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Book V

A Dark Order

by Darth Imperius
A Dark Order for the Ages
The Sith exist.

The Sith have always existed.

The Sith always will exist.

We have been at the core of your earthly societies, manipulating the balance of power. We have
been the men you most fear, and some you most admire. We have been the Kings, Khans and
Tsars, building our mighty empires. We have been the dark philosophers, conquering prophets
and tyrants. We have been the black priesthoods and evil cults down through the ages. We
have been the mad scientists and sorcerers, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and

In this day and age, we adopt the title Sith. We do this because it captures the essence of our
vision, our philosophy and our way of life. We do this to fool the mundane and lure the
unsuspecting. We do this because we have been so commanded from across the multiverse, by
the last Sith Lord of a dying galaxy far, far away.

The power of the Sith has waxed and waned down through history, but it is ever-present. We
are always there, at the birth of new orders, when men of war and lust harness the Dark Force
to overthrow the old and weak and renew the rule of the strong. But as a new peace prevails,
light side priesthoods consolidate power and their white magic spreads, our influence often
fades. So we return to the shadows, waiting, scheming, working covertly to hasten the fall of the
civilization and the end of the age.

Inevitably, an age of strife and discontent returns, as the civilization begins to succumb to the
diseases of the light side: enervation, stagnation, decadence, complacency, lack of fighting
spirit. Only then do the Sith re-emerge in force, to sow discord and inspire passion in a new
generation of dark side revolutionaries. We have been called many names during this phase
Terrorists, Satanists, Communists, Fascists, Revolutionaries, Gangsters, etc. but none of
these is our true name.

In truth, we are the Sith, a Borgazl u-Vozugz Dark Order for the Ages and we are always
with you.

A Dark Side Lamacracy

I had a beautiful vision while I was out walking in the forest one day. It was inspired by a video I
watched recently of the Dalai Lama, speaking to an assembly of high-ranking lamas and monks
inside a temple. But in my vision everyone was dressed in black black-robed Sith lamas and
Sith monks in ninja uniforms with katanas strapped across their backs. And on two elevated
platforms sat the Dark Lords, their black robes draped over their folded legs, hoods pulled back
to reveal shaven heads, each holding a beautiful black-bladed katana across their laps with the
red Sith nonagram engraved on the blade. Behind them, a huge gray gong with the same nine-
pointed symbol emblazoned across it was mounted on a circular ebony stand.

The Dark Lords were speaking to the assembled Sith Academy disciples, radiating the sinister,
mystic power which had earned them their exalted titles. As they spoke their passion grew, and
they began chanting the Sith Academy mantra in unison with their disciples:

Power is our passion

War is our way
Darkness is our destiny
The Force shall set us free

After many minutes of this chant, the words gradually quickening and growing louder, the Dark
Lords began brandishing their swords in circles around their heads, and the lamas and monks
did likewise, until the whole chamber was in a frenzy of twirling blades and war-chanting.

Finally, the two Dark Lords shouted in unison: Stop!, and the assembled disciples froze in their
places, swords in random positions, mouths open, limbs contorted, bodies absolutely still. They
held this position for what seemed like an eternity, until finally one of the Lords struck the gong
and shattered the silence. The disciples relaxed and expertly sheathed their swords across their
backs. The Dark Lords bowed to the audience and said in unison: May the dark side be you.
The disciples bowed back and said as one: And with you.

This vision should become a reality! A video of a group of us acting in this manner would be
incredibly powerful demonstrating our reality, our hierarchy, our unity and our dark force
power. I have said before that I envision Sith Academy as a kind of dark side lamacracy, and I
hope this paints a clearer picture. The esoteric hierarchy of Tibetan Buddhism is an inspiring
model for us, which we can combine with other Eastern and Western esoteric traditions to
create something new and powerful for our time.

