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Hospital medical equipment - general information Lights, surgical

12282 Lights, surgical 37332 Light system, surgical

Other common names:

Operating room (OR) lights; surgical lamps; OR lamps; overhead surgical lights

Health problem addressed

Surgical lights provide lighting in surgical suites and are
designed to illuminate the surgical site for optimal visualization
of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths in incisions and
body cavities.

Product description
A setup consists of a single- or multiple-lighthead assembly
attached to a suspension arm. The surgical lighting fixture can be
either mounted at a fixed point on a ceiling or wall or positioned
along a ceiling-mounted track. Types of lamps include tungsten,
quartz, and/or xenon halogens and light-emitting diodes
(LEDs). Sterilizable handles allow the surgeon to easily adjust
the lights position. Many models can accommodate a mounted
camera, and some newer models contain an integrated camera.
Integration into the operating room (OR) infrastructure and
Use and maintenance
User(s): Surgeon, scrub nurses
control system may be possible.
Maintenance: Biomedical engineering staff and/
or service contract with the manufacturer or
Principles of operation third-party organization
Surgical lights are designed to operate for extended periods
Training: Initial training by manufacturer;
of time without radiating excessive heat. For ceiling-mounted
operators manuals; users guide
lights, one or more transformers are located either above the
finished ceiling or in a remote-control box mounted on the wall Environment of use
to convert incoming line voltage to the lower voltage required Settings of use: Hospital operating room;
for most lights. Conventional lamps are typically gas-filled procedure rooms; ambulatory surgery centers

incandescent lamps containing a certain proportion of halogen Requirements: Stable power source
in an inert gas with a pressure exceeding 3 atmospheres (atm).
Some gas-discharge xenon-halogen lamps emit light by passing Product specifications
electric current through a gas. LED surgical lights consist of Approx. dimensions (mm): Varies; 400-700
pods, or modules, which are essentially small semiconductors approximate for lighthead diameter
that emit a narrow spectrum of light when excited by an Approx. weight (kg): 45; can vary with number
electrical circuit. of lightheads
Consumables: Lamp(s)
Operating steps Price range (USD): 2,000-37,000 (5,000
Light is switched on and optimally positioned for surgical typical) for incandescent lights; 12,000-89,000
procedure. (25,000 typical) for LED light; pricing can vary
Light features (e.g., positioning, color temperature, field size) with number of lightheads
typically can be adjusted during surgery to meet surgeons Typical product life time: 10 years
lighting needs. Shelf life (consumables): No expiration date
In case of light failure during surgery, some models come on incandescent and LED bulbs if kept under
with a reserve lamp that automatically switches into uses optimal storage conditions
when the primary lamp fails.
Types and variations
Surgical lights can be categorized by lamp type:
Reported problems
Conventional (incandescent)
Patients were reportedly burned by lights in which heat-
protection filters were removed. Burns were reported when LED
multiple surgical lights operated at or near maximum intensity They also can be categorized by mounting
were focused on the same field. Bumping lights can create cracks configuration:
or fractures that may cause the support mechanism to break or Ceiling-mounted
paint chips to fall into the surgical field. Dirt or fingerprints on On floor stand
a quartz-halogen lamp can cause the bulb to fail prematurely, Wall-mounted
become discolored, or explode. Other reported problems Many models can be mounted in all
include disconnection and/or falling of fixture components. configurations.

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