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Ingrid Chavez

P. 2 - AP Lit

Mrs. Bradley


Act III Climax

In the play of Hamlet, the plot revolves around Hamlets attempts to avenge his fathers

death by tracking down the culprit and exacting his revenge as his fathers ghost wishes, the

climax is a scene of Hamlet mistaking the identity of the culprit. After the news of King

Hamlets death breaks out, Hamlet seems to descend into madness that leads to some rather

violent actions. However, it is the king and his advisors that doubt the sincerity of Hamlets

madness and even worry about the growing threat that Hamlet presents {act III, scene 1}, and

when there isnt much evidence to be found on the surface, Claudius has his advisors keep an eye

on Hamlet to uncover further evidence. Hamlet also discovers that Claudius was indeed the

person who killed his father and has the chance to kill him, but doesnt take that chance,

choosing instead to wait for a moment where the king is wallowing in sin to ensure he receives

appropriate punishment in hell. However, when Hamlet is presented with what he thinks is an

opportunity, he takes it without a second thought, and condemns himself to a sealed fate. The

person whom Hamlet stabs behind the curtain is revealed to be Polonius, and it becomes the

point of no return to Hamlets showdown with Claudius, as it shows that he has violent

tendencies towards the king himself {act III, scene 4}.