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1. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple.

a. She __________________ (enjoy) the class, but she ________________ (not like) the teacher.
b. Where __________________ they ________________________ (live)?
c. You _____________________ (know) the answer to the exercise.
d. I ________________________ (not believe) in ghosts.
e. She ______________________ (not work) here, where _______________ she _________________ (work)?

2. Complete the sentences with the Present Continuous.

a. We ___________________________ (go) to the park this afternoon.
b. Who _____________________ she ________________________ (talk) to?
c. They ___________________________ (not read) the newspaper.
d. She ___________________________ (leave) tomorrow morning at ten.
e. I __________________________ (study) Maths at school this term.

3. Put the verbs into the correct tense:simple present or present continuous.
a. Look! He ____________________________(leave) the house.
b. She usually _____________________________(walk) to school.
c. Every Sunday we ______________________________(go) to see my grandparents.
d. I ________________________________ (not / do) anything at the moment.
e. ________________________________ (watch / he) the news regularly?

4. Complete the sentences using the Past Simple.

a. We ____________________________ (go) to the cinema last night.
b. ______________________ you ____________________ (watch) T.V. yesterday afternoon?
c. He ____________________________ (not eat) any meat.
d. We _____________________________ (lose) all the money in the game.
e. She _______________________________ (get up) at ten this morning.

5. Complete the sentences with the Past Continuous.

a. They ______________________________ (listen) to music when we arrived.
b. We ___________________________ (not buy) in that supermarket.
c. __________________ she ____________________________ (drive) her car?
d. My sister _____________________________ (study) last week.
e. Paul and Jane _____________________________ (not talk) in class.

6. Put the verbs into the correct tense:simple past or past continuous.
a. He ________________________ (drink) some juice and then he ____________________(eat) some chips.
b. I _______________________ (have) dinner when I suddenly ______________________ (hear) a loud bang.
c. My father _____________________ (work) in the garden, when a friend______________________ (pass)
d. She ____________________________ (drive) while she _____________________ (listen) to music.
e. When I ________________________ (be) on my way home, I ______________________ (see) an accident.

7. Complete the sentences with: Will, Be going to or present continuous.

a. I _________________________________ (not go) to Paris this summer.
b. The Earth ____________________________ (be) hotter in the future.
c. They ______________________________ (sleep) here tonight.

d. ________________ she _________________________ (come) today?

e. Its hot in here. I _______________________________ (open) the window!

8. Complete the sentences using the Present Perfect.

a. She ______________________________ (buy) a new pair of jeans.
b. They __________________________________ (not steal) the bag.
c. ___________________ you _______________________ (heard) the new album?
d. Her mobile phone ___________________________ (cost) a fortune.
e. My parents ______________________________ (come) yet.

9. Complete the sentences using ANY or SOME.

a. There are ________________________ apples in the fridge.
b. Theres _________________________ water in the fridge.
c. There arent __________________________ pictures on the wall.
d. Is there ______________________________ news about the accident?

10. Complete the sentences with There is/are or there was/were.

a. When they arrived ________________________________ any fruit on the table.
b. In 1999, __________________________________ many books in this library.
c. _______________________________________ any papers in the bin?
d. Buy some fruit, because __________________________________ any.
e. ________________________________ some posters in my room.

12. Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets comparative or superlative.
a. My house is___________________________________ (big) than yours.
b. This flower is ______________________________ (beautiful) than that one.
c. Non-smokers usually live ______________________________ (long) than smokers.
d. Which is the _________________________________ (dangerous) animal in the world?
e. A holiday by the sea is _________________________ (good) than a holiday in the snow.
f. The weather this summer is even ______________________________ (bad) than last summer.

13. Complete the sentences with MUST, MUSTNT, CAN, CANT, SHOULD,SHOULDNT.
a. I ______________________________ swim very well!
b. Students _____________________________ eat in class.
c. I think you _____________________________ go to the doctor.
d. My cousin ______________________________ read or write, she is only two years old.
e. I ________________________________ go. Its very late.
f. You _______________________________ eat so many sweets and chocolate bars.

14. Fill in the gaps with the first conditional.

a.If you________________________ (send) this letter now,she___________________ (receive) it tomorrow.
b.If I ____________________________ (do )this test, I________________________ (improve) my English.
c.If I ________________________ (find) your ring, I _________________________(give) it back to you.
d.Peggy __________________________ (go) shopping if she ______________________ (have) time today.
e.Simon ______________________ (not fly) to London unless he __________________ (get) a cheap flight.