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rowths. 12Then the cows went straight

g raelites. He said, Do you really want to
up toward Beth Shemesh. They s tayed on return to the Lord with all your h earts?
the road. They were mooing all the way. If you do, get rid of your false gods. Get
They didnt turn to the r ight or the left. rid of your statues of female gods that are
The Philistine rulers followed them all the named Ashtoreth. Commit yourselves to
way to the border of Beth Shemesh. the Lord. Serve him only. Then he will
13The people of Beth Shemesh were save you from the power of the Philis
working in the valley. They were gath tines. 4So the Israelites put away their
ering their wheat crop. They looked up statues of gods that were named Baal.
and saw the ark. When they saw it, they They put away t heir statues of female
were filled with joy. 14The cart came to gods that were named Ashtoreth. They
the f ield of Joshua of Beth Shemesh. It served the Lord only.
5Then Samuel said, Gather all the Is
stopped t here beside a large rock. The
people chopped up the wood the cart was raelites together at Mizpah. I will pray
made out of. They sacr ificed the cows as to the Lord for you. 6When the people
a burnt offering to the Lord. 15Some Le had come together at Mizpah, they went
vites had taken the ark of the Lord off the to the well and got water. They poured it
cart. They had also taken off the c hest out in f ront of the Lord. On that day they
that held the gold models. They placed didnt eat any food. They admitted they
them on the large rock. On that day the had sinned. They said, Weve s inned
people of Beth Shemesh offered burnt of against the Lord. Samuel was serving
ferings to the Lord. They also made sac as the leader of Israel at Mizpah.
7 The Phi l ist ines h eard that Isr ae l
rifices to him. 16The five Philistine rulers
saw everything that happened. On that had gathered together at Mizpah. So
same day they returned to Ekron. the Philistine rulers came up to attack
17The Philistines sent gold models of them. When the Israelites h eard a bout it,
g rowths as a g uilt offering to the Lord. they were a fraid. 8They said to Samuel,
T here was one each for Ashdod, Gaza, Dont stop crying out to the Lord our
Ashkelon, Gath and Ekron. 18They also God to help us. Keep praying that h ell
sent five gold models of rats. T here was save us from the power of the Philis
one for each of the Philistine towns that tines. 9Then Samuel got a very y oung
belonged to the five rulers. Each of those lamb. He sacr if iced it as a w hole b urnt
towns had high walls a round it. The offering to the Lord. He cried out to the
towns also had country villages around Lord to help Israel. And the Lord an
them. The Levites set the ark of the Lord swered his prayer.
10The Philistines came near to attack
on the large rock. To this day the rock is
a witness to what happened there. Its in Israel. At that time Samuel was sacr ific
the field of Joshua of Beth Shemesh. ing the burnt offering. But that day the
19But some of the people of Beth She Lord thundered loudly a gainst the Phi
listines. He threw them into such a pan
mesh looked into the ark of the Lord. So
ic that the Israelites were able to c hase
he s truck them down. He put 70 of them
them away. 11The men of Israel r ushed
to death. The rest of the people were f illed
out of Mizpah. They c hased the Philis
with sorrow. Thats because the Lord had tines all the way to a point below Beth
killed so many of them. 20The people of Kar. They killed them all along the way.
Beth Shemesh said, The Lord is a holy 12Then Samuel got a big s tone. He
God. Who can s tand in f ront of him? set it up bet ween Mizpah and Shen. He
W here can the ark go up to from here? named it Ebenezer. He said, The Lord
21Then messengers were sent to the
has helped us every step of the way.
people of Kir iath Jea r im. The messen 13So the Philistines were brought un
gers said, The Philistines have returned der Israels control. The Philistines didnt
the ark of the Lord. Come down and take at tack t heir ter r itor y a gain. The Lord
7 it up to your town. 1So the men of
Kiriath Jear im came and got the ark
of the Lord. They b rought it up to Abina
used his power a gainst the Philistines as
long as Samuel l ived. 14The Philistines
had capt ured many towns bet ween Ek
dabs h ouse on the hill. They set his son ron and Gath. But they had to give all of
Eleazar apart to g uard the ark. 2The ark them back. Israel took back the terr ito
remained at Kiriath Jea r im for a long ries near t hose towns from the control
time. It was there for a full 20 years. of the Philistines. During that time Israel
and the Amor ites were friendly toward
Samuel Brings the Philistines Under each other.
