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Sengoku Rance:Parameters
Contents Sengoku Rance

National stats
Cost () / Nation power () - Cost is the total cost of all your captains combined. Nation power is the sum of nation (c)
powers of the territories you control. The total cost cannot exceed your nation power. In other words, you cannot hire a new Navigation:
captain who will put your total cost over the nation power. Also, if your total cost exceeds your nation power, you will receive
General Information
less gold, which is a fixed percentage of your base income every turn.
Satisfaction () - When Rance achieves various objectives in the game, his satisfaction increases. Satisfaction can be
used to trigger various beneficial events. See Sengoku Rance:Satisfaction bonuses for more information on the bonuses.
Gold () - Gold is the monetary standard of the land. You gain gold from lands under your control. The only thing to spend Game Mechanics
money on is soldiers: healing or increase max troop size. From an investment perspective, the greater your troop size is, the Parameters
less healing needed (because enemies die faster). Command Events
Score () - The base score for the first game is 60 points. Every turn you lose one point. For every objective you achieve, Commanders
you gain a certain number of points. Don't worry about the score on your first time playing through it; you are expected to get a Character Clears
score of 0. On subsequent playthroughs you can set the game to a higher difficulty, and you'll start off with more points Troop Properties
depending on the difficulty. These points are used for buying bonuses for your second and subsequent playthroughs and only Skills
your highest score counts. See Sengoku Rance:Second Game Bonuses for the bonuses you can buy. Objectives
Satisfaction Bonuses

Captain stats Dungeons

Personal stats Item Shop
Name Locations
Relationship - has two components: Second Game Bonuses
Posture (red-hostile, orange-suspicious, blue-trusting, pink-love) Free for All

Progress (the smiley faces) Walkthrough

Extreme Games
HP - Only used in exploration mode.
Clear Game Report
Level / Level Limit - the current level and the maximum level for this character. A character's level limit cannot be changed in
game. Character level can be increased by:
as a reward option for increasing the relationship with the character. Version History
by giving the character a Happiness Pokkuru (see Sengoku Rance:Items). FAQ
when completing the last level of a dungeon (for the first time for that dungeon), every captain gains a level (even if they
were not used in the dungeon)
by special events. In particular Ogawa Kentarou has an amazing level up ability in most game routes.
Note: Your level only affects dungeon/special battles (and greatly reduces enemy damage if yours is higher [Rance/Kentarou can go to 99]). It doesn't
influence army battles.
Job - The Captain may have different job type than his fellow troop soldiers. The job of the captain is only important in exploration mode.

Main stats
Troop type - different troop types have different icons. Known troop types include:
Bushi/Warrior () - Sword icon. The stereotypical samurai.
Foot soldier () - Shield icon.
Tactician () - War fan icon.
Archer () - Bow icon.
Ninja () - Shuriken icon.
Miko () - Red cross icon.
Monk () - Praying bead icon.
Yin-yang/Diviner () - Prayer slip icon.
Musketeer () - Rifle icon.
Cannon () - Mortar/Cannon icon.
Knight () - Sword + shield icon.
Mage () - Staff icon.
Cavalry () - Bird icon.
Animal () - No icon.
Battle stats
Troop size

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Sengoku Rance:Parameters - AliceSoftWiki - a Wikia wiki | ...

Actions - The number of actions the captain/unit may perform per fight.
Attack - Increases physical damage done, formulae is Attack Power = base damage x ATKx10
Hannys have ATK based attacks.
Magicians use ATK when counterattacking.
Defense - Increases defense against physical damage, formulae is Defense = base defense x DEFx8
Intelligence - Increases magic damage done, increases defense against magic. Formulae is Magic damage = Base Damage x Int x 10, Magical defense = Int
Foot Soldier - Each point of Int increases the amount of 'guard' you get when using the guard command by 10%
Tactician - Each INT gives 1 initial buff, and increases buff strength by 5%.
Diviner/Magician - Affects attacking.
Monk/Miko - Affects healing.
Speed - influences the time between combat actions.
Map event stats
Exploration (green) - covert actions, skill at finding dungeons, treasures and special locations.
Negotiation (yellow) - declaring war, creating a vassal, persuading prisoners and foreign generals to join your army.
Construction (blue) - building country improvements, preparation for battles.
Cost - national influence point cost of employing this character.

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