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March 9, 2017

Mr. Daniel T. Bane

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Trader Joes
800 South Shamrock Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016

Dear Mr. Bane,

We want Trader Joes! On behalf of the Greensboro City Council and the citizens we represent,
we hope this letter can serve as a reminder that Greensboro, North Carolina is still very
interested in being considered during the next round of growth strategy discussions as a
destination for future Trader Joes store expansion. As the third largest City in the State, we
believe we can confidentially meet or exceed any market place demographics you may need to
be successful, offer a talented workforce and support systems to ensure you have top employees,
and are proud to be a diverse, thriving, and welcoming community which offers an exceptional
quality of life for our citizens, businesses, and guests (see attached list of our accomplishments
from 2016!).

Seldom does a day pass that citizens do not reach out to us and express their enthusiasm for the
Trader Joes brand and product offerings in Greensboro. We also know many of these
constituents also attempt to reach out to the Trader Joes company directly whether through
grassroots campaigns, social media, mailings, or their personal networks. In my experience,
these efforts to communicate a strong desire for a specific company to locate within the
community are unusual to say the least, and if reflective of the population at-large demonstrate
that Greensboro is fertile ground for the next successful Trader Joes store in North Carolina.

As you assess Greensboro as a potential fit for the Trader Joes company and more specifically
scrutinize sites within the city limits, please know that our City Council, City Management
Team, and staff are all available to meet with you or your team and, assist in the site review and
evaluation process. We are hopeful that a reexamination of the market and business climate of
Greensboro will reveal a wealth of opportunities worth exploring. #BringTraderJoes2GSO


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Nancy Vaughan Yvonne Johnson Marikay Abuzuaiter
Mayor Mayor Pro Tem City Council At Large

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Mike Barber Sharon Hightower Jamal Fox
City Council At Large City Council District 1 City Council District 2

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Justin Outling Nancy Hoffmann Tony Wilkins
City Council District 3 City Council District 4 City Council District 5