Israels Control 15Samu el cont inu ed to lead Isr ae l
Then all the Israelites turned back to all the days of his life. 16From year to
the Lord. 3So Samuel spoke to all the Is year he traveled from Bethel to Gilgal to

Isaac and Rebekah

G E N E SI S 2 4

ne day, Abraham said to his servant, Find a good wife
for my son Isaac.
Shouldnt Isaac come along to pick out his bride?
the servant asked.
No, Isaac must not go, said Abraham. God will help you.
So the servant left, hoping he could fulfil Abrahams wish.

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T he servant traveled for many miles. He stopped by a
spring and prayed, God, please help me find a good wife
for Isaac. When I ask a girl for a drink, let her offer to
get water for my camels as well. Thats how the servant would
know he found the right woman.
let me a
bride fo

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ya Soon a beautiful girl named Rebekah came to the spring.
ood wife Please, may I have a drink? the servant asked her.
er to Certainly, she said with a smile. And when youre done,
would let me also draw water for your camels.
The servants prayer had been answered! He had found a
bride for Isaac!

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L ater, Rebekah told her family how the servant had prayed
for God to show him the right woman to be Isaacs wife.
Rebekahs family asked her if she wanted to return
with the servant to become Isaacs wife.
her two
law. Le
Rebekah said, Yes! Bethleh

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249 | 1 Samuel 7:17 1 Samuel 9:8 |249
Mizpah. He s erved Israel as judge in all way he w ants to. 17He will take a t enth
those places. 17But he always went back of your sheep and goats. You yourselves
to Ramah. T hats where his home was. will become his s laves. 18When that time
He served Israel as judge t here too. And comes, you will cry out for help because
he built an altar t here to honor the Lord. of the king you have chosen. But the Lord
wont answer you at that time.
Israel Asks for a King 19In s pite of what Samuel said, the

8 When Samuel bec ame old, he ap

pointed his sons as Israels leaders.
2The name of his olde st son was Joel.
people ref used to listen to him. No!
they said. We want a king to rule over
us. 20Then well be like all the other na
The name of his second son was Abijah. tions. Well have a king to lead us. Hell
They served as judges at Beersheba. 3But go out at the head of our armies and f ight
his sons didnt live as he did. They were our battles.
21Samuel heard every t hing the peo
only interested in making money. They
accepted money from people who want ple said. He told the Lord about it. 22The
ed special favors. They made things that Lord ans wered, Listen to them. Give
were wrong appear to be r ight. them a king.
4So all the elders of Israel gathered to Then Samuel said to the Isr aelites,
gether. They came to Samuel at Ramah. Each of you go back to your own town.
5They said to him, You are old. Your
sons dont live as you do. So appoint a Samuel Anoints Saul to Be Israels King
king to lead us. We want a king just like
the kings all the other nations have.
6Samuel w asnt pleased when they
9 here was a man named Kish from
the tribe of Benjam in. Kish was a
very important person. He was the son
said, Give us a king to lead us. So he of Abiel, the son of Zeror. Zeror was the
prayed to the Lord. 7The Lord told him, son of Bekorath, the son of Aphiah from
Listen to everything the people are the tribe of Ben ja m in. 2Kish had a son
saying to you. You are not the one they named Saul. Saul was a handsome young
have turned their backs on. I am the one man. He was more handsome than any
they do not want as t heir king. 8They one in Israel. And he was a head taller
are doing just as they have always done. than anyone else.