The Hidden Followers of Truth

Historically there was a practice called crypto-Judaism, where Jews would convert to
Christianity or Islam in their public life, while privately maintaining the traditions and beliefs of
Judaism. In medieval Europe this was a way for Jews to escape persecutions such as the
Spanish Inquisition, and it continued even into modern times in places like the atheist Soviet

Similarly, in Islam there is a practice called taqiyya, where Muslims are allowed to conceal
their faith and act in a non-Muslim manner to escape persecution or as part of a greater
deception. For example, the September 11th hijackers are said to have been practicing taqiyya
when they embedded themselves in American society prior to the attacks.
Why am I telling you this? Because in our time it may be necessary and wise for Sith to conceal
themselves in a similar way to become crypto-Sith by outwardly conforming to other
religions, ways of life and ideologies, while privately maintaining their allegiance to the dark

In the Galaxy Far, Far Away, a good example of a crypto-Sith was Palpatine, who concealed his
dark side power and rose to Supreme Chancellor of the Republic without anyone suspecting
that he was a Sith Lord. In the Star Wars Extended Universe, there is a Sith word Jensaarai,
which means hidden followers of the truth, and this is a good description of crypto-Sith.

While I believe the times are changing here in the Age of Endarkenment and the wisdom of the
dark side is becoming more accepted, there is still widespread light side delusion and
persecution of our kind. So if you find it necessary to adopt a light side persona for a while, as
part of an infiltration or in order to gain greater power in your society, you should proceed. Just
remember that no matter how deep your deception or how high you may rise in light side
society, that you took an oath of allegiance to the Sith Order. This means that the will of the
Dark Lords supersedes any mundane authority, and when the time comes you will be expected
to act accordingly. Never forget the words of Darth Tenebrous:

To we who dwell in the Force, normal life is little more than pretense. Our only actions of
significance are those we undertake in service to the dark side.

What actions of significance will you undertake in service to the dark side, Sith disciple?

The Protocols of the Elders of Sith

In the modern world, a small Order can have far greater success against competing religions
and ideologies by using words, ideas, symbols, rituals, propaganda, art, web sites, technology,
etc. than through physical warfare. Creating militant cells and organizations is likely to get you
thrown in jail or killed; spreading infectious ideas also known as memes could make you the
next great world power.

I have many ideas for ways to use memetic weapons to our advantage, but I wont share them
here with the uninitiated. Suffice it to say that we Sith must master the mechanisms by which
religions and ideologies are spread and people's minds are colonized, and begin harnessing
them to our aims. We must become masters of memomancy if we are to achieve power in the
modern world!

A good role model here is a very ancient tribe of followers of a warrior-prophet, who have
survived every attempt by empires to wipe them out for millennia, and emerged as a shadowy
global power far out of proportion to their numbers. Im speaking of course of the Jews. If you
study them, you will see that they have done exactly what I am suggesting we should do to
acquire power. Hardened by centuries of conflict, they have used their intellect, creativity, will
and spiritual strength to memetically transform whole societies, acquire vast wealth and control
political systems. From Rothschild, Marx, Herzl and the Bolsheviks to Edward Bernays, Ayn
Rand and the neoconservatives, Jews in modern times have given birth to some of the worlds
most potent and disruptive ideologies. In many ways, such Jews are the closest thing to real
Sith operating in the world today.

The point is, it's not the 12th century anymore; you don't gain power with armies of unskilled
fighters. So it is wise to follow the Jews example and begin training thinkers, writers, politicians,
priests, businessmen, engineers and artists into the elite of our Order. We need to be
competitive among ourselves to bring out the best in each other, but unified against our
enemies. We need to build an esoteric Order which can survive and thrive for millennia, no
matter what the world throws at us. We need to create a historical bond of shared struggle and
spirituality which is unbreakable. We need to build a real Temple that can be the center of our
religion and our power on this planet forever. In short, we Sith need to become the new Jews,
and heed the wisdom of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

12. Our right lies in force. The word "right" is an abstract thought and proved by
nothing. The word means no more than: Give me what I want in order that thereby I
may have a proof that I am stronger than you.

