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Pre-Encounter Lectures

Lesson 1. (Review of the Plan of Salvation)

1. According to this lesson, what is the most important thing that happened
to you as a believer of Christ?
a. Decision to invite Jesus in life c. join a Christian group
b. Enter a prestigious school d. travel around the world
2. The Bible tells us that ALL MEN have broken the tie of intimate loving
relationship with God.
a. Romans 3:21 b. John 3:16 c. Romans 3:23 d. John 3:18
3. Give the two definitions of sin. (1 John 3:4, James 4:17)
a. Sin of Omission and Sin of Commission c. Sin of Lying and Sin of
b. Sin of Theft and Sin of Robbery d. Sin of Cheating and Sin of
4. This is mans first attempt to bridge the gap he had with God? (Isaiah
a. Good Looks b. Good Grades c. Goodness d. Good
5. What is the result of sin? (Romans 6:23)
a. Death b. Life c. Expulsion from Society d. Poverty
6. This is the bridge for man to cross over from death to life, what is this?
a. London Bridge b. Religion C. Cross of Christ d.
7. What are the two things man must to do to pass from death to life? (John
a. Hear and Believe b. Eat and Drink c. Hear and Do Good
8. Right now, Jesus Christ is both your ___________ ______ and ___________.
(Supply the answer.)
Lesson 2. (The Bible)
1. How often should a Christian read the Bible?
a. Once a week b. regularly c. Sometimes d. Never
2. One should read the Bible because it is the only book that is able to
change lives.
a. Transforming Power c. It is the Word of God
b. Amazing Survival d. God Commands You
3. What symbol of the Bible defines its penetrating ability whether for
sinners, saints or Satan?
a. Water b. Seed c. Sword d. Precious
4. What is the longest name found in the Bible? (Isaiah 8:1)
a. Onesimus c. Mahershalalhashbaz
b. Shadrachmeshachabednego d. Timothy
5. What is the middle verse of Gods Word?
a. Psalm 118:8 b. John 3:16 c. Revelation 3:20 d. Esther 8:9
Lesson 3. (ACTS Prayer)
1. It is defined simply as conversing with God.
a. Prayer b. Worship c. Studying d. Playing Instruments
2. What component of prayer gives God the due glory, honor and praise,
worshipping Him for who He is?
a. Introduction b. Adoration c. Thanksgiving d.
3. We can come to God through Jesus Christ. This verse declares Jesus Christ
as the Way, the Truth and the Life.
a. John 14:6 b. Matthew 6:33 c. Revelation 21:8 d. John 11:35
4. You may pray, only when you are kneeling.

5. Prayer is not bounded by time and is not even confined to a place.

Lesson 4. (Break Free)
1. The Salvation that we had received from God is _______________.
a. Total b. Partial c. Nearly full d. Undefined
2. It is defined as a place of refuge or defense such as a mountain fortress,
guard tower or hideout.
a. Museum b. Dome c. Strongholds d.

Go forward with Jesus Christ!