They have deserted me and served oth 3The donkeys that belonged to Sauls
er gods. They have done that from the father Kish were lost. So Kish s poke to
time I b rought them up out of E gypt until his son Saul. He said, Go and look for
this day. Now they are deserting you too. the donkeys. Take one of the servants
9Let them have what they want. But give with you. 4Saul and his servant went
them a s trong warning. Let them know through the hill country of Ephraim.
what the king who r ules over them will They also went through the area around
expect to be done for him. Shalisha. But they d idnt find the don
10Samuel told the people who were keys. So they went on into the area of
asking him for a king everything the Shaalim. But the donkeys werent there
L ord had said. 11Samu el told them, either. Then Saul went through the ter
Heres what the king who r ules over ritor y of Benjamin. But they still didnt
you will expect to be done for him. He find the donkeys.
will take your sons. Hell make them 5When Saul and the servant with him
serve with his chariots and horses. They reached the area of Zuph, Saul spoke to
will run in f ront of his chariots. 12Hell the servant. He said, Come on. L ets
choose some of your sons to be com go back. If we dont, my father will stop
manders of thous ands of men. Some think i ng about the donkeys. Ins tead,
will be commanders of fift ies. Others hell start worr ying about us.
will have to plow his f ields and gather 6But the servant replied, T heres a
his crops. Still others will have to make man of God here in Ramah. People have
weapons of war and p arts for his char a lot of respect for him. Everything he
iots. 13Hell also take your daughters. says c omes true. So lets go and see him
Some will have to make perf ume. Oth now. Perhaps h ell tell us w hich way to
ers will be f orced to cook and bake. 14He go.
will take away your best fields and vine 7Saul said to his servant, If we go
yards and olive g roves. H ell give them to see the man, what can we give him?
to his attendants. 15He will take a tenth T here isnt any food in our sacks. We
of your grain and a t enth of your grapes. dont have a gift for the man of God. So
Hell give it to his off ic ials and atten what can we give him?
dants. 16He will also take your male and 8The servant ans wered Saul a gain.
female servants. H ell take your best cat Look, he said. Ive got a tenth of an
tle and donkeys. Hell use all of them any ounce of silver. Ill give it to the man of
250 | 1 Samuel 9:9 1 Samuel 10:6 |250
God. Then maybe hell tell us which way servant into the room where they would
to go. 9In Israel, prophets used to be be eating. He seated them at the head ta
called seers. So if someone wanted to ask ble. A bout 30 people had been inv ited.
God for adv ice, they would say, Come 23Samuel said to the cook, Bring the
on. Lets go to the seer. piece of meat I gave you. Its the one I
10Saul said to his servant, T hats a told you to put to one side.
good idea. Come on. L ets go and ask the 24So the cook went and got a choice
seer. So they started out for the town piece of thigh. He set it in f ront of Saul.
where the man of God lived. Samuel said, Here is what has been
11They were going up the hill toward kept for you. Eat it. It was put to one side
the town. A long the way they met some for you for this special occasion. Weve
young women who were coming out to saved it for you ever since I inv ited the
get water from the well. Saul and his ser g uests. And Saul ate with Samuel that
vant asked them, Is the seer here? day.
12Yes, he is, they answered. In fact, 25 They came down from the high
hes just up a head of you. So hurr y a long. place to the town. After that, Samuel
He has just come to our town today. The talked with Saul on the roof of Sam
people are going to offer a sacr if ice at uels house. 26The next day they got
the high place where they worship. 13As up at about the time the sun was rising.
soon as you enter the town, you will find Samuel c alled out to Saul on the roof.
him. H ell be t here unt il he goes up to He said, Get ready. Then Ill send you
the high place to eat. The people wont on your way. So Saul got ready. And he
start eating until he gets t here. He must and Samuel went outside together. 27As
bless the sacr ifice first. After that, those they were on their way down to the edge
who are invited will eat. So go on up. You of town, Samuel spoke to Saul. He said,
should find him there just about now. Tell the servant to go a head of us. So
14They went up to the town. As they the servant went on a head. Then Samuel
were entering it, they saw Samuel. He continued, Stay here for a while. Ill give
was coming toward them. He was on his you a message from God.
way up to the high place.
