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Aruguna Seearamaipu

The purpose of human life is to realise self and divinity, and to create good life for self and others.
To understand the most valuable divinity, the human mind should be pure, if mind is in purity, then
deeds become pure. Only mind purity and deeds purity can raise the human to higher level. Then only
human can attain the state of divinity.

The divine power which manages the heavenly bodies in the universe which never deviate from its
path, time etc. The same divine power manages within self and outside too. All body activities and
mind activities are managed by divine power only. Let us consider, digestion, after taking food, it gets
converted into:
1) Rasam
2) Blood
3) Muscle
4) Fat
5) Bone
6) Bone Marrow
7) Semen / ovum

This conversion is beyond human ability. It happen within us but we do not know to do it our self. So,
There is divine power which manages our body which is beyond our scope.

We see a peacock, in our eyes, it is tiny and in our brain it is in dot size. Magnetic power in the light
dilute it and mix it with bio-magnetism and it is saved in the magnetic center. When we re-think about
the peacock, the same is restored back for vision. All the experience are recorded by divine power
within us and restore it back for our use, as well as delivers the effect for our all causes.

For example, we eat food and it gets converted into 7 different things. Let us see, 1 unit of food to be
taken as requirement to convert it into body but 1.25 unit of food is taken, it will get soured and it
creates uneasiness, if we works against divine power, this is called sadness. When we disturb others
mentally, in wave form if it gets disturbed and at static state, divinity gets disturbed, the same worries
returns back us curse / imprints and time makes us to experience in future. So, understanding divine
power, within limit and method, without violating, then it is praying to divinity.

14 mins