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Associate in Computer Technology

Student Apprenticeship Program

Performance Evaluation

Name of Trainee:
Major: Mobile Number:
Name of Evaluator:
Position of Evaluator: Tel. No.
Department and Company:
Evaluation Period: From To Total Hours:
Submitted to Apprenticeship Coordinator:
Signature of Evaluator: Date:

Brief Job Description of Trainee:


The program expects each trainee to demonstrate at all times desirable qualities and traits as
indicated in the Performance Evaluation instrument. Please rate the trainee according to the
scale indicated below. A minimum rating of 75% is the passing grade.

9 10 Trainee has demonstrated at all times

78 Trainee has demonstrated most of the times
56 Trainee has demonstrated sometimes
34 Trainee has demonstrated rarely
12 Trainee has not demonstrated at all

Work Output and Quality of Work Rating: __________

The trainee completes all his/her tasks on time, is able to do more than one assignment in his/her
level at any one time, demonstrates resourcefulness, versatility and flexibility, performs tasks
with complete accuracy, thoroughness and neatness. His/her output exceeds the expectations, is
impressive and within the prescribed standards of the company or department.

Communication Skills Rating: __________

The trainee expresses himself/herself in a clear professional manner and manifests good written
and verbal English at all times.

Job Knowledge and Organization Rating: __________

The trainee possesses comprehensive knowledge of almost all aspects of his/her work, needs no
further instruction, can work independently with minimal supervision. He/she is very organized
in his/her work; consequently, he/she plans and executes tasks in a systematic manner.

Judgment and Initiative Rating: __________

The trainee demonstrated sound judgment at all times. He is a self-starter with a high level of
initiative and drive, makes worthwhile suggestions and decisions that are free from bias and
based on company policies.

Signature of Evaluator_____________________________ Date: _________________

Personality Rating: __________
The trainee displays enthusiasm, shows high regard for his/her work. He/she is friendly and
courteous to his/her fellow employees, superiors and to everyone. He/she is emotionally stable
and has a pleasant disposition.

Cooperation Rating: __________

The trainee contributes significantly to the enhancement of productivity, readily helps fellow
employees when his/her assistance is sought and demonstrates teamwork.

Diligence and Reliability Rating: __________

The trainee is very energetic and conscientious, does not mind working long hours whenever
necessary. He is highly dependable and meets deadlines.

Ability to Learn Rating: __________

The trainee has keenness of perception, grasps new assignments quickly and anticipates new
developments. He/she operated and takes good care of office machines and pieces of equipment
and conserves office supplies. In general, he/she understands and conforms to company policies
but asks questions whenever possible.

Attendance and Punctuality Rating: __________

The trainee has a perfect attendance, comes to work on time and does not go undertime. He
observes work-hours and break periods properly.

Personal Appearance Rating: _________

The trainee comes to work in proper office attire. He is well-groomed, neat, simple, fashion
sensitive and smart looking at all times. He/she always presents himself/herself professionally in

Signature of Evaluator_____________________________ Date: _________________

(IMPORTANT - As a control measure, the Evaluator must sign every page of this form. The
Performance Evaluation Form would be returned to the Practicum Coordinator either
personally or through the trainee in a sealed short brown envelope. After sealing the envelope,
the evaluator must sign across the flap)


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Course: Major: _____________________

Cell Phone: E-mail:

Name of the Company:

Supervising Officer:
Cell Phone: _____________________________ E-mail: ___________________

Apprentice Training Period

Date Started_____________________________ Date Completed: ___________
Reporting Days __________________________ Day Off: ___________

Department/Section Assigned Inclusive Date

___________________________________ _____________________
___________________________________ _____________________
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Practicum Coordinator: __________________________________________________

In case of emergency, contact ________________________ (Phone ______________)