15The L ord had spo ken to Samuel
the day before Saul came. He had said,
10 Then Samuel took a bott le of ol
ive oil. He poured it on Sauls head
and k issed him. He said, The Lord has
16About this time tomorrow I will send anointed you to be the king of his peo
you a man. He is from the land of Ben ple. 2When you leave me today, you will
jamin. A noint him to be the king of my meet two men. They will be near Rachels
people Israel. He will save them from the tomb at Zelzah on the border of Benja
power of the Philistines. I have seen how min. Theyll say to you, The donkeys you
much my people are suffering. T heir cry have been looking for have been found.
for help has r eached me. Now your fat her has s topped thinking
17When Samuel saw a man coming about them. Instead, hes worr ied about
toward him, the Lord spoke to Samuel you. Hes asking, What can I do to find
again. He said, He is the man I told you my son?
about. His name is Saul. He will govern 3 You will go on from Zel z ah un
my people. til you come to the large tree at Tabor.
18Saul approached Samuel at the gate T hree men will meet you there. T heyll
of the town. He asked Samuel, Can you be on t heir way up to Bethel to worship
please show me the seers h ouse? God. One of them will be carr ying three
19Im the seer, Samuel replied. Go young goats. Another will be car r y i ng
on up to the high place a head of me. I three l oaves of bread. A t hird will be car
want you and your servant to eat with rying a bottle of wine. It will be a bottle
me today. Tomorrow morning Ill tell you made out of animal skin. 4The men will
whats on your mind. Then Ill send you g reet you. T heyll offer you two loaves
on your way. 20Dont wor r y about the of bread. You will accept the loaves from
donkeys you lost t hree days ago. T heyve them.
already been found. But who do all the 5After that, you will go to Gibe a h
Israelites want? You and your fat hers of God. Some Philistine sold iers are
whole family! stationed there. As you approach the
21Saul ans wered, But Im from the town, you will meet a group of prophets.
tribe of Benjamin. Its the smallest tribe T heyll be coming down from the high
in Isr ael. And my family g roup is the place where they worship. People will
least imp ortant in the w hole tribe of be play i ng lyres, tambour ines, f lutes
Benjam in. So why are you sayi ng that and harps at the head of the g roup. The
to me? prophets will be prophesying. 6The Spir
22Then Samuel brought Saul and his it of the Lord will come powerf ully on
251 | 1 Samuel 10:7 1 Samuel 11:7 |251
you. Then you will prophesy along with t here. 22They needed more help from the
them. You will become a different per Lord. So they a sked him, Has the man
son. 7All these things will happen. Then come here yet?
do what you want to do. God is with you. The Lord said, Yes. He has hidden
8Go down a head of me to Gilg al. himself among the supplies.
You can be sure that Ill come down to 23So they ran over there and brought
you t here. Ill come and sacr if ice b urnt him out. When he s tood up, the people
of fer ings and friendship of fer ings. But saw that he was a head taller than any
you must wait there for seven days until I of them. 24Samuel spoke to all the peo
come to you. Then Ill tell you what to do. ple. He said, Look at the man the Lord
has chosen! T here isnt anyone like him
Saul Becomes King of Israel among all the people.
9As Saul t urned to leave Samuel, God Then the people shoute d, May the
changed Sauls heart. All t hese t hings king live a long time!
25Samuel explained to the people the
happened that day. 10When Saul and
his servant arr ived at Gibea h, a g roup r ights and duties of the king who r uled
of prophets met Saul. Then the Spirit of over them. He w rote them down in a
God came powerf ully on him. He proph book. He p laced it in f ront of the Lord
esied a long with them. 11T hose who had in the holy tent. Then he sent the people
known Saul before saw him prophesying away. He sent each of them to their own
with the prophets. They a sked one an homes.
