nordics, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium,
Luxemburg, etc; North America; Middle East especially UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia; Brazil; Chile; South Korea;
Hong Kong; Singapore; Japan; and the rest of the world in this order.

Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship 2017

5) Contacts to find

Innovation in Education is designed for pedagogical leaders and stakeholders involved in K-12 education and pre-
schools. In particular, it is recommended for:

Principals and deans (Priority)

School owners and administrators
Policy makers and directors in governmental bodies
Executives in NGOs

6) Target in numbers
a. Maximum 3 contacts per school / organization (I am looking for the main contact persons)
b. Minimum 800 contacts (i.e. I want as many as possible companies, and I do not want 12 contacts
from the same company)
c. Ideally 2000 contacts

7) Countries to focus on:
a. EU (Priority start with this one!): Nordics: Sweden, Denmark and Norway; United Kingdom; Ger-
many, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Russia, etc.;
b. North America (Very Important): USA and Canada.
c. South America: Brazil (Important), Chile and Argentina
d. Asian: Japan (Important), South Korea (Important), China (top 30 companies only), Hong Kong, Singa-
pore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Middle East: UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc.
e. Rest of the world: top companies only

Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship 2017