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1 Was the specific purpose of the Yes, the specific purpose of the review

review stated? were clearly stated. This article review

discusses about the new scale for the
negative symptom (BNSS) which can be
useful for encourage treatment
development in this area

2 Were sources and methods of the Yes, the sources in this article review
citation search identified? were identified. Its been taken from the
discussion in the consensus
development conference on negative
symptoms. The methods of the citation
search were not identified.

3 Were explicit guidelines provided No, there were no explicit guidelines

that determined the material provided that determined the material
included in and excluded from, the included in and excluded from
4 Was a methodologic validity Yes, This article review performed the
assessment of material in the methodologic validity assessment
review performed?
5 Was the information systematically No, This information systematically
intergrated with explication of data integrated without limitations and
limitations and inconsistencies? inconsistencies

For example the BNSS total score

assessed an underlying construct of
negative symptoms. Its similar to that
of other standardized measures of
negative symptoms.

6 Was the information integrated and Yes, the information integrated and
weighted or pooled metrically? weighted metrically

7 Was a summary of pertinent There were no summary of pertinent

findings provided? findings provided in this journal

8 Were specific directives for new Yes, this article review showed the
research initiatives proposed? specific directives for new research
initiative by saying that the other study
design and samples with different
clinical features would be helpful in
assessing its (BNSS) utility

Guidelines for assessing research reviews