26Saul also went to his home in Gib
other, What has happened to the son of
Kish? Is Saul also one of the prophets? ea h. Some brave men w hose h earts
12 A man who l ived in Gibe a h an God had touched went with Saul. 27But
swered, Yes, he is. In fact, hes their some people who wanted to stir up trou
leader. T hats why people say, Is Saul ble said, How can this fellow save us?
also one of the prophets? 13After Saul They looked down on him. They didnt
stopped prophesying, he went to the high bring him any g ifts. But Saul kept quiet
place to worship. about it.
14Later, S auls uncle s poke to him and
his servant. He asked, W here have you Saul Rescues the City of Jabesh Gilead
Looking for the donkeys, Saul said.
But we c ouldnt find them. So we went
11 Nahash was the king of Ammon.
He and his army went up to Jabesh
Gilead. They surrounded it and got r eady
to Samuel. to attack it. All the men of Jabesh s poke
S auls unc le said, Tell me what to Nahash. They said, Make a p eace
Samuel said to you. treat y with us. Then well be under your
16Saul replied, He told us the donkeys control.
had been f ound. But Saul d idnt tell his 2Nahash, the king of Ammon, replied,
uncle that Samuel had said he would be I will make a p eace treat y with you. But
come king. Ill do it only on one condition. You must
17Samuel sent a message to the Israel let me put out the r ight eye of every one
ites. He told them to meet with the Lord of you. I want to b ring s hame on the
at Mizpah. 18He said to them, The Lord whole nation of Israel.
is the God of Israel. He says, Israel, I 3The elders of Jabesh said to him,
brought you up out of Egypt. I saved you Give us seven days to report back to you.
from t heir power. I also s aved you from Well send messengers all through Isra
the power of all the kingdoms that had el. If no one comes to save us, well hand
treated you badly. 19But now you have ourselves over to you.
turned your b acks on your God. He s aves 4The messengers came to Gibea h of
you out of all your trouble and suffering. Saul. They reported to the people the
In s pite of that, you have said, We ref use terms Nahash had required. Then all
to listen. P lace a king over us. So now the people wept out loud. 5Just then
gather together to meet with the Lord. Saul was coming in from the f ields. He
Do it tribe by tribe and family g roup by was walking behind his oxen. He asked,
family group. W hats wrong with everyone? Why are
20Then Samuel had each t ribe of Is they weeping? He was told what the men
rael come forward. The tribe of Benja of Jabesh had said.
min was chosen by casting lots. 21Next 6When Saul h eard t heir w
ords, the
he had the tribe of Benjam in come for Spirit of God came powerf ully on him.
ward, family group by family group. Ma He became very angry. 7He got a pair of
tris group was chosen. Finally Saul, the oxen and cut them into pieces. He sent
son of Kish, was chosen. But when people the piece s by messengers all through
looked for him, they rea lized he wasnt Israel. They announced, You must fol
252 | 1 Samuel 11:8 1 Samuel 12:18 |252
low Saul and Samuel. If you d ont, this is 5Samuel said to them, The Lord is a
what will happen to your oxen. The ter witness against you this day. And so is
ror of the Lord fell on the people. So all his anointed king. They are witnesses
of them came together with one purpose that I havent taken anything from any
in mind. 8Saul b rought his army together of you.
at Bezek. T here were 300,000 men from The Lord is a witness, they said.
Israel and 30,000 from Judah. 6Then Samuel said to the people, The
9The messengers who had come were Lord appointed Moses and Aaron. He
told, Go back and report to the men of brought out of E gypt your people who
Jabesh Gilead. Tell them, By the hot lived long ago. 7Now then, stand here.
test time of the day tomorrow, you will Im going to remind you of all the good
be rescued. The messengers went and t hings the Lord has done for you and
reported it to the men of Jabesh. It made your people. He is a witness.