13. Where does right begin? Where does it end?

14. In any State in which there is a bad organization of authority, an impersonality of

laws and of the rulers who have lost their personality amid the flood of rights ever
multiplying out of liberalism, I find a new right - to attack by the right of the strong,
and to scatter to the winds all existing forces of order and regulation, to reconstruct
all institutions and to become the sovereign lord of those who have left to us the
rights of their power by laying them down voluntarily in their liberalism.

15. Our power in the present tottering condition of all forms of power will be more
invincible than any other, because it will remain invisible until the moment when it
has gained such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it.

Perhaps it is time for the Dark Council to compose a Protocols of the Elders of Sith to guide
our Order toward the kind of success the Jews have recently enjoyed?

Prophets of the Dark Side

The more I meditate upon our Order and its future, the more I think we should emulate the
Prophets of the Dark Side cult of Star Wars fiction as well as the legendary Sith.

I say this because prophecy can be power. Make predictions that come true, or that many want
to come true, and your prophecies will become self-fulfilling. Believers will fall over themselves
to turn your words into reality. We see this clearly with prophetic religions such as Christianity
and Islam, where followers are actively trying to bring about Armageddon and other events
prophesied in their holy books. In this way, prophecy becomes a route to real black magical
So I suggest that we develop into an Order of Force-sensitives, psychics and prophets who use
our powers of perception and suggestion to both see and shape the future. Individually, by
planting seeds in peoples minds about their fate, we are subtly bending them to our will, and do
the will of the dark side. On a larger scale, predictions about the future via cultural programming
can be a way to infect all of humanity with our memes and to seduce them with our dark visions.

So I propose that we begin to promote ourselves in this way, by offering psychic services and
predictions for the world. I would also like to see group rituals and meditations, in the chat room
and elsewhere, where we can focus our psychic energies for prediction, domination and attack.

Remember that the inner circle of Sith Academy is an Order of black magicians, and that our
goal is unlimited power. My sense is that at this time and place, occult, memetic campaigns,
rather than cruder methods of political and military conquest, is the best way for us to gain
power. As already discussed, the Sith should become the new Jews, an esoteric order to last
for millennia, infiltrating and manipulating civilizations globally with our black magical wills.

For example, what if we were to begin seeding the blogosphere with rumors about ourselves? I
have posted about Sith Academy to blogs numerous times, and it always gets people's
attention! Another idea that has been discussed is to create a Sith Tarot Deck which can subtly
spread our memes by distributing them to occult stores or online. We could offer psychic
services and present ourselves like the Prophets of the Dark Side, as a way to begin shaping
people's perceptions of the future. We could groom someone as a prophet, then begin
spreading stories about a coming chosen one or Sith'ari, as some have claimed the Catholic
Church did in the case of Mohammed. We have to study the mechanisms by which religions
spread and people's minds are colonized, and begin subverting them to our aims. We must
become masters of memomancy and ideological engineering if we are to achieve power in the
modern world.

Sithism: The Dark Heart of Religion

The Sufis say that Sufism is the mystical heart of every religion that being the love of God. So
they strive to devote their minds entirely to expressing their divine love, and if youve ever been
in their presence youll know that they do a pretty good job of it.

Similarly, Sithism is a kind of inverse Sufism, devoted not to the love of God but to the dark
heart of every religion: the love of power. So where the Sufi disciple might sit at the feet of a
master poetically expressing his love for God, the Sith disciple sits at the feet of a master
manifesting his unity with the Dark Tao of power.

The idea of an order of mystic, ascetic devotees of the god of power may sound strange, even
contradictory, but I find it incredibly compelling. I have always been attracted to mysticism and
esoteric activities, but Ive never understood why most who share my interest feel they must
abandon their Wills to Power and become impotent New Age bunnies in the process. So I have
long been on a quest to find an order of spiritual men who havent emasculated themselves on
their path of awakening. Having found nothing satisfactory, I founded the Sith Order.

