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Fortiz 1

Fortiz, Maria

Period 4. Guzman

AP English Language

04 November 2016

Immigration Status is a Problem

How do you live your life with daily discrimination and act like it's okay? How do you

deal with racial jokes and pretend it does not hurt? How do you succeed when the whole world

expects you to fail? Illegal immigrants deal with these problems every day of their life and still

manage to do their best to take advantage of the few sources provided to help them out. My

focus question will be how does the status of an illegal impact their lives not only socially and

mentally but academically as well.

Illegal immigrants are not only a huge part of the society but a big role/ impact in my life.

Being an immigrants affects me as a student and person. My self esteem is lowered and my

future seems unclear. It feels as though I'm trapped in a box and with no way out, i have no

control, making me feel suffocated and puny. I feel invisible and insignificant. I believe this is a

huge issue and people should become aware of the fact that not only are they isolating us but

portraying us as criminals. This gives us a hard time reaching for a better life since we are not

given the opportunity to show we make mistakes and learn from them. Immigrants do not have

the chance to show who they really are since they are always seen as “criminals” since that's the

label we have on their foreheads. Majority of the immigrants that come to the U.S. seek a better

life and to become great things in life but instead they are being called “criminals” and treated

like animals. Is that how a human being should be treated? In the end we are all humans.
Fortiz 2

Although not a lot of research is done on immigrants, in the article, Invisible Lives and

Hidden Realities of Undocumented Youth by Faria Karmal and Kylie D. Killian, they state that

illegal immigrants suffer depression and stress since from being afraid to get deported. This

indicates that illegal immigrants live their lives in fear and an unhealthy life due to too much

stress. “... In the end, I can't get a job that represents who I am… [because] I apparently don't

exist in Canada… it doesn't matter who I think I am or all that, the only thing in the end that

really matters is if I have status or not…” (Kamal 69). I other words, it does not matter what

good you do and what you have accomplished since in the end if you are a legal resident, you are

not considered. I can relate to this since although I am a great student and amazing person, I

cannot apply to get a job since I'm not a citizen and could only work under the table, if I manage

to find a job. I wonder if there is something wrong with me, and question if all the good I have

gone in life will pay off. This all lead to questioning of why immigrants are not wanted, and the

more I read the articles the more it becomes unclear to me.

The whole immigration status has become a huge deal to me and is important because it

limits me from succeeding. I want to have an opportunity to shine and succeed in life to know I

will get into the college I desire, get a job and get a license, not to wake up and wonder if I will

make it that far in life. Immigrants have the rights to succeed in life and reach all the goals they

have, to prove they are part of the future, not to be called wetbacks or criminals but human

beings. They should be able to wake up without worrying about being deported or never make or

far in life. I believe some things I will have to research is why are immigrants not wanted? And

what makes us different and why we are not wanted. I would also need to know what is the

purpose of the countries on denying basic needs to immigrants? What will they win out of it?

And finally what does the country win by displaying immigrants as the bad guys through the
Fortiz 3

media? In order to make a change in the world we must stand up and speak for our rights, despite

how many times we are stepped on. They cannot and will not silence us forever.