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The objective of this procedure is to standardize and enable enforcement of

faculty recruitment (Visiting Lecturer) processes in order to employ an
outstanding and diverse workforce. To accomplish this objective, Villa college
(VC), shall conduct thorough searches that include the active recruitment of
qualified women, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities.
Before search
At the beginning of a Dean-authorized faculty search, Dean/ Deputy Dean shall
then submit a position description and job announcement to the VC website for
review and approval by the Rector office and HR department. The Rector office
and HR department will respond to these submissions within two (2) working
days in order to facilitate the short timelines necessary for the hiring process.
The Dean/ Deputy Dean should be comprised of at least three faculty members.
Should the suggested personnel not be available, a Dean/ Deputy Dean may
choose to invite faculty from other related faculties/colleges to participate on the
The search committee (Dean/ Deputy Dean) shall complete and maintain a copy
of the Faculty Recruitment Procedure Checklist (Attachment A) for every open
position. Departments should keep position checklists accessible for at least
three years after each completed search to support institutional or external
The search committee chairperson will prepare a screening matrix, which
compares each candidates qualifications with those stated in the position
description (Attachment B).