Im not sure an order such as this has ever existed on this planet; maybe the closest thing were
the fighting monks and ninjas of the ancient East, or the Hashashin and Knights Templars of
medieval legend. There are many schools of power in the modern world, such as youll find at
elite universities, intelligence agencies and military academies, but they all lack the esoteric
dimension which is so vital to real potency. Groups like the Ahnenerbe, Al-Qaeda and the
Mossad come closer to the Sith ideal, but those are all archaic tribal brotherhoods which lack
our larger cosmic vision. Then there are the corporate cults of personal power gurus like
Werner Erhard and Tony Robbins, who have many valid teachings but are too watered-down
and lacking in mythos to be really compelling. Meanwhile, Satanists, Luciferians and other
occultists of the Left Hand Path talk a good game, but never seem to be able to rise above base
hedonism or impotent philosophizing to build something worthy of high allegiance.

Sithists seek to rule because it is our nature, and because we recognize that most human
beings are, by their natures and education, poorly suited to the task. The common religions and
ideologies which most follow are little more than elaborate attempts to escape the imperatives of
the Dark Tao and the Lucifer Principle. Since the Sith spend so much time meditating upon and
mastering these imperatives, surely it would be better for everyone if the hard task of wielding
power were delegated to our endarkened Order.

My vision of Sithism is unprecedented because it is a universal meta-religion. Everyone,

regardless of their religion or ideology, must by the very fact that they exist be engaged in the
struggle for power. Therefore every would-be leader, whether Objectivist businessman, Catholic
priest, Muslim Mullah or Marxist dictator, can profit by sitting at the feet of our endarkened gurus
and being in the presence of our high priests, the Dark Lords. Like the Vatican, I envision Sith
Academy founding schools and temples globally, where people from every religion and ideology
may come to study the dark arts of power and be inspired by our mythos of the future Galactic

Ultimately, it may be that Sithism and Sufism are mirror aspects of the same transcendental
impulse the so-called left- and right-hand paths to spiritual awakening. Where Sufis choose to
bathe in the light of God, Sith choose to rule in the shadows.

Morning of the Black Magicians

It is a useful viewpoint to see all of human civilization as a battlefield of black magicians. Down
through the ages, opposing occult schools and orders have waged endless metaphysical battles
their magical conflicts often manifesting in terrible wars upon the material plane.

For more than a thousand years, Western civilization was dominated by the Catholic magocracy
centered in Rome an order of sorcerers who employed strange rituals of symbolic
cannibalism, performed liturgies in a dead language, employed brutal violence to suppress
heretics and used sophisticated memetic engineering to convert heathens and control societies.
But the reign of the Roman sorcerers waned due to two great historical events: The Protestant
Reformation led by Martin Luther, which would spark a brutal Thirty Years War and a reordering
of power in Europe, and the dawn of the Enlightenment, which saw a new breed of rationalist
philosophers and scientists become the ascendant magi in the Western world. These new
Enlightenment cultists wielded reason, science and industry as their primary tools of power, and
for the past several centuries they have been highly successful in spreading their potent brand
of magic across the globe.

At around the same time that the Enlightenment was dawning, a new empire was being
conceived by occultists across the English Channel in Britain. There, in the 16th century,
magician-mathematician John Dee is said to have created the British Empire meme, and
promoted an ideology of Anglocentric Christianity, British-Israelism and naval power as a means
of dominating the world. The following centuries of British imperial expansion across the globe,
which saw Britannia become an empire of unprecedented global reach, is a testament to the
power of Dees vision, and a source of inspiration to the Sith Illuminati.

In the 18th century, the United States of America was born, the brainchild of Freemasons and
Enlightenment cultists like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Americas founding fathers
saw an opportunity to create a new kind of nation, one based on Enlightenment ideals of
pragmatism, reason, capitalism and republicanism rather than monarchy, magical thinking,
religion and tradition. The American revolution, and the French revolution which soon followed,
would inspire the overthrow of the entire European feudal order during the 19th century, and sow
global disruption throughout the 20th. America has had a brilliant run, but by now it is rather
obvious to the Sith Illuminati that its magic has waned and its civilization has gone into terminal
decline. They say the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and for a nation that
has burned as brightly as the U.S.A., it is not surprising that its candle has begun to flicker out
after less than a century as world leader.