8After Jacobs family entered Egypt,
those men very happy. 10They said to the
people of Ammon, Tomorrow well hand they c ried out to the L ord for help.
ourselves over to you. Then you can do to The Lord sent Moses and Aaron. They
us whatever you like. brought your people out of Egypt. They
11The next day Saul separated his men had them make their homes in this land.
9But the people forgot the Lord their
into three groups. W hile it was still dark,
they b roke into the camp of the Ammon God. So he put them under the control
ite army. They kept killing the men of of Sisera. Sisera was the commander of
Ammon until the hottest time of the day. the army of Hazor. The Lord also put the
T hose who got away were scattered. Israelites under the control of the Philis
T here w erent two of them left together tines and the king of Moab. All t hose
anywhere. nations fought a gainst Israel. 10So the
people cried out to the Lord. They said,
The People Agree to Have Saul as King We have s inned. W eve des erte d the
12The people said to Samuel, Who Lord. Weve served gods that are named
sked, Is Saul going to rule over us?
a Baal. Weve served female gods that are
named Ashtoreth. But save us now from
Turn these men over to us. Well put them
the power of our enemies. Then we will
to death.
13But Saul said, No one will be put to serve you. 11The Lord sent Gideon, Bar
ak, Jephthah and me. He saved you from
death today! After all, this is the day the
the power of your enemies who were all
Lord has rescued Israel. around you. So you lived in safet y.
14Then Sam uel said to the people, 12But then you saw that Nahash, the
Come on. Lets go to Gilgal. T here well king of Ammon, was a bout to attack you.
a gree a gain to have Saul as our king. So you said to me, No! We want a king
15So all the people went to Gilgal. T here, to rule over us. You said it even though
with the Lord as witness, they made Saul the Lord your God was your king. 13Now
their king. T here they sacr ificed friend here is the king you have chosen. Hes the
ship offerings to the L ord. And there one you asked for. The Lord has p laced a
Saul and all the Israelites celebrated with king over you. 14But you must have re
great joy. spect for the Lord. You must s erve him
and obey him. You must not say no to his
Samuels Final Speech to Israel commands. Both you and the king who
12 Samuel spoke to all the Israelites.
He said, Ive done everything you
asked me to do. Ive placed a king over
r ules over you must obey the Lord your
God. If you do, thats good. 15But you
must not disobey him. You must not say
you. 2Now you have a king as your leader. no to his commands. If you do, his power
But Im old. My hair is gray. My sons are will be a gainst you. T hats what happened
here with you. Ive been your leader from to your people who lived before you.
the time I was y oung until this day. 3Here 16So s tand still. W
atch the g reat t hing
I stand. Bring charges against me if you the Lord is about to do right here in front
can. The Lord is a witness. And so is his of you! 17Its time to gather in the wheat,
anointed king. W hose ox have I taken? isnt it? Ill call out to the Lord to send
Whose donkey have I taken? Have I cheat thunder and rain. Then you will realize
ed anyone? Have I treated anyone badly? what an evil thing you did in the sight of
Have I accepted money from anyone who the Lord. You shouldnt have a sked for
wanted special favors? If Ive done any of a king.
these things, Ill make it right. 18Samuel c alled out to the Lord. That
4You h avent cheate d us, they re same day the Lord sent thunder and rain.
plied. You h avent treated us badly. You So all the people had great respect for the
havent taken anything from anyone. Lord and for Samuel.
253 | 1 Samuel 12:19 1 Samuel 13:22 |253
19They said to Samuel, Pray to the Gilgal. And Sauls men began to scatter.
Lord your God for us. Pray that we wont 9So he said, Bring me the burnt offering
die bec ause we a sked for a king. That and the friendship offerings. Then he
was an evil thing to do. We added it to offered up the burnt offering. 10Just as
all our other sins. Saul finished offering the sacrifice, Sam
20 Dont be a fraid, Samuel replied. uel arr ived. Saul went out to greet him.
Its true that you have done all these evil 11 What have you done? a sked
things. But d ont turn away from the Lord. Samuel.
