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Automated clearance system is a research work that will help build an effective
information management for schools. It is aimed at developing a system for
making fee clearance after school work. Due to the problems of the manual system
which encompasses movement of students ups and downs, loss of vital data by
rodents and pest, absent of personnel in offices and late result computing. The new
system will serve as a more reliable and effective means of undertaking students
clearance remove all forms of delay and stress as well as enable you understand the
procedure involved as well as how to do your departmental clearance. The project
made use of data collected from the university, materials and journals from various
authors and software was developed to effectively achieve the aim of this project.
In this project the implementation is carried out with PHP, MYSQL as the
database. In conclusion it will meet all the objectives and it will be recommended
for all the departments in Caritas University and other tertiary institution.

Clearance is a status granted to individuals, typically members of the military,

university graduates and employees of governments and their contractors, allowing
them access to classified information. The term clearance is also used in private
organizations that have a formal method to vet employees for access to sensitive
information. As people of this generation become more dependent on the internet
for information, the need for automated fee clearance becomes more apparent.
Online courses, registration, clearance have few, if any scheduling restrictions,
well-integrated learning resources and competitive degree options with an
automated clearance system.
Caritas University, Amorji Nike Enugu is a private University approved by the
federal Government of Nigeria on Dec/ 16/ 2004. It was officially opened on Jan
21, 2005 by the Federal minister for education, Prof. Fabian Osuji. . The school
operates the faculty system and presently has four faculties; Engineering,
Environmental sciences, Management and social sciences and natural science
In Universities like Caritas, there is need for automating the method of data
keeping, so a greater need for an automated online clearance system. This would
go a long way in alleviating the various problems and stress involved in the manual
method of clearance. Also, the issue of delay in youth service as a result of
inability to complete the tedious manual processing of clearance will be curtailed.


The process of clearing students after their graduation entails that the student is
been cleared in various departments and information units among which are
Departmental dues
Library fines and over due or list of library materials from the university
Residence hall damage charges
Bursary and all others
For a graduating student to carry out his/her clearance from all these department, it
is time wasting and stressful. It also causes delay in clearing the student for youth
service as well as collection of result. Hence, it becomes necessary for an
automated clearance system to eradicate the bottle neck of the manual system in
The objective of this project includes:
To effectively and efficiently process students clearance
To ensure fast computing of students result
To provide a reliable and transparent system devoid of personal inclinations
and interest
To provide borderless access
To ensure prompt clearance
To eliminate travelling and queuing up of students during clearance
To serve as reference materials to other researchers.


This research work is limited to automated clearance system for graduating
students from Caritas University. The software developed will be carried out using
PHP and MYSQL as the database
Realizing the financial and time factor usually associated with students in project
of this kind. There is no research carried out without difficulties. This work is not
an exception, the following are the constraint.
Financial constraint: study of this kind is meant to be carried out in a wider field
but due to lack of funds, some functions and programs could not be applied.
Time constraint: the time given for this study was short so much was not covered
Non availability of materials: during the course of this research there were some
documents and materials that were not available which were classified as
Exit constraint: due to the nature of the school as a private university, permission
to go out was not always granted and it posed a big problem in achieving this goal.

The project work will help in a good number of ways to ease the queuing system in
the university as the online clearance system will help students to achieve what
ever they want to achieve without coming to the various offices for clearance.

It saves a lot of time.

It is very convenient to use it right from the bedroom, office or
anywhere in the World.
Information processing is very fast and delays can be avoided.
It is inexpensive to students and school management.
Help the school in reducing costs such as labor and stationary
Computer network: computer network is a system that connects two or more
computers together using a communication link (network cable)
Automation : the replacement of human workers by technology; a system in
which a work place or processes has been converted to one that replaced human
labour with electronic or mechanical equipment
Clearance: official certification of blamelessness trustworthiness or suitability for
graduation and issue of certification in degree course
PHP: it is a server side language and means PHP Hypertext Pre-processor
Query Language: this is a language used to query the database
World Wide Web: World Wide Web simply called www is the most important tool
of the internet
Databases: a collection of related data or information such as an address list, a
schools payroll records students academic records etc
Online: connected via a computer attached to or available via a central computer
System: the combination of hardware and software and peripheral functions to