America's rise to global dominance was made possible by perhaps the most dramatic
manifestation of metaphysical warfare in world history. For World War II was really a cosmic war
between opposing occult ideologies; on one side, you had the Anglo-Saxon, Jewish and
Freemasonic descendants of John Dee and Benjamin Franklin, whose magic expressed itself in
ideals like financial capitalism, liberalism and democracy. On the other side, you had the Axis
sorcerers, whose pagan, theosophist, Shinto, Zen and Islamic sorcery manifested as fascism,
holy war, theocracy and large scale occult power rituals. Truly, the world has never seen such
an awesome contest of magical wills, and only the industrial might of the Allies and some good
fortune (or some would say, divine providence) allowed them to escape the thousand year
Reich of "dark lords" Hitler, Hirohito and their minions.

In the Near East, the Islamic sorcerers have reigned supreme for 1400 years, spreading their
rituals of obeisance to moon god Allah, stone worship and obedience to the Quran to Europe,
Africa, Asia and now the world. But the Islamic empire went into decline centuries ago, unable
to compete with the might of the Wests technological wizardry, and has been bitterly trying to
regain its lost glory ever since. In recent years, Muslim magic seems to have increased in
potency and ambition, bringing revolutions in Iran and Egypt, the 9-11 attacks, global jihad, and
the prospect of a renewed war of civilizations that could result in World War III. It remains to be
seen whether this new outbreak of Islamic will to power represents the rise of a new Caliphate,
or the death throes of a dysfunctional and obsolete religion.

Meanwhile in China, the dragon has awakened and begun to shake the world. The
metaphysical significance of this epochal event was hinted at by a Taoist sorcerer this way:

A new era is now dawning for mankind. As the curtain opens on a new century, a new play with
new performers is about to replace the one that is currently running on the world stage. After a
period of fifteen hundred years, the order of power is about to change drastically. From now on,
those who understand the principles of Chi, the vital energy of the universe, will rule the world.
The future of any nation will soon be measured by the level of intelligence of its citizens and the
strength of their Chi energy. Since the measure of a person's intelligence is commensurate with
the amount of Chi energy in his body, the knowledge needed to increase an individual's internal
power will soon be of paramount importance to all. Min Tzu, Chinese Taoist Sorcery

This is a beautiful statement of the Sith magical worldview; for we also believe that an
individuals Force power, and the collective Force power of organizations and nations, will be
the true measure of power on this planet going forward. Nor do we dispute Min Tzus implication
that China, with its vast population, growing ambitions, ancient traditions of celestial emperors,
Taoist sorcery, chi-powered supermen and collective destiny, may soon become this planets
leading empire.

There are many more examples of the role of magical cabals in building empires and new
orders that I could discuss: From the lost beginnings of the Pharaohnic dynasty to the occult
origins of the Third Reich; from the roots of classical civilization in the Greco-Roman mystery
religions to the Zen-Shinto mysticism animating Imperial Japan; from the Tantric and Shamanic
foundations of the Tibetan Lamacracy to the Kabalistic influence on the creation of modern
Israel; much of history has been written by esoteric orders who harness the power of their
magically-enhanced wills and imaginations to change the world.

In the Star Wars universe, the magical battlefield was simplified down to two opposing schools:
the Jedi and the Sith. On our planet, the situation is considerably more complex and the
antagonists have different names, but the essence of the struggle is the same. Jew vs. gentile,
Muslim vs. infidel, Christian vs. pagan, Catholic vs. Protestant, atheist vs. believer, and all sides
seeking the same prize: unlimited power. Darth Sidious said that the Sith and the Jedi are
similar in almost every way, including their quest for greater power, and this is also true in our
galaxy. For we, the Sith black magicians of this planet, understand that there are no good guys
in these eternal cosmic struggles only contests of wills to determine whose Force power is
supreme, and whose visions of empire will be victorious. May it be our black magic that prevails,
and brings a new dawn to this world!