Serve him with all your h eart. 21Dont Saul replied, I saw that the men were
turn away and worship statues of gods. scattering. I saw that the Philistines were
They are useless. They cant do you any gather i ng together at Mik m ash. You
good. They cant save you either. They are d idnt come when you said you would.
completely useless. 22But the Lord will 12So I thought, Now the Philistines will
be true to his great name. He wont turn come down to attack me at Gilgal. And
his back on his people. Thats because he I havent a sked the Lord for his bless
was pleased to make you his own people. ing. So I felt I had to sacr ifice the b
23I would never sin a gainst the Lord by offering.
failing to pray for you. Ill teach you to live 13You have done a foolish thing,
in a way that is good and right. 24But be Samuel said. You havent obeyed the
sure to have respect for the Lord. Serve command the Lord your God gave you.
him faithfully. Do it with all your h eart. If you had, he w ould have made your
Think a bout the great t hings he has done kingdom secure over Israel for all time
for you. But dont be stubborn. D ont 14
to come. But now your kingdom wont
continue to do what is evil. If you do, both last. The Lord has already looked for a
you and your king will be destroyed. man who is dear to his heart. He has ap
pointed him king of his people. T hats
Samuel Judges Sauls Sin because you havent obeyed the Lords

42 years.
Saul was 30 years old when he be
came king. He r uled over Israel for
15Then Samuel left Gilgal and went up
to Gibeah in the land of Benjamin. Saul
2Saul chose 3,000 of Israels men. Two counted the men who were with him. The
thousand of them were with him at Mik total number was about 600.
mash and in the hill country of Bethel.
One thousand were with Jonathan at Israel Doesnt Have Weapons
Gibeah in the land of Benjamin. Saul sent 16Saul and his son Jon athan were
the rest back to their h omes. staying in Gibea h in the land of Benja
3Some Philist ine sold iers were sta min. The men who remained in the army
tioned at Geba. Jonathan attacked them. were there with them. At the same time,
The other Philistines h eard about it. Saul the Phil ist ines c amped at Mik m ash.
announced, Let the Hebrew people hear 17T hree g roups of soldiers went out from
about what has happened! He had trum the Philistine camp to attack Israel. One
pets blown all through the land. 4So all g roup t urned and went toward Ophrah
the Israelites heard the news. They were in the area of Shual. 18Another went to
told, Saul has attacked the Philist ine ward Beth Horon. The third went toward
army camp at Geba. Now the Philistines the border that looked out over the Valley
cant stand the Israelites. The Israelites of Zeboim. That valley faces the desert.
were called out to join Saul at Gilgal. 19T here werent any blacksmiths in
5The Phi l ist ines gathered together the whole land of Israel. T hats because
to f ight a
gainst Israel. They had 3,000 the Philistines had said, The Hebrews
chariots and 6,000 chariot drivers. T heir m ight hire them to make s words or
sold iers were as many as the g rains of spears! 20So all the Israelites had to go
sand on the seashore. They went up and down to the Philistines. They had to go
camped at Mikmash. It was east of Beth to them to get t heir p lows, hoes, axes and
Aven. 6The Israelites saw that their army sick les sharpened. 21It cost a f ourth of
was in deep trouble. So they hid in c aves. an o unce of silver to sharpen a plow or
They hid a mong bushes and r ocks. They a hoe. It cost an eighth of an o unce to
also hid in pits and empt y w ells. 7Some sharpen a pitchfork or an axe. Thats also
of them even went across the Jord an what it cost to put new tips on the large
River. They went to the l ands of Gad and sticks used to drive oxen.
Gilead. 22So the Israelite soldiers went out to
Saul remained at Gilgal. All the t roops battle without s words or spears in their
with him were shaking with fear. 8He hands. That was true for all of Sauls and
waited seven days, just as Samuel had Jonat hans sold iers. Only Saul and his
told him to. But Samuel d idnt come to son Jonathan had those weapons.