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Jio aa gaya haiZara mere liye bhi book kara do ( Jio has come.

Book it for me
These were the first words I heard when I entered my home. This was like the
hunderedth time , my mother said this to me in the past four days. She usually
asked me how my day wa? What should she get me to eat after I had spent almost
all my day at the college. But these arent usual days. These are the days of JIo.
But heres the fun part. This has all happened before. You wouldnt remember it but
im sure your dad will or that one cousin of yours who looks more like an uncle that
back in 2002 Reliance did the same thing. They made incoming calls free when all
the other telcos were charging for the same. They revolutionized the industry.
People branded them as Father of the new telecom industry but this was all
fotyeen years back.
Reliance, and probably your cousin said at that time that it was one of a kind. A
new era in techonolgical advancement. But heres the thing. It wasnt. It was just a
pricing strategy. And the same problem lies in with Jio. Its disruption is on price and
not technology. So, people shoudnt be complaining when they get 2 Mbps as
compared to 30Mbps which was claimed ( And was until all your family members
decided to get 2 sims fro everybody). So, the other operators are also doing what
they did before. They are cutting down their proices to match Jios offerings and
retaining their cusytomers. Its like Dj vu. Reliance have a very extensive
network. Thats a fact you can gey a signal even in the most corner of any village
where you cant even call emergency services, if you have Vodafone and Airtel but
the pronlem is that its not reliable. It has never been. And yhis probably ( cough,
REALLY, cough) is the reasin why Airtel is the market leader. And even if you do
have a problem, going to customer executioves would not solve it but rather add on
to trhat. You have a better luck in performimg Black magic to make youre your
girlfriend fall in love with you than you have of getting uour problem solved.
But all is not dark on this trail. Jios introduction have triggered a change. Other
operators have signifivantly cut down their rates. Airtel and BSNL are the first ones
to do so. They are matching it, as you would understand, GB by GB.
But then, it seems at this pouint, Jio had only one bullet in its chamber and it has
been fired. Its also true it did so with a bang and the echoes are still fresh, creating
ripples which will continue having effects in the near future but the company is
bleeding money for providing almost everything for free. The number of users are
rising at a very fast pace and this will further lead to connectivity ptoblem ( which is
already there), then ither problems with customer services ( which is already there )
which will lead tpo a huge pile of Jio sims on the streets once the free period has
ended. The only thing Jio have going right fir itself is the word Free. The future is
depended on the other two fronts.
But my mother doesnt know all this. She is just concerned with the word Free and
its not her fault. We all care about this word..Dont we????