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Bonnie Tees is G7P7 pregnant, 37 years old, American, is on her 16 weeks of

gestation. She said that she experiences excessive and persistent nausea and
vomiting therefore she cant tolerate anything that she taken by mouth. She also
added that when she smells certain odor such as deodorant spray, she experience
nausea and sometimes vomiting. We asked her what contains her vomitus, she
replied it usually contains undigested food, bile and even mucus. Mrs. Tees had
Hyperemesis Gravidarum twice during her first and fourth pregnancy. Her last
taken weight is 54.4 kg. She is now 49 kg. Through observation, she has pale and
dry skin. She also reported decreased urine output. Vital signs as follows:
temp.=37.5 degees celcius, PR= 88bpm BP=90/60.